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  1. Hello Kiam,kept urself fine as u are handsome & I wish u #winning in ur contest.

  2. Hope they stop these male pageants … forever. It’s watering down public interest in the traditional female beauty pageants. It’s nauseating

  3. Bakit yung mga sumasali sa Century Superbod at Mossimo bikini hindi nasali sa mga ganitong pageant. Mas may magaganda body at matatangkad sumasali duon.

  4. Pansin ko Lang yung mga candidate natin sa male pageant lousy yung mga body, the best candidate na napadala pa lang natin yung mga candidate sa Mister World.

  5. I don’t know why organisers of male pageants can’t see it- no one cares about male pageants lol

    • @ Andrew Espino : Good morning/afternoon/evening.

      You’d be surprised. For if, indeed, no one cared, organizers would not go through the trouble or expense.

      But the fact is, Asia is a lucrative market for male pageantry. And according to Mr. Jesson Capuchino of Sashes and Scripts, it is correct that male pageantry enjoys very little support in the West. That’s why it is brought to this part of the world.

      Mr. Wilbert Tolentino, franchise owner of Mister Gay World – Philippines, noted that a good number of straight women comprised the audience when Mr. John Raspado was crowned. And he went on to say that a lot of gay men actually attended the “straight guy” pageants.

      And at a recent poolside event attended by Miss Earth delegates with New Placenta for Men as the sponsor, a scantily-clad Mr. Raspado and Mr. Fernando Alvarez (Mister World 2016 1st Runner-Up) elicited shrieks of delight from the ladies, with Mr. Raspado gyrating his hips to spread the love. LOL.

      Even Andrea was there, but he was quite modest as to appear shy. So the ladies were just as polite.

      • great and insightful insights as usual Andrew, thanks…i normally don’t comment on Norman’s male pageant posts (esp since i don’t have anything interesting or nice to say!), but impatience got the better of my judgment..still hot on the issue of ME and of course, Mr Tinio segues into this lol…

    • i think its slowly but surely changing and more people are aware of male pageants give it five more years for things to get more organized and widely accepted

  6. Minsan lang ako nagdasal kay Ginoo Singhdole at salamat sa Maykapal at pinakinggan naman pero ngayon dahil bigatin ang kalaban, araw arawin ko na lang ang magdasal para kay Ginoo Sumague at Ginoo Maliwat.

  7. Just some points on Kian and Migs’s (Mister Model International – Philippines 2016 . Do refer to Mr. Tinio’s earlier Post) campaigns.

    1. It is useful to note that whoever becomes the Inaugural Mister Tourism World will spend a good portion of his reign promoting Vigan City and Indonesia (the organizer is an Indonesian male pageant group) to the world. For this reason, I reckon they will try to get a Europeano or Latino. I think most foreign tourists to Vigan City are fellow Asians curious about this UNESCO-listed place, and we all know how popular Bali is to… Australians.

    2. Indonesia’s reps to both pageants look really strong, literally and figuratively.

    In fact, a video was released on an Indonesian pageant fanpage showing the model guy going over a Book (of test shots, apparently) with his trainer / handler and later practicing his runway walk. They also release pictures of him clad in very stylish leather and sunglasses, altogether head-to-toe COOL. He has a face covered in neatly-shaved stubble, looking almost Latino. Strategy?

    The tourism guy, on the other hand, is princely-handsome, like Asian royalty. His styling is more formal.

    It seems Indonesia also wants to make a strong impression in the “Misters” area. LOL.

    3. Indonesia may be emulating India, where male pageantry is quite popular to the point that cosmetic surgical procedures on male candidates is common (ie, Rohit Kandelwhal, the reigning Mister World). In fact, this year’s Mister Model International is a joint venture of the Miami, Florida-based Tim Agency (owner of Mister Model International) and the Rubaru Group of India, which selects that country’s reps to Mister World and Ms. Universe (through Femina Miss India).

    4. With the postponement of Mister International to February – March 2017 in respect to the Thai host (the passing of HRH King Bhumibol Aduljadej), there has been a lot of reassignments in the male pageant scene and circles in anticipation of the inaugural Mister Supranational come 3 December, coincidentally the first day of Mistef Tourism World. In the West, there is usually only one national organization – like Mister Polski (Poland), Mister Lebanon, and Muz Roku (Czech Republic) – fielding reps to all the Misters pageants abroad, either “recycling” their clappers or sending Runners-Up if their national titlist – like Pedro Mendes of Switzerland (Monsieur Francophile) – is successful.

    Due both to proximity and the prestige that will certainly come with the prospect of being given the inaugural title, some of the world’s handsomest men are converging in Poland. The bets from Switzerland and Venezuela (I reckon he was appointed / handpicked by Osmel Souza) are notable.

    What this means for the two “relatively minor” Asia-based contests is that we might not really see the true potential of Europe at the two afore-mentioned tilts because the really good reps are almost always sent to Mister International, Mister World, and now Supra as well.

    5. After seeing male pageant titles being passed back-and-forth between Asia and Latin America in the last five years or so, there are now suggestions that the Return Of Europe is at hand! See # 1 above.

    Pedro Mendes and Tomaz Martinzka (Mister Global 2016. He is Czech) are only the beginning. The recent victories of Serbian Aleksa Gavrilovich (Mister Universal Ambassador 2016) and Swedish Patrik Sjoo (Manhunt International 2016) are pointing in this direction.

  8. Good luck, Kian ! Hope you’ll do well in your quest for the title and take it all the way ! With your credentials, great bod and a very cute face, I don’t see why you won’t make it 🙂

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