78 comments on “Introducing: The Catriona Gray Video for Miss World 2016

  1. I viewed the video more than 20Γ— and I discover something new each time…

    I did not know that Catriona Gray is a multi-talented artist… She can sing, act, host, paint and draw….

    I wonder what she’ll be doing during the dances of the world? πŸ˜€

    • I hope she would wear a “daragang magayon” (beautiful mountain maiden godess) inspired costume… so excited!!!!!

      I soooo freakin love this video!!! Wow!!…

      She will win!!!! πŸ˜€

    • C2f. NO more dances of the world sa MW 2016. Even national costume hinde na sila magdadala. Unless if costume nila sa talent yon.

      • According sa nabasa ko sa fb ng pageant central. MMO yhey will not give explanation on that matter. I think this page is legit. Mukhang may pagbabago sa MW this year. Kung meron man i want na they choose semifinalist sa mga challenge. Then reveal nila top 2o on the finals then lahat sila rarampa both SS and IG. Then top 5 na. Those top 5 will be having speech and Q&A. Then announcing of winners. Or top 20 to top 10. Top 10 will deliver speech and top 5 Q&A. Ganyan gusto ko sana.

      • Ano ba yan… lagi nalang may bago… anghirap paghandaan… pero the Dances of the World is tradition like the parade of nations…. hmm

        Wala narin swimsuit portion diba?.. ano na kalalabasan nyan?!

  2. Catriona for the Win!Ang ganda ng video niya and pati ung advocacy niya. She’s the queen to beat. Ok lang naman ung ibang videos ng ibang contestant na napanood ko, maganda naman pero ung kay Catriona ung may effect, ung may something. Basta ang ganda lang. God bless Catriona! Miss World 2016

  3. @ana Laila and Bong700. In no particular order, Cat is a little too flamboyant on stage. U can show enthusiasm without being too flirtatious . Look at Miriam Megan Janine Venus and Pia.
    As for her singing talent , I beg her not to participate in this segment … unless she can find a song that will enhance not diminish her beauty and grace singing it.

    • Fabbie, I am sure Aces & Queens take good care of Catriona. They better know than any of us. ‘Yang mga opinyon mo na ‘yan, baka binabasa rin ng Aces & Queens (who knows, and then baka natatawa na lang sila sa opinyon mo, char! –AW) Ituloy mo lang ‘yan, Fabbie. Pero huwag sumobra baka ma-Cocoy ka dito. Hahaha! Almost everybody here pa naman is rooting and loving Catriona. Ayaw kong mag-desaparecido ka dito. Mami-miss kita! Hahaha!

    • Just watched a video of her catwalk and her stage projection and honestly, I think Catriona is on the right track. Catriona is Catriona. She doesn’t have to mould into another queen. I respect the queens you mentioned above but there are facets about them that make them different from one another. I suggest Catriona continues whatever she’s doing and with Aces and Queens behind her, I know she will transform into an even better MWP

      Also it seems a little absurd for you to say na Catriona should not participate in the talent portion just because you think she can’t carry a pretty face while singing. Honestly, all I see in her when she sings is passion and joy. She doesn’t look disastrous unlike those awkward singers who audition on X-factor, America’s Got Talent, and American Idol. Again, she’s not ALONE in this journey. She has an amazing camp to guide her in her transformation. Kaya for now, let’s chill and let Catriona and her camp do their job πŸ™‚

  4. I love this intro video – well conceptualized, quick editing, beautiful cinematography. It contains the most important qualifications of Miss World – modelesque, talented, vibrant personality, family centered, and a beauty with a purpose. Very strategic an Aces and Queens sa video na ito. Alam na nila ang MW template the way KF has mastered MI. Kundi pa nyan matuwa si Julia Morley ewan ko na lang. And it seems Catriona is super dedicated in her preparation, hindi sya napilitang sumali. Lakas ng vibes na sya ang pangalawang mag uuwi ng Big 3 crown sa Pilipinas. Can’t wait to see her compete and show the world she deserves the blue crown.

