151 comments on “Now it can be officially told | The 65th Universe Pageant in Manila

  1. We celebrate the world’s beauty, here in the Philippines, by finally making it official. The competition’s official host LCS Group of Companies and the Department of Tourism were present at the 65th Miss Universe media launch. In the presence of the Miss Universe Organization, along with the official partners of the annual competition, Okada Manila, Solar Entertainment, Inc., and SM Lifestyle Entertainment, Inc, it has been announced that the prestigious event will take place here in the country on January 30, 2017.

  2. One thing im sure. May mag aala pia w on performance. I think an asian. Wag nya lang masyado magaya gaya over all. Coz i know ireremind ng MUO sa judges ang diversity. Im sure MUO will looking for diversity. Different personality not a pia 2.0 pag dating sa performance and aura.
    Maxine is one of the example of diversity. Ok din naman personality nya, wala kang mapipinta sa hitsura nya sa ganda nya. gusto din naman sya ng ibang bansa basta ba she will be good in terms of speaking. Yung speaking ni Pia yon pwede nyang gayahin kahit sino basta be a good speaker in her own kind of personality.
    Maxine is really fit talaga for MU. Her diverse beauty/personality. She just need to be good in public speaking to maintain the attention of all people towards her.

  3. I know that you might say that around 19 out of the 95 delegates for the 65th MU have not yet been crowned but I have some brave predictions:

    My top 3 in random order will be : Ukraine , Indonesia , Jamaica

    Philippines is 4th or 5th (will be locked out of the top 3)

    The other remaining slot in the top 5 I will give to … one of 2 N’s : Namibia or Netherlands

    (might jumble around or out when the other 19 are known later)

    • I dont like Indonesia. I mean, there is nothing special about her. She looks like a shrimp to me honestly and I think filipino fans will not like her either. The only good thing about her is her height. Nothing else.

      • @ NJRA :Good afternoon/morning/evening.

        You mean to say by “shrimp” that Ms. Kezia Warouw is “hipon” – nice body but ugly face?

        Consume the body, then discard the head?

      • @ Andrew yes, she looks like a “hipon” and I honestly think that filipinos are not fan of those kind of beauties. Plus, it also does not help that there is an extreme bashing between filipinos and indo. which is a very big disadvantage on her part because the competition is in the Philippines.

      • They may have had momentum but they also invited the reigning queen to their national pageant these past years. This year, they had Edymar, which is what sent paranoid tongues wagging about a possible MI crown. Kaya lang, Kylie happened. So, with no MUO in PI 2016, magpeplace pa rin kaya sila? Abangan.

  4. Well, it’ll be a happy event in Manila. Hope all you girls can attend in person 😉

    For timing, I believe it’ll be 9AM Manila time on Jan 30, which is 8PM New York Jan 29. As usual, the west coast will get a whiff of the winner before we watch the telecast at 8PM Pacific.

  5. Sana mag guest sina Dayanara Torres, Michele van Eimeren, Sushmita Sen, Carolina Gomez, Minorka Mercado, Ariadna at Olivia Jordan. Hihihi

    • Rumors going around that the entertainer guest will be Bruno Mars ( or somebody part-noyPi )

  6. I said it before and I will say it again (I am saying this because it makes alot of sense for publicity)

    “Philippines will host MU2016 & Colombia will win. It will be a ‘sweet revenge’ after 2015’s fiasco”

    Last year was publicity filled year for Miss Universe with what’s happened between Steve Harvey, Miss Colombia & Miss Philippines — eventually with Miss Philippines winning

    With their face and body, Philippines & Colombia will easily land on top 5.

    From there, Colombia & Philippines just need to do is give a decent answer for them to be on top 2.

    It will be like a “sweet revenge” theme. Colombia winning in the country whom she lost to.

  7. Wow… good, the “host country” question is clarified!

    Since Dec 2015 with Pia’s triumph and memorable “crowning” at MU, to Kylie’s super-sweet victory at MI 2016, to the forgettable drama that plagued ME 2016, to the high hopes of Catriona Gray to bring home a second MW crown…having MU in Manila is uber perfect.

