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  1. In my opinion:

    1) Leo Almodal is unprofessional.
    2) Imelda is a brat, very immature, and not fit to be a beauty queen.
    3) Both of them should stay off social media.

    Also, bakit laging may issue re Leo and gowns? I remember may rant siya before about MJ’s gown. Tapos may rant siya ulit about Janicel’s gown. He said last na daw si Janicel na beauty queen na dadamitan niya. Tapos eto naman. Nakak-turn off mga posts niya sa social media.

    Bakit si Francis Libiran, Mak Tumang, Nat Manilag, etc, madalas din naman nagdadamit ng beauty queens, pero wala tayong naririnig na issue involving them?

  2. i just read it a while ago from starmometer. I think we can say now its confirmed that MU 2016 will be here in PH. Miss Universe directors just received email from MUO that MU will be here in PH. January 30 live at MOA early in the morning. Ph time. Fox will be responsible for airing of this event and thanks that abs cbn will do the same. Wow!!!! Sana mas bongga ang event this year kaysa last year. Nakaka excite!! Even w/o the announcement of MU now pa lang na fe feel ko na d2 talaga gaganapin.
    PS. List of MU 2016 candidates are now on UP. Pero konti pa lang nagpapadala ng photos nila. Yung pag post nila ng pic sa website ng MU its a sign na nakatanggap na nga sila ng email about sa hosting ng MU. But still hoping na d2 na talaga. Win or lose its very fun and happy that MU is now finally having their comeback here in PH.Good Luck Maxine!!!

  3. Isa lang masasabi ko sayang ang ganda ni Imelda and Miss Ecuador is really the deserving winner. Congratulations to her

  4. @bong, I cannot believe u surrendered to Thomas’s machinations. He twisted your words words and then chewed you out for defying Norman. Do you know how many times he has done it himself ? The nerve of that bi-ch!

    • Oh my…. Lol.

      You must be foaming at the mouth now Fabian for you to even incite other people to side with your war against my, what’s your word again?…machinations. Seriously, I am flattered by your attention to read my posts even my conversation with Bong , who was humble enough to clarify his post.

      I really pity you dear, your ulcers must be bleeding now from too much anger. Let it go Fabian. This song is for you :

      Let it go. Let it go.
      Can’t hold back Ms. Ecuador,
      Let it go. Let it go
      Ms. Earth has slammed the door.
      I don’t care what Fabian has to say,
      Let Imelda rage on,
      Almodal never bothered me anyway.

      World Peace.

    • Hi Fabian, no worries.

      My post was not in any way influenced by someone here. I might be frank sometimes but I also apologize if I erred.

      Cheers and time to move on.

  5. Stop na ako sa issue na yan.
    Off topic
    Fancam during Miss International 2016.
    Tuwang tuwa 1st runner up sa pagannounce ng Philippines!!!!! Si australia yon right?
    Ang video 1:01 lang ang tagal. Nasa side at taas pa ung kumukuha. Sana may front video. Medyo inis ako dun sa style ng MIO. Bago i annouce ang winner eh may umeeksena pang kulay pula with 2016 Miss International. D tuloy makita unang reaction ni kylie and other candidates.
    Heres the link. B

    • Thank you Geoff!

      Lots of love shown to Kylie from a couple of the Latina top 15.
      Australia threw her arms up in the air when Philippines was annoinced the winner.

      So refreshing to view!

    • Kylie is well-loved by her competitors. Tells us all how deserving of a beauty queen she is. Hindi kailangan maging diva kapag frontrunner, at hindi kailangan maging bitchesa porket competition ito.

    • Pansin n’yo rin ba sa video na live singing pala ‘yung background music bago i-announce ang winner. It follows na ‘yung kantang “you’re a shining star” e live din!

  6. My concern right now is hoping that these “events” that have occurred at Miss Earth does not have any negative influence toward the Philippine reps/sash @ Globe, Supranational, World and Universe.

    We ‘were’ off to a splendid start; Intercontinental (top 15), Grand International (1st runner-up), and the prestigious International (winner). May it continue.

    • I mean if you look the way he does, being called mommy would be downright derogatory..

  7. People people people

    It is November.

    Joanna Eden and Nichole Manalo have Supranational and Globe crowns to WIN!

    Let us all let go of this madness.

  8. Business is business but commitment is a commitment.
    May mali na nga kay Imelda, pinalala pa ni Almodal. Dinamay pa si Ecuador.
    Sana magkaroon na ng closure ito. Simulan sana ni Almodal para matapos na.
    Walang magandang kapupuntahan kung hindi aayusin ang gusot. Huwag ng paabutin pa sa mas malalang sitwasyon.

  9. From Imelda’s resignation letter:

    “I regret to inform you that I will have to relinquish my Miss Phlippines-Earth title effective
    immediately because my mother wants me to accompany her on an overseas trip and there is
    no definite date yet for our return. Accordingly, I will not be able to fulfil my obligations as Miss
    Philippines-Earth indefinitely and so it is just fair to Carousel Productions, Inc. that I relinquish
    my crown so somebody can take over and continue to discharge said obligations.

    Thank you for the opportunity you gave me to work with Carousel Productions and perhaps I
    can help with its advocacy when I return from my trip.”

