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  1. Sa gma pa rin ito i-air so kulrlat e2 sa ratings. dapat nasa abs yung 3 pageant. mahirap mag hakot ng sponsors mula sa gma.

      • It’s purely business. Kung di makakuha ng tamang sponsor kawawa ang kung sino man ang saasalo ng gastos. Di pa naman ganun kasikat ang Miss World dito sa Pinas. Shunga ka ba? Yung Miss World 2016 nga di panalabas sa GMA eh. Walang mangyayari kung dyan lang sila sa GMA palagi.

      • Nonong. Talagang d pinalabas ng gma ang miss world 2016 kase sa december 2016 pa naman ipapalabas ang miss world 2016 πŸ˜‰.

  2. It will be a heartache for Filipino pageant followers if Cat will be lost in this year’s MW.
    We all know that most of the time, MW is so unpredictable.
    Like last year, who would have thought that Spain will be the chosen one over the uber goddess Lebanese.
    The only hindrance I am foreseeing is if Julia has a bitter feeling of Philippines hosting the Miss Universe and dumping MW hosting in 2014.
    Pag umeksena ang pagka Miss Minchin ni Julia Lalola, walang magagawa kahit ang over qualified credentials ni Catriona.

    • Correct, Basil! Sana hindi. Mukhang ala naman super tampo kasi paulit ulit nya inimbitahan si Megan πŸ™‚

    • Hosting MW in PH is possible if catriona wins. Para pantay na ang MU at MW. Hehe i am sure papayag ang ph if MW 2017 will be here. Mas mura naman yata ang gastos compare sa MU. Kaya yan mahanapan ng sponsors.
      I agree basil. Lebanon was a heavy favorite that time. In terms of beauty she is the winner. But challenges are the criteria. Sana pinadala sya sa MU 2016.
      Anyway!!! Catriona is a model naman, may talent. We can win both challenges galingan nalang. Si FL naman ang designer nya for top model right? So i trust FL. She need to choose a good song. Yung kaya nya para wala masyado masabi na trying hard sya. Also multimedia we can win or top 5 sa challenge na to.
      All i can say Good Luck!!!

  3. I love her… She’s in it to win it…

    So far, none of her competitors have all the ingredients of a Miss World winner like Cat does…

    Physical Beauty… Check!
    Pleasant & kind personality.. check!
    Educational background… check!
    Communication skills… Check!
    Charitable works & BWAP… Check!
    Physical fitness… Check!
    Modeling Skills… check!
    Talent… Check!
    Social Media activity… Check!
    Multi-media publicity… Check!
    Travel exposure… Check!
    Audience impact… check!
    Social media followers… Check!
    Sash factor… check na check!!!

    May kulang pa ba?

      • It is inconceivable at this point in time for Catriona now winning. Check lahat eh. Mas masakit ata to kung ito talunin lang kung sinu-sino. Megan had Miss Brazil neck and neck but this time I dont also know anyone coming close with Catriona. Hmmm this is a different excitement all over.

        Any Catriona basher there? Please enlighten me ano pa kulang please.


      • MW 16 is being held in the USA. Julia maybe already eyeing Audra to win the crown . Let’s not feel too secure. Correct what can be corrected .. pls

      • @ObservingYou

        Meron… medyo neck and neck.. yung 1st winner ng bagong franchise holder mula sa bayan ni Senyora… Let’s not mention her name and country here dahil ayaw ko isipin nila na threatened tayo. Medyo mas sexy ng konti si senyora pero it doesn’t matter nowadays. Ang galing nya kumuha and mag edit ng Instagram pics… Mas lamang lang si Cat sa social media followers at singing talent…

      • @Fabian, @c2f Its not over until its over. So this is indeed still an exciting war for Catriona. Wishing her the best. #2ndMUcrown

    • Fabian, bakit si Rihanna, she still sounds good even though she makes funny facial expressions when she sings hehehe.

