98 comments on “Maxine.Medina | Waiting for the Most Beautiful Event in the Universe

  1. Pia tried 3x to get MUP, she competed for the 3rd crown, on her 3rd try = Philippines 3rd Miss Universe crown.

    Maria Maxine Mika Medina = 4M
    Maxine is aiming for the Miss Universe 4th crown for the Philippines.

    I smell something….kahit may mga negatives na nakikita kay max at nababasa kung saan saan. Andyan na yan eh. We dont need to be nega all the time. Lets be happy coz finally MU will be coming back here in PH with surprise. Mga ibang pinoy sa panahon ngayon at makakasaksi na rin sa wakas ng Miss Universe live. Either see them in person ng malapitan, having pictures with them or watch them live in MOA. Even watching them in TV o live streaming will make pinoys happy coz the venue is from Philippines.

    Lets all be positive. No matter what. Lets pray for the success of 4M/Philippines in the upcoming Miss Universe 2016 at MOA.

  2. ganda talaga ni max!

    KABOGIN mo silang lahat sa Enero 2017 MARIA MIKA MAXINE MEDINA, Miss Universe PHILIPPINES 2016. For More Pageant Updates Join Our Facebook Group Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1627099987579485/ and LIKE our New Official FB page: https://www.facebook.com/UniversalPageantDiva/ FOLLOW IG accounts: @ptopuniverseofficial @universalpageantdiva #maxinemedina #missuniversephilippines2016 #missphilippines #philippines #missuniverse2016 #missuniverse2015 #piawurtzbach #missuniverse #missuniverso #missworld #missworld2016 #missinternational2016 #missintercontinental2016 #missgrandinternational2016 #missinternational2016 #missearth2016 #kylieverzosa #nicolecordoves #imeldaschweighart #jenniferhammond @ptopuniverseofficial @missuniverse @jennhemmend @kylieverzosa @piawurtzbach @maxine_medina

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    Wala ako hinde magugustuhan sa kanya Physically. Kundi ayusin nalang nila ang looks nya come MU prelim and finals. Hopefully lahat ng mga mali maling pananalita o words ni maxine ay part ng strategy. Para isipin ng mga bashers na wala sya improvement sa comm skills pero secretly meron talaga. Shes just waiting for the right time to show us what she got and that is what we usually called “Pasabog”. Bashers are her source of strength. I like her personality. I am really expecting that kahit parang pa cute sya at ang hitsura nya while talking ok lang basta ba pag bumuka bibig nya mabango. Masarap pakinggan. May laman ang sasabihin. Interesting. She has her own way i think. Still be positive. Good Luck Maxine!

  3. It is going to be in the Mall of Asia (Manila). I am kind of disappointed. I was hoping that it will be in Boracay to showcase the beautiful paradise. Maybe, even in Cebu (there is an international airport) or even perhaps in DU30’s Davao city.

  4. With all of the Philippines and Latin America ever so anticipating Miss Universe 2016 in January, i only imagine the increase in global viewership.

    The Asian countries are now a force. Indonesia and Thailand have been consistently rising. India is thirsty to regain its premiere power status in pageantry. Latin America will probably send ‘at least’ four into the top 15.

    A combination of last year’s crowning of Pia’s triumph, Kylie’s wonderful win at MI, Catriona’s strong bid for MW and all the drama -aka telenovela- at ME will only ‘add’ to the curiosity and excitement awaiting the viewers come January at MU

    Go MAXINE! Woo-hoo!

  5. excited….Maxine will be introduced as Binibining Pilipinas….just like Charlene….I remember…she was introduced in Tagalog and not as Miss Philippines sa mga pre pageant activities…I hope sa finals night Maxine will called as Binibining Pilipinas too…hehe parang protocol lang.

    • Anong kabalbalan ito panukala mo? Miss Universe na nga gusto mo pa din Binibining Pilipinas gamitin? Bbp palang MU-Phils nga pinagamit. Excited ka lang masyado te. Magipon ka ng pambiling ticket, ok?

  6. I love Maxine’s styling and I love that she is so sophisticated. Ang expensive niya tingnan. Also, ang galing niya mag-model. Makikita mo sa photos niya even in IG na veteran model talaga siya.

