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  1. Philippines fails to advance into Miss Earth top 16
    (philstar.com) | Updated October 29, 2016 – 8:00pm

    Below are the countries in the Top 16:

    South Korea
    Northern Ireland
    South Africa

    Top 8:


  2. Ecuador’s Katherine Espín is named Miss Earth 2016.
    (philstar.com) | Updated October 29, 2016 – 10:15pm

    Colombia’s Michelle Gomez is named Miss Earth – Air (first runner-up), Venezuela’s Stephanie De Zorzi is Miss Earth – Water (second runner-up) and Brazil’s Bruna Zanardo is Miss Earth – Fire (third runner-up).

  3. philippines and sweden are both in to top 17.., together with england, mexico, kenya, denmark, wales, pakistan, ghana, guatemala, australia, ecuador, venezuela, usa. i forgot the 3 other girls. expect the unexpected earthlings!!

  4. Hi Guys! Ako nalang Miss Earth correspondent niyo HAHAHA! Kung gusto niyo ng update.. or interesado ko.. give ko sainyo yun.





    Yung kanta na gagamitin nila That’s My Girl ng Fifth Harmony


    Angelee Delos Reyes
    Jamie Herrel
    Karla Henry (patay ka Imelda, char!)

    TOP 16 (EG & SS)
    TOP 8 (Environmental Hashtag and Explanation) Q&A din siya just like MPE
    TOP 4 (FInal Question)

    Hmm.. ano pa ba?

  5. Well, good tidings to Imelda representing the Philippines at Miss Earth 2016 and for a great show.
    At the conclusion, may Imelda take with her the lessons of life at the pageant and GROW from them.
    Remember, the classic tune from the Sound of Music? It goes “do re mi fa so la ti do.’
    It is not ‘do re me me me me me me.”

    Much love Imelda

    • @saluda, with some image rehab, I hope she can compete at BP to hopefully be our MU rep in 2y
      BP needs to up their game. They should focus on facial beauty . We need someone who is universally beautiful.

      • Totally agree! Beauty wise she is a bonafied beauty queen. She may need a couple of years of seasoning…lets hope!

  6. Boss Norman may live streaming ba itong Manhunt International 2016 Finals on October 29, 2016 at Shenzhen China

    • C2F, a 6’3″ lad from pampanga na nanalo sa GLOBAL Teen pero mga ASEAN countries ang participants kaya sila lahat panalo walang talo. CHAROT lng hihihi

    • He is Joaquin Rudolfo Rosallosa. Nanalo siya I think a week ago pero wala man lang ingay. He is deserving since siya ang pinakaguwapo sa mga lumalaban sa Thailand. 🙂

    • @ Closer2Fame : : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      This young man who recently bagged the Mister Global Teen 2016 title is with Mister Philippines, Incorporated. This is the same group that despatched Mark Louie Bornilla to Mister Global 2016 (the “elder” pageant, also in Thailand and where he managed as far as the Second Cut) and former Pinoy Big Brother contestant Hermes Bautista to Men Universe Model 2016 (in Dominican Republic).

      Together, PEPPS, GCI, and MPI form the Triumvirate of Philippines Male Pageantry.

      As for Manhunt International 2016 (which will also have its Finals today, although to date has not provided indications of being live streamed or broadcast), I like England (Christopher Bramell, who made the First Cut at Mister World earlier this year) and Guam (Jon Kanemoto, a member of the U.S.A. Armed Forces though I forgot exactly which branch or service and who walked the runway with Andrea Biondo and June Macasaet, among others, at a denim art show in Cavite before proceeding to China). Tall and swarthy Nepal and Dominican Republic are spoilers. Singapore is “too cute”. And Denmark’s Maikey Evers is half-Filipino.

      Don McGyver Cochico of Filipinas is buddy to Poland’s Mateusz Petromichelis, whom I dissed earlier this year on the Misterology FB fanpage by saying European candidates this year are underwhelming. Nag-reply ‘yung loco! LOL. Mahal niya daw ang mga Pilipino. Good luck to them all.

