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  1. Yung issue kay Ecuador wala naman proof.

    3 days ago pa before the coronation night maingay yan. FYI Nag simula yan sa missosology MISS EARTH thread pero walang proof! Yung sinasabi pala nilang sponsor eh yung bagets na Phoenix head. Nag simula yan nung nagpa photo op si Kuyang pogi sakanya. Oo, pogi Siya. Sinundan pa yung rumor, kasi nga diba lurker ng misso mga tao kahit candidates, yung nag post yung friend ni Stephie sa instagram na agad naman dineny ni Katherine. Nag ugat lahat yan kasi parati daw may bulaklak si Ecuador. According kay Ecuador galing daw yung gifts and flowers sa fans niya.

    Eto lang ha.. sa panahon ngayong ma-gadget tayo,
    Picture or it didn’t happen.

    Since day 1 palaban na yang ateng niyo. Nung coronation night umariba padin. Iba gusto ko manalo pero di ko din idedeny na palaban si Ecuador. Hirap kasi puro hear say eh..

    Yung kay Imelda naman, kailangan niya magpatingin sa Doctor. Sana i-dethrone siya ng carousel! Nakakahiya siya!

  2. After ecuador won ME16 wearing an almodal gown, maghahanash pa kaya si mareng leo? Girrrrrlllll!!!! 3 years in a row ka ng nagbibihis ng winner sa ME? Stop the hanash na. Maging proud kna sa feat na ginawa mo.

  3. Credible results! Good call on not letting Imelda (Philippines) get past the semi-finals. Congratulations to Ms Ecuador!

  4. Maiba lang. I’m so excited for Miss World 2016. Ang lakas ng feeling ko about Catriona. She’s one of the girls, if not, the girl to beat. Ang lakas ng winning aura niya. I couldn’t even take my eyes off of her sa video below. I think she can dance well enough to give a good performance para sa Dances of the World.

    BTS footage nya for her video profile sa MW youtube page. I have a feeling it will come out tomorrow or sometime next week because I just checked MW’s youtube page and the most recent video on there is Peru’s video profile.

    • No question.. Catriona Gray is the Total package… Based on my research on other girls she’ll be competing with, only Miss USA(coincidentally, she’s half-Filipina as well) is almost of the same caliber level when it comes to background… But when it comes to face and bone structure, Cat is the best girl so far.

      All the other contestants should bring all their A-gane cause Catriona is the girl to beat!!!

  5. Just doing the rounds of pageant groups on Facebook and online and its really bad. Like really, really bad. Like there’s no let-up at all with the amount of negativity and mudslinging being exchanged (which I must confess I have succumbed to contributing). After about 2 hours of reading everything and posting my two cents, I physically got a tooth-ache.

    Is this the price to pay for a crown?? Whatever amount of goodwill one expects to generate from a win is simply erased by one wayward, irresponsible social-media post and that’s multiplied by a thousand. And no one bothers to even verify if its true which is harder given that truth seems to be flexible on social-media.

    And you start questioning whether one decent defence or argument will actually make a difference when people just refuse to listen to it. At the end of the day, people just choose the side they want to be on and would die defending that side- regardless of the actual outcome. Today in pageantry, everything is just reduced to getting that crown, to winning.

    But it seems that all of us are actually losing.

    • Just ignore them.

      My bet was Viet Nam……I wanted her to win.

      Norman nailed it , again. Congratulations!

    • In the age of social media where rumor mongering can destroy one’s life, I think we should practice fact-checking before making any judgment.

    • Sad is the word.

      There seems to be a need for the Internet to be policed and for real identity to be required when posting or commenting on the Internet to ensure accountability, to encourage responsibility and to uphold the rule of law.

      The Internet is immensely useful and has become integral to modern life, but we must learn to utilize this amazing technology not to mankind’s detriment but to its betterment.