    Long live the Big 4 pageants.


  8. Matatapos na reign ni Pia wala pa rin siyang malupet na project sa Hollywood or high class na modeling job or cover ng high end fashion magazine like vogue.

    • Is that how you measure the success of her reign? Winning Miss U does not guarantee anything ate. She has duties to do and she just cannot audition for roles in the Hollywood or be in Vogue.

      • atleast Malawak at updated ang vocabulary niya diba Jeremi “Bobita” Urvashi. 😂😂😂

      • Bong, nahiya naman ako sayo at napakaclass mo
        I’m just wondering if you have ever tasted a caviar dahlinn
        or have ever drank a Romaine Leroy wine, pls talk about gutter if your answer is yes.

        Erwann, your vocabulary is based on Wikipedia. So stop the non-sense

      • @@Jeremi: I need not explain to you how to act like a cultured citizen or at least in an upper middle income to rich person. Your posts alone would tell you so much about yourself.

        Consuming Caviar alone?? Don’t be funny. Try harder.

      • @@ Jeremi: I never posted about Pia’s cover in Vogue. If you can find one single post about it here, I will give you a round trip free ticket anywhere in the world. I can give you my personal contact number. By the way and modesty aside, I live in BGC and I have a condo also at McKinley Hill and Ortigas Center.

      • echoserang palaka tong si jeremi. dahlin dahlin ka pang nalalaman pero patani beauties naman ang bet mo aka veneers beauties of the lowly KF. don’t us. letse.

      • @!Jeremi: I”m serious about my challenge. Prove it. If you can’t, it’s so obvious that you are a troll. Search the meaning of troll.

      • @Jeremi: Don’t deviate the issue and just prove your allegation.

        You have the habit of accusing somebody. Why? Your act is considered as lowly. The traits of insecurity and hypocrisy are so obvious.

      • @bong and who are you by the way? Just some old gay who is obsessed of beauty pageants! Your challenge doesn’t merit me a single ounce.

      • @jeremi, para kang tanga, doing the MU duties rightfully at hindi pag artista ang priority niya. Mang MU din ang sobrang pagoging nega mo. Malamang super pangit mo rin.

    • Nagtaka ka pa, kung mga past winners na milya-milya ang lamang sa height at ganda sakanya eh di naging succesful sa entertainment industry sa US, siya pa kaya? Magpakatotoo kasi tayo na pinapanalo lang ang Philippines for “Business” purposes. So last year kahit si Janicel pa ang pinadala niyo with translator, guaranteed ang win talaga. At Alam naman ng lahat na pinakamalaki at maingay na fanbase ang mga Filipino, so it was a wise move para sa MU org. para mag-grow pa lalo ang audience nila at ma-save ang MU from its dying popularity. Sad but it’s the truth. Kaya after ng reign niya, balik sa pinas yan for sure gaya ni Megan gawa ng teleserye and all. Kung ang dahilan ng Pia para sumali at manalo sa MU ay Hollywood and fame sa US and all over the world, sorry my dear it will never happen. A-List celebrities or any super succesful supermodel and public figures worked hard for years and years, blood and sweat, and honed their craft to the super best. Hindi ka lang basta basta mag-abroad for a few months, o manalo sa MU then you expect na Hollywood celebrity ka. But I can see her na maging succesful here in the Philippines for many years. That is all. Period.

    • It shows that you do not know about the rules and obligations of a reigning Miss Universe.
      Pia got endorsements or TV ads with the approval of MUO. She also cannot accept film roles during her reign.

      Your barometer for a high end fashion magazine is Vogue????? Really??
      I suggest you explore more on the lifestyle of the high end society.

      • Classy bong, what?? Vogue is not a high end magazine? oh what an ignorant statement. Try visiting the homes of those you’ve mentioned as “high society” and you will find out that Vogue is a monthly staple in their reading room. And oh by the way, I remember you as one of those who expected Pia to land on the covers of Vogue etc the time she was crowned and here you are singing a different tune. Typical filipino mentality.

