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  1. GUys and particularly the ugly faggots with uglier hears stop hating on imelda, shes on a very difficult time on her life and for these very ugly faggots trolling in the internet only to bash imelda is seriously wrong and barbaric and should seek counseling themselves.

  2. Come on guys, lets stop talking about her. she had enough and we all have our own opinions on what had happened. ang problema naman sa atin most Filipinos, chismoso! ang problema ng iba pinapalaki pa kahit hindi nila problema. Honestly, i find her quite outspoken, and she’s very nice honestly. maaaring nakalimutan niya ang responsibility ng isang public figure. we cannot blame her siya lang ang pwedeng magsabi niyan sa sarili niya. ngayon kalat na in all media platform ang nangyari. sana lang it wouldn’t affect other upcoming pageants ng ating mga kandidata. and if that happens, tandaan niyo walang sisihan sa ibang bagay bagay dahil ang may sala din nitong isyu itong ang mga pageant fans na akala mo sila ang may hawak sa tadhana ng ating mga kandidata. lets pray for her and likewise looking forward on her recovery.

    • dami kasi mga sobrang pangit na tao na insecure eh trabaho lang eh magbash sa internet .. someone should expose that person who viraled that video of imelda Hes crazy and heartless ….are u happy now?!?? hope u carry your delight to the grave!

    • mas para ngang rody dutete lang ang peg. du30 supporter siya sabi niya, ginagaya lang niya naman siguro ang lord digong kaya basura rin ang lumalabas sa bunganga 😆

  3. This girl is on a self-destructive path. She has shown traces of being unhinged, having problems with impulse control, since the beginning of the competition, and is only now being fully revealed. She alone, not her trainers, not her parents, not her supporters, is to be blamed for her troubles – her words and actions repeatedly reflect someone who is cognizant of her questionable behaviours. As for her trainers being responsible, there’s only so much they could do to help her. They could mold her, they could train her, they could support her, but they couldn’t change a faulty personality. Typical of someone with a personality disorder, Imelda Sweighwart has left a trail of destruction and bitterness for everyone to experience, only to absolve herself in the end of any wrongdoing by resigning.

    • left a trail of destruction and bitterness? it seems youre the one whos pyschologicALLY disturbed based on your opinion. those statements made by imelda doesnt define the person that she is. theres more to life than being reckless

      • The girl is disturbed. From early on, even when she was a Bb candidate, there were already signs of behaviours that are disagreeable, behaviours that spelled trouble. The ME pageant unhinged her. She needs professional help.

    • Eh baklang bakla palanl tong baklang pangit na to eh. Ugaling bakla talaga at bastos. Eh ang gown pala eh intended kay Imelda. Pasok man o hindinsa semis dapat suot pa rin ni Imelda hindj yung kukunin at ipapasuot sa iba dahil di nakapasok sa semis. What an ugly gay

  4. From Leo Almodal’s FB account. His side on the yellow gown.

    The Truth. The other side of the coin…
    the yellow gown was part of my collection it was made for my upcoming international fashion shows and high fashion editorial video. I wanted to produce a book-catalog that im planning to launched next year inspired from fairytales and Mythological Goddesses. Originally that gown is called “artemis” the moon goddess…
    I was requested by Imelda’s training camp to dress her up and without hesitations I said Yes. I chose that design because it suits their color requirement and styling. To set and clarify things; Imelda or anyone from her camp has not given or paid me a single peso for that gown. That yellow gown is technically my property and just letting her borrow it for Miss Earth pageant; that if she makes it to the top 16. As the owner it will be under my discretion to whom it will be used. Since she did not make it to top 16 and not competing for the evening gown segment and unfortunately I didnt finish the gown of Ecuador on time… My team made that decision to dress her up in that yellow gown. It was actually a blessing in disguise. I believe that things happens for a reason and checking the fit, length and style of the gown; it suits Katherine perfectly. Before dressing up Katherine I sent Imelda messages in facebook to take down the photos and videos but she never listened… she posted it after she did not make it to the top 16 cut. I actually begged her… she was not ripped or robbed; The gown was not taken away from her and she was asked nicely… Technically it’s MINE; and I dont want that masterpiece to go to waste. I want to show it to the world because that gown is made for that porpuse… Contrary to her statement that she has nothing to wear is an absolute LIE!!! I provided her with a beautiful red gown but she smiled and refused to wear it, saying that it looks like Miss Belgium’s gown and opted to borrow from miss Guam instead…