    • here’s a sad example. kylie was interviewed about her win and she said that when she won her first reaction was to cover her face (at first i thought it was a nod to the japanese way fo covering their face when laughing), because, she’s been told that she has an “ugly cry” or she doesn’t look good when she’s crying, can’t remember exactly.
      it was devastating to hear!
      it does not matter now, she is an acknowledged beauty and with a crown to show for it.

      the trolls/bashers/bullies just have a warped sense of reality, with no sense of how their hateful words could affect people. and it doesn’t help that the interwebs is like an incubator for misinformation, straight out lies and consipracy theories.

      having said all that, this blog is 1 of the 2 that i contribute to as i find the people here more respectful.
      even at it’s most heated, the comments section had been fairly tolerable

  6. Video ni Mama Jonas este ni Alyz Henrich kasama ang alagang c De Zorzi. Dapat nagEnglish na lang sana sa Q&A c Zorzi dahil marunong naman sya, baka mas maganda pa ang kalalabasan ng sagot nya hihihi

  7. I’m secretly wishing na si Brazil ang manalo. Siya pinakamaganda for me kagabi. Although si Ecuador ang prediction ko. Haha

    Sa tingin ko naka-epekto yung pag-english sa final q and a. Kaya top 2 si Ecuador at Colombia. Kasi aminin naman natin (or ako lang? haha) di na natin iniintindi yung pinagsasasabi ni translator. Hahaha

    Surprise ang ganda ni Vietnam. Sana patuloy sila magsend ng worthy candidate.

    I love Stephanie de Zorzi. Kaso medyo ka-disappoint kasi halatang di sya masaya sa placement nya. Sana nagpaka-professional siya sa harap ng camera.

    PS. Congrats to all. 😘😘😘

  8. congratulations, miss ecuador!
    it does not surprise me that ecuador is successful in this environmental themed competition, they have such well developed eco-tourism infrastructure and history to back it up.

    from wikipedia:
    With the enactment of the 2008 Constitution, Ecuador became the first country in the world to codify the Rights of Nature. The Constitution, specifically Articles 10 and 71-74, recognizes the inalienable rights of ecosystems to exist and flourish, gives people the authority to petition on the behalf of ecosystems, and requires the government to remedy violations of these rights. The rights approach is a break away from traditional environmental regulatory systems, which regard nature as property and legalize and manage degradation of the environment rather than prevent it.[39]

    The Rights of Nature articles in Ecuador’s constitution are part of a reaction to a combination of political, economic, and social phenomena. Ecuador’s abusive past with the oil industry, most famously the class-action litigation against Chevron, and the failure of an extraction-based economy and neoliberal reforms to bring economic prosperity to the region has resulted in the election of a New Leftist regime, led by President Rafael Correa, and sparked a demand for new approaches to development. In conjunction with this need, the principle of “Buen Vivir,” or good living—focused on social, environmental and spiritual wealth versus material wealth—gained popularity among citizens and was incorporated into the new constitution.[40]

    The influence of indigenous groups, from whom the concept of “Buen Vivir” originates, in the forming of the constitutional ideals also facilitated the incorporation of the Rights of Nature as a basic tenet of their culture and conceptualization of “Buen Vivir.” [41]

  9. Miss Earth – Danaya
    Miss Earth Air – Amihan
    Miss Earth Water – Alena
    Miss Earth Fire – Pirena

    Viva Encantadia!!

  10. Gaano ba ka totoo na pinahiram ni Imelda si Ecuador ng gown since hindi sya nakuha?

  11. Nanood ako live. Fr lower box pinababa kami sa vip para mukhang puno. Sabi ng mga beks pinakamaganda si Vietnam (Naku dapat talaga,magaral sila dito Maglakad at q and a)im expecting an Ecuador win same as Norman though wishing an asean (Vietnam )to be in top 4. Ecuador looks young in person parang 18 lang. Sabi ng mga beks pinakamaganda si viet sa pre pageant no make up. Kaya hinayang ako para sa kapitbahay

    • Mos of these girls look a lot older on tv . In person, they are like any 18-27 yo girls.

  12. Kaya naman pala ng Miss Earth mag produce ng quality production. Sablay Lang sa last coronation song, parang nursery rhymes lol. Any, maganda ang production, hindi pahuhuli sa MGI. Congrats!

