76 comments on “Joanna Eden | All pumped up for Miss Supranational 2016

  1. I think joanna is really beautiful. She resembles Ara Arida. The only thing I can’t seem to find in her is the hunger and the desire to win another Supra crown for the philippines. But then again, who am I to say that. Hindi ko naman siya kilala personally. I still wish her the best and I hope she surprises us on that final night. Pak ganern dapat si ateng.

  2. She was one of my favorite specially in MU. Pwede na. Pero not now 2018 sana or 2019 para mas ok ang lahat sa kanya. Nakikita ko kase kahit ok ang transformation nya now. Hinde pa din sapat i think for MU. Kailangan medyo mature pa ng konte ang hitsura pero mala MU 100%. Masyado pa kase syang bata. Pero masyado nya ginalingan during bbp ayan naging bbp supra.
    But i think supra org like her latest photo. Well we’ll see if this supra is intercon 2.0 remember jen hammond. Pero wag naman sana. Good luck girl!

  3. Nichole Manalo has gotten better with Interviews – she’s more fluent now and shows a lot of personality when she talks.
    Maxine, on the other hand,has not improved a bit. She will be top 5 at the most.
    As for Eden, she seems too shy and just like Nicole C , her beauty is debatable . SobHer performance at Supra will depend on her styling .. esp hair and make up.

    I hope BP will prioritize on facial beauty . And hopefully, they choose queens who have great interpersonal and comm skills pref those who have had media exposure lived abroad or obtained their education at a prestigious school. If not , they should have the personality of Ariska or Mutya.

    • What? Debatable? I think Joanna expecially in the last pic above has a slight resemblance to Kylie Verzosa.

    • @fabian

      Regarding Maxine, perhaps she may be prompted to answer in Tagalog if she chooses to do so and it is IN Manila…in the event she advances to the top 5, of course.

      Who will complain? The Spanish speaking world who, if i recall, never had an MU winner answering in English. Add Riyo Mori in 2007 and the two Miss World winners from China of winning crowns despite answering in their national language.

      I’d prefer she’d answer in English to follow in the footsteps of Janine, Megan, Pia and Kylie (Janine was 1st runner up but had theeee best answer that year). But if there were any year to do so… this would be it…

      My opinion.. 😉😎😉

      • @saluda, she was speaking in Tagalog with Nichole during that interview. Nangangapa rin . Maybe she can get away with it by answering the question direct to the point with the fewest words possible. Somebody has to train her to stay calm and focused when the Mike is in front of her.

      • Im afraid i have to concede. The Phil queens now have a reputation to answer questions in English with eloquence and clarity. I was hoping Maxine’s nerves got the best of her at BbP and that will come out firing on all cylinders @ MU. Im just a little concerned now.

        Oh welll…we will see what the strategy is come January. Fingers crossed!

  4. Ok lang na we didn’t get ME, hindi naman araw-araw ay pasko. Tsaka lagi na lang ba tayo, baka one day wala ng sumali at mag-follow ng pageant. Kaya naiinis ako when I read posts from fans with questions like kesyo baket puro latina or baket wala asian sa final 5 etc. etc. etc. Hello, eh di sa Intercontinental kayo sumali where each continent is represented sa top 5. Kaloka mga fans, sala sa init sala lamig…mga Bon kwi kwi talaga!

  5. In the 16 years since Miss Earth was created, only two Pinays did’nt make the first cut: 2007 Jeanne Harn and 2010 Pysche Resus. This year 2016 Imelda Scheigwart joins the list

    • Imelda’s beauty is at par with the past miss Earth winners and yet she proved that beauty is just skin-deep… The irony…

      • Athena has a cute face… it matters a lot that the contestant has a beautiful face.. in any beauty p
        C2f, I like your philosophical bordering on magical way of thinking . But let us get physical sometimes hihihi

    • @bong, I’m glad Sweden did not make top 4 . It would be a damper To the candidates if she did. Her being in the semifinals alone was very generous . That spot should have been given to a more deserving candidate. I guess , to the MEO, she was Ms Philippines after all.
      Aw, congrats to the MEO for this seemingly busy and fun-filled fiesta of events. There’s nothing like ME hihihi

      • I don’t mind if Sweden wins as long as she nailed the Q&A and gave the best answer among the finalist Fabian. Ang daming mga Chaka Doll na nananalo at talo ang mga magagandang semifinalist. hihihi
        Hindi ko pa napanood yung interview sa Top 8, pero di naman ako atat na maview yun dahil di naman MU ang palabas …#fact #MUrules. hihihi

      • But bong , ‘aparador’. A beauty Quentin should be an epitome of beauty health grace and intelligence . Sweden prob got 2-3 of 4

      • OK Fabian… Di ko naman actually bet yung dalawa… No choice na lang kasi sila lang ang Pinay hihihi…. Support our own lang dapat. hihihi.. Pero c Colombia at Ecuador lang ang maganda sa apat kasi the other two ay di maganda pagkahiwa sa mukha.. #fact hihihi

      • My choice was Colombia . She was uber gorgeous. But the other 3 were pretty as well. Good choices this yr, I would say .
        Bong, the relationship between fans and candidates should be a 2-way street. If they play naughty or eat like there is no tom and not exercise, they do not deserve our push to make them win . We will clap for them alright but that’s all.