  10. Ngayon lng ako naumay with Tito norms’ site! Kakasawa. Kakaumay n with ME, MEP! ….can’t wait for Queen Kylie’s arrival. Good luck to Joanna and Nichole for Ms Supra, globe respectively. 4M is apparently “going well” with her communication skills training…Good luck girls! We’re all behind your back.

  11. Everyone is trying to complicate this very simple case. The root cause of all of this is Imelda. Why are people deflecting the blame away from her? Without her in the pic, everything will be just fine . Let Imee marry in NZ. And Leave Almodal alone.

    Yes ,commitment is a commitment . But we don’t even know what was said b/w the 2 parties . And now that This has become a he said/she said situation , I could not believe how many people are siding with Imelda.

    This is my point. I had not heard anything negative abt Almodal until ME 2016. Would u say the same onImelda?

  12. Miss Earth has had more publicity and headline news in the last 3 days than it had in its first 15 years of existence!

    There it is… the silver lining!

  13. Daming issues sa Miss Earth pero isa lang ang hashtag dyan dapat #onlythree chozzzz haha. Good luck to Imelda in New Zealand, Miss Ecuador as new Miss Earth, and to Leo Alnodal for his thriving business. We love winners not losers πŸ™‚

      • Losers fight over the spoils of war while the winner is hailed as conquering hero. Leo should have kept his mouth shut. After all he is in the business of pageantry. Nakita tuloy ang unprofessionalism niya. Sayang. But how true is it Tito Norms that all foreign pageant clients of Leo have a free two-day training with KF? Parang buy one take one ang peg. Buy a Leo gown, take a free KF training lang. Nothing wrong with it as pageantry is a business after all especially if both Leo and KF make money. We love winners di ba Jen? He he

      • Naku Dawn ha ? Seems like you stumbled upon another “tsika” about the buy 1, get 1 deal nila Leo and KF with foreign clients πŸ™‚ True or not, I do not see any problem with that at all (pahiram ng sagot mo, Pia sa MU2015) – beauty pageantry is indeed a business after all (tama ka Dawn). so at the end of the day, it’s a win-win situation for both parties. But please, play it FAIR and SQUARE πŸ™‚

      • Naku, Dawn ha ? Sounds like you stumbled upon another juicy “tsika” about a buy 1, get 1 deal of Leo, KF and their foreign clients. I don’t find any problem with that at all (to borrow Queen P’s statement when she won MU2015) and beauty pageantry is a business after all (agree ako sa iyo, Dawn). It’s a win-win situation for both parties. But please … play it FAIR and SQUARE πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • I apologize for the duplicate comments – thought the first one did not go through. oops !

  14. On a lightwr note, this will all soon die down. Mr. LEO needs to publically and sincerely apologize to Miss Ecuador AND to Imelda.

    In retrospect, if Ms. Imelda Schwiegart can cause this much havoc as a single 21 year old woman, lets all pray that the man she marries has superpower patience and strength! LOL

  15. Goodness… this is the 2nd straight article in which one can detect dismay and disappointment from our Mr. Norm.

    Which leads me to conclude that “something is definitely rotten in Denmark.”
    This is getting out of hand and down right ugly.

    This is an embarrasment to Ms. Ecuador. If she decides to relinquish her crown because of all this negative publicity, who is the first runner-up? Colombia? Venezuela?

    Oh good Lord

    My goodness… when Filipinos and Latinos get into pageant controversy, it is off the charts! Lol…πŸ˜‰

  16. And so the plot thickens now. The harm has been done. and much has been said about the whole thing, so let’s just all move on and chill out ! Sir Norman – I’ve never seen you vent and rant this way in your blog, so this must be something that really caught your ire and attention 😦 Whew ! Is this just the start of something that might send more shock waves in the days to come ? I hope not. We just started off to a very good start in the beauty pageant world. Let’s not break it by all this negativity 😦

    • i know right? iyong issue kay jonas pinapalaki rin, tapos ito naman.. we should enjoy this moment na nasa tuktok tayo ng tagumpay.. simula na ang hilahan pababa. it will just bring negative and loser vibes. balik na naman ba tayo sa clapper era? itigil na natin to..

      • I couldn’t agree more, Padede Boy ! Ako kasi gusto ko puro positive vibes lang no matter how hard life gets. Kahit na may mag thumbs down pa for my comments, ok lang. Life goes on. I won’t let anything put me down πŸ™‚ Sir Norman is a pretty good and hardworking person. But he is also a human being just like us na naapektuhan din ng mga ganitong issues that can get into our nerves.
        Sir Norman – take it easy please. We love you πŸ™‚

  17. Leo might be gay i dont him in person but one should not call anybody “mommy”. nakakairita ang mga tayong ganyan. kaya nagsnap si Leo. Siya na nga ang tumulong sya pa ang babastosin. Wala namang issue ito eh. Imelda don’t get a gown coz she didn’t enter Top 16. period! the only issue is, Miss Ecuador’s silver/crystal gown was not done and that would have been a big lawsuit had Miss Ecuador didn’t win Miss Earth. Let’s not move on. As Miss Ecuador won and for Leo.. please finish the gown on time. Nakakapagtataka naman, why would Miss Ecuador waited for her final gown on grand finals???? Wala na bang sukatan ng gown kung fit or hindi? Miss Ecuador should also never wait this late. hmmmmm… anyway… moving along….

