58 comments on “A Twin Send-Off and a Welcome Back for the Bb. Pilipinas 2016 Queens

  1. There is something in Nichole Manalo that I really like..I just can’t figure out what it is but one thing’s for sure she seems down to earth. Well I understand that some ugly gays here don’t like her because of these so called beauty camp thing

    • I agree , Nichole is really down to earth . At the same time. I do not find Nicole or any of the winners haughty , they are just ‘it’ girls who went to very good schools.Didnt Nichole go to Manila Medical Ctr? Just saying , that’s all!

  2. Television Appearance- Good Morning Albania with Ann Colis- Miss Globe 2015 and Kaitlyn Pickering of Canada

  3. I have to say ang ganda ni Nicole C dito. The purple gown suits her well. Si Nicole C kasi yung hit and miss ang styling eh.

    • @ bong700 : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      If this came DIRECTLY from the MUO / WME-IMG, then it must be true.

    • Nabasa ko na din ang details ng image na yan sa pageantology 101. Even if its not a reliable source
      .hinde rin malabo at hinde impossible. Marami dyan ay true. From venues, sponsors, date of coronation and also steve harvey as host in the finals and miss universe pia w as hots sa prelim which is possible since last winners sila din ang ang hohost sa prelim pero may kasama sila.
      Im not sure if si dok mike ang katandem nya sa prelim hosting. The sexy man alive. And then 100 delegates na mag cocompete sa MU 2016.
      Joey mead as steve harvey co host is very possible too. Background check lang sila kay joey mead kukunin na agad sya. Olivia jordan as backstage host is possible. They did it to shamcey and ara b4. Pero possible din ang maging co host sya ni steve. It will surely bring good luck to maxine. Pero kahit backstage or final.co hosting its okay and importante andun sya sa finals night. Its good luck pa rin kay maxine. And then more than 5 MU winners ang nainvite according sa nabasa ko.
      Natatandaan ko lang na nakalagay don ay si. Gloria, margie 100% sure na present sila. Si Gabriela Isler, olivia culpo. Possible din. And also Sushmita sen and dayanara torres sure na sure yan. Bruno mars and jessica sanchez as performers. Possible. Jessica sa top 10 evening gown competition and bruno mars sa final 3. Fox, starworld and etc will airing live stream. True yan.
      Sa tickets 25k ang vip as posted sa nabasa ko. 3k o 5k yata ang pinakamura and sa SM lang daw mabibile both online or over the counter.
      MOA as coronation venue and okada as their residence hotel is 100% true.

    • Wow, thank you for this wonderful update.

      Tickets will be sold out for sure…….this beauty pageant crazy nation will be at her merriest time of the year in January! The festivals : Sinulog in Cebu, Ati atihan in Aklan, Dinagyang in Iloilio will complement to MU 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited.

    • Gusto ko sana makita magduet sina charice at jessica.. They are both known internationally! Such a pride 🙂

      • If the Russian guy was allowed to perform at MU 13, I don’t see any reason why Charice or Jessica should not. No argument on Bruno Mars bec he is a certified world class artist.
        Pls no Sarah Regine Lani Martin or Gary! God, please!!!!

  4. Nakita nyo na ba post ng intercon page? Na disqualified pala si venenzuela at ipinalit si colombia. And if im not mistaken ung list ng natirang semi finalist don is naka rank na sila and at the top of the list ng natirangsemi after 4th runner Miss Colombia si jennifer hammond ang kasunod followed by thailand. So meaning 5th runner up si Jen at 6th is thailand. At mas panalo si Phil kesa kay thailand. So if ever luto man ang pagkapanalo ni sri at ist runner. Si jen ang nasa top ng asian. Higher than 4th runner up sana si jen or even ist runner up kung ok ang sagot nya.

    • @ Geoff : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      Thanks for sharing.

      It does not matter anymore. Let their titlist deal with whatever controversies that may arise with this development. She is now their Spokesperson / Ambassador. The organizer’s problem is not ours !

