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  1. I know Aces & Queens has another Miss Universe potential in their bank and I am wondering what year she is going to be fielded, especially now that MUO modified the age requirement and increased it to 28.


  2. Congratulations and all the best Aces & Queens !
    May you keep the winning streak going !
    Next goal – MW 2016 🙂

  3. Isa po si rogdil flores sa tao sa likod ng miss earth. Malabong ipanalo nila nag a&q girls. You can check the video where he is assiting me candidates during the media presentation. Will try to look for the video.

    Nakakaloka pa rin si nega beauty ng palawan imelda! Away pa girl!

      • May nauna pa akong nakitang video noon na kasama si RF sa preparation ng ME. Kaya na nasabi ko sa comment ko b4 na may naganap na blood compact bet. Mama RF and Lukring Shock sa Cebu at Palawan ..Charot.. hihihi.
        Sana lang patas ang laban ang matamo ng Mama J. ladies sa ME. Wala pa naman yatang bonggang rep. ang A&Q sa ME national pageant.
        Makikita naman sa Coronation night kung sino ang may K na winners hihihi.
        Sana Tuloy lang ang bonggang events ng ME para pag-uwi ng contestants sa bansa nila ay maipagmalaki nila ang Pinas as tourist destination.
        Mabuhay ang ME organization at DOT 🙂

      • @bong700 i guess it was us who discussed about this blood compact when i commented that jehza huelar can be a rep of the Phil to ME, and nag react ka with that blood compact thingy. It gave me a good laugh actually. Hahhaha

      • Oo Mae.. Ito yung video na sinasabi ko hihihi.
        Assist sya sa mga awards.
        Parang may something wrong kay Mama RF. May sakit ba sya. Is he maintaining medicine for heart problem or anything. Tingin ko lang ha..Sana mali ako. PaGeneral Check up sya. Annual General Check-up my dear readers kailangan natin yan.

  4. O matakot na lahat ng kalaban…
    Ilabas nyo na lahat ng alas nyo….
    Catriona Gray is the girl to beat!!!!!

  5. talk about class, that’s A & Q. And yes, mama jonas is right – only 3 most prestigious major beauty pageants. nothing follows.

  6. Congratulations Aces and Queens! May you continue what you have started and produce more top caliber beauty queens. Thank you Jonas and company!

  7. I am wondering who will be the successor of these three lovely queens from Aces and Queens? I hope A&Q will continue to look for a batch of smart, talented and hopeful candidates. Praying for more crowns added to your collection. Keep up the good work Aces and Queen!

  8. Bravo to A&Q for its hardwork and never-ending search for potential beauty queens. Mind you everything they do is gratis et amore and yet their dedication is unquestionable. In this digital age, a beauty queen has become a brand image that can be lucrative long after her reign is over like Olivia Culpo and Megan Young, not to mention the loyalty of their fans has propelled them to greater heights. This is the new era of the pageant industry which has drawn a lot of girls and women to try their luck. A&Q has fortunately tapped on this and has made headways to ensure its ahead of the pack. Sana naman KF will change its system to adapt to the demands of modern times. Sayang ang competition. Indonesia and Thailand have opened their own beauty camps and in the next few years they will have the same success as we do.

  9. If memory serves me right, Mr. Gaffud was the one who went on social media in defense of Ms. Kim Ross de los Santos for her disqualification from the recent BBP pageant when test shots of her from a (modelling) go-see surfaced. The male model with her was nude, and I believe she wasn’t… (?). And I think the nudity was not the big(ger) issue?

    Musing : Had KRDLS been allowed to participate and had won, I wonder which title she might have bagged?

    @ Basil Valdez : If, indeed, Mr. Gaffud has become so influential that he can afford to turn down sending wards to the relatively-minor ME pageant (and I say this based solely on the fact that it has not been around as long as the others – MU, MW, and MI), then time will come when upstart pageants will seek legitimacy by seeking to attract A&Q girls. Jonas RULES!

    • Maybe KRDS could have been BBP- Intercontinental or Supranationalp… If she really played her cards well, 4M would be Intercon and KRDS would be Universe…

  10. @Dan Dan

    I was just thinking along the same lines. Venus Rah’s 4th runner-up placement at MU 2010 shattered the glass ceiling that allowed Philippine pageantry to skyrocket and reach to the stars!

    Indeed, indeed, indeed!

  11. Quite an accomplishment in 3 years!

    I still feel a debt of gratitude to Venus Rah. She started this streak when she refused to be railroaded by BBP. She inspired quality candidates to try out after the buzz she generated in Vegas.

    • Absolutely she will always be a major major source of pride for me too. She boldly went where no woman went in the preceding 11 years and even then, she blazed a trail for the Filipina beauty queen in the social media area. Her work has been done now.

  12. Give the credit when the credit is due. I think the best part of this is that they actually groom girls to be better version of themselves even after their pageant careers are over. Just look at Venus, Shamcey and the rest…Jonas is building quite an empire with his modelling agency too.

  13. Mother Earth is Shouting, Yelling and also Whispering to Aces and Queens “Pls. Save Me from Pollutants, Evils and Corrupt. Grandma Earth is not happy anymore”.
    That will be your next Mission Mama J. hihihi

      • Seems like Jonas is not interested with Miss Earth. I’m following him on IG and he is happy to have the 3 crowns, he never mentioned about ME. Thats the impression that I got based from his posts.

  14. To Aces and Queens;

    No words…only

  15. Megan is still the still most facially beautiful out of everyone / all the title holders.

    Very natural and timeless beauty

    Even before Miss World even started, she was the clear cut winner.

    Make up or not, she looks the same – beautiful

    Very smart too

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