    • Tama!… Hindi ko gets yung mga taong tumatawag ng sis, girl or mommy sa lalaki… Unless pagirl talaga yung tao and he gave his consent then pwede mo tawagin ng ganun pero kung hindi e wag ka feeling close at assuming… kahit ako nababadtrip sa mga ganun… Porque ba fashion designer yung tao.. mommy agad tawag?!… pinatanda pa nya si Leo e parang kuya lang nya yun wordt is hindi naman pagirl si Leo… mataray lang…. si Frederick Peralta nga me asawa at anak… yun ba tatawagin mong mommy?!… Imee is a plain ignorant dumbass bitch!

  18. Tama na mga ateh! Move on tayo. Bahala na si Imee at Leo sa isa’t isa.

    Next pageant na. Haha

  19. Dear Leo: Please admit to your mistakes so we can move on. It’s OK to admit that you made the wrong decision on this and it will be the end of it.

  20. Actually, solve na ang problema. Tayo lang mga netizens ang nagpapalaki sa problema.
    Move on na tayo. Huwag ng haloan ng politika ang bagay na wala ng problema.
    Kung tunay na busilak at hindi tayo demonyo ay focus na tayo sa Supra, Globe, MW, MU at ibang bagay na ikakaganda ng Philippines Beauty pageant.

      • @Andrew
        Ana is tall=5’11”, beautiful and lovely, top model, former hotel PR manager. She will do well in interview and top model fast track. Top 20 sya and she might be in the top 10.
        Nakaka-Off lng sa akin yung husky voice nya na parang transgender. Dapat paturo cya sa mga bayot na nagboboses babae hi hi hi.
        But her voice is normal to Hispanic and European countries. May pagkabakla nman yung personality kaya mamahalin cya ng mga beke sa MW org. including lola Julia.
        Threat to Catriona? I will say yes but I believe in Catriona’s talent and capabilities as Miss World.
        Catriona is a Darling of the World.

  21. Its a disgrace. Its very embarassing to Ms Ecuador itong gulo na dinulot ni Leo Almodal. Greed simply overtook him.

    Katherine – wala cyang kinalaman dito. She should sue Almodal for breach of contract including moral damages (kahit na cya nanalo sa pageant).

    Imee – lets set aside her own issues. Her not making the Top 16 is somewhat expected. Pero still usapan is usapan. She has the right to expect that she got to wear what is given to her unless napagusapan BEFORE the finals night. At yes kaya mapagusapan ganung announcement ng maayos.

    Leo – he is a genius BUT his indiscretion here is enough to ban him in all beauty pageants. He is greedy and very unprofessional. Kaya may punto si Madam SMA not to get these filipino designers in the past kasi ang gulo-gulo. Leo damaged the reputation of the filipino designers. Again, he should be banned on all pageants.

    • Simple lang, Ms. Ph’s attitude problem badly needs help. Regardless, verbal contracts on gowns should still be honored no matter what. To settle this simple lang ang logic. Hindi natapos ang gown as promised = refund for Ms. Ecuador. Ipinalit na gown = hiram ang peg. Hence, if designer is truly professional, he should return Ms. Ecuador’s payment.

  22. Akala ko cleared na lahat nangyari sa gown fiasco. tapos na ang mga issue. Nyeta meron n nmn pla. Ewan ko lng kung totoo pa ba to o di na. Baka gawa2x nato.

    As posted by ima in the comment section of domz ramos.

    yes tito. i brought rambutan from my trip from zamboanga.. i went to his house para mag sukat ng gown and to surrender my bra for my gown dahil ikakabit niya sa bust. he told me to bring him rambutan so i saved it and did not eat it para may dala man lang ako para sa kanya. kasi nakakahiya naman po. sponsored niya po yung gown eh. its his favorite fruit po. then he taught me nakakain po ang buto ng rambutan which is approved din naman po ng mga pinagtanungan na farmers. pero po kasi ang nag reklamo lang naman po ay isa sa mga dinamitan ni leo na si luisa burton. hindi ko po alam from there kung bkit nagkaganon ang reaction niya. eh super friends sila ni leo. hindi ko na po alam after kung bakit may issue.

    ever since i tried eating the seed of rambutan with leo, i ate it na po and taught my friends kasi for me parang i acquired a new discovery and since then, pinag mamalaki ko na po siya. at the dining area in pearl farm i told every table to eat it. I’m the host country and some knew abt the fruit but don’t know about the seed’s benefit. So i announced and showed them myself it could be eaten πŸ™‚

  23. I thought the supposed gown of Ecuador, was “RED” ? Why are they showing another Silver -crystal beaded gown ?

    Labo much !!!


    I copy pasted this from Garrido’s account in facebook.


