15 comments on “Sunday Specials: Journey to the Crown | A Celebration of Beauty

  1. Just saw Apriel Smith on the show who is among the 3 beauty queen aspirants who will be trained under Mr. Jonas hands. Who were the other two?

    • Riana Pangandian is the other one aside from Apriel Smith. She joined this year’s Binibni and landed a spot in the Top 15 :). I don’t know the other girl.

  2. Seems like Venus is not aging gracefully. Anyare sa fez? Monay lungs

  3. Naku ha ang gown ni Rah at Supsup…Sumisikat pa sa sikat ng araw c Mommy Cherry Veric hihihi
    Congratz Mommy Cherry 🙂

      • @ bong700 : Good evening/afternoon/morning.

        Ayon kay Mr. Tinio, maaaring ipagsabay na lamang ang Arrival / Homecoming Press Conference ni Bb. Cordovez sa Send-Off nina Bb. Eden at Manalo.

  4. OT : A local events organizer announced the first Philippines Pageant Ball for 2017 where the movers and shakers (and of course titlists) of Asia’s pageant powerhouse will gather under one roof to hobnob, network, and preen.

    And out of courtesy, invites will hopefully be extended to Osmel Souza, Ines Ligron, Julia Morley, Akemi Shimomura, etc.

    • Andrew, friends ba kayo ni Ines hihihi.
      Di sya bagay sa pageant ball kung meron man.
      Maghahasik lang ng lagim ang traydor na babaitang yan hihihi.

      • @ bong700 : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

        The organizer is a stickler for etiquette, and basic courtesy demands that invites be extended to all sides as proof of impartiality. They will all find out about it eventually anyway, and no one wants to be the wicked fairy (in Sleeping Beauty) upset that she was uninvited to Princess Aurora’s coming-out reception.

        Ms. Ligron might cast a curse on Filipinas if she is excluded. ‘Katakot!

        And anyway as I said, the invite is a basic courtesy and the invitee merely has to decline if they are uninterested or already in holding of an already committed-to con-current engagement.

        And you know how VIP’s are. They first want to know who else are invited & who have confirmed, before deciding to go.

        Imagine, too, Misters Gaffud and Flores in intimate conversation. That would be a sight, indeed.

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