      As far as most of her countrymen are concerned, Ms. Hammond delivered and deserved more. That is abundant consolation. And that is more than enough. “Nakakataba ng puso”, as we like to say.

      Let us give Ms. Hammond the privacy she requested.

      And let us prepare an EVEN MORE FORMIDABLE rep for Miss Intercontinental 2017, regardless of whoever takes the franchise or what its global ranking – major or minor – will be.

      Filipinas has a track record to sustain. Let us focus on that.

      • Yeah i know. Its just a good news pa rin kahit papano. Na they put her pa rin in the higher rankings among asian countries and on the rest of semifinalist. Beside we didnt have ideas b4 on how they rank her b4. Even if we all know that she did her best or how deserving she was that time.

      • @ Padede Boy : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

        They can cook all they want.

        Basta wala tayong naaagrabyado o natatapakan at laging primera klase ang ating mga kinatawan at lagi tayong tapat at hindi nanlilinlang o nagpapaasa ng wala, then we have no reason to discontinue participation.

        And NO, our bets are not wasted! By their joining, they raise the bar higher each time, that the day will surely come that the competition can no longer deny how good we are. That time will come ONLY IF WE DO NOT GIVE UP.

        It is not arrogant to be honest that you are good. False modesty is the real traitor!

        There may be many who resent us, but it is precisely out of jealousy or the realization that they simply still leave much to be desired to even match our capabilities. Insecure losers / wimps…

  5. OT: mga bes, kumusta pala yung natcos ni janela sa miss tourism international ba yun? achieve ba? ang bongga ng sketch, pang international ang datingan. may pic kayo sa actual costume? pa share nmn po. salamat

  6. OT: mga bes, matanong ko lng. Kumusta pla yung natcos ni janela for miss international tourism ba un? Achieve ba? Mejo nagviral yung sketch ng designer. May pic ba kayo sa actual costume? Sana achieve n achieve.

  7. Go Nichole and Joanna! Win those crowns. Andito lang kami all the way.=)

    Congratz Nicole C! You are our queen!=)

  8. @Brian

    Another shocker…

    Of the 50 states,
    30 states had a TRUMP majority of popular votes.
    20 states had a CLINTON majority of popular votes.

    In that perspective and in retrospect I think Nicole nailed it.

    • Si Ginez Enriquez ba ‘yung emcee? Voice over act kase style niya. Hihihihi! S’ya ang boses sa mga presentation ng Binibining Pilipinas.

  9. Wow. Really.

    I was expecting a queenly-regal Nichole Manalo. Instead, here she is very bubbly-girly. Thaaaank yooouuuu…. lol. And was it not our Jeremi who said she is tall and sexy (although he finds sister Bianca prettier)? Indeed!

    I was expecting an innocent-nonchalant Joanna Eden. Instead, here she is quite well-spoken and self-assured to the point of self-depreciation. I was totally wrong in thinking of her as naive.I think she will be appreciated in Europe.

    Both ladies exude casual calm behind their yummy-sexy gowns.

    If not at MU and certainly not at ME (as we have just seen), I hope for a b2b in Tirana. Definitely!

    And may the Garden of Eden grow to be a global STAR, which is what Supra is after.

    Let these Binibinis set the cold night of Europe’s Boreal Winter on tropical fire!

  10. Welcome home, Nicole ! And congratulations again for bringing honors to our country. Anyway you look @ it – ikaw ang winner talaga based on over-all performance 🙂 But that’s water under the bridge now ! And you redeemed yourself choosing Trump over Hillary to be the next US President (lol). You pretty much nailed your answer to the final Q & A by justifying it with so much conviction. Di na nga lang masyadong narinig dahil sa reaction ng audience. But heck, with the over-all election results here in the U.S. it only goes to show that there are more those that belong to the silent majority here in the US that support Trump and they have spoken 🙂

    • In the US, one can win the presidential election without winning the majority as the election is won through electoral votes, not popular vote. Trump got the electoral votes and won the election, but not the popular vote. Clinton won the popular vote, which means she won the majority. Had the election been based on majority, Clinton should have won. What that popular vote reflects is there is no such thing as a ‘silent majority’ that supports Trump. Trump had enough votes to win the electoral votes and get elected, but not the popular vote that actually reflects the majority.

