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  1. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Alainza should compete in BB Pilipinas again and represent us in Miss Universe. Beauty like hers should is for the international stage.

    As for the so called ‘competition’ she competed in, multiple representatives from China whilst every other country has only one rep says it all LOL. This is typical of beauty competitions held in that country. They would never win otherwise. I guess they want to feel beautiful as well after being ‘rejected’ in reputable beauty competitions held outside China by never winning.

    It’s hard for an oriental as their features make them subject to ridicule from everyone every single day all over the world in real life. It’s sad really. We should appreciate all types of beauty even ones that can be peculiar/confronting such as orientals. Diversity of loooks should be celebrated.

    • Lol… true!
      China does have TWO Miss World titles under its belt. However, BOTH times the pageant was held IN China. Ha!

      A really do hope Alaiza does consider returning to the pageant scene. She is a beauty with international appeal!

  2. Mr. Tinio already posted an article last 30 August 2016. Do feel free to check My Blog Library / Archives.

    I cannot help but feel sad for Ms. Malinao. Sad because these people at Elite did not inform her straight up at the start that her prospects were dim; they probably even used her as an “example” (she was, by her own admission, not young and tall and fair and chinky-eyed enough) to her co-candidates.

    She is being brave and diplomatic about her loss. And in the real modelling scene outside, this is tantamount to being “rejected”, when no one hires you despite all the go-sees and optimism.

    And then I am reminded of that pretty lass from Palawan who only recently caught our collective attention for her indiscretions.

    How much rejection did she have to put up with, even without and before any pageant ?

    Philosophical Thursday afternoon to all.

  3. Kung mag mo mowdel ka, dumiretso kana sa NY or Paris, no need for contests dahil isang look pa Lang sayo ng mga designer dun kukunin ka Kung talagang pang model ka.

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