    Georgette Garrido:
    “Just sharing what happened backstage….This is the real cenario about ecuadors gown…. hours before coronation starts dumating ang staff ni leo… looking for the girls who are waiting for their gowns na dumating sa venue… they even asked me where is england phils and ecuador… i saw the box na may laman gowns… i even saw his apprentice talking to each girl… then opening number starts… nsa apprentice ang box… tonawag ang top16… no phils…. we brought the top16 girls to a designated dressing room for the finalists.. everyone is running… the top16, aand all the staffs… i saw the two apprentice of leo also running with the box during the time the girls need to change to gowns… dressing time, nagkakagulo sa backstage kc nagmamadali magbihis ang lahat… i saw ecuador run to the two guys asking for gown… and then afterwards i saw ms ecuador is already wearing the yellow gown miss phils is supposed to wear for the night… same gown as to what she posted before coronation starts… then miss ecuador approached me and asked if she must changed to a red gown… and the red gown was there which is supposedly dapat un talaga ang isuzuot niya had only miss phils enter the top16… i told her.. “yes… we both know u look great on a red gown.. “… then she asked the apprentice if theres a red gown for her… minutes after the girls need to go out onstage again… i saw miss ecuador went to the stage still on the yellow gown… and then i went to miss phils… she was so sad at the dressing room for she has nothing to wear and she didnt know why and where the gown is… it was me who told her that they let miss ecuador wear the gown for her… and then i looked for the apprentices but they are already nowhere to be found backstage… at last i came accross to one of them and asked if imee can wear the remaining red gown… so we run to imee… but when the gown was brought out of the box… the gown looks so similar to what miss belgium is wearing…. of course no girl will wear a gown which is very much the same like others… so imee and i asked miss guam if imee can borrow hers… miss guam was so kind to let imee wear her gown…”

    • Off the rack from leo’s creations na yung red gown na kalokalike dw sa gown ni belgium.

  24. Nkaka stress na tong news na to. Hope this will end soon. Imelda should learn her lesson, Leo Almodal as well. Sana Ms Globe and Ms Supra na para ma divert na attention nating lahat kina Nichole and Joanna. Let this negativity of ME issues die. May ME 2016 na who won fair and square. Gown issues, hays tapusin na yan. Imelda is out as MEP, let her pick up the pieces, learn her lesson and move on. Let’s start a new positive pageant environment for Ms Globe, Ms Supra, Ms World and Ms Universe!!!!

  25. Here’s the statement from the yellow gown’s FB account.

    Here’s my side of the coin. It was dizzying experience. I’m so glad that night is over. First I thought I was going to worn by the girl with big boobs. Then I ended up to a girl with fake boobs. I was so confused. I was like “WTF Leo!”

    • Ganda din naman pala ng gown na para talaga kay Ms.Ecuador… Mukhang asar lang talaga itong si Leo kay Imelda kaya pinasuot nya ang yellow gown kay Ecuador.

    • And wait… hindi daw sya nagparetoke sa face dahil wala tayong proof… pero yung boobs, walang comment.. hahaha #Alamna

      Pero so what?! Ok lang naman yan..
      Beauty is just skin deep…
      She has proven that she is a desserving winner!
      That’s it, period!

  26. Tito Norman, those are valid points. I’m glad you brought it up. The thing that bothers me most is the part where the yellow gown ended up on Miss Ecuador. She was supposed to get a brand new gown, not one that has been circulated in social media. At this point, I’m not sure if filing a case against Almodel would do Miss Ecuador good publicity-wise. I would surely ask for a refund and apology. Kaloka talaga mga vaklush!

    • Oo nga mukhang chandelier inspired yung gown parang yung suot dati ni Megan Young sa Starmagic ball… Kakatakot lang yung mga palawit na glass crystals.. pag nabasag e baka malaslasan ka..

  27. The way things are happening right now with the Leo Almodal yellow gown issue, I understand Madam Stella Marquez Araneta even more why she did not want Bb. Pilipinas winners wear Filipino-made gowns for many years in the past. I hope now that Bb. Pilipinas winners have been allowed to after MJ Lastimosa’s reign, this kind of circus does not happen to current nor future Bb. Pilipinas titleholders.

    There is so much respect for Filipino-made gowns today. No doubt the creations are world-class and are masterpieces. But the way I see how Leo Almodal dealt with Imelda Schweighart in that posted screen capture of their correspondence about the earrings, it was unbecoming and unprofessional for a designer who has already built a name and reputation. What was he thinking? No amount of stress for lack of sleep rushing Ms. Ecuador’s gown nor attitude from Imelda can be used as a valid reason for such a regarded designer to snap like that.

    Mr. Almodal agreed to sponsor’s Ms. Schweighart’s evening gown pro bono. If he has conditions such as to take the gown back if Ms. Philippines did not make the cut and let it be worn by someone else who made it (and apparently someone who already paid half), then it’s better to have everything written on paper.

    I agree it is his business. But it’s like dealing with a businessman who all of a sudden has had problems in delivering because he took too much responsibility and thought too much about showcasing, pro bono or paid.

    Lesson learned.

    It may be true nor not true. But with death threats thrown at the Schweighart family, someone has been angered with that posting and reveal. I hope people will just deal with all these with dignity.

    I agree with most that ‘a commitment is a commitment.’ You do not just break that because of some lousy reason.

    Imelda’s attitude and disposition in life is one thing. But this gown issue is another.

    We all at some point have to deal with consequences from our bad decisions and actions, whether you are a beauty queen, a highly-regarded designer, a fan, or whoever.

    No need for death threats. Just learn your lesson and move on stronger and better.

    We all have always to remember that ‘Reputations are lifetime to build, seconds to destroy.’

    Now, I’m so looking forward to Miss Supranational, Miss Globe, Miss World and Miss Universe!

