15 comments on “Do we start the countdown of days for the return of Miss International 2016 Kylie Verzosa to the Philippines?

  1. Kala ko si Pia pareho kasi sila ng ngiti. Dapat pala ang mga pinapadala lagi sa mga pageants eh yung mga maaasim ngumiti. Bye na baka pagtulungan na naman ako ng mga baklang pangit dito

      • Bitter? Saan? Bakit kalaban ba ako nya sa pageant hello?
        Non- sense. Ayoko lang sa kanya. As simple as that!

      • @ Jermi sana pala ayaw mo na sa lahat ng candidates natin dahil yung mga hindi mo gusto ay nanalo… Ikaw yata ang malas eh hahaha

  2. Mukang mag aala ME ang MU sa prelim. Swimsuit competition will take place in cebu jpark resort and hotel. Tama kaya ako sa nabasa ko? Or its just a press presentation na nakabikini sila and not as prelim ss competition.

  3. In the big 4 pageants. Continuation of Runner ups started from Venus Raj and the crown started from Meagan Young and all of these victories started by one and only A&Q. 👏👏👏 a big salute the this team.
    Another crown for Miss World 2016 nd Miss Universe 2016 this year or even only one among the top 2 pageant will set our smile, joy and tears and laughter to the highest level. If this happens, its okay if we’ll give way to other dreams. Let other countries follow the footstep of our queens. Give the crown to others and runner ups is enough. But hardwork, sweat, blood and tears they are the profit of our representatives so they need to fight still for the success. For themselves and for the country. So the journey to the crown will continue……

  4. exciting!! Sana may courtesy call, welcome or victory parade and even dinner and press con! sana dala na rin niya ang crown.. haha si Bea kasi dati di ba hindi niya nadala agad? parang yung pang runner up lang muna na dala niya

    • Tiara ata yun for MI winners talaga. I’ve read somewhere na hindi daw pwedeng dalhin yung (old) MI crown because of its value.

  5. Excited much. Sana may parade din sya. Kung gano kadami at ka drama at ka touch ang parade ni Pia hopefully ganun din kay kylie.

    • @ Geoff : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      Yes. And let’s have that short guy in glasses named “Amante” (something) who shot to the Filipinas pageant stratosphere when he “pasarela-ed” most fiercely in a blue gown during Queen P’s public reception at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum.

      His most recent outing (in Las Vegas) was trying on Ms. Cordovez’s gold-metallic Finals EG at Grand International before the Finals. I apologize for not knowing the designer in her case.

      I imagine him wearing either Mr. Libiran’s Spanish Colonial Church – inspired NatCos or Mr. Bumgarner’s be-ribboned puff pastry-pink cocktail dress.

      So taray… (Mr. Amante, I mean. Not Ms. Verzosa).

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