    Miss Ecuador Katherine is my client and she ordered her gown last minute. Basically for orders it has to be 3 months prior of the event but since she was reffered to me by Angelia and few of my friends told me that she’s the front runner of Miss Earth and she was very nice to me; I didn’t refuse her order and tried to do the impossible ( I want the the next Miss earth to be an Almodal Muse and having 5 front runner miss earth queens in Almodal masterpiece competing for the crown gives me a bigger chance to win it again) I thought that it is possible to finish it if i wont sleep for days… Sad to say I failed and that’s a lesson learned… I Cried a lot on that day because i really wanted to go to the pageant and support my muses. feeling so miserable and depress stock with an unfinished gown and still trying to finish it… Now, i have hundreds of people asking me what happened; i actually dont want to say a thing anymore but it has completely gone out of control and i have tell everyone the truth…
    Katherine is unaware of the issue not until imelda posted the videos of her vulgar demeanor and bitter statement in social media…
    I wish this made things clear… Thank You…

    • “…she (KATHERINE) was reffered to me by Angelia and few of my friends told me that she’s the front runner of Miss Earth…,” “I want the the next Miss earth to be an Almodal Muse and having 5 front runner miss earth queens in Almodal masterpiece competing for the crown gives me a bigger chance to win it again”

      In my opinion, this sounds to be greedy. Opinion ko lang naman to. You can have yours din.

      • Mismo! He accepted the order even if he knew that it was likely impossible to finish the gown in time for the pageant. Greed indeed…not only for the money but especially for the limelight and recognition. His ego got the best of him. I wonder if Miss Ecuador’s down payment for the unfinished gown was returned?

      • There’s nothing greedy about this. That’s how it’s often done. It’s pretty common for sought-after designers to have several creations in one event, especially in an international event.

      • Yes, greed indeed. Kasi alam nya na di nya kaya tapusin. Pinilit lang. Hayyy kay si Madam pinili si Barazza for X number of years kasi ibang pinoy designers ang gugulo.


  6. Ah, this is the controversial Leo Almodal gown which Imelda Schweighart was supposed to wear in the pageant, but was instead worn by Katherine Espin.

    • “Imelda Schweighart relinquished her crown as Miss Philippines Earth on Monday, following her controversial statements and lackluster performance as the country’s representative in the pageant.

      Organizers of Miss Earth and Miss Philippines Earth accepted her voluntary resignation at 5:52 p.m. Monday.

      The decision came after Schweighart and her mother Annabeth Bautista met with Lorraine Schuck, executive vice president of Carousel Productions, which runs the pageant.

      Bautista was reportedly alarmed from the bashing that her daughter had been receiving on social media.”

      Guys, refrain from bashing Imee already. I am not in favor of what she has said carelessly, but she has gone through a lot already. Plus her resignation is an unfortunate and infamous first in Miss Earth history. Just allow her to recover from all of these with dignity in private.

  7. Tinanggap na ng Carousel Productions ang VOLUNTARY RESIGNATION ni Imee. God bless Imee on your future endeavors in life.

  8. Breaking News from Sash Factor’s FB page:

    Miss Earth 2016 candidate Imelda Schweighart pre-empts an impending dethronement by voluntarily resigning as Miss Earth Philippines. No news yet as to who shall succeed her.

  9. P.S.

    I know of another Imelda who spoke her mind despite folks criticizing her.

    She, too, had a stint at pageantry, but arose from Leyte, not Palawan.

    She went on to marry a President. She came to be known worldwide for her flamboyant life.

    She was accused of many things, and was charged in court. But she emerged unscathed.

    She championed “the true. the good. and the beautiful”.

    Life will find a way for the Imeldas of the world.

    • and this another imelda landed in a list of “greediest people of all time” by newsweek magazine.

      according to newsweek, this “another imelda” saw it as her duty to provide ‘some kind of light, a star’ for the impoverished filipino people over whom her husband presided.“
      “so she took $5 million shopping sprees to new york and rome, reportedly owned the world’s largest collections of gems and 3,000 pairs of shoes,” noted the magazine.
      this another imelda was also known for holding extravagant parties for foreign visitors during the reign of her dictator husband

      the term “imeldific” eventually stemmed from her lavish lifestyle as the word means “ostentatiously extravagant.”

