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  1. Sana naman mas bigyan nila ng maraming time si maxine. 2 months nalang MU na. Nanalo si manny and walang words si maxine loke what pia said after manny lost last year. But b4 manny’s fight last week maxine said in an interview ” for sure pia will crown me again” this would be her words for success? Wala ako nakikitang yabang habang sinasabi nya ito. Hinde sa kayabangan. Her face reaction while saying those words is normal. So no reason to bash her like what they did to pia. Hinde rin naman nagyayabang si pia that time. Tama naman ung words nya. Dont worry guys babawi tayo sa MU. People bashed her dahil nagmamayabang daw. But for me she’s not. Eh talaga namang babawi talaga sya at may laban din naman sya sa vegas where manny lose his fight. Masyado lang talaga ang mga pinoy mag isip. Lahat big deal sa kanila. Masyado OA. Ayan nganga sila noong nanalo si Pia. Nakiki proud to be pinoy pa.
    Back to maxine. Iniisip ko kung strategy nya lang ba talaga pamali mali ng ngusap kapag interview nya. I know the reason kung bakit strategy nya yan. But i am not sure if talagang strategy nya lang. Medyo kinakabahan talaga ako. Since may words na syang binitawan. B4 mannys fight in vegas. And by the way. Mukang possible maging co host si olivia jordan sa MU. Mag bigay din kaya sya ng swerte kay maxine like meagan and pia?
    Grrr. Im so really excited and nervous. Finally MU will be happening here in PH and i want to see a Filipina candidate in MU na rumarampa sa finals ng MU dito sa pilipinas from semi up to final cut of MU2016 or even wins..

    Anyone here na may spy sa bbp/aces&queens??? Please let us know if they will have pasabog for maxine in MU2016, aside from performance/gown pasabog. Ung com skills pasabog meron kaya? And kung strategy nya lang ba talaga ng lahat ng pamali mali nya sa com skills???
    Nagpapahinga na yata si laila. Sad naman. Sino pwede mag ala laila d2?????

    • Just like what you said, masyado oa mag isip ang pinoy. Parang ikaw. Masyado kang demanding kay maxine. Bakla ka, puna mo sa iba, puna mo sa sarili ko. Very stressful basahin yung comment mo. 😂😂😂

    • Lol. Bakit anung masama sa comment ko? Im not anti maxine. Nor her basher. Erwannn ko sayo pierro!

  2. It’s no surprise Catriona, Megan Young, Ara Arida, Ann Colis, Venus Raj and all those girls of A&Q made it to the Top. It is because they are the nicest coolest people you’ll ever meet. I love how BBP researches on each girl early on to make sure that all BBP winners are guaranteed beautifull inside and out. 🙂 To Aces & Queens.. Keep up the good work! And to pageant newbies, kill us all with Kindness!.. 😀

  3. I am glad that they included Personality Development in their workshop. This is must for all ladies who wants to become a beauty queen, not only their catwalk but their manners and personality needs to be hone. I just hope more beauty queens will not follow the misstep of the resigned beauty queen.

    • @ Iamwhoiam : Good morning/evening/afternoon :

      “The crown is only once in a lifetime..hindi siya nalulungkot”,said Ms. Verzosa to silly Noli De Castro.

  4. Hindi ba big deal ang Miss Earth sa Ecuador? Halos wala ako makitang news about sa crowning ng Miss Earth sa YouTube from Ecuador or other Latin YouTube sites.

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