8 comments on “Vigan City, Ilocos Sur will host Mister Tourism World 2016

  1. OOT:
    Ms. Eunice Onyango, The intelligent and gorgeous Miss International 2015 2nd RU from Kenya is now competing for MU-Kenya 2106.
    I mentioned before that she might represent Kenya In MU2016 here in the Phils.

    I hope she’ll win MU-Kenya 2016
    She will be a Top contender for Top 10 or Top 5 MU2016 if she wins.

  2. And here we have two cases of “recycling” in male pageantry. At least these are the ones I recognize.

    This will be the third (3rd) attempt at an international title for Netherlands.

    Serbia is slated to compete against our Miguel Maliwat later this month in New Delhi. If he is unsuccessful there, he would then proceed to Vigan City the following week, against our Kian Sumague. Baka dito na rin siya sa Asia mag-Christmas. LOL.

    Now from this initial group of confirmed participants, I would not mind Indonesia bagging the crown, even if the organizer is Indonesian. He is easily, imho, the most handsome in this photo grid. Save for Brazil (who bears a resemblance to the reigning Mister World).

    To organizer : more European delegates, please.

    At yaman rin lang na iilan lamang ang may hilig sa male pageant, do feel free to check the link below at isipin kung ang Mehikanang ito ay hamon sa ating kinatawan na si Bb. C. G.


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