  10. I think Imelda and the ugly gay’s favorite president are of the same state of mind. They oppose each other but the same lol

      • Bung kahit patungan mo pa ng sampung korona si Pia at Kylie mo di pa rin sila maganda para sa akin. Take that all in. Baklang pangit na to. Pa english eglish pa

    • Yah, as per Imee, kinuha yung gown niya and binigay sa isa, doon daw siya naoffend, di raw kasi natapos ng designer yung gown na para sa winner dapat. Baka need magexplain ng KF or ni LA dito.

  11. Naka share tong blog sa FB page ni Imelda, mukhang wala siyang pakialam sa mga pinagsasabi niyo dito sa comment, leave her alone na Lang, nag mumukhang engot lang kayo kasi mukhang wala siyang paki alam sa unsolicited advice niyo, parang happy lang siya. Rockstar daw siya lol

  12. Wow…
    Just thought about it. From Kylie to Imelda…
    Within two days we experienced; 1) the thrill of victory and then 2) the agony of defeat.

  13. All Imee need is a hug right now. A hug of forgiveness and understanding. 🙂

  14. Kung anong ikinaganda yon ang kabaliktaran ng kanyang ugali. I would understand her attitude kung pag aartista ang sinalihan niya na competition. Beauty Queen po siya kaya walang excuse ang bunganga nya. Personal Choice po ang pagiging beauty queen hindi mo pwedeng nagpakakatotoo lang siya sa kanyang sarili. Kahit oa o plastic sa iba pero dapat deplomatic and role model ang image nya. Nalunod sa sabaw ng kaunting na kasikatan.

  15. patawa yung ibang mga tao dito na nanglalait ngayon ke imelda e the same people na all praises naman kay poong digong nila! kung si imelda e may problema, e ano pa kaya si digunggung na sinabi lately ay kinausap naman daw siya ni god… 😆

  16. Woah! KF is somehow going international na nga. After KF trained our kapitbahay from indonesia, sila din pala ang nagtrain kay Nacky, the current Miss International Japan 2017, courtesy of Jonas Borces of KFCebu chapter. With this incident, will their pedestal be fortified as an international beauty camp or will they crash and fall like the Gouldians? Hardwork = success

    • kaya pala may cocoy na nagpupursige sa kaka promote ng mga indonesians dito.. lols

    • They are trainning foreign girls and yet they can’t even tame their local rep… Tsk tsk… crash and fall seems like the most probable scenario…

      • With hundreds of girls that they have trained, how many turned out to be like Imelda???
        Exactly .
        Instead of being a super negatron , why not be happy that KF is being entrusted to train foreign beauty queens. I’m sure there is a little money involved . But more than that is the prestige that comes with it.
        Kudos to KF
        @c2f tse hihih

      • @Fabian

        And now your defending KF?.. Oh please… I think someone has oppositional defiant disorder and it’s not me or Imelda. 😀 Love u Fabian! I think you need a hug. X O X O

    • Abangan sa MU mga KF foreign girls, nangunguna ang Indonesia. Buy-one Leo A. gown and get-one KF training.

    • They better revisit their slogan if these stories are true. “For Crown and Country” would sound hollow and pretentious.

      The second word could rhyme with country. Shouldn’t make much of a difference anyway.

    • I saw miss japan 2017 photo. Yean she may be better than japan 2016. Sana wag sa aces mapunta ang MI 2017. Kase for sure ligwak talaga. Or kung mapasama naman kahit runner up. Wag nalang sa aces ibgay ang MI 2017 para sure na sure. Wag naman sana patulan ni sma ang bulong ng kf camp na ibigay sa aces ang MI 2017. Baka ang maipdala eh ung pang MU pa. Since winner naman tayo ds year. Sa KF nalang yon. Sa 2018 nalang magpadala ang aces ng MI prototype sa bbp. Sa ME naman dahil kay Imelda for sure its time for aces na makuha ang Earth. Kaya lang. Mukang may posisyon si rodgil sa earth eh. Hayssss.

      • I dont think makikinig si Madam sa KF. Sa dami ng sakit ng ulo na binigay nila kay Madam SMA? Baka nga ibigay pa sa kanila ang MI 2017 eh. Hahah

  17. Let’s pray for her,for her to achieve a sound mind and soul…and pray also that this would be the last time that we would have “something” like this as a Philippine Representative.