  28. NAKAKALOKA TLAGA ANG ISSUE NI ATEEEENG! ! Ngayon lang ako nakaonline at nakapag check ng blog ni tito norms!

    Anyway, ive seen a post sa ig na pinakita ni Kath (thru her phone since leo sent her an update daw) yung alleged gown ia dapat. It was waaay better than the yellow gown. Parang pagkakaalala ko is white siya. Swarovski and pearls. It was very sexy pero hindi tapos ung knee down to the hem.

    Ang gulo ng mga storya. Hindi natin alam ang in between. There’s even a screenshot ng chat ni leo kay imelda na “kung nabubuang ka……..” baka naman may something na sakanilang dalawa or between leo and her camp kaya nagkainitan ng ulo?

    May red gown for imee pero wit niya bet. Madali naman maayos to kung madali napag usapan agad. No need for public posts and etc.. basta ang gulo gulo lahat sila may mali. From gown switching to rejection of the red gown to accepting gown orders. Haaaay! I actually feel bad for Kath. She has nothing to do with the issue – in fact bilta nga din siya e- pero na da-drag pa siya.

  29. The simple fact is that way before the gown fiasco Imeng’s chances at the top 16 was already gone in the wind. She kissed it goodbye with her hitler remark, rambutan seed feeding frenzy, weight gain which smacks of lack of discipline at kung anik anik.

    As for the gown issue, i can’t say much. There’s so much hoohas still going on so i will wait till the dust settles.

  30. In fairness kay Leo, pinaka magandang gown lagi ang binibigay nya sa Filipina rep… This time lang nya ginawa yan dahil naiirata narin sya kay Imelda… but still kahit gaano pa kalaki ang banas nya kay Imelda hindi parin nya dapat ginawa yun. Hindi maitatama ang mali ng isa pang pagkakamali.

    • Again in fairness parin kay Leo.. may prinovide naman pala na ibang gown for Imee.. Si Imee lang pala ang naginarte na kakulay daw ng gown ni Belgium… Well kung hindi ka naman bumili ng sariling gown at pang backstage lang ang beauty e hindi na dapat nag press release si Imee… Sana nanghiram nalang sya at wag na ipaalam na ayaw nya sa gown na bigay sa kanya… As if naman it matters kung ano suot nya after… iniiwasan na nga sya ng camera.

      • nag inarte? the gown she was supposed to wear was given to someone else? are u stupid or retarded or both??

      • @Bill Ramos

        I said may prinovide naman pala na ibang gown aside from the yellow. Bat ka masyadong affected?!… Imee is that you?

  31. Oa lang talaga at bitter si imelda masaya siya dapat na gown nya dapat ang ginamit sa nanalo total backstage ang beauty nya, kahit parang belgium ang gown o what so ever di na siya makakapasok pa sa top16. Nasuot naman nya din yon di ba? Bakit parang si Leo pa ang may kasalanan? Diba kung naka pasok naman sa top 16 at di nag nega ang kandidata natin sya sana makakasuot dun. Advantage na sana natin kung pasok sa 16 si imelda kasi parang mas bet talaga ang gold kesa red. Pero wala na talaga eh, un sayang ang gown kung sa sure talunan mo ipapasuot na libre pa. For sure the red one is not ugly at all tatak Leo parin yon.

    Stick to the issue first ligwak dahil sa attitude! Wag nang maghanap ng justification sa mapagmataas ang tingin sa sarili!

    Pang shiwbiz attitude nya not for a beauty queen

  32. The only way to clarify the issue is for Leo to show us the unfinished red gown which justifies his action of giving the yellow finished gown to Ecuador to fulfill his obligations. Not saying that it’s the right thing to do since he committed to dressing up Imee too. That’s if he’s telling da truth!

  33. Ayan sinagot na ni Ecuador sa TV patrol… Hindi daw sya retokada with confidence… Wala daw proof si Imelda.

  34. Si Yana Dobrovolskaya of Russia sya na pala ang lalaban sa Miss World 2016. Diba nong una sa MU sya dapat. Ung ist runner up nya yata ang lalaban sa MU2016. Oh my!!!! Ganda ng kalaban ni Catriona si Yana Dobrovolskaya. Sana sa MU nalang si yana. Kinakabahan ako kay Catriona.

  35. Aba sino namang tards ang nag de death threat kay imelda. Jusko….dahil lang ba sa hitler comments or kay almodal?
    Bakit kailangan humantong sa ganyan? Kung dahil lang sa hitler comment papatay sya aba. Sino ba si d30 para ipagtanggol ng todo. Eh hinde naman minura ni imee si d30. Kahit nga si d30 kinompare na nya sarile nya kay hitler eh. Taenang tards yan. At kung dahil kay almodal. Aba si imee na nga ang kinawawa ni almodal bat si imee pa pagbabantaan???
    So many speculations on this issue. Nakaka baliw ang ME na to. May pagkukulang din talaga ang KF dito period.
    Kay almodal naman. Sino ba talaga nag sasabi ng totoo. Pero sino man nag sasabi ng totoo. Pasok man sa zemis si imee o hinde dapat kay imee pa rin nya pinasuot ang gown. Usapan na yan eh. Eexpect na ni imee yan. Tapos ayan na kailangan na isuot. Kinuha naman za kanya at ipinasuot sa rarampa para ipangalandalakan. Dapat nagbaon nalang ng options si almodal para kay ecuador eh.
    Hinde rin talaga maganda ginawa ni almodal na ibigay kay ecuador ang gown ni imee. Ayan lalung lumala ang issue eh. Gusto nya damitan ang pinay sabi nya eh bakit kinuha kay imee? Dahil lang sa hinde pasok sa semi at hinde mairarampa ni imee. Jusme. Lahat ng creation nya nairarampa naman on stage during fashion o pageant. Kilala na naman sya bilang magaling na designer. Kaya nga madaming foreigner ang kumukuha sa kanya eh lalo na sa pageant.
    Hayssss. Both sides talagang may mali. May pagkukulang. Lahat sila may kasalanan.
    About naman dun sa gown na d natapos na para kay ecuador. Infairness ang ganda ganda… mala zuleyka rivera. May resemblance. Almodal is very talented and creative no doubt. I dont care if she will dress foreigner candidates. Hinde naman tayo magpapakain sa kanya. Ayaw din sa kanya ni SMA eh. Now mukang aayawan na rin sya ng KF. Tsk. Well kung lahat ayaw na sa kanya. Tuloy lang ang buhay at business nya. Tuloy lang ang fashion show with his creatures.
    Good Luck sa lahat ng involved sa issue na to. Sana maayos ang lahat.