    • Accdg. to John Paul Hamilton sa FB nya:
      I guess the rumours about Ecuador sleeping with a sponsor who promised her a crown is true. I even complained to carousel that she spent the night in a sponsors room and changed her ticket for an extra four days. I was right. This is sad.

      • Prostitute front pala ang Miss Earth. Miss Ecuador looks like a cheap one nga.

      • @Pipo… National director ng denmark c Hamilton.
        Pero kung ireplay mo ang video, deserving naman c Ecuador at pinakamaganda yung answer nya unless kung totoo yung sabi ni hamilton at kung nabigyan pa sya ng final question ahead.
        Pero tsismis naman daw ito sabi ni hamilton. Sino kaya nagtsismis kay Hamilton, abangan hihihi

      • Disappointed ako SA post mo bong700.

        You are creating intrigu.es. para ano??? You want Imelda to win???

        Only stupid and gullible pinoys believe that silly rumor.

      • To the peeps. Im a believer of what u say about other people say also a lot about you pero in line of this issue walang usok kung walang apoy. 3 Na kandidata na nag confirm ng tsika na yan at hindi sila tsismosa. Plus pa mga beki na di naman magkakilala. Take note secluded mga candidates kaya alam nila mga gawain nila.

    • Anu ba naman yan. Kada may mananalo may tsismis. Shunga lang. Bitterness to the highest level yang mga yan….kay indonesia MGI ba wala tsismis? Lol.
      I like the results. Proper placement. Pero mas gusto ko manalo una sj venenzuela para sampal kay osmel yan. Or si colombia. Para naman mabawasan ang galit ng mga yan. Pero mukang magagalit na naman ay ala MU ang placement. Pero deserving din naman sya kung beauty pag uusapan. Ganada kaya nya. Si brazil talaga ang sure na last. Dapat andun din si peru eh. Para matahimik din si laura spoya. Very credible ang result. Brain over beauty.

    • @bong, Ecuador should be dethroned if this was true. But I don’t think it is

    • @Bong700

      I don’t think this is true…
      How would he know about it?! Did he plant a homing device on her?! Does he have cameras hidden inside the whole hotel? Where is his proof?! And regardless if it’s true or not, Miss Ecuador has proven, that she is the most desserving winner throughout the competition… He should’ve picked a better representative for Denmark if wants a better placement… One who could charm the host country and can at least communicate fluently.

      Bitterness to the nth level…

  13. Imelda had so much potentials . To me, she has been the prettiest MEP to date. And she sounds really good . I wonder why she did what she did. Was she trying to impress Austria that she knew something about Hitler even though she’s thousands of miles away? Doesn’t she know that any information is just Siri or Wikipedia away?
    She must be immature or just plain stupid.
    I really don’t know if she will be able to participate in other national pageants anymore. I was hoping that she could be our rep to the Miss U or Miss I pageant . I don’t think it will happen . So let’s move on to another pretty lass.

  14. I’m wondering if Miss Earth was held in say Bogota in Colombia, Lima in Peru or Caracas in Venezuela would there be crowned an “all Asian” court? Especially with the Philippines on a sizzling streak of success. Just thinking out loud.

    That said, for the sake of diplomacy AND to calm criticism had another Asian been crowned Miss Earth, the all Latina court is just what the pageant-world needed to appease and to calm those equally passionate fans in Latin America (until the next Big 4 pageant of course)…😉😉😊

    Thank you MEO!

    • S. Chang, sana nga ganyan ang mangyari. Baka ang result pa ngayon ay mas magmaldita pa sila at sasabihing “See, Latinas are really more beautiful than Asians because the Top 4 of ME are from latin america”. hihihi

  15. I wonder why Norman Did not set up a live feed on ME16 . A lot of people think He considers this pageant of lesser importance compared to MU MI MW MGI and even BP.

