38 comments on “Sunday Specials: Cooking with Miss World Philippines 2016 Catriona Gray

    • @ Fabian Reyes : Good evening/afternoon/morning.

      Perhaps the weight gain is strategy; Eastern Europeans might prefer a more shapely woman, specially now that the Boreal Winter has begun to set in.

      Ms. Manalo’s Send-Off will be coming soon. Perhaps Mr. Tinio can be there to forward your observation to her personally.

      • Dare hold a beauty pageant in Armenia and see if you can get out with balls intact.

        Tse, The point is, Nichole is fat and she is abt to leave for the pageant … wherever the hell its going to be held at.

      • Fabian, Armenia is actually a secular nation and one of the first countries to adopt christianity. Mt. Ararat is located there that is believed to be where Noah’s Arc landed. It’s capital Yerevan is a vibran and modern metropolis. It becomes very dreary and gloomy though on winters. Yerevan and Tbilisi in its neighboring country Georgia are by far one of the most memorable cities that I have been to. You should visit Armenia someday. Highly recommended. Ciao!

  1. May fearless prediction na for Miss Supra 2016
    Sino kaya itong sinasabi niyang “I”? Inja or “Injonezya”?

    malamang si njonezya dahil nag supra nag haharbor ngayon ng pageant fans at alam nilang palaban ang mga injo sa popularity vote

    heto ang script….


    I see four strong numbers associated to the name of the top countries or the contestants directly in any close way possible that are 16, 9, 22 & 2.

    So now lets begin with the top contenders:

    Alphabet “I” or number 9 is important this time, and can be seen on the number one position. A strong contestant associated with number 16 or 1+6=7 will try her best and share equal chance.

    The next one, with an attitude and not ready to give up, strong at words will be having a connection to number 10 in any way possible or associated to alphabet T.

    On the next position, I see a someone associated with number 1, who competes or is close to the number 4.

    On the next position I see some one mature enough to understand that she has it all that she rightfully deserves, she connects to number 4.

    The one on the last position connects to number 7.

    There is a strong contestant connected to number 16 or “P” as stated above. She has a very strong chance to win but the competition is close, so her over confidence is the only thing that she needs to check to win over her one strong opponent.

    • @ Padede Boy : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      “I” is… Indonesia or (Puteri) Intan (Aletrino)? One of The Fearlessly Predicted, anyway…?

  2. Do not be overconfident .
    I’m referring not to Cat but the fans who think Cat is invincible.
    Let us learn from Val whom everyone thought was a shoe in for a b2b

    Attn: bong Anna and C2f hihihi

      • @ Closer2Fame : Good morning/evening/afternoon :

        Miss “Mexico City” (?) is a prettier version of … Alanis Morrisette. LOL.

        And if that voice can be tamed with coaching (plus long hours in the shower, singing in the rain) and a suitable song, I imagine she would make a superb jazz improvisationist (incorrect term?).

        I like (her). She is growing on me, her rather prominent eye bags notwithstanding. At least now I know the basis for the rather heavy-handed use of eye cosmetics. Pwede.

        Thanks for sharing.

    • @cocoy, I think she is beautiful and has a very good chance of getting the blue . But certain aspects need improvement .. like her walk and facial expressions . She should also work the camera to her advantage.

    • As a fan I must agree, Fabian.

      Minus ME, the Philippine sash has been a roll in 2016. Getting drunk with power and success can easily happen. Lol

      Although i do have high hopes for Catroina!

    • Val was never really a favorite and she didn’t have the spark that Megan had. She’s too mestiza for my taste.

  3. I’m trying to figure out kung sinong classic hollywood celebrity ang kamukha ni Cat?…

  4. Ano bayan. Di maView ang 2 Video sa Country ko sa Siberia hihihi.
    Anyway sa mga di nakapanood.
    Congratz Sen. Manny Pacquiao… Pakishare naman yung panalo mo sa LGBT family hihihi

  5. Sayang yung efforts ng mga runner up, sana may international competition din sila.

  6. Bakit ganyan damit niya? Mukhang lumang recycled shirt na ginupit lang sa shoulders.

  7. With all due respects to Ms. Gray, she should have been made to wear an apron. Both as a safeguard against hot cooking oil and the spicy food fumes from sticking to her clothing.

    Just from the ingredients alone, one can tell the dish is good.

  8. di maganda suot niya nakakalaki ng bewang.. parang apron.. sabagay.. nagluluto naman sya

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