    • Dawn, A&Q just won MI too so they are even with KF in terms of MI strategies. But yes I agree with MW, they know how to work the competition.

  5. I wonder why Miss World always manages to have 100+ delegates to compete its pageant vs an average of 80+ for Miss Universe.

    • @ Saluda Chang : Hello and good morning/evening/afternoon.

      I could contribute three reasons for this :

      1. The doing away with the swimsuit competition has allayed the trepidation of conservative countries.

      2. The SEPARATE participation of former and current colonies and territories of the British Commonwealth, bearing in mind that this is a UK – based pageant : England, Scotland, Wales, Jamaica, India, British Virgin Islands, Turks and Caicos, Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong, Cyprus, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Papua New Guinea, Northern Ireland, Ireland, USA, etc.

      Bear in mind that at its peak, the British Empire spanned the entire globe and the British Royal Family owned at least a third of all humanity. “Gran Britannia”, indeed.

      3. The proximity of Africa, resulting in a good representation of the Dark Continent compared to other major pageants.

      • Plus : Bangladesh, Pakistan, and a string of island nations in the Caribbean and Pacific.

      • Hmmm…
        Great points Andrew.
        Since MW is a UK based organization and at one point in history “the sun never sets on the British Empire” I can appreciate your explanation.
        Since 2003, MW has had 100+ delegates compete for the coveted blue crown.
        I always felt it was a reward for smaller countries to send delegates to MW due to more titles handed out. You know, continental queens, fast track winners etc …
        Thank you.

    • It is also speculated that it is easier to obtain a MW license than a MU license. Plus the fact that Julia usually requires that franchise holders have a separate pageant to crown the MW rep over other reps. Smaller (non-pageant crazy) countries can’t afford to send two titleholders so they usually just send the national contest winner to MW.

    • Lou Parker who was the US rep to the Miss U 1994 got caught stealing a headphone at an ?LA airport .Sayang , she was doing good as a news anchor

      • Oo nga.Nakakahiya lng. Dapat binigay na lang sa Lost and Found department. Puede naman nyang kunan ng picture at gawing news to inform the public na puedeng iclaim sa LA airport. she’s 48 na daw.

  6. What an introductory clip! I love it. It is very entertaining, well-edited, and engaging. Hands down, Catriona. You are already a winner. I am excited for Miss World 2016!

      • Jeremi “Bobita” Urvashi, ano na research mo na?

        “Para mo na ring sinabing memorandums i/o memoranda, optimums i/o optima etc etc lol hwg mapagpapaniwala sa google or wikipedia” Jeremi Urvashi

  7. Good vibes. Not going to be overly confident but she smells like a winner. I just hope she isn’t politicized knowing the US-PH leadership relations lately…

  8. Gandang-ganda din ako kay Megan dati but Cat is different. She is ahead in terms of talent, creativity, modelling success, and even in sport (she has a black belt in karate). Well-rounded talaga siya.

    • Pakibasa po hihihi πŸ™‚
      From #RIPMisso…charot hihihi


      3 Evening gown pala ang pinagpipilian ni Kylie.
      Indonesian designer ang gumawa sa gown ni Felicia as Best Dresser, buti na lang walang dinamitan si Mommy Leo sa MI at baka nanalo pa sya..Charot hihihi
      C MI-1st RU 2015 Miss Honduras ay di nakaattend dahil sa studies(nasagot na rin sa wakas ang tanong ko b4 dito sa blog) πŸ™‚
      Yung Continental Queens ay dinaan sa Miss Friendship votes?