      As for Nichole, I felt she had it under the bag until that Q/A. Regardless of her choice(Trump or Clinton), her answer was not wholly convincing. That cost her the crown.

      • Point taken, Brian. The US Presidential election indeed is determined by who wins the electoral votes, and not the popular votes. ” Majority” of the electoral college went for Trump that is why he won. I thought Nichole’s answer to the Q&A was way more convincing than that of the declared winner. Her answer may not cater to what the audience wanted to hear but she answered it the way how she felt about the question. And I thought it she nailed it. MGI owner already had Miss Indonesia as the winner from the start 🙂

      • Good point, Brian.

        Well, the electorate is to provide checks and balances. Electoral votes are distributed by population. California, with 33+ million people, has 55 electoral votes compared to Wyoming, with 1 million people, has only 3 electorals.

        The winner of the popular vote in each state receives all of “that” state’s electoral votes. Thereby evening the playing field between the various states with larger and smaller populations.

        4 key states, Florida-Pennsylvania-Ohio-Wisconsin- with large populations and a good amount of electoral votes -combined- are traditional Democratic states shocked Hillary and all went Republican for the first time in several decades. Which means millions and millons of blue collar workers who normally dont vote DID.

        In that perspective, Nicole Cordoves nailed it with authority.
        I didnt vote for either but it is what it is.

        Have a good one! ☺

      • P.s.

        Those four states, historically Democratic states, unfortunately for Hillary proved to be the difference. Im stunned and shocked just like everybody.

      • Another shocker…

        Of thr 50 states,
        30 states had a TRUMP majority of popular votes.
        20 states had a CLINTON majority of popular votes.

        I think Nicole nailed it.

      • Nichole delivered her answer very well, but I found the content of her answer unconvincing, regardless of the political nature of the question. ‘What if Trump switches on our side,’ the core of her answer, did not answer the question. The answer is speculative, making it unsatisfying, even after she added Trump being passionate. In contrast, Ms Indonesia gave very clear and definitive reasons as to why she was choosing Clinton(smart, independent, brave). Nichole did not give a specific enough answer that actually addressed the question. Again, I thought that Ms Philippines already had it in the bag until that Q/A.

      • Oh I see Brian.
        I just was connecting Nicole’s very unpopular answer at the time to Trumps stunning and shocking victory on election night.
        Many who voted for Trump agreed that he is 1) unqualified, 2) not experienced, 3) an arrogant and offensive s.o.b. but voted for him because he was NOT a politician, which Hillary embodied, and would be able to relate to the blue collar main stream.
        Thr ‘theme’ of Nicole’s answer coincided with millions who were convinced that Trump would be more relatable.
        Her answer and Trumps victory both came as a surprise.

    • @Jen

      You did not get Nicole C.’s point at all. The final question is “Who would you choose to help you “stop the war and violence”: Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?”. Hindi po kung sino ang gusto nyang next US president?.

  11. The Indonesians are tagging everyone nung na release interview ni Nicole. I know they are happy with their win pero feeling ko gets din nila na based on performance si Nicole talaga dapat.

    As for Joanna, I like that she’s been very sporty, very casual pero pag may tamang panahon na she can turn the sexy on.

    Nichole – I’m still a bit sad super minor pageant napunta sayo given your superb efforts nung BBP pero I know you will shine there kase angat na angat kalibre mo sa mga girls na sumasabak sa globe. (Naalala ko tuloy yung pet peeve kong Miss USA last year)

    Here is a photo of Joanna taken from her IG stories:

    • Bet ko sanang lumaban si Nichole for MIcon kasi ‘di ba 3rd Most Prestigious crown siya ng Binibini pero I guess Madam Stella has another thing for her. Oh well, isa lang ang alam ko na puro high caliber girls ang ipapadala ng Binibini every year. Can’t wait.