      • Search mo fb ng pageant Central. Ang fb photo pic ni pia. Ung gown nasa video ni ecuador. Pinakita nya pero video lang din galing sa phone nya. Pero malinaw na maganda ang gown.

    • you dont take death threats lightly some people in the past actually get killed. do you think this is even funny? are u educated? or just plain retarded?? stop bashing imelda you evil person!!

      • ganyan talaga pag kinalaban mo si poong dutae. lord please kunin mo na si dutae at pati na rin yung 16m niyang mga walang utak na supporter! 😑

  36. Kaya pala there was something off with the yellow gown.
    It actually made Ms Ecuador look heavy at some angles because it wasn’t tailor-made for her.
    It doesn’t look expensive as well, it’s too shiny.

    • Dear Bong,

      Are you suggesting that the Mr. Norman, our blogger is mad by raising these nagging questions which you find …ummmm… immaterial?

      No one is questioning that Ms. Ecuador is a deserving winner dear. Where did you get that idea>

      But for a visitor of a blog to be allowed entry and call the host blogger mad and his topic immaterial, I think that is worse than Imelda and Almodal combined. Lol.

      World Peace.

      • Hi Thomas, my apology if that was your understanding.

        I have no misgivings to Norman.

        I just want this to stop. Thank you..

    • @bong , I absolutely agree on that.
      Let’s move on and let Almodal make a living and continue to make us proud

  37. To those a call Almodal greedy, shove something up your ass! I see Almodal as nothing but accommodating here. It normally takes him 3 months to sew a gown but he accepted a request from Ecuador just days before the finals . I’m sure There was a stipulation there in case he failed to finish the ordered gown.
    If Imelda made top 16 and Ecuador’s gown was not ready , you can bet your ass Bong ( hihihi) everyone was gonna have a gown to wear and Ecuador was still gonna be the winner .
    Pls stop making something out of nothing .

    • Dear Fabian,

      He was greedy. And unprofessional. And if there is something to “shove up your ass”, I am sure it will be that yellow gown he created.

      World Peace.

    • May tama ka Fabian… The moment Leo A. said yes to Miss Ecuador ay alam na nya kung anong gagawin niya. If you’re more than 5 yrs in the industry, you already know the in and out of the business unless you’re stupid.
      Yung damit ni Queen Pia na Jealousy ay poisonous din pala kapag di nalabhan. hihihi
      Ang ganda ni Queen Kylie… Reynang Reyna ang dating πŸ™‚

  38. im glad u wrote this piece norman..i went out this noon to go shopping at greenbelt and bgc and it just ocurred to me that indeed there’s more to this gown fiasco than meets the eye..im back now at home and opened your blog disecting leo’s side of the story..my thoughts are maybe imelda was robbed of a top16 placement so that ms. ecuador can have something, not just anything, but a master
    piece no less, to wear in the evening gown segment…and thereby evade any ensuing case to be slapped against him for breach of contract…it is a fact that leo can no longer maintain his commitment to delievr the gown ordered by katherine…so what would leo do? it was angelia who brought kathereine to leo’s atelier..angelia and ME/lorraine schuck is one and the same..leo wants to dress the front runner..imelda’s semifinal placement has to be sacrificed..just my thoughts..and now imelda is ruined..

    • I am sorry. I can not help but react. What is the significance of you telling us that you “shopped at greenbelt and bgc this noon” as you segued on bashing Almodal and MEO.

      Marvin dear, Imelda was not robbed of Top 16 placement just so Ms. Ecuador can have something to wear. She was a a bad candidate to begin with.

      World Peace.

      • my shopping spree gave me time to reflect on the issue..and i take exception that imelda was a bad candidate to begin with…and as regards the non placement of imelda among the top 16, those are my thoughts as clearly indicated..

      • @thomas, can I borrow your lube? Oh wait ! You do not use it as u do not need it . You are just accommodating down there as Almodal is to his clients

    • Marvin dear, you watch too much teleseryes ateh.

      The simple fact is that way before the gown fiasco Imeng’s chances at the top 16 was already gone in the wind. She kissed it goodbye with her hitler remark, rambutan seed feeding frenzy, weight gain which smacks of lack of discipline at kung anik anik.