      • May mali nga lang ang Misso. C Bea at Kylie daw ay same person daw nagtrain sa kanila hihihi.
        Kaya naman pala nanalo c Bea last 2013 kasi trained din sya ni Mommy Jonas …a Big Charot hihihi

      • @bong007

        Baka naman gustong palabasin ng Misso na ang isang guru or team na nag-train kina Bea at Kylie ay ang… dyaraaaaaaan… GOULDIAN! Hahahahahaha! I don’t find that Misso reliable. Dapat ‘di sila kinukuhang resource persons. Hao siao sila, kumbaga. Dapat hinahalo na lang sila sa sinigang. Hahaha!

      • Obvious naman na hindi is “Mommy” Leo ang nagbihis kay Felicia kasi her gown is very traditional Indonesian gown. I wonder if Philippines would eventually make gowns based on Filipiniana and use it for evening gown in the future?

  9. Omg saw the video.. naiyak ako…

    to cut it short…


    Another extremely desserving winner from the Philippines… haaaays… this is it! πŸ˜€


  10. Hindi pa ganun ka rami nag popost sa IG. In the past 3 days medyo may rise ng posts for MW and halos Latin pages lahat and guess kung sino? —- Si Cat palagi nilang pino post. Medyo napagod kami doon kaka awayan nung nanalo si Kylie. I’ve always though that Kylie had the prettiest face pero surprisingly maraming hindi nagagandahan sa kanya pero I guess kase upset sila na 2nd place lang si babalina and hindi naka pasok strong latin girls sa MI. For the past few nights, medyo natahimik kami kaka sagot sa bashers kase even the Latin community are in agreement with this girl. One commenter even said: Filipinas + Beauty? AY! then a crown emoji. Another said (in Spanish): don’t let her hold a microphone, then crown emoji.

    So I asked the Filipino admins to try and catch up with the posts para mapag usapan si Cat unti-unti.
    If hindi man siya manalo – ang sarap lang mag breeze through social media na halos wala kang kabangga.

    The other competitors are so pretty too like Australia, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Dominican Rep, India, USA and Russia even Venezuela – I just don’t know if they have a sincere BWAP project.

    Here is a compilation of a reputable IG personality, Andrew of The Pageant Spotlight:

    R1: Puerto Rico, Brazil, Philippines, Venezuela, Dominican Republic
    R2: South Africa, India, Australia, France, Mexico
    R3: Denmark, Georgia, Belgium, United States, Kazakhstan
    R4: Kenya, Russia, Nigeria, Ukraine, China PR
    R5: Trinidad & Tobago, Ireland, Colombia, Finland, Spain

    • @ Laila : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      Thank you again for sharing your time and efforts with us.

      I personally prefer these photo grids over individual features.

      With a sense of relief, I can now say with a fair measure of confidence that, indeed, Ms.Gray is FTW.

      Her edge? Like Ms. Medina, she looks very girly-feminine. Some of the others are … tranny. Sorry.

      I would like India, Mexico, Georgia, and Kazakhstan as potential princesses. Russia reminds me of Ms. Cherepanova (Miss Earth Russia- 2016); they could be sisters. And I find Kenya intriguing.

      • Hola Andrew!

        Photos pa lang to, we’ve yet to see if may laban sila sa videos nila. Boree and I have been coversing, maraming magaganda oo but are they just pretty models? I know the beautiful Venezuelan was just thrown into this. They already made arrangements not to join MW pero after the “pageant crisis” they suddenly made her train for MW to save Mariam’s spot for MU. I highly doubt she has a sincere BWAP I mean with all that face fluffing, may time pa ba sila to immerse themselves in causes such as poverty? Parang hindi lang believable.

        nakikita ko sa trend ng girls natin now oo nga very feminine. Tumigil sila sa pag pile on ng makeup sa fez nila. others are noticing it too. kaya ang fresh and ang youthful ng girls natin compared sa same girls na either ka edad nila or younger.

    • Mare, ikaw na talaga ang correspondent namin sa mga huntahan sa IG. Grabe pala talaga ang pagka-bitter ng mga Latina, ano? Sobrang bitter nila na ‘di nakapasok ang bet nila sa semi-finals. Pero hindi tama na i-bash nila si Kylie lalo’t wala naman itong superpower para impluwensyahan ang mga judges para s’ya ang tanghaling Miss International 2016. Sadyang maganda at matalino lang si Kylie.

