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  1. GO Imelda ! Next project Ms. Universe New Zealand and International Career prove to All of your Bashers that you can make it abroad and no matter what 🙂 you are still My MS. EARTH PHILIPPINES ! Galing mo Girl at sobrang tapang mo panindigan ang nasa isip mo at proud ako sa’yo kasi nagpaka totoo at sobrang natural ka at di peke ang pagkatao mo.

  2. They say that beauty is skin deep, but ugly is to the bone. This one has no excuse for her appalling behavior (I reject the immaturity excuse), she simply lacks the grace and refinement we expect from a queen. Dethronement was the most appropriate course of action.

  3. Ito naman palang Almodal ang pinag ugatan eh. Pumayag syang bihisan si Imelda at Ecuador. At dahil hindi pumasok sa top 16 si Imelda basta na lang kinuha ang gown nya at pinasuot sa walang kamalay malay na Ecuador. Ke nagbayad o hindi ang kampo ni Imelda hindi nya dapat kuhanin ang gown ng ganun na lang. Ni hindi nga nya binigyan ng kahit anong gown si Imelda kapalit ng gown na pinasuot kay Ecuador.
    Natural magagalit si Imelda dahil wala syang isusuot. Ni wala man lang tumulong sa kanya para humanap ng gown na isusuot nya. Buti na lang may mabait na kandidatang nagpahiram sa kanya. Nasaktan talaga si Imelda kaya sya nagwala ng ganun.
    Leo Almodal ikaw ang may kasalanan. Dahil sa kasakiman mo at sa gusto mong mai-display ang mga gawa mo kahit mali gagawin mo. Bakla ka pa naman ang pangit ng ugali mo!

  4. Yes she has guts to say what she thinks but does her outspokenness have to be defended? In today’s world, diplomacy is the cornerstone of all relationships – be it political, international, local, regional and just basic day to day contact. A pageant is test of diplomacy. Does KF ever instill that to its wards? Or is it all about attitude, waving of the hand and sashaying onstage that KF tells it candidates. This blog has said it for the record – KF is like a surrogate mother. Well, mothers should teach manners and tact! KF should rethink their standards so that if ever they encounter another spoiled brat like Imelda, it won’t be another national disaster!

  5. the girl s simply immature and the hatred being shown by netizens is insane. i wish her well and theres a good future ahead of her. shes bright and very pretty. goodluck to you imelda!!

    • yun nga rin di ko maintindihan, daming galit kay ime, 21, dahil immature, and yet the very same people e tuwang-tuwa naman sa kanilang tatay dugong, 70, psychopath, lunatic, murderer, liar, babaero, palamura… 😆

  6. Much as I would like to blame the follies of youth and the fact that she-whose-name-can-not-be-mentioned is a half-breed, it will be unfair for the past beauty queens even younger than she, and those who are of mixed races that were able to carry themselves well despite the pressure.

    Let’s admit that what we got here for a queen is a lemon. I feel happy and sad for Ms. Earth Organization. Happy for having the prudence not to even include her in the top 16. Happy that they “accpeted her resignation” (aka, dethronement). But sad that the Organisation was the one who selected her in the first place. Di nyo ba nakita yan?

    Janina San Miguel was an epic fail because of her grammar. This one is is of different level. Nagkakalat is the word.

    There is a lesson to be learned for everyone here. For the organisers, the trainers, the couturier, and those wannabes aiming to be a beauty queen.

    World Peace.

    • i put the blame on the organization more than imelda . i wish her the very best cause she has the goods to rise and shine

      • Dear Bill,

        Seriously? Put the blame on the organization? So all the tantrum and insensitive, racist diarrhoea that spewed out of her mouth and the bashing of Ms. Ecuador should be blamed on the organization? Why? How? When? Talk to me like a five year old child and explain to me. Lol.

        Let us call a spade a spade, she-whose-name-can-not-be-mentioned is simply a brat. Not raised well and has a feet of clay when subjected to pressure. Christy Fermin is a nun beside her. Lol.

        Of course we all wish her well and hope she will, as you say, rise and shine. But come on, all these were pretty much her doings. And if you will read up, I said the organization, the trainers, and even the greedy couturier are not entirely blameless and should learn a lesson or five. Lol.

        World Peace.

  7. “Let me have fun I’m 21 years old” It is disappointing hearing her justify her actions with her age. She’s already considered an adult, so she needs to start acting like one. None of us are saying that she can’t have fun anymore. Of course she can! Everyone deserves to have fun but she has to find that balance and she has to know difference between fun that is appropriate and inappropriate. I honestly don’t know why she’s acting this way but I think it’s a healthy decision for her to give up the crown and start fresh in New Zealand. I wish her the best.

    • She’s a brat! Bakit ba kasi pinapanalo yan ng Miss Earth to begin with… alam naman nila na Timang… for publicity?