      • Ako ba yung bong fabian? hihihi
        Ang binanggit ko ay MU lang and i’m sure you will agree with me. Aminin!
        Mabuti na rin na di naglagay si Sir Norman ng Livestreaming dahil maiinis ka lang sa livestreaming ng Rappler dahil naputol. hihihi.
        Konti pa ang nanood sa Rappler wala pang 20T. Kung kay Mocha Uson sana ang livestreaming baka abot pa ng Million viewers hihihi… Sa totoo lang, kunti na ang nagbabasa sa Rappler hihihi.
        Nag-unsubscribe na nga ako dyan hihihi

      • Fabian, Starlet lng ako. Walang makakaagaw sa Korona ng friend nating c Mslilith hi hi hi 😄
        Magagalit sa yo ang mga friends mong sina basil at C2F nyan hi hi hi.

    • Nag judge si norman last night sa isang pageant kaya wala sya masyadong time sa ME kagabi.

  16. Very likeable si Ecuador, maganda at mukhang friendly. Higit sa lahat good English skills, which ME could really use to promote their cause. I actually like that ME is serious about their platforms, they may not be as visible in mainstream social media but a lot of international environmental groups are aware of their projects. ME has a lot to improve in terms of what fans expect of them on the entertainment side of it but I guess it’s hard to juggle between coming up with a good show and focusing on environmental projects. I think they’re giving their best in every show and we should at least appreciate that. Congratulations Carousel Production, more power!

  17. i think Ms ecuador is the most attractive winner so far. i just cant take my eyes off her.

  18. Question, yung top 4 ba sa Miss Earth ang mga bagong Sanggre? Sila na ba ang bagong tagapangalaga ng brilliante ng hangin, lupa, tubig at apoy?
    Lakas mka-Encantadia ng Miss Earth

  19. Mas magtrending yata si Miss Indonesia kesa kay Miss Ecuador dahil sa mali nyang pagdinig ng Miss Italy.
    Tapos gumawa pa ang Missosology ng di magandang video sa nangyari kay Miss Indonesia Kaya puro hashtag na #RIPmissosology ang mababasa sa Missosology pages from Indonesian fans.
    JawsKuh naman kasi kapag mga laking kalye ang nagmamarunong na taga press, kaya ayan ang kinalalabasan…
    Mabuti pa sa blog ni Sir Norman, may mga breeding at matataas ang pinag-aralan…CHAROT hihihi

    • @ bong700 : Good morning/evening.

      Miss Indonesia let the tears fall towards the end of her apology to her country, care of Sash Factor.

      • @Andrew
        Nauna ng nagsorry si Indonesia pero ginawan parin ng di magandang video by Missosology. Binura na ang video but the damage is done.

      • If at all, the hosts should have said sorry to her for not making themselves clear

      • Kawawa talaga c Indo fabian. Kawawa din c Madam imee.
        Nanotice nyo ba na kamukha ni Indo Earth at Indo MGI c MJ. Parang sabay pumunta sa doctor ang dalawa dala ang picture ni Mj hi hi hi.

  20. Paano ngyari na si Ms Ecuador ang ngsuot ng gown ni Imelda nung hinde nakapasok sa top 15 si Imelda? Last minute decision? Parang, uy Ms Philippines since di ka pasok sa semis ako na lang gamit ng gown mo. Ganun? Unless same sila ng gown na dapat isusuot which is para imposible naman

  21. Wow, all the winners look gorgeous . I just wish they had included 1 or 2 more African or carribean in the semifinals

  22. Both Ecuador & Colombia did really. Both also answered in English. Venezuela is just pretty. Reminds me of Teresa.

  23. Congratulations to Miss Ecuador and her lovely Latina court.
    I’m glad this pageant has concluded.
    It is one of those ‘rare’ occasions the Philippines did not place but it was not a shock either.
    It is almost a relief I’m sad to admit.
    We move on to November and look forward to Supranational, Globe and World.

  24. I was confident Venezuela would win but Ecuador is not a bad choice anyway. I haven’t watched the pageant yet and people are still not satisfied with the results. Hay naku, Carousel productions should invest on rehersals like Miss Universe at LCDs para magmukhang bongga. Hay, malay naman natin after this bongga na.

    • The producion is the most fabulous so far. Ecaudor won it squarely. She’s very attractive and smart.

  25. Filipinas now has an ally in Latin America – Global, then United Continents, and Earth now. LOL.

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