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  1. Wishing for all her success! She was actually one of my bests during her BBP stint and I’m glad that she just won’t wither away. Ang ganda niya grabe, especially in motion. She is very stunning; drop dead gorgeous talaga.

  2. P.S. There are repeating comments on the desirability of Ms. Colis as a Victoria’s Secret model.

    And to balance these out are comments on the need for her to undergo “cosmetic procedures” for her to be found worthy of walking that ultimate runway of runways.

    The judges in Canada last year apparently saw no problem with her body.

    And in light of the image below provided by our dear Will showing Ms. Colis cavorting with Ms. Tugonon, may I respectfully suggest to Miss Globe 2015 to consider inclusion in the much more prestigious and exclusive (relative to the NU / Bellemere) Pirelli calendar.

    In the last five years, this calendar has begun to embrace a wider range of female forms; Ms. Colis’ physique as described here should probably not be a hindrance to her inclusion.

  3. I would love for our queens to conquer international fashion stage like NYFW, etc. Janine and Valerie have started doing that and I would love to see Ann Colis, Bianca Guidotti and Janicel Lubina follow suit.

    Our queens are world class.

  4. 2 days more to go b4 election.
    Hillary or Trump 🙂
    Yellow are for Hillary and DU30 is for Trump (not sure, guess ko lang) hihihi

    • All I know is that FBI is politicized, encouraging Russia to hack the system against one party. Hmmmm I wonder which party is the bad guy here. The same party who yells, “Lock that b_tch!”. Such vermin from so-called God-fearing and rigtheous people. They keep digging up dirt on her and all they got are those damn THREE emails that have been found to be non-incriminating. They keep coming to these emails, why? Because they could not find anything else! If you’re giving vote just because this party is using anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, and anti-illegal immigrants, theb you are one dumb SOB. Time to verify facts and stop watching FOX NEWS masquerading as balanced news media. Daming tanga pinoy sa America. Russia and China are not your friends, they call Trump their “Usefule Idiot”. Let’s make America grope again!

      • Well, one thing is sure. The rich hepatitis people and traitors are supporting Clinton to continue their plan to oust DU30. hihihi

      • @Abilene

        Hillary will win because she is backed by majority of the public, media, US banks and all the western oligarchs. She is a warmonger therefore she would be beneficial for the financial system of the US. But that means death to millions of innocent lives in other parts of the World. Currently the US is bombing 7 other countries Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen and Somalia. Those crimes of war would continue if Hillary wins. Not to mention the oil pipelines being built on the lands of native americans, TPP, Fracking and so much more that is way bigger than the US elections. I would prefer to vote for a green person but since only have two choices, I will vote for the lesser evil who is Trump if I have to choose the greater good.

      • @ Johnny…You are one stupid guy. All you said are fabrications by Fox News which Trump repeats in his campaign speeches. This election is not a choice on who is the lesser evil. One is ready to be President & Commander-in-Chief on day one while the other has no clue on what the oval office is all about.

        @ Bong700…What has Hillary Clinton got to do with Duterte? Both parties have filthy rich donors. The Dems have Soros, Hollywood Elites while the Repubs have the Koch Bros, Adelson, etc.

        I’m proud to say that I already voted for HRC!

      • IMO, I don’t like both Trump and Hillary cause both of them are just puppets. If i would like to prioritize the Filipinos then I would vote for Trump. Let the US be pre-occupied withp00 a dumb president while we reinforce our ties with our Asean neighbors. If Hillary wins, she would favor the unfair foreign policy that Obama gave. She would protect the petrodollars at our expense. She would continue using their millitary powers to dominate Asia and the rest of the world.

      • @ C2F….You talk like you are an expert on US foreign policy. Remember, little knowledge on this specific subject is a dangerous thing.

        @ Fabian….Trump is stupid, he’s beyond dumb. Putin can manipulate him easily because he’s an ignoramous outside his own world. He is a clear danger to the United States of America. I agree with you though that he will lose.

      • @Bijankai

        So are you an expert on the US foreign policy here in the Philippines?.. Are you well updated if the US is holding up their end of the bargain?

      • Good job! According to Johnny, you just saved millions of innocent lives. I hope the US would leave us alone at least for now.

      • The US election pits a normal politician with normal political failings against an arrogant, bigoted, pathologically dishonest authoritarian. According to Fareed Zakaria, a CNN commentator, Trump is a “Cancer on American Democracy”.

  5. @bong , nag-update ka nga , biting pa. Top 40 si Paula … then winner si Finland . What happened in bw?
    Akala ok naman puede ka nang sub ni Laila as Norman’s assist, kulang naman . Tse! Hi hihihi

  6. I guess this means Ms. Colis will be setting her Law studies aside for the short-term.

    Hailed by Ms. Pam Pastor of The Philippine Daily Inquirer as “really beautiful” at BBP 2015.

    Good luck in your post-pageant endeavors, Ms. Ann Lorraine.

    • I think MUO and many are allergic to shrimps. Sorry for being harsh, it is just that I find nothing special to that shrimp. Just overhyped by indos

  7. I Guess Ann and Janine has the same model agency.
    Good Luck Ann in your Career after Miss Globe 🙂
    Paula Rich Bartolome finished Top 30 in Miss Model of the World participated by 60 contestants.
    The Winner is Miss Finland.
    Here’s Paula’s Nat.Cos. presentation:

    • Kawawa naman si Paola Rich.. Inapakan ang train ng costume… lumang style na yan nga mga kalaban… Lesson.. bitbitin ang train at saka pakawalan pag nasa center stage na… better yet wag magcocostume ng may train para walang aberya.

  8. My Ann Colis you will always be my MUP. You, Janicel and Megan truly embody the word “beautiful.”
    Good luck my dahlinnn, that face could land on the covers of Vogue and W – so versatile and high fashion di gaya ng iba dyan ehemmm! na sinasabi ng mga fans nya nung nakoronahan sya sa magiging cover sya sa Vogue etc pero sa isang local pala sya naging cover cheap male mag at that!
    Bye na baka pagtulungan na naman ako ng mga baklang pangit dito at mga fans ni Digong hahahaha

    • Ann Collis is beautiful and well -spoken . If She had the discipline to tone her bulging belly , she would have been a great MU rep.
      We all know what happened to Janicel at MI.

      Insult pa more , Jeremi

      • Fabian well a crown is not an indication of being beautiful for me. Tulad ng nasabi ko kahit sampu pa ang korona ng isang beauty queen kung di maganda sa paningin ko di sya maganda para sa akin. Likewise kahit clapper pa ang isang beauty queen kung maganda sya para sa akin sasabihin ko. I guess I have the right to do so at wala naman siguro tayong problema dun lol. Sabi nga ni Imelda Hitler “nobody owns anyone”. To make the long story short kahit MU pa si Pia ayoko sa kanya. Eh sa ayaw ko talaga sa kanya eh alangan namang pilitin ko ang sarili. As simple as that!

      • @jeremi, I donot care if u do not like Pia and Kylie.
        I donot have a problem either that you hate them.
        Baka atakihin ka sa puso hihihi

    • Janicel may be beautiful pero downgrade pa rin dahil walang laman ang utak. She’s a disappointment at MI even using the mahirap card in her speech. Wonder who taught her that. Shame.

      • Care to look at janicel instagram? maybe someone might have a change of heart. Pudgy is the word I can describe her.

        Queen Ann beauty is really something. About her stomach i think a less salt diet will do and she can easily breeze being a vs angel

  9. her eyes always reminds me of an expensive car headlights! very fierce!! very miss universe!!

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