      By the way, in the pictures above, si Miss Nigeria na lumaban last year ng Miss Universe eh lalaban ulit. I won’t forget her kase kung maka-giggle ang girl na ito sa video clip ng Miss U when she said how romantic Russian men are and thus she preferred to having a Russian boyfriend. She doesn’t even know that Russian men prefer Caucasian women pa rin. Hihi!

      Regarding Cat, mukhang maraming may bet kay Cat, hindi lang mga Pilipino. Sa Philippines, si Fabian lang ang may issue sa kanya. Ang taas siguro ng standard ni Mareng Fabian natin. Hihihi!

      • Isama mo na si Cocoy, ang baklitang anyong Filipino pero utak talangka. Hihihi!

      • Ana, donot call me mare. Bong700, Pakikurot nga si Ana sa tinggil. Pilya masyado hihihi

      • Ah ganun, ayaw matawag na mare?! Pwes, Bong700, pakipitik nga ang balls ni Fabian, if he has any. Hihihihi!

      • Ana,

        I hardly sleep! Gosh! Nigeria that feisty firecracker yes is competing. Too bad she gained a bit more weight than expected. Some of the girls including USA medyo nag slack off sa nakasanayan natin na form maybe because awala nang swimsuit sa MW. I’m glad for Debbie though (Nigeria) kase mukang papabayaan sya ng org nung MU.


        Sino nga ba fave mo na Reyna? Ang taas daw kase ng bar mo hindi maabot hihihihihi

        P.S. Kylie posted a photo of Edymar with a caption that mentions “the bar” funny lang kase yung mga may alam ng inside joke on pretty nega rose nag comment doon ng sila sila lang nakaka intindi.

      • Mars Laila,

        I advise you to sleep din. Napupuyat ka ba sa mga students mo? O, sa kaka-defend ng ating mga rep sa Latin forum or IG? Ikaw na talaga. Wanna give you power hug on that!

        Grabe din ang fighting spirit ni Miss Nigeria, ‘no? I wonder baka ‘pag na-lotlot din s’ya sa Miss World, eh, makita natin s’ya sa Miss International 2017, and then Miss Earth, Grand, so on and so forth… Bali-balita na si Yana ng Russia, eh, sa Miss World na daw lalaban at hindi sa MU. Ano naman ang talks sa mga forum about Miss Russia? Pansin ko lang, madaming beautiful faces sa Miss World this year. Kaya dapat pangabog agad ang entrada ng ating reyna paglapag pa lang niya sa DC. Nabasa ko nga pala sa FB ni Cat na she is fitting and liking Francis Libiran’s gown. Mukhang magli-Libiran gown s’ya. OK ‘yun, swerte magdamit si Libiran. Look at Megan at Kylie, winnie cordero sila, diba?

        Naku, si Fabbie, mukhang leaning towards Miss Indo din, parang si Cocoy. Hahaha! Pati ang singing prowess ni Cat ‘di n’ya bet. Dami n’yang hanash kay Cat. Pero OK lang ‘yan, maganda may sumasalungat ‘din para may naba-bash ang mga forumers dito. Hihihi! Kaya lang ‘pag na-bash ng todo si Fabbie dito, baka bigla s’yang mawala. Mami-miss ko ang hitod! Hahaha!

        Ano ba ‘yung k’wento about “the bar”?

        Mars Ana

      • @Ana, ayaw talaga ni Fabian na matawag na mare kasi mas bet nya na tawaging Mommy or Mummy kung nagkamali ka ng pindot…. Charot hihihi

      • Miss Nigeria with a short hair.
        Pak na Pak sa Interview and i guess maganda siguro ang BWaP maybe it’s about healthcare.