  4. Something is wrong with her. When you sing , u have to sound good and look good too.
    The video with her singing Adele shows she is neither — she sounds trying hard and she looks horrible. She needs to look in the mirror and with trusted friends find a song where she can shine vocally and physically as well.
    And her walk .. can she get some training from Miriam Megan Venus Pia and Janine? Something was missing … I don’t know if it was the small stage or what.
    Pls .. don’t count your eggs . They are not in the basket yet

      • I’m not running for MW, she is. It’s an observation that needs to be taken seriously . I thought she was perfect too. but when I saw the video below, I was disappointed . Let’s not have another Valerie situation.
        She can’t let her guard down . She has to find a song where she can showcase her talent beauty and grace. She cant give the other candidates to mock her. To win , she has to maintain respectability

    • Then if at all she can withdraw the Talent portion of MW… and concentrate on bigger points. Thank goodness she is not competiting in The Voice.

      Yes Fabian, is she the favorite of the MWO? Lets see pero of Julia Morley is wise enough she’ll crown a filipina again and start lobbying with Sec Wanda for MW hosting in 2017 or 2018.

      • Mukhang Indonesia ulit next year. Kapag nanalo si Catriona if ever, ilalobby na agad ni Julia at Cory ang hosting natin sa 2018 or 2019.

  5. Pardon my ignorance, but I have only ever seen one Initial / Pre-Arrival Hot Picks for Miss World 2016, and that was before Miss Gray was crowned as rep for Filipinas. I hope one more will come out within the next few weeks, as I am anxious to see what competition awaits her.

    • sino ba supplier ng mga bouquet nila? pati na rin sa MEP at mismo sa ME. sorry, pero i cant take it. nagmumukhang cheap yung mga bouquet na may wrap na tulips print. unlike miss venezuela, miss cebu, miss usa, miss universe na kahit wala ng wrap e super class tingnan. #sorrybutnotsorry

      • Holland Tulips…kaya may wrap para free pluging… They dont realize na mas ok kung gawa sila ng artsy boquet para mapansin… Sigurado yung sponsor mismo may pakana nyan…

  6. After Kylie, Catriona has the biggest chance of winning. She’s a complete package and is going to the RIGHT pageant. If MW crowns Catriona, DOT Sec Wanda might pull strings too for the MW 2017 to be held in the Philippines in 2017 on January 2018 (hehe).

    I can also see Joanna, Nichole Manalo and of course Maxine can easily break into the semi-finals or Top 3… with a little luck who knows b2b in MU will be achieved this year.

  7. I am uber excited for her crowning. She is in it to win it.

    With arrive like Megan’s and determination like Pia’s, my G, Miss World will never go wrong with Catriona.

    Go, Catriona!

  8. I can’t wait for her crowning na. Kung pwede lang na mag-fast forward na sa December 18.

    No doubt, Catriona is in it to win it. She is a total package the Miss World Organization is wanting.

    Go, Cat!

  9. Bukas na or Nov 4 announcement ng MU. Nagpahiwatig na si Mama J. Nag like na si Norman. Woot wootπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

      • True bong700! Miski kay Kaylie, before she won MI, sabi ng mga shopitbahay “strong candidate”, pero nang nanalo na, left & right na ang bashing nila! Hindi pa ba sila masaya at at last nagka korona na sila?

  10. Finally, some good news after the stress brought by the Imelda-Almodal-Gown-Ms Earth brouhaha.
    Catriona is like a breath of fresh air. She seems to be a nice person also.

    Could 2016 be a repeat of 2013 where MI and MW and MS were won by Ms Philippines? No pressure to you Catriona and Joanna, just do all your best and we take care of the social media support haha

  11. OT: How about Maxine? is she doing her assignments? si Jon Cuay ba fitness trainer nya? dati kc nung kay Pia,may mga na-post si Tito Norman. pero sa kanya wala? anong plano nila Sir Jonas?

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