      • CONGRATULATIONS Patrik Sjoo of SWEDEN the winner of MANHUNT INTERNATIONAL 2016!
        1st Runner-up: HONG KONG (Ba Te Er)
        2nd Runner-up: ENGLAND (Chris Bramell)
        3rd Runner-up: ANGOLA (Mauricio Eusebio)
        4th Runner-up: BRAZIL (Ramon Pissaia)


        THAILAND (Phiratthaphong Mooltribut)
        GERMANY (Marvin Kwane)
        GUAM (Jon Kanemoto)
        SPAIN (Francisco Cortes)
        PHILIPPINES (Don Cochico)
        DOMINICAN REP. (Digno Guerrero Chalas)
        LEBANON (Zawil Bilal)
        SLOVAK REP. (Kristian Kucera)
        VENEZUELA (Francisco Gil Riera)
        CHINA (Tian Ze Yu)
        RUSSIA (Andrey Kharkovskiy)


        1 Mr. Photogenic :HONG KONG
        2 Mr. Physique : SINGAPORE
        3 Mr. Friendship : PERU
        4 Mr. Personality : VENEZEULA
        5 Best Runway Model : GUAM
        6 Best Performance : ANGOLA
        7 Best Vigour : NEW ZEALAND
        8 Best Commercial Model MACAU
        9 Best Asia Model : CHINA
        10 Best European Model : GERMANY
        11 Best America Model : DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
        12 Best Charm : ROMANIA
        13 Best Sunshine FACE : FERNANDO DE NOROHA
        14 Best Image Representative: MONGOLIA
        15 Best Fashion Model : HONG KONG
        16 Best Sexy Model : DENMARK
        17 Best Masculine Charm: CZECH REPUBLIC
        18 Best Stage TV Movie Model: KOREA
        19 Mr. Internet Popularity :THAILAND

  7. My personal picks for this batch of gorgeous ladies in no particular order

    Elemental crowns: Australia, Nigeria, Equador
    Miss Earth 2016: USA

  8. Sir Norman, Baka puedeng pakifeature yung mga Prizes ng Winners sa MGI, MI and ME hihihi.
    May Winner ba for the past few years na may reklamo sa hindi natanggap na prizes.
    Salamat po.

    • Kumpletuhin nyo…

      Imelda Hitler Einstein Rambutan de Henry
      will be Miss Earth 2016!!! 😀

      Back 2 back 2 back! Joke… hahaha 😀

  9. Mga bes glossy na ang floor ng stage ng Miss Earth!!!! Hahaha ang saya ko. Parang dream come true. Hahahhaha

  10. No Philippines please! Never pa ako na-embarrass sa isang Philippine representative, even back nung dark ages of pageantry na walang nananalo sa Pilipinas. Si Imelda lang talaga ang nakakahiya ng bongga.

    • What can i say about the rants of these Miss Phils Earth quenns….. well, these are the type of queens KF have, but maybe not all of them because Sandra Seiffert is a class act!

      • Yeah look at bea rose santiago, lagi kasama ni chavit singson. De puta. 😁

      • Honga bat ganyan ang mga KF girls. Walang preno. Parang hindi natrain. Or parang pagkatapos ng pageant eh nawala ang class. Look at the Aces girls from Venus to the current ones, sister sisteran ang peg.

      • U think chavit sings on can still get it up? Kudos to bea for doing what she needs to do to live a queenly life. Nothing wrong with being a rich man’s trophy . Can you imagine what she has to go through .. waking up with him? Yukk

      • Ahh.. she’s one of Chavit’s employed marketing assistants…. well basicaly she’s a paid entourage but still in all fairness to her, it’s a high paying job and I don’t think there are any hanky panky going on between Chavit and Bea or any of the Marketing girls.