  18. Im a mother of a 12yrs old girl who is constantly dealing w her hormonal changes and believe me Imee actions are way way more juvenile but is dethronement a corrective action for this. Its better they send her to a psychologist for sessions.Her year is almost halfway and she will feel more depressed on losing her throne. Can they just settle for their differences? The first runner up may not even be that keen to replace Imee. She may be eyeing a different pageant or has other plans.

  19. i was amazed to see imelda at the onset of ME2016 where she exuded the ariella arida look v2.0, a buxom version..she may not have have the desired diplomacy most expected, but give her a break..she needs help more than anything.

  20. OT: nabalitaan niyo na ba na dinumog ng mga kylie fans si MGI vietnam dahil nag post sa IG ni kylie na word “ugly” kaya close ngayon IG niya dahil sangkatutak na bashing na nangyari.. juzcolored.. dami na talagang insecure sa success ng pinas.

  21. Baka lalo’ng ma-depress ‘yan pag dine-throne?! Her handlers should weigh this matter carefully.

    KF should play a major role in this, being that a lot of folks attribute something of her behavior to some shortcoming on their part. This will also help to dispel any insinuation that they have dropped her like a hot potato. Failing this, they risk losing future prospects as people will think they would never go the extra mile for their wards when these needed their guidance the most. They should step in and play the parent / guardian. Any less could be interpreted as insensitivity.

    The pageant is over. The winner has been crowned. The clappers have gone home. Her inflammatory statements are now just water under the bridge, or yesterday’s news that is now merely packaging for dried fish purchased from the wet market. Carousel Productions / MEO will go on to prepare for the next edition of this “fourth biggest beauty pageant in the world after MU, MW, and MI” (NO intent to question ME here). Time will gloss over all the bullet holes and tracks until there are only softened edges safe enough to touch without being wounded.

    The most important consideration is Ms. Schweighart’s long-term well-being. This will show our ability to look beyond the immediate or superficial to more weighty stuff.

    • True. She needs forgiveness, understanding and help at this stage but she needs to cooperate. Let’s not duterte her.

    • KF has a major role in this? These people train these girls for free and u r blaming them for this? How many KF girls have turned out like this? I cannot believe it! If u watch her clip with willie, u will find out that she has had that victim attitude from the get go. It’s everyone’s fault but hers.

      She is unstable … a nutcase to the very core. She needs to resign because this job has been stressing her out and she is not happy anymore. Where would she go? Maybe abroad marry a big black guy and have a hundred million interracial kids. With sagging boobs and belly 200 lbs later ….and rotten teeth , maybe she can justify her behavior as normal

  22. I blame MEP for choosing her. Didn’t they do a thorough assessment of their contestants early on? Wala ba syang attitude while competing? I don’t know sayang ang beauty nya. I also blame KF for not putting her on notice. After all, she is still trained by KF and I expect them to support her all the way.

  23. The MEP can stay vacant if there are no takers from the runner-ups. But if one of them agrees to accept the job, it should not stop them from joining BP or other major pageants.

    • True that Fabian.
      The last two ME/MEP’s can take over minimal duties should MEP 16′ stay vacant.
      This is sad.
      I dont think Imelda is evil.
      A combination of immaturity, insecurity, family situations, and the enormous a
      responsibility of a Big 4 Philippine sash combined probably took its toll.
      Lets face it, MEP 16′ was a bittersweet title. Honorable any other year BUT the impossibility of a three-peat in your own turf and then NOT making the first cut might have triggered her irrational behaviour.

      Poor thing. My heart goes out to her.

      • I agree … she is miserable. The way she talked to the fans against Ecuador. .. was no beauty queen . It’s not just the words. It’s the way she behaved. Para Syang walang Pinag-aralan .
        She needs professional help asap

  24. I think she’s suffering from depression due to being far from both her parents who are seperated. I do believe her issue about her past manager and a teenager should not face that alone. The bad attitude that we see are defense mechanisms she developed from all her emotional trauma and lack of security. Worst, she’s not getting the best influence from the people who suround her here in Manila.

    The showbiz and modeling industry is not really ideal for minors who grew up feeling rejected. Rejection is normal in this industry, you just have to grow thick skin. Problem is some people take advantage of their weeknesses to abuse them. Depressed people are prone to being abused. I even suspect that she got raped. Acting workshops are the worst for them since they are thought to relive their childhood traumas or maybe even their worst nightmare.

