43 comments on “Sunday Specials: We have a new Mister Model International Philippines 2016!

  1. Miguel during the search for MGP2016.
    May dating naman sya at maipagmamalaki rin.
    5’11” in height. Puede di ba.
    May training pa naman kaya wait tayo sa transformation.

  2. I-dethrone na si Imelda. Yung sa hitler issue, forgivable naman yun kasi kabobohan yun. Pero yung sabihin niya na “yung nanalo peke ilong, peke baba, peke boobs”, bad attitude yun na di dapat i-tolerate. Nakaka-grrrr Haaaaaaays sumasama nanaman ugali ko. Pakidethrone na rin po ako sa title kong Miss Grandma International 1953.

    • Mars, wag naman…down na nga yung tao, tapakan pa talaga natin…kahit papaano kapwa natin yan…wag naman sanang ganoon….hindi naman siguro tayo lahat perpekto at may kanya-kanyang pagkakamali tayo…wat merit shall we get kung ipa-dethrone natin sya?

      • Dethrone her and let her do say things she want! At least wal siya nirerepresent na organization. But as long as she is the face of miss earth philippines she must act, say things accordingly to the standards of the org.

        My god bes asan ang logic mo.

        Di lang name ng miss earth pinapahamak niya kundi pati ang bansang nakasulat sa sash niya.

      • The way she talks , not just what she says, is very disappointing . Parang Kanto girl Lang, Hindi BQ.
        I think she’s going to be fired if she has not resigned yet

  3. Tito Norms, if I may digress a bit – kudos to Don Mcgyver Cochico for making it to the Top 16 of Manhunt International 2016 won by Sweden out of 43 candidates. But of course you already know that. 😁

  4. Talo si Don Mcgyver Cochico sa Manhunt International, kahit special awards wala yatang nakuha. What can you say C2F?

    • Patrik Sjoo of Sweden won the Manhunt International 2016 pageant today on 29th October 2016 in OCT Harbour City in Shenzhen, China. He succeeds June Macasaet of Philippines as Manhunt International winner. Patrik is 24 years old and 1.86 meters tall. He hails from Stockholm.
      Here are the complete results.
      Manhunt International 2016 SWEDEN – Patrik Sjoo
      1st Runner Up is HONG KONG – Ba Te Er
      2nd Runner Up is ENGLAND – Chris Bramell
      3rd Runner Up is ANGOLA – Mauricio Eusebio and
      4th Runner Up is BRAZIL – Ramon Pissaia
      Here is the list of special award winners.
      1 Mr. Photogenic :HONG KONG
      2 Mr. Physique : SINGAPORE …
      3 Mr. Friendship : PERU
      4 Mr. Personality : VENEZEULA
      5 Best Runway Model : GUAM
      6 Best Performance : ANGOLA
      7 Best Vigour : NEW ZEALAND
      8 Best Commercial Model MACAU
      9 Best Asia Model : CHINA
      10 Best European Model : GERMANY
      11 Best America Model : DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
      12 Best Charm : ROMANIA
      13 Best Sunshine FACE : FERNANDO DE NOROHA
      14 Best Image Representative: MONGOLIA
      15 Best Fashion Model : HONG KONG
      16 Best Sexy Model : DENMARK
      17 Best Masculine Charm: CZECH REPUBLIC
      18 Best Stage TV Movie Model: KOREA
      19 Mr. Internet Popularity :THAILAND
      20 Best in National Costume : THAILAND

      • @ Carl : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

        WORST male pageant I’ve seen so far! Snail’s pace and lack of organization / utter chaos on stage. Intermittent streaming. And out-going 2012 titlist Mr. June Macasaet became little more than an “escort”.

        It made the MUA 2016 look better. Disappointing given the longevity of Manhunt. Change is needed.

      • Don may not have won the crown but he was a semifinalist……. He shouldn’t be classified as a clapper. We shouldn’t also condemn him for airing his beliefs and values. This is a free country and what he said was just based on how he was brought up, morally upright and conservative.

    • He might have lost in Manhunt, but he already won my heart. Hihihi! Hindi kase ‘pang-pageant ang look ni Don, but he can make it in showbiz.

      • @C2F, LOL, d more u hate di more u love…

        @Andrew, TY! ayaw yata mag photoshoot na naka brief ni Mamang Pulis or baka di siya nakitulog sa sponsor, chos!

  5. What are spare tires for, after all.

    Having said that, it would be a pity if Mr. Luis Trujillo’s modelling tilt will be unable to appreciate the charms of the Campampangan Gent.