      • DITTO on the brat sister! Jeskelerd. Pasalamat cya may NZ na matatakbuhan c/o her mother. Eh paano kung wala? Ibang level ang saltik. She really needs help.

    • Well-said on the ‘know difference between fun that is appropriate and inappropriate.’ part. The environment of her upbringing plays also reflects on how we act as adults. Let’s not forget considering this factor.

      I hope Imelda will succeed later on in her life, will be enlightened and that she will guided accordingly by responsible adults as well.

      I am sure there are times she reflects on what’s happening now to her. But the need to defend actions manifests first.

      @TitoNorms, thank you for always writing good and responsible pieces. Reading your posts never made me feel to side with one unless I have known all sides. Now that’s what we call reasonable. 🙂

  8. Pinoy Big Brother will be the perfect rebound for Imee.
    I’m sure pag pumasok sya sa bahay ni Kuya, trending gabi-gabi ang mga pasabog ni Ima.
    Tapos kasama pa nya sa bahay ang Incredible Hulk ng Nueva Ecija, waging wagi si Hitler este si Ima.

  9. She was forced to resign. Well that could be better than being dethroned. Sana nangyari yan before Miss Earth. Sayang ang ganda ng bruha.

    • Nagusap ang sobrang sensitive at sobrang insensitive.. Wahahaha…

      This is Effing hilarious!… Ang taray kaya ni Leo pag napuna mo ng konti… Normal lang nya…

      Tapos itong si Imelda pa na socialy retarded kausap nya… They would definitely clash.

  10. Huwag na kasi kayo umasa sa Mga makikintab na gown ni Almodal! Pare-pareho lang naman ng hitsura. Makinang na parang pang disco. Kaya ayaw ng BPCI sayo eh, unprofessional ka. Imagine u werent able to finish a gown, na may downpayment na. At huwag mo idahilan na kapos sa araw, why did u accept it in the first place.

    • Leo is just a businessman. He is trying to show his creations courtesy of international beauty pageants. Kaya kahit free ang pagsuot ng mga kandidata it is still to his advantage lalo na kung ang winner ay nakasuot ng gown na gawa nya.
      If hindi nya man matapos ang order ni Ecuador I am sure may plan B na siya. At siguro nga nagdarasal pa sya na sana hindi makapasok sa top 16 si Imelda para may maipasuot sya kay Ecuador.

      • ,true, almodal is so unprofessional, and for him to put stress that he doesnt receive a single centavo from imelda and the latter’s handlers is just so off..his greed to have his creations showcased no less than by the frontrunner leaves much to be desired…now back on imelda, she is more a victim to me of cyberbullying forcing her to resign..sure, she may have failed to display what most perceived to be the proper etiquette of a reiging queen..but why the high expectations in the first place..afterall, the ME brand is not well established..and has carousel been deliberate in eliminating her from the first cut just to make a statement? all at the expense of imelda’s beauty which most of us here concede? this girl is just human whose shaky foundation gives her the primal imstinct to just fight back..come to think of it, a host delegate who to me is facially beautiful among most ME Ph editions and matched with a voluptuous body yet failing to make the semin finals..what was that..this is not ms nutrition or ms. gmrc..it may have taken its toll on her..i like her fighting stance her saying she doesnt have to be careful, she just needs to be real..good luck imelda! may you find success in whatever endeavour your intend to pursue..continue to rock n roll…love and hugs..

  11. Kung mauso uli ang bold films, bagay sya doon kahit ano pang kap*tahan lumabas sa bibig nya di ba hihihi… maraming gusto magmanage sa kanya .. #fact

  12. ” Corrective measures were always thrown her way, what with the eagle-eyed guidance of the likes of Rodgil Flores, Gio Flores and Georgette Garrido constantly watching over her decisions and actuations…”

    Eh di ba nga tuwang-tuwa pa si Gio Flores sa mga kabaliwan ni Ima sa social media?!? Sabi pa nga ni Ima eh she learned from the best…

  13. Perhaps veteran and respected former beauty title queens can encourage her and give her words wisdom during this time. Janine, Shamcey, Bea…etc.

    Janina San Miguel is a great example to encourage Imelda. She would emphathize with the all this social media and media bashing.

    Life is “taf” but the “taf” keep going. 😉💙😉

    • Life is “taf” indeed 🙂
      Imelda, I wish this angel to lift you to your feet and help you to fly again.

      • She will. She needs to lay low from the limelight for a while. Perhaps a very long while.
        The more one listens to her, the more one realizes she has a very strong personality.
        When it comes to words, well there is a proverb that says “..all things are lawful BUT all things are not ‘beneficial'”.
        With that Big 4 Philippine sash comes responsible and careful choice of words. That Philippine sash also means you are an International delegating representing a nation with a population of over 100 million.

      • I believd she will bounce back.
        She needs to be out of the spotlight for awhile.
        A celebrity has absolutely no privacy these days.