      • Ay bobita talaga. Palibhasa Google At Wikipedia lang ang alam mo. 😂😂😂

      • I believe that you are indeed pangit. Why? Kahit sa pananalita mo halos lahat negatibo. Panhit na nga kalooban mo, pangit pa pagmumukha. Loser? Malamang. Huwag masyado nagmamagaling te.:)

  9. Guys interview ni Max. Basta alam lang natin na hindi nagpapabaya sa training, supoort support lang. She’s a sweet girl and kita mo na na kalmado sya, mas kaya na nya mag public speaking ngayon. Onting alalay pa may 2 months pa naman and muka naman may disiplina sya.

      • 4M dorry pag coply link ginagawa nag popost yung mismong video. Try mo ilagay cursor mo sa video click and show URL nalang para ma extract mo yung link mismo.

      • Thanks Lai. Ok naman sya. The problem with Filipino interviews is that even the interviewer uses Taglish so we are used to speaking in Taglish. I think she needs an interview with Boy where it’s strictly English.

      • I think she’s doing great…
        I usually prefer a bit more staccato like Pia’s but Maxine’s natural gradual soft tone and expressions charmed exery small bit of me

      • She has a really “trust-worthy” aura combined with her classic facial features makes her appeallingly sexy.

        She’ll do fine and i believe!

      • @laila , still with poor grammar and content . But she is gainng confidence. I hope for more public speaking engagements

    • As long as she can pull off an Ariella Arida — meaning fluent English even with the lack of coherence and wit, she’s good to go. I do not expect too much from Maxine but I know she’ll do her best and that’s enough. By the way, bet na bet ko talaga si Miss France. Iba ang beauty ni ateng, not too beautiful pero super pansinin – slash – alta ang dating.

    • Sometimes me thinking that its a strategy para guluhin ang mind natin lalo na ang mga bashers. Minsan nagpapakita sya na wala syang improvements sa comm skills pero silently/secretly meron. Minsan unti unti ang ginagawa nya and then jan 2017 dun na ang pasabog. Sana ganyan nga at tama ako. Ayokong mag isip ng negative. But for me kahit top 5 o top 3 ok na. Its a good news pa rin. At least nakapaghost na ang MU again here in PH.
      Hoping din na sana lahat ng destination na pupuntahan ng MU sa pinas ay pag aralan ni maxine to the MAX!!! Dahil baka maya kwento sya ng kwento tapos may mali nakakhiya naman baka ilang kandidata dun eh i correct sya at mas may alam pa sa kanya about sa pinas.
      Still, Good Luck to her. I will pray hard for her, for the Philippines just like i did during MU 2015 and MI2016. Halos maisipa ko talaga ang paa ko nung i annouce ang Philippines sa MI.

    • Maganda ang dating ng comm skills nya sa akin, maybe not like Pia but Maxine has her own style. She speaks clearly now as compared to how she talks before. but she will do fine, I know.

    • Sorry but did she say “one of the most empowering mediums” oh Catriona dahlinn I love you but that was so wrong. You can’t say ”mediums” it’s media

      • Hi jeremi. It is correct. English plural is mediums while Latin plural is media. Wag tayong MEMA.

      • Psst jeremi wag na maki pag away:

        plural noun: mediums

        love you!

      • Para mo na ring sinabing memorandums i/o memoranda, optimums i/o optima etc etc lol hwg mapagpapaniwala sa google or wikipedia

      • Wag na kayong magjombagan dahil both mediums and media are acceptable in standard English.

        Jeremi dear, time to update your lexicon.

      • Para walang away hanapin nyo nalang video ni Mexico! Masaya yun! Parang laging may tagay!

      • Jeremi, again, read and research more before you post.

        The plural of medium is “MEDIA” or “MEDIUMS”. Both words are accepted internationally. They are recognized by institutions.