  7. I know we are aiming for a back to back but top 5 will be a walk in the park w Max. Max facially ang pretty pretty mo. Kahit kumuha pa ako ng ruler wala mapipintas sa mukha mo. Kudos to aces and queens ang ganda ng style of clothes ni Max.
    Some are saying about her waterloo. Pwede rin Ang generic beauty queen answers. The kapitbahay nga kailangan ko pa mag panadol para lang maintindihan yun q and a. Madami pa mangyayari sa 85 days. Max will nail this. So excited!!

  8. My mum was a young teacher in 1974 when the Philippines hosted Miss Universe for the first time. Upon the orders of then First Lady Imelda Marcos, the entire teaching districts of Pangasinan were mobilised to plant flowering bougainvillea plants along the entire stretch of highway that started from the border with Tarlac and all the way to the Hundred Islands in Alaminos; this was the route of the convoy that took the candidates on a sight-seeing trip to the island-parks. The planting of over 20,000 plants spaced a feet apart took two days (and nights) and school was called off.

    Just imagine if the beauty-obsessed madame was still in power today…

  9. O ayan na. Confirmed na saw it in IG of jonas gafud, meron na din sa abs cbn news page at si kat kat de castro umeksena na din. pia announced that MU 2016 will here in PH on jan 30 at 5AM!!!!!!!!! Haysss. Its 6pm sa new york sana namab make it 7 o 8pm sa NY para 6 o 7am sa pinas. Why so early??? Pwede naman mag add ng 2 hours from NY time.

  10. Why do i have this feeling na may pasabog si 4M. ☺️
    Bigla na lang manggugulat.

    Anyway,i saw sa IG ni Nat Manilag ang sketch ng isang gown na may emoticon na crown at philippine flag. sino kaya magsusuot nung gown?

    • Wala ako makita na sketch hehe. Pakipost naman d2. Pero im sure its for nichole or joanna. Sana ang gagawa ng gown ni max is came from someone na nanalo sa international pageant ang dinamitan nya. So i want pia and kylies designer for maxine EG for prelims and finals.

  11. IMG/MUO have informed national directors that they cannot crown new winners until the current titleholder has competed in Miss Universe. Should there be two simultaneous winners, only one of them will be able to compete internationally
    (This puts Venezuela in a critical position, since they just crowned a new winner on October 5th, whereas Miss Venezuela 2015 Mariam Habach has yet to compete in Miss Universe.)

    Venezuela lang ba ang may dalawang queens o may iba pang bansa na same situation sa kanila. Ang alam ko ang Colombia ay next year na gaganapin yung Señorita Colombia which is supposed to be this month yung pageant.

    • I’m following a latin beauty pageant page sa fb. It’s been decided that Mariam will still go on to compete in this year’s MU. And Keysi will compete next year. She’s not giving up her MV 2017 title until she finishes competing for MU17 so she’ll be the longest reining queen in the history of MV pageantry.

      • Sorry bong700, i accidentally disliked your post ang laki kasi ng daliri haha.. BUT love love love the nose. It makes Max so REAL. Breeze to Top 5 🙂

      • it’s ok. Di ko naman pinapansin ang mga likes dahil di naman ako naglalike and dislike.
        Pangarap ko nga maka 1M DISLIKES, o di ba bongga at sikat pa ako hihihi

  12. Anong kagulohan na naman to.
    Maxine is MU2016.
    Panalo na nga kinocomplicate nyo pa.
    Yung ayos na at wala ng problema ay gusto nyong gawan ng malaking problema.
    Maxine is Miss Universe 2016.
    May Himala.
    May B2B na mangyayari sa MU2016.
    Itanong nyo pa yan kay Maxine at kay Mommy Jonas hi hi hi Charot lang.

  13. For me, Maxine will be the Miss Universe 2016. She has this sophisticated and elegant beauty to offer with. She can speak and I for sure comes the pageant night she can deliver well and her bashers will be delighted with her answer. To you MAXINE, GO – FIGHT and WIN…

  14. Maxine is so unique, bubbly, and charming. I’d have very high hopes for her if the Philippines weren’t hosting, but top 5 seems feasible.

  15. Kung swertehin man sa Q&A at nakoronahan, how will she handle high-profile interviews? As Manong Dolphy once said, Madaling tumakbo, paano kung manalo?

    Good luck and support na lang, whatever happens.