    • Saluda Chang(chinese ka ba. Chinese din kasi ako hihihi), kung kaliga rin lang naman ni Mystica or Cristy Fermin ang magtuturo sa kanya ng kabutihang asal ay waley pa rin hihihi
      Sana hindi sya maging kerida. OK lang na DOM ang partner nya basta annuled/divorced just like DUTERTE hihihi

  14. How sad how her MEP journey ended ! But it is what it is (sigh). Get well soon, Imelda . . .

  15. “You don’t have to be careful in what you are saying …you just have to be real..”

    Imelda Schwiegart (Miss Earth 2016 resigns)

    There is sad.
    Very very sad.
    Imelda has no clue!
    Heartbreaking really..

    Get well Imelda!

    • Malala ba hihihi.
      I’m sure alam na ng KF ang ugali nyan sa tagal nyang nagtraining sa kanila ay malalaman mo na kung queenly ba ang bunganga or not. May nabasa ako sa comment ni Gio Flores kay Imee and she tolerate what Imee is saying. Hindi na mabasa sa FB ni Imee now yung comment.
      Pero magandang challenge sa isang talent manager c Imee.
      Magandang ibenta kasi kilala na sya at ibahin na lang ang image nya kasi may talent na sya eh.
      Nasa marketing na lang kung paano sya ibenta.
      But for now, rest muna ang beauty nya hihihi.
      May chika na ba kung nagpakonsulta na sya ………….. nagpakonsulta sya kay Madam Auring kung aariba na ang career nya hihihi

  16. Nakakatawa pati bf ko send ng send ng links sakin about kay Imee akala hindi ako updated sa ganap. Involved pala sya sa mga interes ko.

    heniwei: Ok na rin kahit inunahan nya dethronement nya after ng undas. mabuti ayaw nalang ng carousel ng gulo. wag na natin abangan sincere apology since hindi pa nya siguro na rerealize yan now. Time and space need nya (if she can manage to stay away from the limelight and social media).

    Nagkagulo na sa world of pageantry, dami na natin nakisawsaw, antayin nalang natin maka alis ng tahimik ang Bagyong Imelda sa Philippine Area of Responsibility. Good Luck Imee. Paka bait ka. Keep fit, stay healthy and surround yourself with people who love you and understand you.

    On this note, para naman ma uplift spirits nyo (or lalo kayong ma depress sa kanin na nilafang nyo) pag pyestahan muna natin abs ni Joanna:

      • Nako laking pagkakamali ko na hindi ko na screenshot. Sa IG stories kase 24 hrs lang yung post nawawala na. Medyo nahiya ako I post noon baka sabihin binibigyan ko ng malisya hahaha di ko na realize na interesado pala kayo 😂😂😂

    • Ito yung bet ko for our reps in Miss Supra, may abs!! Pero, sana toned din ang arms an legs para perfect VS fighting body si Joanna. Naku, mukhang fiesta-fiesta tayo hanggang January. Hayyy!!! Can’t wait.

  17. Imelda resigns.
    All the best to her.
    Let’s move on everybody.
    There is still Supranational, Globe, World & Universe to look forward to.

    • Sana si Angelia nalang ulit. Unfair for Kiara.. feeling ko (according sa mga posts niya) gusto niya maging Miss Earth talaga. Passionate na siya sa cause nito.

  18. I was with high hope that she would not mishandle her bashers and the controversies surrounding her. Nevertheless, like her, I’ve done a lot of mistakes in life, hence, I would not be in the right position to throw her stones. I just hope she would learn from her mistakes.

  19. Sayang lang sya talaga. Anyway, good luck to you Imee. Hope this stage in your life lead to something good not just for you but for everyone involved or affected by your episodes (no pun intended).

  20. “If it’s a crime to tell the truth, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend Miss Ecuador…I don’t know her enough but she was my roommate,” Schweighart told CNN Philippines.

    Schweighart claimed Espin herself admitted going through cosmetic surgery. In the video, she said the pageant winner should be “natural.”

    Imelda, you need to go back to kinder for some manners 101. When you apologize, you are NOT supposed to justify your actions. That’s what being SORRY is all about. I know you’ve had enough of all the bashing online but even with apologizing alone you obviously have some issues.

  21. Whew! Fiesta parin sa social-media… ang dami ko palang friends sa FB na followers ng pageants… puro updated.. I wonder sino pa makikisasaw-saw after this…. hmmmm…. Itulog nyo na yan guys! Goodnight everyone!

    • Oo nga C2F. Nakapublic na pala yung FB ni Mama J dati kasi friends lang nya puede magcomment kaya ayan ang daming fake accounts na palengkera sa FB nya. Imee na Imee ang mga kuda at dating because she’s young that’s why she’s a bullshit and proud of being no manners at all hihihi,

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