        I just cite one reference out of thousands:

        “Media began its linguistic life as the Latin plural of medium. The latter entered English in the late 16th century and developed as a countable noun with a range of meanings. So what then, is the plural of media? Just as happens with many other Latin words which are now established in English (such as aquarium and optimum), it turns out that the accepted plurals are both media and mediums.”

      • Jeremi is correct. Although both media and mediums are correct, the correct word to use depends on its meaning. If it’s about mass communication, which is what Cat is referring to in her video, media is the correct word to use. If it’s referring to people who communicate with the dead, mediums is used.

      • @Brian – No, Jeremi and you aren’t.

        “Mediums” is an acceptable though not particularly popular plural form of medium, not just for communing with the dead, but also as a form of an object.

        One such example is a NYT article on Helen Frankenthaler and John Chamberlain. You can Google it yourself. Tried to post the link in an earlier post, but I think Norman moderates it when you post links as comments, so thought it more prudent to answer “link-free” first.

      • @ Erwann Pierro I am not Jeremi. I understand it’s quite easy to mistake someone for another on the internet. So, no worries there. As for me, I’m a pageant fan and have been quite fascinated by the incredible love of beauty pageants by Filipinos. It’s the kind of love (and pride) that is infectious!

      • @pautwas I did say both versions are correct, so we are in agreement there. But the use of ‘mediums’ to refer to an object is not what Catriona Gray was talking about in her video. She used it to refer to various forms of mass communication. In that context, media is the right word to use, not mediums. Don’t fret too much about it, though, pautwas. It’s a pretty common and minor mistake, even amongst native English speakers.

    • Please like share the video of Catriona Gray. I like her aura so refreshing and full of positivity yung gaganda araw mo kapag nakita mo siya. Support support na tayo guys! Globe, Supra World and Universe! ☺️

  10. Now it’s also clear why Pia won.
    That’s all! Bye na baka pagtulungan na naman ako ng mga baklang pangit

    • Now it’s also clear that Jeremi is Urvashi. Bitter, paranoid, pretentious conspiracy theorist extraordinaire.

      Wag kang mag-alala. Di ka pagtutulungan ng mga kagaya mo. Kokonti na nga lang nagmamahal sa yo, pagtutulungan ka pa. Tsk, tsk.

      • Para mo na ring sinabing memorandums i/o memoranda, optimums i/o optima etc etc lol hwg mapagpapaniwala sa google or wikipedia

      • I happen to be proud of my heritage. It doesn’t diminish one’s class. But the words that come out of one’s mind does, as evidenced by your posts. 🙂

        Now, not about class, but about (lack of) brains, if the MUO really wanted to get the Philippines to host, they should have given us the win much earlier (assuming they could actually alter the resutls)-Janine’s victory would have been perfect timing. One year prep for a 2014 pageant to bring the 20-year cycle to a close again.

  11. Hello Fabian…Yung LV bag ni Mommy Norman nasaan na daw.
    JawsKuh mag 2017 na waley ka pa ring binibigay.
    Kahit yung mga pekeng LV galing HK pero 12 pcs kung peke para ipamigay kina Cocoy and Friends hihihi

  12. Did I missed the official announcement of the Miss Universe President Paula Shugart? Is Jonas Gaffud an official member, of the Miss Universe Organizations? I just wondering! No offense please.

    • I asked the same question pero inokray ako for not using my common sense. It sounds like he is leading behind the scenes in pulling strings with the sponsors to ensure the hosting.

      Jonas, good job! Thanks for your contributions to pageantry. More power! (It’s more than three)

    • Hahaha gusto ko festive and modern and theme. No more cheesy productions please! I would love to see a ati atihan or maskara festival opening to the tune of a modern beat para mas bongga! I would like to see the girls in modern cocktail filipiniana during introductions with national costume presented side by side as they introduce themselves

  13. Grabe naman yung 5am ang start dito sa Pilipinas. Tayo nga host country pero tayo magaadjust. Hahaha di ba dati 8am naman??