    • This is a good theory. Chinuk-chuck ni Loraine Chuck and Ninang Angelia si Imelda Hitler Einstein vda de Rambutan!

  39. Magkano ba ang Red at Yellow Gown na yan at bibilhin ko para matapos na ang issue.hihihi
    Irarampa ko yan pagdating ni Queen Kylie.
    I still love Leo Almodal Fashion Creations. I love Leo… Charot
    Malapit na darating c Queen Kylie. Sino kayang masuwerting mga designers ang magdadamit sa kanya.
    Congratz Miss Ecuador. You have a Big heart and you also love Leo A.
    Remember, you’re Miss Earth 2016.
    Tama na at darating na si Queen Kylie hi hi hi.
    Where is our Queen Nicole Cordoves C2F, Jen and Laila.

  40. Meron screencaps ng convo ni Imelda at Leo eh.. mejo magiiba tingin niyo kay Leo dun. Don’t wanna post it here kasi ang harsh. Yung brother din ni Imelda nag post nun.

  41. Dear Leo A,

    1. You shouldn’t take it personally if Madame S doesn’t give you an audience.
    2. You shouldn’t give insider information about your clients or quote the girls you dress and divulge what they say about other girls and other camps.
    3. You shouldn’t do social media and if you do, to just keep it away from your work.
    4. You know that you’re extremely passionate but remember to have this be reflected in the work that you do and not in the words you say to defend yourself when stuff turns to shit.
    5. Stuff turns to shit because words poorly expressed can and will be used against you
    6. Turn off all your social media accounts now and take a hiatus
    7. You are really talented and this too shall pass
    8. And oh, before we forget- make amends with Miss Ecuador, return a part of her downpayment, or buy her a nice gift from Louis Vuitton to make amends

  42. KF gave momwah leah the extra mileage to be known in the industry. his creations were worn mostly by KF ladies. i thought part sya ng team, pero he’s an independent businessman pala. pero sa tingin ko lang naman, di sya naiiba sa KF family, lagi syang pinapasalamatan everytime nanalo o nagpplace ang shondidate, tinuturing nilang family si momwah. leo on the other hand is always ecstatic everytime kinukuha sya ng KF to dress their ladies. COMMITMENT FOR THE COUNTRY!!! yun yung sabi nila. even when indonesia reached for the help of KF in preparation for MI16, may kinuha bang ibang designer to dress felicia sa photoshoots? besides di lang indo binibihisan nya, madami nang nagpapaphotoshoot sa kanya wearing his creations at kadalasan neto ay mga pageant girls, syempre datung din yun. will this be the last time that we will see an almodal creation worn by a philippine rep? i guess no. besides, he has the last say naman.

    • Doesnt Leo provide them with gowns to wear? It’s a 2-way street , MAE. Nobody gets something for nothing , fact of life .stop calling Almodal greedy , look at your politicians first ( they are the animals).
      Almodal is making an honest living and he is not making millions of dollars here

      • Yes fabian, wala akong sinabi jan sa comment ko na greedy si leo na pwede na syang ihambing sa mga politicians. Sorry kung magulo ung statement ko, di nako nah proof read, madami din akong gustong sabihin na nakalimutan kong sabihin na maganda yung relationship ng KF at leo dahil sabi mo nga its a 2-way street. Give & take yung relationship nila kaya nga tumayog lalo ang KF at si leo.

  43. And the plot thickens. Ate Imang family is a bit melodramatic.. I wont be surprised if the death threats are self created. Almodal getting a lot of publicity nowadays even I heard one of my friend wanting his creations for her daughter coming of age bec of this issues. Publicity good or bad is still publicity.

    • Pero pinilit ni leo na gawin ang impossible gown dahil nga front runner si ecuador. Nakarating na kaya to kay katherine? Diba katherine is a lawyer?

  44. Almodal’s creations are really stunning, at least to me. Being renowned for dressing successful queens is perhaps his luck. We can say business is business pero at the other side of the story, nagmumukha talaga syang gahaman sa pera and this isn’t even the first time this happened. Ewan ko ba kay Almodal, ang taas din ng tingin sa sarili. Pa defend defend pa sa social media.

  45. The new twist on death threat could be Imelda’s work.
    She is a bitch and a stupid.

    Paawa effect or trying to gain sympathy….

    • youre an evil person for using social media to ventilate youre reckless accusations. you dont even know the person to say such falsehoods. sama din ng ugali mo and thats clear very clear on your post here.

      • Don’t be stupid………….

        Look at Imelda….she has mental issues. Wake her up.

  46. Inaabangan ko na naman ang talak ni mommy leah al mowhdel. Charot. Aabangan ko rin ang chika ng kapatid ni imang. Nakaabang na rin ako sa mga opiniones ng mga kapwa designers. Hinihintay ko nlng ang side ng KF! Parang teleserye lang. Lahat bida na kontrabida. Makapaghain n nga ng popcorns. Hahaha

  47. I admire Leo Almodal’s creations. His superb meticulousness to details on non-minimalist-bordering-avant-garde dresses is worth praising. He is genuinely genius. Ergo, I consider him an Alpha designer at that sort.