  6. Latina beauties dominated the miss earth pageant. Baka di nagpost si tito norms tungkol sa ME baka kase mapupuno lng yun ng kanegahan, kanegahan sa lahat ng aspect.

    My opinion:
    ME- ecuador
    Air- vene
    Water- colombia
    Fire- brazil

    Miss hispano-americana tierra 2016

  7. Party ng mga Latina sa top 4. Hahaha. Pagod sigurado interpreter nila. Haha. Ecuador na sana manalo. Siya pinakaokay and can speak english well. 🙂

  8. Epic fail si indonesia! Tinawag si italy siya yung bumaba. Ecuador wearing leo almodal gown made for imelda

  9. Wala bang post for Miss Earth? Lol.

    Nakakabwisit tong production ng Miss Earth. Nagmamadali mga hosts sa announcement ng top 16. Ganun din sa swimsuit, di pa nakakaAura contestant tatawagin na next kala mo may hinahabol na time yun pala may production pa tong 4th impact. Beauty pageant to, di concert. Mas gusto namin makita ng matagal mga girls. Kulang sa coordination hosts at camera man. Nasa isang girl pa tatawagin agad ung next contestant sa evening gown. Grrrrr. Anyway napasaya ko ng assumera ng taon: Indonesia. Haha.

    Here’s my bet:
    Miss Earth 2016 – Ecuador
    Air – Sweden
    Water – Venezuela
    Fire – USA

    • Na-awa na ako ngayon kay Imelda.. pinagfifiestahan sya ngayon sa social-media…

      Yes, publicity is publicity good or bad… But who would want to work with her in the future?… Kahit mga actors na kontra-bida roles, they are abosolute darlings behind camera… like Bella Flores, Celia Rodriguez and Katrina Halili… Minsan nga e mas me attitude pa ang mga bida pero pero sobrang ganda naman ng image nila sa public.

      • Ako man. Pinutakte siya ng mga Dutertards dahil sa hitler remark niya and they are cursing her. Actually she’s okay sabi niya sa post niya and she lend to Miss Ecuador yung gown na supposedly susuotin niya kung nakapasok siya. I wonder ano kaya ang original gown na ginawa ni Leo Almodal kay Miss Ecuador?

      • @c2f. Talagang nakaka awa. Oo lets say d rin maganda ang ginawa nya. Pero kung tutuusin wala namang masama sa sinabi nya. D30 is just a president at tao lang din and the fact is he is also doing a hitler dba. Aminin yan. Yang mga dutertards na yang mga nang babash sila ang OA at ubod ng sama. Kesyo may mga nagawa sa bansa exempted na. Mas nakakainsulto pa ang pag curse ni d30 sa mga matataas na official ng ibang bansa. Tapos mga dutertards okay lang para sa kanila. Ganyan lang daw si digong. Jusko.

      • Akala n’ya siguro may three peat ang Indonesia. Baka nag-ghost whisper si Cocoy. Hahahaha!

  10. I really hoped na proportioned lang yung size ng veneers nya, if ever pinadagdagan to. IMO, maganda at super maayos na yung ngipin nya during BBP days. Joanna for Supra!!!

  11. This “Duck Walk” must be the same as the “Could-Not-Care-Less Walk” that the Garden of Eden christened her pasarela with when she was featured on Missosology’s First Hot Picks a full month ago.

    I only ever saw videos of the flirtatious walks of Misses. Catacutan and Fadul in lingerie (?!) on the Supranational stage, so I assume that this pageant aspires for a more playful and free-spirited gal. Miss International it certainly is not!

    I hope this “Duck-That-Could-Not-Care-Less” will do the trick. As Observing You (below) observed, she has been assigned the campaign most appropriate for her. She should do well.

    Having said that and at the risk of being labelled an unpatriotic basher, I will repeat what I said in the earlier post on the Garden of Eden : I find Puteri Intan Aletrino more beautiful.

    I hope this will placate cocoy. For once, I agree with him.


      • @ cocoy : Hello again.

        Sorry for misreading you.

        May your popularity bring you to distant shores.

        I stand by my girl.

  12. Sa IG stories may photo sila ng bf nya naka bikini sya naka towel naman bf nya sa bathroom. Ang toned lang ng katawan nya lalo. Grainy yung photo ha pero what more if edited and photoshopped pa? Maganda na foundation. Lalo pang ma eenhance.