    Sana naka-barong at terno yung presenters. Wala bang ibang host sa fox kaya Steve Harvey ulit? Miss ko na si Andy Cohen, Thomas Roberts, at Natalie Morales as hosts. Pero dahil Steve Harvey ulit, mas maraming manonood. Hahaha

    • 5AM? No way it would be that early. It should be around 8-9AM Phil time so it’s primetime in the US (9PM).

      • True. Pero yun balita sa abs cbn news eh. Pinanood ko tuloy yung mu 1994 at 2005. Parehas 8am nagstart.

      • 5Am cguro pre-coronation and network teasers. Alam nyo na big deal ito sa atin lahat kaya kahit 3am ang start andoon na ako sa MOA. hehe

    • Ok lang siguro kung 5am. Basta wag lang nila tayo i didisappoint. Whole worlds will watching MU 2016 on Jan 2017. 3 am siguro ang entrance. Kung gagawin nilang 8am ang start. Sarap ng tulog nila don haha. Basta pag dating ng 8am buhay na buhay ang dugo ng lahat. 3am nag punta tapos 8am ang simula kaya dapat dont disappoint us. Pero mukang 5am talaga. But time can still be change kahit nakabili na ng ticket at 5am ang alam nilang start time. Pupunta pa rin naman sila ng maaga don. Para iwas traffice na din. May 2 months pa naman so everything can change except the venue.

  14. I hope they get to do the huge background in Vegas. Sobrang ganda ng effects nun. As far as opening, I hope they just record it too. I like the terno cocktail dress opening para hindi ganun mabusisi ang stage. Tapos yung swimsuit eh parang swimsuit sa Trinidad when Miriam competed.

  15. All hell loose broke! Char.

    Events such as Miss Universe, I believe, is a tough challenge to mount. This holds true especially for a third world country which financial capability, national security, or political stability has always been an issue. Antagonists are also there to hamper the proposed event.

    As a pageant-crazy country, holding Miss Universe here is something we look forward to. It’s a celebration of beauty with which we Filipinos are largely engaged. This is also our alternate refuge from all adversities we encounter in our daily lives.

    Kudos to the people who worked hard to make this beautiful event in the Universe possibly happen in our beloved country.

  16. At the press conference held today, Department of Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo mentioned that the performer at the upcoming Miss Universe 2016 pageant in Manila is a popular celebrity in the US with a Filipino blood! Hmm. Will it be Bruno Mars? His mother emigrated from the Philippines to Hawaii as a child, and was of Filipino and Spanish ancestry. OMG! This is really exciting!

    Bruno Mars did his first visit in the Philippines in 2011 then he promised to return to the country as he culminated the Manila leg of his Moonshine Jungle concert tour held at the Mall of Asia Arena last 2014. During his last visit in 2014, he also handed his US $100,000 donation to the youth victims of typhoon Yolanda.

    Well, let’s wait and see! One thing that has been confirmed is that Steve Harvey will host the pageant in the Philippines.

    • UPDATE: i did my research, so apparently solar entertainment owns 2nd avenue, jacktv and ETC. and miss universe will be televised (Live i think; 5a.m) via ETC. and this november 6 ETC will have a journey to the crown: miss universe primer at 7:30pm. youre welcome!!

  17. Yung mga grupong kumontra na wag sa pinas gaganapin Mu eh di pa tapos mga yan. Magbabayad pa sila ng mga tao para magrally sa harap ng dot 😄😄

  18. Sana sa entrada ng venue ay hindi gaanong mahigpit at ng makapagtinda ako ng suman, taba ng talangka, mga bag na gawa sa yantok at pandesal mula sa giniling na malunggay.
    Malakas ang kutob ko na tatabo ako sa araw na iyan at magkakamal ako ng sandamakmak na anda.

      • bong700, pasingit ako sayo ng Lipa Buko juice! haha Excitement is building up now 🙂

      • @ bong700 : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

        Must have boiled quail eggs and roasted cashew, too.

        For the kids, you cannot go wrong with spiral hotdog.

