9 comments on “The Men of the 1st Edition of Mister Tourism World

    • Sinetchb ang hombre na itechewa? Shogkonetz sya. Effectiveness na ba ang five kyaw kyaw kyaw kyaw for 1 oh holy night na chulchak chenez😂😂😂

      • @luiskie : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

        Pwede na siguro ang 5 x 1000 x 1000 x 1000 x 1000 = 5 trillion … pesos? na pa-booking. LOL.

        He is AR Dela Serna, Ms. Joanna Eden’s teammate at Supra. He is from a wealthy family in Bohol.

        He is notoriously shy in person, to people whom he is not acquainted with.

        But for those who are lucky enough to make his acquaintance, he is dutiful and down-to-earth.

        He will compete the day after The Garden of (Joanna) Eden, coinciding with the start of our Mr. Sumague’s own campaign in Vigan City.

        If you have a Mobstar account or know of anyone who does, feel free to extend support to this guy, to fast-track him into the First Cut.

        I hope Ms. Eden and he will take the same flight to Poland. And I hope the Filipino communities in that part of the world can rally and consolidate their participation to this Supranational event!

    • @Andrew hand-picked ba sya to represent our country? You said “shy in person” lack of self-confidence? Eh di luzviminda na tayez! Mayaman pala sila. Barya lang ang five kyaw kyaw kyaw kyaw ko lol 😅😅😅

      • @luiskie : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

        He won in his Nationals. But yes, he needs to overcome his shyness if he wants to win at Supra.

        Alam naman natin sa Supra, kabog-an ! This is the reason they are using Mobstar (like Mr. World).

  1. Assuming the two more Latino reps do show up, and hopefully an additional European or African rep confirms, the inaugural line-up will match that of MUA 2015. Not bad for a start-up male pageant.

    If European, may he come from the Handsome West : Spain, Italy, or Portugal.

    And may the African rep come from Angola, which has been making its presence felt in male pageantry as well (since Ms. Leila Lopes won MU IN 201_ (?)).

    I would like to see the Puerto Rican and Mexican reps before making a Final Cut Pick.

    But I would also like to see the reps from Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Nepal get more involved in familiarizing with the local culture and traditions (of the Ilocanos) as a way of introducing our country to theirs, what with their nations probably having only the faintest notion of what this thrice-colonized group of islands is all about. Who knows, there might be more similarities than they and we think !

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