    • Teh, kaloka naman yung bikini at towel. Hindi ko napigilan ang mag-isip ng dirty. Anyway, open naman ako sa ganun basta’t walang buntisan na ganap. Hahaha anyway, diyosang diyosa si Eden sana rampadora siya sa Supra.

    • Hahaha.. Saw his BF na mahilig mag topless.. medyo hipon pero bawing-bawi sa abs… and take note, national athlete- sprinter and pilot… Sabagay, anhin mo mga model na guapo lang diba?

  13. I think Joana Eden will win. Her beauty has a class of its own. Mayamanin pero approachable, mahinhin pero kabobera at malakas ang sex appeal. Hindi na ako masyadong kakabahan sa kanya.


    • Naku Kokey ha… bet ko pa naman manalo si Eden sa MS.. Baka matalo ang Eden ko dahil sa mga pinagsasabi mo… Huwag kang ganyan at nagagalit na sa yo c Lord.. Baka ikaw pa ang dahilan sa pagkatalo ni Eden.
      Konting pino sa pagsasalita kagaya ni Queen Kylie para Good Vibes lang hihihi

  15. Noon pa naman na binabandera ko na Winner c Eden sa MS2016 kahit KF ka pa.
    Daanin lang sa Duck walk, konting smile to hide the Big veneers at kaway kaway lang ay nakabog mo na silang lahat.
    Just keep on smiling Eden no matter how tired, tense, anxious, nervous, or problems comes your way and your co-candidates and the organizers will love you.
    Good Luck 🙂

  16. Dedma mode dapat ang mga Pinoy fans sa mga bashers after a big victory like Miss International. We can be magnanimous. There will always be sour losers in every competition. We can’t control theim but we can always control our reactions to them. I read critiques in social media but I avoid ad hominem or bashing as they call it. It’s unhealthy. Ang mantra ko eh mamatay na Lang sila sa inggit. Dapat siguro may social media etiquette na dapat ituro sa school para we can avoid these unnecessary burden. Di naman nila ikakaganda ang pamba-bash. Anyway, lakas ng kutob ko may placement to si Joanna sa Miss Supranational kundi man title – kung ready na bang magbigay ng second crown ang org sa iisang bansa. Good luck Ms Eden!

    • Pero Dawn dapat ganyan din ang advice mo sa mga filipino fans pag natalo ang candidates natin…hays Filipino nga naman minsan pag sarili nila di nakikiya ang mali pero pag iba punang puna nila

  17. Keep it going Joanna Eden! We know you will…

    BbP reps 2016

    Intercontinental – top 15
    Grand International – 1st runner up
    International – winner
    Suprantional –
    Universe –

    Three down, three to go!

  18. With you all the way Joanna! Good luck girl we’ll pray for you. 100% agree with Tito norms too,we (Filipinos) are more decent, educated and well bred than those pessimistic bashers. We’re a class on our own. Support, encouragement, prayers n lng tyo with our reps. Kebs n s mga pangit at unsecured n mga nega!😃

  19. Si Joanna, Kylie at si Maxine ang nahulaan kong tama ang title nung BBP2016..
    Sa Supra kasi gandang di mo kailangan i-explain plus charming. Drop dead gorgeous pero innocent kaya malakas kumpyansa ko sa babaeng to.

    Sa totoo lang kung di nawala si Kim Ross siya din sana perfect para sa Supra. Victoria Secret angel peg.

    Haaay! Ang sarap bunalik sa era na to if ever tumanda na tayo.. yung babalikan mo at sasabihin mong na-witness mo kung paano nangyari yung pag angat ng gandang pinay sa iba’t-ibang pageants! Mabuhay ang gandang pinay!

  20. Haaays Joanna, my MUP2018. Ginalingan mo kasi masyado kaya nagka title ka eh. Pang MU ka talaga baby girl. Hays. Anyways, good luck sa Miss Supranational. Kayang kaya mo yan. Love you. 😘

  21. Di ko na maalala kung sino ang panel of Judges sa Binibini this year, si Olivia Jordan lang natandaan ko, but I think okay ang placements nila. Like this, Joanna is fit for Supra.

  22. Another very strong candidiate from the beauty powerhouse Philippines. Another lady sent to the right pageant. Joana can win all the way or at minimum Top 5 placement 🙂

  23. A reminder we Filipino pageant fans should religiously live by:

    “We have the big crowns for ourselves. We need not stoop down and be goaded into lashing back with hurtful replies. Our ladies have the X-factor in their dutiful preparations. And those are trade secrets that do not get stolen with just the flick of a finger. If you don’t have it, then you just don’t. Let’s be happy with our successes and exercise humility the best way we can- Norman Tinio”.

    Now, if I can just take back that voodoo curse I had my Haitian housekeeper cast against annoying Venezuelan and Colombian fans I should be all good…

  24. I love the two photos below. We rarely see Joanna in a darker shade of make up. She looks fierce on the close up pic, but she never loose the innocence in her.

    Good luck Joanna!

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