10 comments on “Miss Asia-Pacific International 2016 Host Delegate Ganiel Krishnan

  1. I wish she is taller than her height 5’5″, so she join the Bb Pilipinas. Her beauty and talent will surely winnable in Miss International. Good luck Miss Philippines!

  2. I watched Mutya ng Pilipinas 16. Why they gravitated towards Krishner , idk. Those extremely gorgeous ladies should join BP or MWP. It would be a waste if they didnt

    • She looks gorgeous as she is. Her face is too defined, if anything.

      As for your racist gluta comment, at least she does not need Botox and a gallon of contouring powder to add definition to a flat and wide face like the candidate of the same ethnicity as you. The sad thing is that even then, the lack of beauty is apparent and no amount of internet propaganda, photoshop pics, orangey hair and high leg slit dress can hide.

      This is the umpteenth time you have made an in your face racially derogatory comment all of which have been directed at Filipinos and those non-Chinese mixed Filipinos. Since your disgusting comments seem to be allowed here, I will start responding in kind like I did just now since forbearance, kindness and acceptance towards your people shown by Filipinos mean nothing to you.

      • How does taking a little gluta make u a racist, b—h? While gluta can lighten your skin tone , it also makes your skin ‘ glow’ . One’s race is defined by more than just your skin tone. Are African albinos considered white? No , they are still blacks.
        I was basing my opinion on her appearance at Mutya ng Pilipinas 2016 coronation night where her skin looked uneven and ‘patchy’ , para syang gusgusin . A little gluta will make her skin tone more even .
        It’s 2016 , stop using racism to rally people behind u, self-righteous b—h

    • @ Padede Boy : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      Which of the BBP brands – Universe, International, Grand International, Globe, Intercontinental, Supranational – would her half Indian – half Filipina look be most suited for? Just curious…

      • I think she’s best suited for Universe, MGI, Supranational. di sya pwede sa MI for the obvious reason. Universe kasi fierce ang dating niya at tayong mga pinoy naman is known na nagpapadala ng mixed beauties. Wag lang sa Globe kasi mananalo na si Nicole eh.. impossible na talaga ang back to back to back. lol

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