  16. Ano ba? Sa mga nagtatanong why so much involved si jonas sa MU prep, hindi ba obvious? Sya ang nagpushed kay Pia na iconvinced ang MUO org para ihost ng Pinas ang MU. Wish talaga ni Jonas na bukod sa may makoronahan na Pinay MU in his lifetime, ay maghost din ang Pinas. Sabi nga ni Pia kay Jonas sa convo nila sa IG, “ginusto mo yan eh”.

  17. My mum was a young school-teacher in 1974 when the Philippines hosted Miss Universe for the 1st time. Upon the orders of then 1st Lady Imelda Marcos, the whole district was mobilised to plant flowering bougainvillea bushes all along the highway from Moncada to the Hundred Islands in Alaminos; the route which the convoy of the MU delegates took for that sightseeing trip. It took them the better part of two days and classes were called off.

    Just imagine if the Marcoses were still in power (shudder) and what kind of hosting it would be..(spectacularly excessive as only the Marcoses can do it).


    • Kalma beh! Anong flag nanaman ilalabas mo? Nga pala may therapy session pa ikaw mamaya ha. No no na sa balcony at sapa beh.

    • Teh, okay lang naman sa akin na magbet ka ng ibang kandidata dahil so far agreeable ako na nangangain ng buhay ang mga makakalaban ni Maxine pero jusme, Colombia????? Please paki-explain why. I could make kampi to you king France, Ukraine, Canada or any country na hindi pa nananalo sa Miss Universe kasi yun ang trend ng Pinas kapag dito ginanap ang Miss Universe.

      Ito ahh… kaya medyo wit ako bilib kay Colombia dahil una napaka-pageant patty niya. So far, hirap magpadala ang Seniorita Colombia na magdala ng matinong winner na pang-Paulina Vega na very model-ly at stage presence pa lang uwian na, eh si Tovar jusme super pageant patty ng walk, super well-done na nagmumukhang cookie cutter ni Puerto Rico (watch mo yung catwalk with Aruba) at higit sa lahat may attitude problem (Have you watched her bitched out a Colombian reporter asking her if she had plastic surgery? Dapat sinagot niya in a classy way at hindi pa-Diva). I agree naman na everybody is entitled to options pero teh, bigyan mo naman ng matinong kalaban si Maxine na worth it for a fight. Susme, kung Colombia rin lang naman magma-Maxine na lang ako all the way.

      • Imelda attitude din pala c Columbia makemyday.
        Aba, sure na ako na si Maxine na talaga ang itinadhana ni Mommy J bilang MU2016 hihihi

    • Ok Cocoy!
      November 3, @ 10:38

      I know one thing for sure, Colombia will definitely be in the mix and will be ‘one’ of the heavy favorites to win it all. Especially after last year’s crowning mistake.

  19. @Closer2Fame Kaka-confirm nga ng Organizacion Miss Venezuela sa Instagram na si Mariam ng dadalo sa MOA Arena. Kulit teh. Aware aware din pag my time.

  20. Okay na ko sa Taft 5 para sa kakambal kong si Max.
    Nevermind the q/a, lagi namang may himala, maniwala lang tayo sa mga kulto at mga kaluluwang ligaw.
    Gagawa sila ng paraan para manalo ang ating diosa serpentina.
    Kung si Trinidad Tobago nga nun 1998 e na-comatose nun final question pero nanalo pa rin, si Maximus pa ba?

  21. If she wins, it would be a first in Pageant History..

    The winner is also from the Host country coming from a back-2-back win…

    Those are 2 major odds against us

    Wala pa nakakagawa na both sabay.

    Super controversial nun if ever!

      • Sabi pa nga sa psychic predictions… waley daw sa Top 5… Baka Top 6 sya parang nung 1994 si Charlene Gonzalez.

      • Alam na ba ang format? 10-6-3 or 15-10-5-3 or 15-10-5? I like the 15-10-5-3 format adding more weight sa Q&A.

        Nonetheless, Max easy breeze to Top 5 then afterwhich bahala na si batman hehe

      • @c2f depende pa din talaga. 🙂 Look at Miss Earth, dalawa lang nakuha nila sa Top 4 prediction nila. Nasa suwerte at performance pa rin talaga.

  22. Maxine is ready – or almost there if I must say. She’s looking battle ready. ang laki ng improvement niya from the night she was crowned Miss Universe Philippines. I believe they are doing everything for Max to clinch the crown again. Hindi naman nila yan papabayaan.

    If hindi siya manalo, okay lang but I know she’ll deliver and will do everything to enter the semis!

