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  1. P.S.

    If Leica is a Miss World corporate sponsor, then Ms. Gray’s purchase of a Leica C is strategic.

  2. kailangan lang naman ata eh post lang ng post sa FB page ng kung anu ano para manalo jan sa Multimedia fast track…if i remember it right, nung 2014 tinaob yung mga thought provoking at advocacy posts ni Val ng mga ootd at blower selfies ni maeya tuliling.

    • I remember that. I really thought Val would win Multimedia. She really made an effort sa mga posts niya. I was shocked when that other girl won kasi wala namang kwenta mga posts niya.

    • I think sinadya na hindi makapasok si Val sa Top 20 nung 2014 para maiwasan ang B2B kasi ayaw ni Manay Julia ng B2B. Val did well in many segments pero di talaga siya pinapansin kahit todo effort siya.

      • Medyo aligaga din si Val dahil sa extreme pressure for a B2B… Lalo na nung speach/ Q&A prelim segment.

      • Valerie is not really that unique. No it factor. Ms. World is looking for someone who is effortlessly beautiful, real smart and intelligent women. That if we are to look at the past winners including Megan Young. Catriona Gray may be well spoken but she doesn’t have the “it” of Megan.

      • Taray ni Jeremi… Taas ng standards mo… Ibang level! Hindi ko kinaya comment mo…. Sagad!

    • Unreliable. This sinigang flavor beauty pageant blog can guess as many favorites and predict even the real losers. Don’t continue patronizing that site. Geez!

      • Kalowka si Ana .Of course tHEIR PREDICTION is unreliable . Its a beauty contest !! Missology has provided a lot of important info to the fans and should stay on . Tse ! Hihihi!

      • Ana Wintour, they can’t put Catriona on the top all the time. They need to appease other countries/fans. I don’t think there’s a candidate that ever took the top spot in any of their predictions. Mexico is beautiful but her voice can be off putting.

  3. Off topic… many have heard Donald Trump stunned Hillary and beat all odds to become President of the U.S.

    That said, to NICOLE CORDOVES nobody would boo or laugh at your final q&a now! She defined what millions and millions of Americans were feeling but felt too timid to admit it.

    I didnt vote for Trump or Hillary but I am happy Nicole has been vindicated. Now we all know that her answer was theee best at Miss Globe. Who would have thougbt? Ha πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

    Go go Nicole.

    To Catriona… Just win baby!

    • Nicole’s answer was prophetic! Coincidence? Or is Nicole just a thinker?


    • Dethrone the Indonesian πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Joke! Nicole has balls! I hope she gets considered to help BPCI or AQ train girls.

      Catriona over that drunken Mexican who’s making waves on social media for sounding well hmmm errr drunk πŸ˜‚πŸ»

    • They should clip her final q&a with interviews of U.S. citizens, millions from Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio of their dismay of Hillary and Trump but felt Trump would best lead a change…

      Someone PLEASE buy Nicole dinner! 😎😍😎

    • Kalowka si Ana .Of course tHEIR PREDICTION is unreliable . Its a beauty contest !! Missology has provided a lot of important info to the fans and should stay on . Tse ! Hihihi!

    • At Saluda, I voted for Trump. I live not even an hour away from where Bill Clinton grew up . They do not have a good reputation here. I guess it’s payback time for the Clintons

      • Well Fabian, this was an election year like no other. I deicded not to compromise my privilege and vote for thd 3rd party.
        Instead I chose to “write in” a qualitied candidate, that I supported, who exited the race early.

        I really expected Clinton victory by the polls, the media and the mood of the last month of the campaign. Anywho, Nichole Cordoves is laughing now. Good for her! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    • @ Will : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      So bukas na pala ang homecomimg ni Bb. Verzosa !

      Sana ay mapaunlakan tayo ni G. Tinio ng LIVE VIDEO ng parada at anupamang gawain niya.

      At sana ay makapanayam rin niya ang pamilya ni B. Verzosa para sa mga saloobin nito.

      • Madaming ganap, di kinakaya ng powers ni Norms

        JOEY MEAD KING to Co-Host Miss Universe Pageant!

        Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach to visit Dubai on Nov. 18!

  4. Panalo na yan! Super fast track sya. I think she can win model of the world at BWAP so triple fast track na yan!

  5. I believe she is. It’s just a matter of how we, dear fans, can actually interact and engage with her on the page on a more regular basis. Catriona for the win πŸ™‚

  6. Being a multi-media savvy is one of the important keys to advance in Miss World semi-finals.

    Catriona maintains social media accounts, such as FB and IG. She also has a personal blog to add on her cap. Her social media accounts feature interesting stories and photos that capture the hearts of millennials, trendsetters, and bandwagoners.

    Having said that, I believe that Catriona is multi-media savvy and, thus, will easily advance in the Miss World 2016 semifinals.

    (Fun fact: My answer above is an AnQ format in answering questions in beauty pageants. Hihihi!)

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