      • Pero im sure who ever sent to intercon. Stil……the result will be the same. Mahihirapan tayo manalo sa intercon kung asyano ang host. Lalo na kapag maganda din naman pambato nila kahit hinde deserving. I find sri lanka pretty too but hinde ko sya talaga na feel.thai and phil talaga ang mas angat.

    • Haysss. D ko napigilan ang sarile ko makipag away sa mga indo hahaha.sinabi ko lang na to test their mind and capabilities kung karapat dapat silang MGI 2016. May nag comment ba naman na sinali pa ung capabilities ni ariska i mean backgrouns nya…. jusme. Background pala labanan. Bat nag pageant pa sila? Ang tinutukoy ko kase is ung mismong pinakita nila sa finals….hayssss. hirap talaga. Ako pa pa hinde aware sa pageant. Sus ginoo….. very clear that nicole should’ve won….. they said that komo pinili ni nicole si trump eh deserving na manalo si nicole. Eh hinde naman dahil sa kung sino pinili nya kaya sya deserving manalo. Sa tanong kase na yon. Walang tama o mali na sagot. Lahat ng judges iba iba ng pipiliin. So i think sa question na yon ang pagbabasehan is ung how they carry themselves sa pag sagot ng tanong na yon. If they can justify their answer. Sa pamamaraan ng pag sagot. And to that question very clear who is the real winner. Its Nicole. Kung si Puerto Rico nga mas ok ang pagsagot kaysa kay ariska maginy kay thailand. Pero aun pinanghuli ng place. Tskkk…
      May nabasa akong comment na may nabasa daw sya na mag reresign si ariska???? Anyone who know about this?

      • @ Geoff : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

        A fair number of resignations is due to … money. Or something similar.

        Was it not the case that Ms. Anea of the Dominican Republic was sacked by Mr. Itsaragrisil obstensibly because she was demanding a lot of things after copping the title?

      • Hinde ko lubos maisip if nawatt is really bad or nasa winner ang problem. Puerto rico and cuba nakatagal sila kay nawatt…
        But if ever na nagresigned nga si indo. Kay nicole ang korona. Tanggapin kaya nya or hinde. At kung dapat ba tanggapin o hinde. Kung tanggapin naman baka si nicole naman ang makaranas ng naranasan ni anea ipalabas na si nicole ang mali at masama. So mapapahiya pa sya na hinde pala deserving maging MGI. Laking tuwa ng mga indo if ever. Kung hinde tatanggapin. Nasa rule ng mgi yan na ist runner up ang kapalit ng winner if ever resignation/dethroning of a winner exist. Ma apektuhan kaya ang bbp MGI 2017 title holder nyan kapag hinde tinanggap ni nicole anu mang dahilan nya.

      • Kung totoo man na mag reresign si Ariska, wag na sana tanggapin ni nicole c. ang offer, baka naman publicity lang ang hanap ni nawat… Sapat na sa akin ang 1st runner up finish ni nicole c. Afterall, its MGI’s loss and not Nicole… Manigas kayo Nawat at MGI…

      • Nah, they just want publicity that Nicole’s 1st runner up spot is being celebrated… like “duh”! lols

    • Nakita nyo na ba post ng intercon page? Na disqualified pala si venenzuela at ipinalit si colombia. And if im not mistaken ung list ng natirang semi finalist don is naka rank na sila and at the top of the list ng natirangsemi after 4th runner Miss Colombia si jennifer hammond ang kasunod followed by thailand. So meaning 5th runner up si Jen at 6th is thailand. At mas panalo si Phil kesa kay thailand. So if ever luto man ang pagkapanalo ni sri at ist runner. Si jen ang nasa top ng asian. Higher than 4th runner up sana si jen or even ist runner up kung ok ang sagot nya.

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