  23. She’s Definitely improved, physically.

    She was 7/10 for me before… But with her improvement, I give her 9/10 now

    She looked very oriental before, but she looks more Filipina now.

    But her communication skills is still lacking… I wtched a few of her very recent interview — not impressed.

    • That Comm skills/Q&A is a waterloo. She’s a goddess as ever so it must be easy for her to breeze to Top 5. After Top 5 she will need all the luck either na choke or nagkalat lahat ng kalaban or nakuha nya favorite question nya w her ready memorized answer… who knows 4th MU crown is her destiny.

      Just some small play here. If Maxine went to MGI, I thought she will win there and so if Ms Cordoves competing in MU, she’ll easily clinch the MU title too. These 2 ladies are interchangeable for me. MI has been a shoo-in for Kylie (thus the crown). Anyway, goodluck team Philippines!

      • Good point.. pero mababash si Cordoves ng kapwa Pilipino pag nanalo sya ng Universe for being part Chinese and mas lamang ang ganda ni Maxine.

      • I know comm skills ang weakness ni Max but to underestimate her i too much. she may not be that spontaneous or a great speaker pag iniinterview, be reminded that what’s important is the thought. if she can deliver her thoughts precisely, why not? para naman atang sinasabi niyo na mananalo lang si max pag nagkalat lahat ng kasama niya sa semis. let’s give her the benefit of the doubt. I believe she’s or they are working hard for the back-to-back mission.

      • Sa kanilang lahat Max has the most beautiful face kaya di naman ganun kahirap tanggapin kahit dihado sa Q&A during BbP.

      • @MrManila,
        I still struggle in her cohesiveness and organization of thoughts… hindi kasi to basta-basta nattrain. If sanay cya sa declamation or role playing then maybe kakayanin nya magmemorize ng mga framed answers.

        I love to be proven wrong by Max (I love her and want her to win)… pero aminin natin na dihado sa department na to. All else, Swimsuit/EG/personality & charm as host delegate, panalo to kaya paulit ulit ko sinasabi na it will be a breeze for her to Top 5.

      • Sabi nga ni Mama J this is Beauty contest not a quiz bee. Plus factor na lang yung magaling magsalita. 🙂

      • I would have to disagree. Maxene and Nicole are NOT interchangeable. Miss Universe puts more emphasis on facial beauty and the body together with presence and Pasarela. Nicole falls well short in all of this.

        It will take more than well orchestrated social media/internet propaganda to convince anyone she is Bb Pilipinas material let alone Miss Universe. Her Miss Chinese pics (prior to having narrowed her face and filipinised her features) have seen to that. The confused styling (Orangey hair!!!! on a Miss Philippines for crying out loud) did not help matters.

  24. My MU2016 prediction1: Maxine is either 3rd ru or 4th ru

    My MU2016 prediction2: Miss USA will be top 15 but not top 10

    My MU2016 prediction3: Miss Indonesia will be the highest ranking Asian, may take it all

    My MU2016 prediction4: Miss Slovenia will avenge the last year’s delegate and will be in semis

    My MU2016 prediction5: Contestant count will end up being at least 90 , biggest ever.

    • For me, Miss USA is probably the top favorite for the crown yet again. Of course, depending on the weight of the Q&A after Top 5.

      It will also depend on Maxine’s Q&A performance if it all Indonesia will beat her (atleast in the ranking).

    • I’m doubting Indonesia’s prospects this year. Kezia has hardly improved/transformed at all. IMO, she doesn’t look good in her latest photos released.

  25. In her latest interview after Kylie won , she talked in Taglish. There was no cohesiveness yet and her grammar and diction left much to be desired. She still has 90 days to train, I hope she gets better.
    The good thing is .. she looks very classy . She just needs to improve on her stage presence . Her humilty is a plus too.
    top five for me at this point.

    • @Fabian

      I agree on your Top 5 assessment. She improved a lot on looks but I still cringe on her interviews. Pero who knows.. hehe

  26. Top 10.

    Good luck Maxine.

    Any blog about Miss Globe and Miss Supra? I thibk mas malapit na ang competition nila.

  27. On Miss World, why does almost everybody is saying it is the first time that USA will host. The 1991 Miss World was held in Atlanta, Georgia and the 1990 queen from USA crowned her successor.