    What makes Leo a little bothering lately is his threshold at handling a plethora of issues affecting his designs. First was the MJ-KF-pink gown brouhaha, second was the Janicel-BPCI fiasco over the white gown Leo created, and third is this Imelda Schweighart’s infamous issue. As an A-list designer, Leo is expected to handle the messes he has partly contributed in a professional manner. That means he should have not brought his side or point of views to social media. I know that he did that to defend himself or shed light on the issues, but doing that on social media is a low class act.

    This Imelda Schweighart aftermath has taught a lot of lessons to the MEO, KF camp, Leo Almodal, and Imelda herself. Now that Imelda has voluntarily given up her title and is New Zealand-bound, I hope the matter will die a natural death, so everybody can move on.

  48. Baka dumating ang MU pageant sa Enero at hindi pa rin namamatay ‘tong bagay na’to.

    ‘Wawa naman si Mr. Tinio. ‘Di niya alam kung paano paghahatiin ang kanyang katawan para tuloy pa rin ang paghatid sa mga kaganapan sa iba’ng pageant habang sinusubaybayan ‘to. LOL.

  49. Well refund na lang para kay Miss Ecuador. The designer should return the downpayment for the unfinished gown. Shoes ko, maraming cannot afford financially and/or physically to wear gowns!

      • althought importante na marefund, yung point is hindi niya natapos yung gown. Imagine the inconvenience it will bring to Ms Ecuador kung pareho sila ni Imee nakapasok sa TOP 16.

        She paid for the service and yet you cannot deliver it on the day you must deliver the product. Im sure may contract ito, and naka stipulate yung date na dapat makuha yung product..

        And kahit nanalo si Ms Ecuador, still its not the gown she paid for.

        ** Shee look fat on that gown to be honest, not meant for her yung aesthetics nung gown.

  50. Dear All,

    As they say, there are three sides to a story: Imelda’s side. Leo’s side. And the Truth.

    While I join most in condemning the embarrassment brought by Imelda not only the pageant but to the Philippines courtesy of her antics, sound-bites and demeanour, there is also something to be said about greedy, unprofessional couturiers.

    Hell has a special place for people like Leo. I am using the word Hubris. The pride before the fall. Napuri lang minsan ang creation nya, e feeling Christian Dior na sya. Lol. Ironically, there is nothing special with that yellow gown at all. I have seen better gowns worn in gay santacruzans in Barangay Tibagan, San Juan. Lol.

    As someone who has endured watching the segments of the recently concluded Ms. International (yes, all four hours. Lol), especially the long gown competition wherein the camera literally made babad in all the gowns, I can say that there are many, many talented designers around the world. And there is nothing unique in a “leo almodal” creation.

    World Peace.

  51. Feeling ko tanggap na naman ni Imee na hindi siya pasok sa top 16, pero doon talaga siya napuno sa gown issue.

  52. I absolutely l agree wt you Norman. NO IF’S no But’s. If Almodal agreed to provide a gown for Imelda, win or lose, he have to have the gown promised for her. I bet, he also have a designed gown for Ms. EQUADOR,but wt his own words, he failed to deliver. Again, no excuses for should be made since he received a payment for the “intended” gown. If rumours are true, that he was tackled by the MEO to provide a gown for Ms equador since she is a front runner and a “promised” winner according to some blogsites, then there’s another angle to the story… So the saga continues as they say….

  53. Hahahahahaha……ayan na ang bangungot ni Mommy Leah Al Mowdehl!

    Kasakiman ang tawag jan!

    Yellow Chandelier Gown!!!

    Creation by: LEAH AL MOWDEHL!!!!

    Sana makasuhan ka ni pretty Katherine Espin – Miss Earth 2016!!!

    Remember Ms. Espin is a lawyer by profession!

    And she’s an Earth Warrior!

    Masyado kang matayog!

    You should face the consequences of your own famewhore actions!

  54. Itong si Leo napaka-mahadera, muka namang palara at chandellier ang mga gowns nya.
    Diusmio ganun ba ang kalakaran, pag ligwak ang intended wearer nung gown e hihilhin s
    a kanya ang gown at ihahagis sa isang nakapasok sa semis.
    Muka kang pera Leo, such disgrace.
    Lagi na lang si Ima ang tinitira nyo, itong si Leo, may pagka-Miss Minchin.

    • Ngayon ko lang nagets.. Pero parang hindi naman bagay na si Imee Schweighart si Sarah.. at si Katherine Espin si LaviΓ±a.. hahaha

  55. So to make a very, very, very long story SHORT, the gown was actually made for Imelda. PERIOD!

  56. And of course we know why it’s so easy and so casual in the Philippines now to drop a death-threat- the current president himself doesn’t even bother with justice, with second chances.

    For those of you who unequivocally support and condone this- ‘hintayin niyo na lang na kayo o pamilya niyo ang maging target’ and only then would you realise the seriousness of what it means to be in a society where justice is dispensed carte blanch.

  57. Ugh..been reading iterations and regurgitations (these two words seem to phonetically convey my feeling about this whole issue- the feeling of nausea) of this on Facebook pageant groups and I thought, if Norman Tinio is not going to bring it up, then it’s all probably made-up (as most recent pageant ‘issues’ and ‘scandals’ and ‘revelations’ seem to be).

    Well, Norman did bring it up so here we go!

  58. Lick my Ass mukhang pera kang Leo Almodal ka! Unprofessional! Sana makasuhan nga yan!

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