    Like his co-Gent Andrea Biondo, his post-pageant activities are reported on the Gentlemen fanpage.

    A fitness trainer by profession, he is blessed with a pleasant bass voice, is well-bred (at a bow-tie Rotary Club event in Cavite province some months back, he was the only Gentleman who knew the proper way to hold a wine glass – at the STEM), and is involved in youth-oriented charity endeavors initiated by his town’s local government.

    He recently participated in an Iron Man-type outdoor event in his native Pampanga, and in the after-race party, exuberantly reveled in the prime of his youth.

    And if Serbia’s rep to Mister Model International will show up at New Delhi next month, Mr. Maliwat might just meet his “separated-at-birth” brother. LOL.

    Good luck, Migs !

  6. The reason of Job Abogado is weak. Bu be that as it may, may bagong alagaan si Sir Norman, make him win.

  7. Based on Job’s statement, he seems to have impregnated his girlfriend or wife? I hope I was wrong.

    Anyway, congratulations to the replacement. May he carry the torch with compassion in honor of his country. Charot.

      • Once is enough, two is too mucheey.

        “Core value” statement is deemed Megan Young’s copyright in beauty pageant’s QnA/speech portion.

        Just recently, Felicia Hwang infringed it during the speech portion of the Miss International beauty pageant. Though she sounded good in her delivery, the statement became too mucheey. Hence, she ended a third placer. (Besides the fact na ‘di naman talaga s’ya kagandahan. Hihihi!)

    • @ Ana Winter : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      My take on this is financial in nature, as he has “been pledged to receive”… “career-related project/endeavor”… “outside the organization”.

      In his Feature in Misterology, he had to put his Criminology course on hold to support his family, taking on modelling jobs. This was prior to his joining the Gentlemen pageant.

      But it has always apparently been about “family-related commitments” in the end.

      I do not like to speculate or read between the lines, merely take things as they are WRITTEN.

      • I hope you were also not wrong, Andrew my dear.

        However, his closing statement that says “…changes in my personal life” strongly supports his “…prioritize other family-related commitments.” His statement is not too cryptic for us to read between the lines.

        It’s too lame an excuse to say he has to support his family on financial matters when he is already in the limelight and will have better opportunities in modeling and, perhaps, showbiz exposures. That is unless a rich gay or cougar benefactor has already bought him out from his Mister Gentleman commitments, thus, his contention on prioritizing family-related matters.

  8. Mga sis…sa totoo lang medyo sumakit din ang kalooban ko na hindi nakapasok si Imelda…ang hindi ko lang maintindihan, mukhang pinabayaan naman yata ng Kagandahang Flores….Kahit pa naman siguro totoo yung mga alegasyon sa kanya, i think, dapat, hindi naman sana sya pinabayaan…Dapat siguro, panahon na upang pumasok ang Aces sa ME..para makuha natin ang Miss Earth crown next year!

    • ano? juice ko poh.. nagbabalak ka pa talagang manalo tayo uli eh Denmark nga di na magpapadala next year, dahil di sila sang-ayon sa pagpili ng winners, isama mo pa ang ibang countries like PR, puro na lang ba tayo dapat manalo?

      • Girl, hindi naman sa ganun…syempre naman, lahat ng mga candidates kailangang dumaan sa evaluation procedure para manalo. As a Filipino, natural na sa akin na ang suporta ko ay para sa Pilipinas. Swerte kung manalo tayo. Kung hindi man din, so, deserve ng ibang candidates. Ang labanan naman sa pagandahan may criteria. Kaya, kung deserve ulit nating manalo, dapat lang na manalo tayo. Kung deserve ng ibang kandidata na manalo, so dapat manalo sila. Kung hindi na magpadala si Denmark ng candidate nila, choice nila yun..anyway, sino ba talaga sila? Hindi naman sila super power sa pageantry.

  9. Ayan na, ME Denmark franchise di na magpapadala ng rep.. kasi itong ME maka latina juice ko po.. paulit ulit na lang ang brazil, venezuela, parang sila na lang ang me karapatan manalo. Apat pa silang latina.. ME should learn how to switch goal of looking for a winner. kasi nakuha na nila ang formula ng ME eh.

    • Correct. ME loves belofied beauties. Scrap Miss Earth pageant! Justice for Imelda Hitler Einstein Henry vda de Rambutan!

    • Pero girl, pwd tayong manalo most of the time. Pero yan, nakadepende sa hard work ng kandidata, ng training camp, at ng suporta nating mga beking Pilipino.

  10. Nice body but ….
    I hope he looks a lot better in person and …. thatv he is personable talented and well-spoken.

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