    • Sorry, but she came from similar circumstance as Pia. Down to both being struggling actresses in Manila. We never saw Pia act like this and she got denied at home in pageants repeatedly and was thrown into so much more hate from all over world because of her crowning controversy. Venus, MJ, Megan Young all parallel backgrounds with broken homes and distant parents too but no outbursts like this

      I feel for this girl because she is clearly misguided if not unguided completely. (Which begs the questions where are her mentors AND directors???). All of this should have been no-no’d from the get go.

      Anyway she is an adult now. At some point we all have to stand up, take control of our lives, accept responsibility for our destinies, and face the consequences of our errors. This sounds cold and unforgiving but enabling victim mentality eventually leaves the victim trapped in a vicious cycle.

      Enough is enough.

      • I agree she had almost the same experience as Pia… But Pia had her mom and sister on her side during all her years as a young actress.. Pia only became fully independent in her early 20’s… Pia has a lot of fallbacks aside from acting and modeling ( she was a writer and chef) While Imelda at 15, she only had a yaya who’s also young and fresh from the province. She took up Music/Theater at MINT as a college course hence she knows nothing else aside from showbiz. Her past 5 years is still like a sponge who absorbs anything from her environment. I do believe that their beauty camps play a huge role in molding their personalities thus Imee is KF’s responsibility that they should takecare of before and after pageantry.

      • How old was Imelda when KF discovered her ?
        She has prob a bipolar disease (which is for the most part hereditary) and some form of personality disorder which did not start when she was 15-17.
        So why nail the KF people to the cross????
        It’s so stupid , c2f, to say the least

      • @c2f, imee prob has a bipolar disorder ( which in large part hereditary) and some kind of personality disorder (which she did not acquire when she was discovered by KF at age 15-17.
        Why nail KF people to the cross for what imee has become in the last few woks ? That’s so stupid… if not evil C2f
        Do you want another casualty by pointing your finger at them ? Remember she won ME through their help!

      • @Fabian

        You said it yourself.. She’s predisposed to act this way from the get go and yet she won MEph with their help… Just like Bea, Janicel and Janina… If you are that quick to diagnose her then I’m sure her trainors knows way more about her predesposition since they spent way more time with her than you did. My point on my earlier comment is that they should continue to take care of her regardless how stubborn she is. They should not give up on her because they are suppose to act as a family like what they advertise to most pageant newbies. Family means nobody gets left behind and that includes Imee.

    • Agree. She’s going through something that most of us will ever know. Kulang sa pansin eh, sa loob nanggagaling, may problema sa puso’t isipan ang dalaga. Unawain natin kahit nakakainis na siya. #COMPASSION

  25. Let’s focus our attention to a R-E-A-L Queen…watch the latest video montage of Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach 🙂

  26. Sana mainterview si Imelda ng mga katulad ni Boy Abunda. I just want to know more of her side. Baka nga may dahilan kung bakit ganyan ang pag-uugali ng bruha.
    For me dethronement is not a solution. Tapos na ang labanan. Unfair sa papalit sa kanya. Unless siguro gawin syang MEP2017.

  27. Imelda fits in the bad girl category — pretty face, but a very bad attitude

    She’s one of the worst, if not the worst, International Pageant representative Philippines has ever had in my opinion. She is not mature, not very intelligent, and she acts quite ghetto.

    First, I watched her ask Ms Austria one of the dumbest and insensitive question ever asked “Is Hitler from Austria?” I was hard to tell if she was throwing shade, trying to be funny, or just plain dumb… Then she continue and say “Our Philippine president is doing Hitler things here….” That was just uber dumb. Does she not realize she’s competing in an INTERNATIONAL pegeant and everything she says and does are seen and heard?

    Second, I watched her mock Ms Ecuador… That shows her bad sportsmanship and a sore loser! Think Miss Peru when Pia won.

    I’m just happy she didn’t win because she will just represent ME and Filipinos in a very bad way.

  28. Let’s cut to the chase.
    There is enougb evidence to encourage powers that be to have her replaced. Imelda’s actions, not only has embarrassed herself but her family, her camp, the ME organization and Philippine pageantry as well.
    Is her behavior intentional or psychological?
    Watching her mocking rant against Ms. Ecuador was the icing on the cake.
    At this point it doesnt matter.
    All we know is she needs help and intervention.
    She’s like a speeding train on the fast track down a mountain.
    As a fan of Philippine pageantry I sincerely hope Imelda the best, quickly!

