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  1. Pinky is very classy! Best of luck in all of your future endeavors Imelda 🙂

  2. A tad of immaturity still shows during the interview. Still young at 21, she still has a long way to go to redeem herself. Hope she makes a 360 degree turn around and make a good name for herself. Good luck, Imelda 🙂

  3. I actually find her very smart, intelligent and eloquent. The way she answers questions is not the typical beauty queen way (unrehearsed). She is very spontaneous and honest. Indeed an Out-Of-The-Box beauty queen. She was really very pretty when she won MEP. Sayang sya! That’s all!

    • jeremi a quick reminder na all beauty is useless if ur character is garbafe. gaya mo . chaka beki na, ugaling squatters pa. pwe! baklang call canter na feelingerang hitad!

    • Uh oh may naghahanap ng away pero no comment. Bye!
      Hanap ka ng iba dahil wala akong alam sa sinasabi mo lol

      • jeremi. tama na ang pagkakalat mo dto baklang dugong! tama na ang pagkukunwaring lalaki ka e mas sirena pa dugo mo kay dyesebel! isa kng HITAD!
        matapos kay Pia si Ms world philippines nmn titirahin mo?

        at take note ah mas proud ka sa mga bastos and walang hiyng girls!
        well i can sense na buhay talaga ang demonyo at illuminati!
        Burn ur soul!

      • napahiya kana dati ng siraan mo ng husto si pia!!!
        mapapahiya ka ukit ngaun kay cat bakla! itigil mo na ang panlalait sa pambato ng bansa. isang mapait lng na katotohanan ang nbbgy sau! LAHAT NG SALBAHE MINAMALAS! che!

      • mahirap talaga MAPAHIYA NO? Hahaha ulanin k bnmn ng dislikes wla ka tlgang baklng mukhng ihaharap.. hahah

        😂😂😂 jeremi the baklang feelingerang mafalibg sa pageants, kakainin mo ang sinvi mo kay cat! she will be our 2nd miss world! CHE!

        magasama kau ni IMELDITANG kumain ng buto ng rambutan!!!!!

  4. She is very comfortable with interviews ( I wish Maxine had that same demeanor ) . She is not articulate though . She may be pretty but she is frumpy. Her manners and posture leave much to be desired.
    She needs to show some class if she wants to succeed in show biz

  5. This girl is gorg, but her immaturity sucks her up.

    After all the mess she created, I don’t feel her remorse and sincerity to straighten all her wrongs. Instead, she loves to prolong this publicity and be on the limelight. After all, her goal is to make it in showbiz. She is showbiz.

    Based on Pinky’s interview and other TV interviews on her (which I watched on Youtube), I could say that Imelda was reared wrong. I hope it is not too late for the people around her to correct her bad manners.

  6. She’s articulate naman pala on interview. And she’s really pretty. Kaya lang kulang talaga sya sa maturity. Ugaling teen-ager pa rin sya na di malaman kung ano ang direction nya sa buhay. Yung palipat-lipat ng school and palaging nasa guidance councelor indicates na may problema talaga sa kanya. In short, sutil sya.

    Good luck sa kanya sana nga mahanap na nya ang tamang direction ng buhay nya. Sayang sya.

    • Being real doesn’t give you any license to be mean or insensitive to others… a lady with such potential needs guidance and help. Indeed talent can bring you places, but without right attitude you’ll get nowhere, you’ll get lost.

  7. She’s pretty and articulate… however she needs guidance. Despite her polite way of speaking this time her answers still seem arrogant… Pinky got her spot regarding telling people not to be too judgemental. She will go far if she learns how to be more humble. Anyway, good luck Imelda.

  8. Very polite siya dito and humble. Naturuan na siguro ng beauty queen etiquette. Sana ganito siya noon pa.

  9. Now it can be told. Nichole Cordoves gave a popular answer after all. One that is supported by most Americans. It just so happened that during that pageant, there were just many from the audience and judges belonging from the other party.

    Now, will the lady from Indonesia relinquish the crown please? Lol.

    World Peace.

  10. off topic: kamusta naman kaya si miss piggy alicia machado, na recently e naging us citizen, ngayong si donald trump na ang next us prexy? 😆

  11. She’s back!!!! All together now:

    Let it go, Let it go.
    Can’t hold back Ms. Ecuador.
    Let it go, Let it go.
    Ms. Earth has slammed its door.

    I don’t care what CNN says,
    Let Imelda rage on….
    Almodoval never bothered me anyway.

    World Peace.

  12. I wish her well. Sana wag muna siya mag social media. Kasi till now ang instagram niya e ang dami pa ring post na hindi nakakatulong sa pag move on niya or ng involve.

  13. Ok. Glad Imelda is doing well.

    Now can we move on? Joanna, Nichole, Catriona and Maxine still have business to take care of.

  14. Just when I thought we have moved on from this issue and let Imelda and all others involved patch things up comes another write up.

  15. Mr. Tinio says the honesty is sanitized. Does he mean to say Ms. Schweighart is on medication? 😦

    • Alam mo Andrew, diretso ako sa video nanood at Good Luck na lang talaga sa kanya period.
      Wish ko na lang na mas gaganda pa ang Buhay nya after Miss Earth para masaya .
      Kung masaya sya sa buhay nya ay masaya na rin ako hihihi

      • @ bong700 : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

        Agree with you.

        Last ko nang banat ‘to regarding this : Considering Mr. Tinio’s earlier Post on 4M, I wonder now what would have happened if, by some handiwork of fate/destiny/God, Ms.Schweighart and 4M SWITCHED pageants?!

        Apparently, Ms.Schweighart has no problem at all with Q&A. And 4M is quite earthy and sensual. 🙂

  16. Good Luck sa music career mo Queen Imelda 🙂
    May video ba si Imelda na maikita natin na pang-international ang boses nya hihihi.
    Speaking of CNN, kabahan na ang dapat kabahan sa US election result hihihi.

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      • I feel you! muka syang splash island!!!!! na stress ako. they could have gone to Shangri-La Mactan. Na sad ako. Stalk ko IG kahapon on photos of this place. Hindi ko bet huhuhuhuhu

      • Omg i thought the philippines has more than 7000 islands bakit sa isang artificial resort gaganapin eeeeewwww

      • OMG * insert swear word*
        Bat ganyan?! Joke ba yan?! Wala bang 5 star Resort na gusto mag sponsor?!

  18. Imelda is such a beautiful lady. She may not be perfect but she is just so lovely and strong person. I love her character.

  19. Ugliest woman in the Philippines…immensely insensitive and as clued out as a cow!

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