      • Di ba si Bea Rose Santiago yung nagalit sa Miss International kasi di sya nag around the world? Yung marami daw sya gustong gawin as beauty queen. Haaays si ate pa-relevant. Sana nag Miss Earth nalang sya. Hahaha

  11. New here. Just wanted to share my cents.
    As much as I want to include Cloie on my list, I just can’t. I think there are a lot more beautiful ladies who deserve to have that semis spot than her. Even our Ima can edge her out in overall presentation. Just don’t feel her at all. Not even a bit. Here’s my list though:
    Miss Earth 2016: ECUADOR
    Miss Air: DENMARK
    Miss Water: AUSTRALIA
    Miss Fire: VENEZUELA

    Top 8 finalists
    5. MEXICO
    6. USA
    7. RUSSIA
    8. NIGERIA

    Top 16 Semifinalists
    10. PANAMA
    11. BRAZIL
    12. ENGLAND
    14. THAILAND
    15. KENYA
    16. PAKISTAN

    17. VIETNAM
    18. AUSTRIA
    19. SURINAME
    20. CANADA

    Still expecting a European win though.

  12. For the moment, I won’t guess the top four. Instead, I will enjoy the fact that, for the moment, Filipinas are wearing three of the four major crowns (Universe, International, Earth) and two minor crowns. Blessings indeed. The camps, the women and the nation have worked hard for this and we’ve been fortunate and very, very blessed and in rare company. We’re a beacon for other countries that have worked hard to achieve an international crown, major or minor. We did it and so can they! Mabuhay Philippines!!!

    With that in mind…Back to Miss Earth now… I’m quietly rooting for an African beauty.

  13. I’m curious on Imelda’s fate come finals night at Miss Earth 2016.
    Top 16 would probably a safe bet.
    Anything beyond that… well?

    Even Norm did not put her on his short list of 8.

  14. Sino yung naka gold sa kanan? Nag WTF yata ng hindi si Nicole yung tinawag na 2nd runner up during MGI

    • Girls who have bigger boobs than their brain. Girls who will be escorting old rich man in the casinos.

      Sorry girls Nicole is classy and brainy,

      Not like you, Trashy and slutty. 🙂

    • Sabi nya ay “Whaaaaattttttt?”… kasi sa announcement kay PR pa lang, akala nya ay si Nicole tatawagin as 3rd RU. Tapos b4 iannounce naman ang 2nd RU, sinasabi naman nyang “Philippines” pero si Thailand tinawag, kaya sabi nya “whattttt?” sabay tingin sa paligid nya kung pareho ba sila ng iniisip hihihihi. That Bitchhhhh …. di ko ma trace kung sino…. is it Costa Rica? i’m not sure.

      • I think the girl (a latina) just hated Trump so much and with the reaction of the crowd, she sort of relegating USA and Philippines at the bottom. I dont think its personal between her and Nicole.

        Tama na! Atin ang Universe, International and Earth all at the same time now 🙂

  15. kahit sino sa kanila — venezuela, russia, denmark for miss earth 2016!

    wish ko namang makapasok kahit man lang sa top 16 sina mongolia, kyrgyzstan, pakistan, guam, uganda at myanmar, kasawa na kasi kung parati na lang brazil, philippines, usa…. 🙂

    • Korektus, isama mo narin sa TOP 16 c ms. Iraq. Ms. Pakistan is beautiful and sweet lady deserving din cia s TOP 16 at c Ms. Singapore pa.

    • anjan na naman yang mga bidding bidding daw, tapos sa pinas din pala in the end(not that i’m against na dito gawin ang miss earth) taon taon kasi kesyo sa macau daw, sa dubai, para lang the boy who cried wolf… 🙂

      • I think may nagbibid talaga siguro kasi late na inannounce na sa Pinas gaganapin ang Miss Earth 2016. Good thing kahit di natuloy, atleast they tried. Okay lang rin naman kahit dito sa Pinas kasi very warm ang mga Filipinos. Nageenjoy talaga mga candidates. 😀

      • I hope it stays in the Philippines like Miss International is a Japanese pageant. I think part of being a powerhouse is the ability to produce a high quality competition.

