16 comments on “Katherine Espin and the wonders (and intrigues) of an All-Latina Elemental Court

    • @ Ruffamegan : Good afternoon/morning/evening :

      She might be busy with modelling jobs. An earlier ME-related comment stated that she would be staying in the country for a while precisely for this purpose.

  1. She’s articulate, passionate about her advocacy and even more beautiful off stage. Katherine is a deserving winner 🙂

  2. Ngayong nanalo n c trump as US President, maimbitahan kaya c Nicole ang Miss MGI-USA sa White house.
    Anong masasabi ni Nawat and the MGI 2016 Judges at sa mga nag-booo kay Nicole during Final Q&A, nahiya ba sila at nagkamali sila ng desisyon sa pagkapanalo ni INdonesia hihihi.
    Very proud kami kay Nicole Cordoves diba C2F and Jen hihihi

    • “Newly crowned Miss Grand International 2016 first runner-up Nicole Cordoves of the Philippines explained that she is supporting Hillary Clinton, contrary to her choice during the pageant’s question and answer portion.”
      I wish she didn’t her change her mind but Nicole in her interview Nicole admitted that she is supporting Clinton.

  3. With the four winners hailing from the width of South America and sharing borders , it would be interesting to see exactly what common environmental project they would adopt. And for a change, I hope it would not have anything to do with the rain forest, as their countries actually have different policies and approaches as far as this is concerned.

  4. Supermodel Universe 2016

    Pageant Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
    Pageant Date: 5th November 2016

    Supermodel Universe 2016 was in conjunction with Supermodel-Bulgaria.

    Winners for Women
    Supermodel Universe 2016: Neekita Naidu (Australia)
    1st Runner Up: Lisa Shikuta (Belarus)
    2nd Runner Up: Violeta Lucheska (Macedonia)
    3rd Runner Up: Vladlena Preshel (Russia)
    4th Runner Up: Deanna Alexieva (Estonia)

    Special Awards
    Miss Best Body: Neekita Naidu (Australia)
    Best Posing: Aleksandra Lalovich (Serbia)

    Winners For Men
    Supermodel Universe 2016: Gagan Verma (India)
    1st Runner Up: Spase Klikovets (Macedonia)
    2nd Runner Up: Jovan Myadkovich (Serbia)
    3rd Runner Up: Pavreet Singh Gill (Australia)

    Special Awards
    Best Posing: Gagan Verma (India)
    Mr. Aesthetic Body: Pavreet Singh Gill (Australia)

    (Center: Supermodel Universe Winners | On Sides: Supermodel-Bulgaria Winners)

  5. Miss Global International 2016

    Pageant Location: Boca Chica, Dominican Republic
    Pageant Date: 29th October 2016
    Pageant Edition: 12th Edition in conjunction with Miss Petite & Miss Teen Global Int’l
    Number of Candidates: 13 Candidates


    Miss Global International 2016: Gleiciane Monteiro (Brazil)
    1st Runner Up: Poonam Singh (Guyana)

    Special Awards
    Best in Talent: Jaleeza Weibolt (Suriname)
    Top 3: Poonam Singh (Guyana) &

    Miss Maja of the World 2016:
    1st Runner Up: Poonam Singh (Guyana)

    Best Personality: Poonam Singh (Guyana)

    Best National Costume: Poonam Singh (Guyana)
    Best Evening Gown: Poonam Singh (Guyana)

    Miss Popularity: Jaleeza Weibolt (Suriname)
    Best Body: Gleiciane Monteiro (Brazil)

  6. Latinas are beautiful, there is no question about that. However, their beauty easily fades when they stand beside an exotic and beautiful Asian beauty. Come Miss Universe season, let us see how stunning Misses Mexico, Colombia, Puerto Rico, etc. outshine Maxine Medina.

    My gut feel says Maxine, some mulattos and European beauties shine in Miss Universe 2016.

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