  29. All I can say is that some camps would not let this happen…

    Even a certain former from the same camp should have just kept her trap shut too…

    Oh well you can take the girl out of the palengke but you can’t take the palengke out of the girl.

    • The fuck! You are bringing up beauty camps on the issue? Utak talangka. Unity please not division.

      • It’s true, though. Sad to say. Honestly if anything I think the camp Imelda belongs in should get more brunt than her, lalo na kung totoo na she’s been having psychological issues before she even started her pageant career. Ang labas kasi para bang isinantabi nila yung mental health ng tao just to clinch a crown, tapos ngayong pumalpak parang hinayaan na lang. This does really question how they scout and groom girls. Queens from other camps are not perfect, pero they know how to deal with the pressures and pitfalls of pageantry gracefully. Importante ang ganda, pero kung ganito ang ugali at hindi handa ang kandidata sa mga pagsubok, wala rin. I’m not privy to KFs alleged issues with the other camp but Imelda’s case should make them realize that perhaps their misgivings within their camp are making it difficult for them to get their desired results.

      • I also think that KF actually has the moral obligation to assist Imee. You had her at her best, please be there at her lowest as well, not to defend her but to guide her to what is proper and right.

      • Hay naku! Bakit KF may kasal-anan? Its a training camp hindi naman yan bahay ampunan.

        Hayaan nyo yan si Imelda at pauwiin sa Palawan. Di naman din kailangan idethrone eh tapos na ang ME pageant. Pinapacomplicate ang mga bagay bagay…

  30. I don’t know what’s going on with her and her life right now. But from all the things I have heard and seen on social media regarding her behaviour, I am disappointed. When she won MEP, I wasn’t expecting her to win another ME for the philippines. Seeing her make it to the semis would’ve been good enough for me. Sa totoo lang, I was kinda sad na she can’t win another ME crown for us because she’s so beautiful, even more beautiful than our previous reps. But closer to the pageant, things just started to go downhill for her. And Im curious as to why she had acted the way she did throughout the pageant. Tapos I just found out she was bashing Miss Ecuador after that deserving victory. It’s dismaying seeing her act like this. But at the same time, Filipinos need to back up a bit and give this girl a break. Cyber bullying is never okay.

    If she just doesn’t feel happy anymore, I suggest she resigns and follow what her heart truly wants to do. I also hope she gets help and the comfort she needs. I wish you the best Imelda.

    • You make sense Joy di gaya ng iba na everything is based sa so-called beauty camps.

    • True Joy, lay off social media muna sya. Seek friends, family or even bf kung meron man. Masyado nang malaking issue to now Hindi lang sa world of pageantry na ang hirap nang I contain. Pwede naman nya I reinvent sarili nya after a while. I hope people stop using the “she’s young” card and swallow the bitter pill that she was either misguided or left to her own resources.

    • Im with you. Im still a heart to give for her. Naiinis lang ako sa 16M na dutertard. Nothing bad against d30 ang hitler comment nya. In fact he is doing hitler thing naman dba. Hinde nya naman minura o curse si d30 so. Why ganyan ang attitude ng mga tards na yan. Big deal sa kanila pagka kay d30 pero kapag si d30 tinira ang ibang bansa. Dedepensahan naman. Jusko. Nakain na talaga ng sistema ang utak nila. Im sure na apektuhan si Imee sa pangbabash sa kanya. Shes only pretending that shes okay. Well. Normal sa social media yan. Pero sa social media mo talaga makikilala ang pag uugali ng mga tao. Sad to say. Sumasama na ang mga karamihang pinoy.

  31. 5 yrs ago video na gustong mag-artista/model maybe c Imee.
    Ayaw yata nya manatiling magtampisaw lang sa dagat ng P. Princesa hihihi.
    Cguro makakuha tayo dito ng idea partly kung sino sya.

    • I think she’s suffering from depression due to being far from both her parents who are seperated. I do believe her issue about her past manager and a teenager should not face that alone. Worst, she’s not getting the best influence from the people who suround her here in Manila.

      • Yes C2F.

        In addition to the negative publicity after her video, the impossible reality of a three-peat ME crown and then not even making the top 16 first cut.

  32. “According to an insider” YAN HA. Pwedeng tama o mali bahala na kayo kung papaniwalaan niyo.

    “One thing is for sure within this week Imelda is no longer the Miss Philippines Earth, Kara Gregorio will assume her position announcement will be made after the holidays.”