      • At saka kailangang maging mas maingat ng Miss Earth sa pagpili ng partners nila if ever lalabas sila uli ng Pilipinas. They should’ve learned from their Austria experience…ang chika eh pagdating ng Carousel duon, nganga yung partners/team na nagdala sa ME to Vienna, konti lang ata nakuhang sponsors so Carousel had to foot most of the bill to make the pageant push through.

        Saka ok naman kung dito sa Pinas ang ME, kasi infur panalo ang prepageant activities. Bakasyon grande at mukhang enjoy talaga ang candidates. Kesa naman ma-stuck sila sa kaka-rehearse sa hotel at “sightseeing” ala MGI sa Las Vegas. O di ba pati si Nawat natuto din…sa Vietnam na lang ang pageant niya next year dahil for sure mas mura ang production cost dun kesa sa Bangkok.

    • hindi ko kay kung china giheld ng miss earth 2017 at mas ok pa ng belgium giheld ng miss earth 2017. matalo tayo kung s china giheld ng miss earth 2017.

  16. Mga bakla, suportahan nalang natin si Imelda…kasi kung totoo man na pangit ang ugali nya, we can get her on our side….malay mo naman, makapasok pa rin sa malaking banga.

    • @ Iamwhoiam : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      This is the video revealing Ms. Martinez’s habit of videobombing. Some netizens find it a little rude.

      • Kaloka ang Edymar! Kaya siguro si Kylie gusto nya kasi nung nagvideobomb sya eh si Kylie stood on her own. lol

  17. imelda will still make it. homecourt advantage kahit anu pang kanegahan ang pinag gagawa nya recently. with kylie winning miss int’l, i dont think magpapatalo ang ms. earth so mega crown din sila ng three peat. i wanted to jinx her chances to win kaya miss earth 2016 is miss philippines.

  18. My personal top 4:

    Russia – Nigeria – Ecuador – Australia

    namimiss ko na yung pa-contest galore ni tito norms, nkaka excite kaya pag maghuhula ka tapos mananalo ka.

      • @ bong700 : Good morning/evening/afternoon. Sorry, I don’y know where everybody stays at. LOL.

        I’ll be quite happy with a fansign.

        And here is my Final Pick (after thinking about the points raised here and in previous posts related to ME) : Ecuador (a small country that sits right at the “Ecuador” and which boasts outstanding diversity of wildlife), Australia (the continent of environmentally-conscious folks and a rugged and ancient landscape evoking the Aboriginal “Dreamtime” when Earth was born), Russia (for sheer beauty alone because this, after all, is still a beauty contest and we cannot fault those whose English is wanting), and Nigeria (because there is no more eloquent expression of love for the romance of the Dark Continent than to have an ebony gem from its primeval geologic bowels make the Final Cut).

  19. The fact that Mr. Norman (who is one of the more tactful and patriotic beauty pageant bloggers known to man) didn’t shortlist the candidate from the host country, says a lot of things about the quality of our candidate now. Lol.

    And even if we vicariously live through the selection of Ms. Sweden (who is 100% Filipino), me thinks that Mr. Norman is just being polite. I don’t find her attractive at all. Malapad and Head and Shoulders ang peg (meaning, no neck).

    World Peace.

  20. Elemental Queens:
    Equador, USA, Australia, England
    para english ang kudaan

    Russia, Venezuela
    Most beautiful in the competition pero not the best speakers. I’d rather see Miss Venezuela Earth 2017 (na nagcompete sa national pageant nila Alyz Henrich) to win the Miss Earth crown.

    Mexico, Brazil

    Colombia, Panama, Argentina, Austria, Guatemala, Slovak Republic, Denmark, Canada
    Actually lahat sila gusto ko mag Q and A. 😭

    Ps. Daming National Directors dito sa Pinas! Rumor daw na 2 ND ay magbibid for Miss Earth 2017.

    • Ang format daw ngayon:

      Top 16 – SS and EG
      Top 8 – environmental hashtag
      Top 4 – final question

      Mejo exciting!