  11. IF Catriona wins Miss World, The Legit Big 3 Crowns accdg to Mommy Jonas ay maipagmamalaki nya na kasalukuyang nasa House of Aces and Queens.
    Kung Mananalo sa MU c Maxine ay mananatili sa House of Aces and Queens ang 3 Crowns from 3 legit Grand Beauty Pageant.
    Laging tandaan, Nakakamatay talaga ang damit ni Queen Pia na JEALOUSY kapag di ito nilabhan ng maayos πŸ™‚ hihihi
    Natawa ako sa comment sa MU to be held in Phils at baka c Bruno M ang invited singer na may Pinoy blood.
    Ito yun “Rosco Paeste: Omg, if Bruno Mars performs, it’s really going to be a SHOW! I just hope Wanda Teo is not referring to Charice”.


      • Hoy Jeremi “Para mo na ring sinabing memorandums i/o memoranda, optimums i/o optima etc etc lol hwg mapagpapaniwala sa google or wikipedia” Urvashi mag-aral ka muna puro ka kuda bobita ka. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Megan is more beautiful than Cat but Cat is more well-rounded than Megan. I do think that Cat’s beauty is very Filipina despite her being half. At least she got her dad’s height!

    • It’s ok as long as she is waaayyy more beautiful than your girls (Globe/Supra). At least, her beauty doesn’t remind us of those fucking scarrrryy huuuugeeee veneers beauty of your girls, eh? LOL

      • J, you are really such a camp-tard. To tell you the truth I don’t care about these so called beauty camps. If I like someone then I say it. Please note some of my favorite queens are from both camps Janine T (A&Q), Mutya Datul, Janicel Lubina (KF), Venus Raj (A&Q), Nichole Manalo ((KF). So here you just exclude me sa non-sense na beauty camp war. I hope naintindihan mo yan

      • Lol sorry madam jeremi but I’m responding to cocoy’s comment I didn’t expect you’d react. But since you’ve opened it up, I’d say maNalo’s veneers are truly monumental. Pambato sa Globe. πŸ˜‚

  13. Crown her! Mercy! What an ‘internal’ beauty as well.
    There were clips where she had light make-up yet shows striking evidence she is a “naturally” attractive individual.


    Go Catriona GO!

  14. Kwento ko lang nabasa ko sa latin FB page na “The Universal Beauty”. Nang nanalo si Kylie, nanggagalaiti sa galit ang mga latino, buti may isang mabait doon, sabi deserving si Kylie, paano daw kung manalo uli ang Pinas sa Miss World, magrereklamo uli sila? Sabi ng mga basher, hindi daw kasi maganda itong Filipina sa MW at deserving manalo. Para din palang mga Pinoy mga ‘yon, maraming kuda!

  15. @Baby Nica

    Basher ka ba ni Catriona? If yes, makikinig ako sa pintas mo baka naman nabulag lang ako sa babaitang ito na parang perpekto at MW korona nalang kulang πŸ™‚

    • Hi OY. I am not and will never be a basher of anyone. Whoever wears the Philippine sash is the one I support. πŸ™‚ Though of course we have to be objective, there are pageants where our bets is being outshadowed by others, and its okay, di naman lagi tayo ang lamang. But in the case of Catriona, oh dear we have a winner here! Crystal clear, its Catriona!!! MW 2016

      • @Baby Nica,

        Pageant season na at mukhang mainit ang labanan both in MW (Pinoys anticipating a big win) and MU (host country/has a b2b shot) so BAWAL maging objective hahaha

      • Of course we would want to win. But syempre not all the time ganun. But you know, once nakita mo ang effort ng pambato natin, and she represented our country well at hinde sya nanalo, thats enough for me as long as deserving ang makakatalo sa kanya. May umay factor din naman kung laging tayo di ba.

        For MU 2016…. hmmm I want Maxine to be in the top 3, if she wins the crown, that would be an over over super bonus. But I can settle for top 3.
        For MW 2016, the crown is for Catriona. I want the blue crown to come back to the Philippines.

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