        Do also consider tupig and bucayo for those who may wish to bring home some “pasalubong”.

      • OK, tatabihan ko na lang yung puesto ni basil at doon nyo na rin ilagay ang products nyo.
        Labanan na lang kami kung sino ang maganda hihihi Charot lng.
        Favorite ko ang cashew medyo may kamahalan lng.
        I miss the Tupig ilocos too. Gusto ko yung flat shaped na may linga.
        May laban talaga tayo sa MU and B2B is possible hihihi

  19. Opening/introduction dress is terno pero hanggang tuhod o cocktail dress like.
    Yung stage wag naman sana sasabitan ng kung ano ano na makapinoy. Jusko. 2016 na! Opening dress terno/cocktail dress is enough. And then during preliminary competition to finals. habang rarampa ang candidates. Sa big screen wag lang name ng country ang ilagay dapat with picture ng candidate and also yung image ng pinakasikat na landmark o place sa bansa nila o kahit country name nalang and place image. HD dapat para malinaw. Para mas ma pa wow ang bawat bansa. Ma appreciate nila. Kahit talunan candidate nila eh they will still going back home with a little smile and appreciation sa MUO and also to our country.

    Kung hindi steve harvey ang host. Pwedeng ung nga guys na naghost sa ME. Pwede sila. Yun nga lang medyo may turnoff ako ng konte sa pag host nila. Ang bilis ng announcing sa semi. But im sure mag te train naman sila. Baka ganun nga lang ung itinuro sa kanila kaya mabilis. Pero they are both qualified naman. Yun nga lang din baka malasin si max. Kase wala philippines sa ME lol.
    Pwede din billy crawford/Luis M.
    Kung ayaw nila pinoy si Ryan Seacrest nalang hehe.

  20. Im so excited for the production! Ano kayang theme? sana ma showcase nila lahat ng talents ng pinoy, fron designs, production to designers to tourist spots and all. festival? wah nakaka exciite

    sana lahat sila sabay abay dumating meaning January 12 arival tapos may pa ati-atihan si mayor sa labas ng airport or sa hotel! Exciting. LOL

  21. I think i sort of understand why Jonas was involved a lot in making the hosting happen; the Steve Harvey fiasco prevented Pia from getting a proper moment (and to be the only one in all the years of MU to have had that unfortunate distinction).

    And now, she’ll get a proper, appropriately rousing, and i hope- super emotional- send off, when she turns over her crown; the MUO owes that to her at least.

    • Jonas ad Kay de cAstro are bestfriends. Kat de castro is the undersecretary of tourism. Jomas is Pia’s philippine manager.

      • Kung ano ano na napindot. Para naman kayong bago sa Pageant world, hindi nyo kilala ang key people.

  22. Sana gamitin yung PILIIN MO ANG PILIPINAS COMPLETE WITH ATI ATIHAN THEME! Live tambuleros sana! Para festive and dating! 🙂
    It will really hype up the venue! Rampahan kung rampahan!

    Mommy Norms how much kaya ang ticket?

    Wag ka magaliy Mommy Norms 🙂

    • Imaginr ang hampas ng balakang ng mga candidates:

      Lets the start the swimsuit competition with…. Philippines!

      • How touching would this be if this was Pia’s song for her farewell walk? I know this song was used during Bb. Pilipinas, but it made me so emotionally happy.

    • true bet ko din yan! napaka festive nakakapanindig balahibo lalo na nung ginamit ni P sa farewell walk niya! YAAAAAS!

  23. And with that, we are reminded that Ms. Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach’s tenure as Miss Universe will be at an end before long.

    Between now and Finals Night (or day here in Manila to coincide with nighttime in the USA), there will be mad frenzy (redundant) , giddy anticipation, and frantic preparation. This will certainly be one Christmas season that will overshoot its traditional time limit. LOL.

    Join me in paying tribute to the woman who engulfed the nation in a wave of rejoicing almost a year ago. She has set in motion our resolve to be … confidently beautiful with a heart. And made royal blue the hue of our collective triumph.

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