      • Wow lalo ako na-excite sa final question. Magkakaalaman na kung sino ang pinakamagaling kumuda. 😁

  21. I have no problem if Miss Sweden wins as long as she should have the best answer in Q&A.
    I am still hoping that a miracle will happen to Philippines and be on the Top 4.
    To see the last 2 standing, Sweden Vs Philippines for ME2016 is crazy and very exciting.
    Go Filipinas 🙂
    Anything Could Happen. hihihi

  22. My Miss earth.. ang tricky lang ng pageant na to sa pag crown ng winner nila. Iba ang nakikita natin sa totoong nangyayari. Madaming nananalo ng medals na di naman nakakapasok sa top 16. Like last year, hakot medal si Panama pero clapper.

    My Top girls would be (based on their beauty, the way they speak, passion! cause you can’t fake it…. and the way they interact with the people)

    South Africa

    Russia and Venezuela are both drop dead gorgeous in a different way pero sa speaking department mejo waley sila so my highest placement for them is Air for Russia and Fire for Venezuela

    Kenya… my beautiful Kenya can be a runner-up too!

    My Favorites to win the top crown are England, Colombia, Denmark and Australia.

    Hirap pumili sa batch na to!

    Nga pala.. maliban sa issue ni Ima at Karla meron din issue si Ecuador at friend ni Venezuela. May nagpapakalat kasi na rumor na si Ecuador daw eh may love interest sa sponsor (yung guy sa petrolium chorva basta may ichura naman tapos bagets) daw parating may bulaklak and all. Nag post kasi si friend na wag daw magtaka kung manalo si ecuador kasi nga may ganun na eksena. Nakita ni Ecuador post kaya si sumagot si Ate at sabi fans daw nag bigay nun. Kung wala daw proof sana wag gumawa ng ganyang issue.

  23. It would be a total injustice if Sweden won . She is pretty and all but she is SO WIDE. Aparador hihihi

    • @Fabian Reyes

      I am actually surprised to see photos of Cloie looking wide and hefty because I was on the same flight as her coming here in late September and her build (then) was anything but bulky.

  24. Kaloka Sweden Talaga? Hahaha! Sweden is not popular… it’s funny because after doing some investigation, I found out na 80 percent of her Instagram followers are bought. Advantage lang niya na sa Philippines ginawa at you know “connections”. Wag na tayo magpaka-hipokrito, kapamilya kasi ng artista kaya pinapansin lol. The face, the body, everything sa kanya di ko makita ang beauty. BEAUTY PAGEANT parin ito, kaya dapat consider yung maga important na criteria na yon. Environmental advocacy niya eh mema lang. Wag naman sana tayo magpaka-hipokrito dahil kahiya at kawawa naman ang mga ibang delegates na tunay na deserving. I am a big fan of your blog, Norman, pero sana wag mo ibenta ang credibility mo para lang diyan. Kasi let’s be real, ikaw lang ang pageant blog, site, o page ang pumapansin sa kanya. Kaloka! Anyways, ang masasabi ko lang eh Sweden will not win any crown, pakonswelo na sakanya ang top 16 dahil sa ABS-CBN i-air ang pagent. Hanggang Top 16 lang, wag na maging ambisyosa!

    Venezuela, Russia, Denmark, Kenya all the way! Sama mo na si Colombia at Brazil.

    Sorry Tito Norman kung medyo di ako agree sayo ngayon pero I still respect you and will always be a loyal follower of you blog. This is just my opinion. ❤

    • Grabeee!!!! Ibang level na itong si Imelda Hitler Einstein Rambutan!?!… Anyare?!!!

      Idol ba nya si Kris Aquino?!

    • Imelda needs help. She’s either unstable or a complete immature brat. Beauty wasted.

      • Mga vhaks…sure ba talaga tayo na lahat ng mga negative comments about Imelda ay totoo? Remember, publicity, whether it is good or bad, is still publicity….kaya baka gulatin nalang tayo nito kung come final night, mapapabilang sa Top 4!

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