    My predictions for MW 2016

    Winner – Philippines
    1st ru – USA (Audra Mari, second placer again)
    2nd ru – Venezuela (the beautiful Diana Croce)
    3rd ru – England
    4th ru – Dominican Republic

    • My MU2016 prediction1: Maxine is either 3rd ru or 4th ru

      My MU2016 prediction2: Miss USA will be top 15 but not top 10

      My MU2016 prediction3: Miss Indonesia will be the highest ranking Asian, may take it all

      My MU2016 prediction4: Miss Slovenia will avenge the last year’s delegate and will be in semis

      My MU2016 prediction5: Contestant count will end up being at least 90 , biggest ever.

  28. I don’t know why of late the issue about cancellation of Miss Universe had to rock the pageant world just because of the supposed break out of our country from the US. Although President Duterte’s statement against US is deemed an act of state, may we be reminded that the same is purely a government-to-government thing and does not interfere the contracts entered into by private entities of the two countries? So, Miss Universe will happen in the country no matter what.

    Regarding Maxine, I know how pressuring it is for her to do a back-to-back win. Pero sa ganda n’yang ‘yan at sa preparations na ginagawa n’ya, hindi dapat s’ya mangamba.

    Fight, Maxine! Naniniwala kami sa iyo that you can make it.

      • May lalala pa ba sa “separation from US and ally to China kuno” hihihi.
        Binabayaran na nga ng US, mga ibang apektadong Big Pinoy business, Drug syndicates ang karamihan sa mga Phils. presstitutes to destabilize DU30’s presidency pero kinabog pa rin sila ni Digong dahil ayaw ni digong maghirap uli at maging alila sa mga traydor sa bayan at manggagamit na demonyong nagpapakaAnghel na Bansa hihihi.
        Dapat noon pa nagbackout na ang MUO dahil alam nila na ayaw ni digong na madehado at maloko uli ang Pilipinas.

  29. OFFICIAL announcement from Paula Shugart & JONAS GAFUD? MU official na po ba si Jonas? Why is the blogger treating his word as official now with regarda to hosting?

      • Ay I did not know that Jonas is now part of MU Organization. Sorry ha kaya nagtatanong mga beks.

        Hmm no wonder palaki ng palaki ang ulo. “ONLY THREE”…

      • Ayaw ko nyang balitang yan… baka pag nanalo uli tayo baka sabihin lutong Macau… ok lang basta secret. Di gaya ni Rodgil, may video pa..

  30. That styling at :30 of the video is the kind of styling she needs for the evening gown. Toned down. Simple make up. Sobrang pak.

  31. May interview sya recently mas kalmado na sya. Wala na masyadong ummms. Her body looks good. Top 10 kahit 2nd runner up ok na rin sakin. Walang problema mukang Hindi naman pinabayaan si Max eh. Announcement na mamaya or bukas wooooopeeeee.

    • @ Laila : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      ‘Yan ang kaigihan kapag tadtad ka ng interviews at press statements – kumakalma na ang isipan at mas naihihilera ng maayos ang mga saloobin. Delivery then becomes smooth. She has this nailed!

  32. My opinion…
    If she is in the final 5, and ONLY IF, the other ladies (example Maxine + Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico and Japan) would require ‘interpreters to answer their questions I dont see a problem with Maxine answering in Tagalog. Why the heck not? It should be an option highly considered!

    Are the Latina ladies going to protest? MU 2001 in Puerto Rico crowned Denise Quinones, as she answered her finL q&a in Spanish.

    Whats good for the goose should be good for the gander!

    • Btw, Puerto Rico has two official languages… Spanish n English!
      Puerto Ricans are very capable of speaking English… but dont.

      • PS

        In addition to ALL the Latinas who have been crowned – Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Mexico. Dominican Republic, Panama, Colombia, etc., crowned MU not having to answer in English. Turn the tables, I say.

  33. About Maxine, I can see her easily breezing through the top 10. I’m sure she will make us proud no matter what. Practice na ang English at history mo ateng kasi host delegate ka. Ipakita mo ang hospitality ng Pinoy sa ating mga bisita para enjoy sila, OK?

  34. Norms, do you know why Jonas is super involved? Is it because he is Pia’s “handler”? Just curious.

    • He’s as much of an insider as anyone could get apart from MUO staff. Of course he’d know the deal.

    • Kasalanan mo yan. Bat sa dinadami dami ng anggulo eh, yung ilalim pa ng ilong ang gusto mong makita? Ahhaah kaloka!

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