27 comments on “Eva Patalinjug answers the question you’ve been wanting to ask  

  1. Eva should be in Bb Pilipinas 2017 and be one of its crowned queens, as Universe, International or Supranational. She has the elan, very sophisticated vibe. And intelligent.

  2. She’s prob prettier than most Pinoys. But I’m glad she backed out. She’s one those some people do not find attractive so her chances of winning an international pageant Are hard to predict .

  3. her beauty is quite average im not sure why she getting some hype here. even april smith and karla henry both ffrom cebu are much prettier than her. maybe shes just too chicken to lose?

  4. My ten cents :

    1. I surmise Wendell Quisido’s show (here) happened in Cebu, as Mr. Cohen is currently based in Cebu and Ms. Patalinjug herself is Cebuana.

    2. Her “ultimate goal” is to represent Filipinas internationally but she “just need(s) to finish one of (her) lifelong dreams”, which could be to become a full-fledged lawyer. That’s quite admirable.

    3. And now I am reminded of a comment on an earlier Post in this blog wherein one commentator asked how she could qualify for Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International when one of the criteria was that the candidate should not have given birth. Is this the “circumstance beyond my control”? I even went as far as to ask if she and fellow Cebuano Mr.Gil Wagas (Mister International 2013 3rd Runner-Up) are still together, to which a comment surfaced that they were spotted together at a shopping mall in Makati City.

    So, is this a case of Team Wagas-Patalinjug (read, on the family way)? If so, congratulations!

    • Congratulations kun totoo yan at may susunod na sa yapak nila. Puede pa rin magjoin c Eva sa Miss Global kung di pa sila magpakasal hihihi.
      Join din sya sa Mrs. World/Universe/Globe/Interbational/Supranational/atbp hihihi

      • @ bong700 : IF, indeed, then imagine the child, a combination of the mother’s good looks and the father’s towering frame, then we have a potential future queen or king, depending on the gender.

        Mr. Wagas was a member of his school’s varsity basketball squad prior to copping the Filipinas sash for Mister International. He was easily among the tallest in that batch and even dwarfed the eventual Latino winner in Indonesia. I surmise he is at least 6’2″.

        Both possess fair and flawless complexion, as a bonus. Another nice trait for a child to inherit.

        In fact, I recall an even earlier Post on the closeness of the two, to which a commentator quipped : “What are they waiting for? They should (have kids already) so that (the country can have another future beauty queen).”

  5. Eva is now 22 yo. Maybe 5’8″ in height. Puede pa syang magjoin sa BbPilipinas 2018 or 2019 after law school. Baka lawyer na sya by 2019.
    May kamukha si Bb. GandangHari. His name is Yoshiki, a co-founder of heavy metal band X Japan.

    • Throwback for Queen Nicole Cordoves 🙂
      What if Donald Trump will win. Trump is Gaining Votes. It’s a Close fight.
      Idethrone kaya c Cocoy Indonesia hihihi Charot lang.

      • Ha ha ha…Bongga c Bea Santiago. Vocalista pala si Bea now. Medyo umitim yata sya at medyo nadeform konti yung retoking ilong nya ha. Pero in fairness, pangTawag ng tanggalan ang boses ni Bea.
        Di ba natatakot maghirap c Bea? at least puede nyang gamitin ang boses nya para kumita. hihihi

      • Kaya pala lubog na si Regine , may Jona na pala.
        Wow, Talaga palang yagit version ni Nicole si Jonalyn , Bong

      • Hope Catriona sings something like that so she can showcase her feminine charm . No to Adele or Kelly Clarkson … unless she can belt them out effortlessly … which she cant

      • @mas kamukha nya si Bea Rose Santiago and Maria Gigante c Jona. hihihi
        For Catriona, Bagay sa kanya ang Pop Jazz music but i wish she worked with vocal coach to chose the right song and arrange the song to showcase her vocal prowess and hitting the right note.

      • @bong , para mo na rin sinabing sintunado si Cat . Maybe she can sing some classic songs like Somewhere Over the Rainbow My Funny Valentine or anything that warms the heart and makes her look and sound like a real queen. Jazzy is fine as long as she can sing it well.
        She should not give Julia and other candidates an armament to mock her. That’s not very queenly.
        Ang layo naman Kay Bea ‘raise the bar’ Santiago ni Jona. Si Nicole Talaga e. In fairness, gumanda na si Jona.

      • Ang daming napakaganda ng boses at may mga biritira pa pero di na nila namamalayan minsan ay wala na sa tono dahil minsan di na marinig ang right key sa song.
        May mga professional singers na kailangan pa rin nila ang vocal coach.
        C pacquiao nga eh kailangan pa rin nya si freddie roach na trainor hihihi.
        Paitimin mo lang ng konti at iflat konti ang retokadang ilong ni bea rose ay kamukha na nya c Mommy Jonalyn Mars Fabian hihihi

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