    • Kung gusto uli sumali ni Kiara ng patimpalak ng kagandahan gaya ng BbPilipinas ay huwag nyang tanggapin ang offer to replace Imee.
      Pero kung wala na syang balak uli ay tanggapin na nya.
      Hilaw para sa akin na naging ME2016 dahil sa dethronement ni Imee.
      Di rin nya naEnjoy ng husto pagiging Miss Earth dahil di cya nakasali sa International Competition.
      Did somebody help her to consult a psychiatrist?
      Opinyon ko lang hihihi.

  33. If dethrowning her is the answer to save MEP , so be it.

    But, it is also unfair for Imelda s runner up to take the responsibility , where the International pagent just ended. What if Gregorio wants to join MEP 2017 ?

    That s just me !

  34. Okay, with the post provided by SF, i strongly believe that Kiara (MEP2016-air) will replace Imee’s pedestal. Dethronement or resignation? No one knows. Pero sa tingin ko ipapalabas na nagresign si Imee, para di masyadong masamang tingnan. Naku!!! Nababahala na naman ako kung anu na naman itatalak ni Imee, if ever meron man. Sana, kung totoo man to, she will accept this gracefully na lang.

  35. Enough na siguro. We’ve been skirting around this issue for so long. If half hearted sya sa responsibilities nya and if hindi sya happy under the scrutiny of netizens and media – nag resign nalang sana sya noon pa lang at nag babad sa beach sa Palawan with her privacy intact. Greed nalang ba to to go on? I don’t think prinessure nating pageant fans mag back to back to back sya. Kahit pano naman reasonable tayo. Gets naman natin na lulubog yang pageant na yan if nangyari yun. She should just have been a gracious hostess and enjoyed the whole experience. Kahit hindi pa sya beauty queen – kahit sister mo nalang yan or anak – hindi tama na palampasin ang ganyang behavior and pass it off as something cool. To get captured on video saying politically incorrect things – nakakahiya talaga. para naman wala kayong pinagsabihan.

    What’s more damaging after her long list of shenanigans? She was not even taunted by her supporters to say something fun and nasty. She just blurted it out on her own. Even the cheers of the people captured on video sounded really awkward like woops may mali ata.

    • Very well said! Ang galing mo talaga Laila!

      After all sa mga kahihiyan na ginawa niya, tayo pa din magpapalampas at uunawa sa kahihiyan niya? No way!

      We can forgive her! But she should face the consequences of all her misdeamenor.

      Dethronement is best for her!

  36. She aint ready for the concrete jungle. The fast-paced life of the metro. I forgive you girl. Resign and go back to where you feel most comfortable. In the loving arms of Palawan. May you find yourself Imelda. Goodluck and God Bless.

  37. Imelda is a victim of circumstances. Public is quick to judge and very unforgiving. They havent seen life on the side of Imelda, and yet they judge her. Imelda is not perfect, and we dont know what she have gone through and what shes going through. Stop judging her, she has her own battles. She may not be right all the time, but just like any other person, she needs love and understanding.

    • Baby Nica ano ba ginawa ng KF kay Imelda? bakit nagkaganun ang alaga ni Rodgil? Di ba ipinagmamalaki mo ang KF! Tama o Mali?

      • Veejay now I know how really shallow your mind is. I think there are only 4 parts of it EG/SS & KF/AcesQueens. Nica makes sense.

      • VJ, how many times do I have to say that I am not in any way connected with KF for any beauty camp? I am just a pageant entusiast who supports our queens. I am oftenly bashed because of my objectivity in supporting our queens but I dont mind. At the end of the day, I just want all our representatives to be successful. And with all the pressure they are facing in their respective competitions abroad, I cannot add more pressure to them. I support them in any way I can.

      • Baby Nica many thanks for your quick reply!
        Ganun naman pala yun. Noted! 😘

        At sa iyo naman Jeremi, sa susunod kapag hindi ikaw ang tinatanong huwag kang sasagot. Para hindi humahaba ang usapan. Ano hane ok ba yun? GMRC yan nung elementary ka pa. Baka nakalimutan mo lang. kaya tama lang na may magpaalala sa iyo! Peace be with you hane! ✌️️

      • At ikaw may manners ka ba? Ikaw ang nauna. Hala kain na sa Jollibee!!! para sosyal ka hahahahaha

    • Boooo!!!!
      Mukha mo, Hindi ka taga KF??!! WTF!! Sino niloko mo? Sarili mo? Sabagay, matagal mo na niloloko ang sarili mo.

      E kulang na lang ipangalandakan mo na KF ang pinaka magaling na beauty camp e. Sabay ngayon, nachichicken ka? Lol

      Wala namang mali sa KF and we acknowledge what they have contributed to the Philippine pageantry. Pero yung mga kagaya mong supoorter ang humihila sa KF pababa.

      Nakakaawa ka! Lol. Dapat sayo iOust sa blog na to.

    • Well, well, well. Tama ba tong nababasa ko nica? And dating die hard fan at tagapagtangol ng KF at numero unong nanglalaiy sa A&Q ay unti unti ng nagiging neutral sa 2 campo. Still cant forget our arguements tungkol sa the best camp in the philippines. Congrats sayo at unti unti mo ng naappreciate ang A&Q and keep up the good work ija.

      • Landi, Never did I make lait to any beauty camp. And I say it again, I am not associated to any beauty camp. I am a fan of pageantry, not of beauty camps.

  38. Diosmio mga bakla di na gets ang article ni Norman…well this is such an article that is written intellectually, deeply and clinically at that. No wonder mga baklang pangit di naintindihan. Pero pagdating sa gowns, SS, daming nag mamarunong. Let’s talk more about this Norman 😀💙

  39. Galing lang ako sa isang article. If it’s true that her actions are stemming from psychological issues, then KF should assist her in getting help that she needs and reflect on her case and this incident. Sa totoo lang the more news I hear about Imelda the more I wonder about how KF scouts and grooms their trainees these days. Nakakabahala. We pressure our other queens to transform but we have the likes of Imelda who got worse as the months of her reign pass. Nakakabahala, makes me wonder how she got this far in the first place, because honestly I don’t think her beauty is enough to justify her misgivings. Her early beaucon days were sketchy…pero nakalusot parin. I hope KF is assessing this matter properly dahil sayang rin naman ang pangalan nila kung mapapabayaan lang ng ganito.

    • You have a good point here. And the Carousel Production should dethroned her quickly so as not to stain the whole philippine pageantry. And what’s the use of runners up in this regard?

      Ano ba nangyari sa training niya bakit siya nagkaganun? Or ganun ka praning na ba talaga siya kahit noon pa?

      Anyway, i believe Filipino people will be happy if she’ll be replaced by her runner up!

    • Maybe KF pushed her too early, kumbaga minadali ang pagpapahinog nya. she’s 21, dapat nag eenjoy muna sya kung ano ung gusto nyang gawin. if she wants to be a popstar, sana nirefer ng KF to sa mga record producers. from there, she will meet many people and different kinds of attitude that could enhance her social skills. kung natatakot ang KF na mawala yung freshness nya, ilang taon lang naman yung 2-3 years. parang nabilanggo bigla si Imee sa pageantry world. like janicel, if she was given 2-3 years, for sure nakapagtapos na yun ng pag-aaral at malay nyo sa edition na sasalihan nya eh maiuwi nya ang corona. kung 90’s era lang, 19 is the new 23 sa millenials ngayon 23 is the new 19.

      • Ang hilig ng KF magpadala ng Hilaw!..
        Hindi pa ba sila nadala kay Janina San Miguel?!..
        Pati si Janicel sana mas malayo ang naabot kung nakapaghintay lang ng konti…

        Imelda was only 17 during her 1st BBP stint…

  40. Tito norms, im just intrigued kung kelan lang ba tong nagyaring event (referring to the vid posted by Pageanthology), is it before the pageant night, to be specific, during the welcoming of the candidates or pagkatapos na ng pageant night? Infairness tito norms ang ganda ng pagkagamit mo ng metaphor sa last paragraph mo. Parang “Imelda: the exotic-wild bird”

  41. Ang daming marunong at daming mga paliwanag!

    Isa lang ang diperensya ni Imelda!

    Utak niya ang problema!

    She need clinical help!

    She should be dethroned!

    After all the mess, Philippines doesn’t deserve her!

    Please palitan na sya! Nakakahiya!

      • Mali din ang “gramatika”. Walang ganung hiram na salita sa wikang Filipino sapagkat mayroong katumbas na salita ang grammar at ito ay “Balarila”. NKKLK.

  42. oh man, how sad for the turn of events

    she is pretty, for sure

    i hope that she gets the help and support that she needs.

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