94 comments on “Photo Blog: Kylie Verzosa of the Philippines takes Miss International 2016

  1. I am soooo intoxicated with Kylie Versoza’s victory at Miss International. Really was not expecting it, since Bea just won 3 years ago. Her victory was taken out of a page of Pia Wurtzbach’s manual to pageant success. That’s what I love about smart girls like the two I’ve mentioned. A class act of controlled aggression, calculated moves and risks, and relentless passion to win, beauty queen style. Mabuhay ka, Kylie.

  2. P.S.

    Now that the dust from the MI 2016 pageant has begun to settle as pageant fanatics turn their energies to ME 2016, I wondered, “what now for Ms. Edymar Martinez”?

    Now that she is a “free woman” again and considering she has won the hearts of Filipinos, would she consider a show business and/or modelling career in Filipinas the way Dayanara Torres, Fernando Alvarez, Amparo Munoz, Michelle Van Eimeren, and Jose Anmer Paredes (Mister International 2013 from Argentina, now Manila-based as a model) have done or are doing ATM?

    Or be an entrepeneur here like Cas Winters (Mister International – Netherlands 2014) who markets polarized lens sunglasses from his native Amsterdam to the millenials of Southeast Asia? I think he currently resides in Antipolo City with his lovely Filipina partner.

    If she has no immediate or short-term plans, would she like? Would we like? Like?

    • The better move for this is. Tag edymar in a post related in everything what we wanted for her. To be here in PH for something/achievement. Ahe really won the hearts of Filipino people specially pageant fanatics.

  3. Full HD video…Kylie’s overall performance & crowning moment plus a heartfelt message from the Queen:-) GO PHILIPPINES!

  4. Hello friends. Nabusy lang sa life pero support pa rin. I knew it since I saw Kylie in Binibining Pilipinas this year, the girl has the best showmanship. You have to see her in person to understand that. Aura kung aura. Congrats, baby!

  5. Kylie you are truly a world class Filipina!Congratulations miss International 2016..
    Wow! an amazing start for the Philippines. Pak na pak tayo mga bes. Beauty Pageant Powerhouse na talaga tayo. Next stop Miss World Catriona Gray. Koronahan na din yan.=)

    God Bless din kay Ima, Joanna Eden and Nichole Manalo.

  6. Can or will anyone please repost a video of the MI2016 so I can watch it again and again ? Pretty please, Sir Norman ?
    Congratulations again, Kylie ! I knew you would do us proud as soon as you set foot In Tokyo !
    From your make-up, styling, demeanor, everything was just perfect ! Bravo Aces & Queens, Sir Norman, BPCI and everyone behind our queens’ international success – from Jen, to Nicole and now, Kylie ! ME is next, Supra, MW and MU, and all the other pageants I could no longer remember (they’re dime a dozen). Mabuhay and gandang Pilipina πŸ™‚

    • nako Jen wag na wag mong sasabihin yan! pagsisisihan mo! lolz 69 contestants for natcos, 69 contestants for swimsuit, 69 contestants for evening gown, 2 ballet performances, 15 speeches. Wait ka nalang highlights per round. nakakaloka sya….

      p.s. medyo cute yung mga ushers hehehe pang anime na sailor moon

  7. teh, nakapag move on naba kayo sa victory ni Kylie? ako hindi pa, may hang-over pa din ako. excited naba kayo to support Imee for ME? ako, may ‘kylie’ hang-over pa din cguro ako that time. pero im sure excited ako sa prod and flow ng ME this coming 29. lets support miss earth mga te. may the best eco-warrior wins!!!

  8. Miss International also awarded 5 continental queens – Sierra Leone, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Netherlands and Hawaii. Ironically, none of them advanced to the top 15. They were consolation awards and not an automatic ticket to the top 5.

    To the Miss ‘InterCONTINENTAL” pageant organizers, please take note of this.

    Thank you very much!

    • I read that it was actually the Miss Congeniality award per continent voted by the ladies from that continent. Hindi lang na naemphasized.

      Miss World Queen of Beauties were the best for each continent, right? But it seem Julia picked the continental queens at the end considering the final rankings, and not the other way around like how Intercontinental did thereby disadvantaging the 2nd bests of other continents when clearly they are better than the 1st placer of other region.

      Pero ok lang para maiba naman format in every pageant. It adds to the excitement. hehe

      • Thank you Obs. You…

        MGI’s top 5 selection process proved to be a disadvantage for Jennifer Hammond. I can see how MW modified their selection process by ‘incorporating’ continental queen’s status into the leader-board scores… but MGI’s top 15 and immedietely cutting to 5 based on the top continental queen looked ridiculous.

  9. Fez!

    Kylie continued to wear her alta jewelmer peals. none of those gaudy rhinestones… (i’m looking at you ms. hawaii)

      • jen, mwah! nag pa miss lang ako. chozzz…..pero dami ko sana chika nung the night before kase maraming aligaga hahaha sayang hindi na rin relevant at nanalo na si Kylie! hehehehe

  10. Oo na, ha hindi ako maka tiis, hindi ko kayo matiis. Ayos na sakin na alam ni Norman nakaka badtrip mga tao sa page nya at umabot na sa threshold ko ng nega levels. Nag reply na sya sakin sa IG. At since visual person ako…pag pyestahan muna natin to, baka na post na rin naman nila sa isang thread.

    This Kylie-Edymar love was posted the night before.

    Hindi ko pa ma guage level ng influence ko sa mga tao sa IG, pero I asked the admins to help get Kylie noticed by devoting a day or two in posting just photos of Kylie. I think maraming na down after Nicole’s finish. medyo nag work ata mind games with the Indonesians kase medyo na afraid sila sa Kylie photo blitz. I asked them to take old modeling photos of Kylie para makita ng lahat na naka suporta tayo at kung gano ka ganda ng fez ni bakla.

    Now the indonesians and the latinos are making us away pero nag bilin na ako na wag nang pumatol at mag one-liner or emoji nalang para lalong ma asar (the art of social media war). I am excited to see how the dramatic indonesians will handle this newfound pageant status at kung na cha chakahan sila kay kylie, mas lalong badtrip sila sa finish ni felice. So…I am hoping the indonesians will do the dirty work of defending the asians this time.


      • mars taon nakong deadma πŸ™‚ . kaya kong sikmurahin super nega hello pia mashuba days hello ara felepenz days, hindi lang ako kumportable pag sobrang political na. para namang hindi tayo dumaan kay baby nica, thomas, jeremi mrs spainhour (na friend ko dito) …. yung lang medyo na suya lang ako …. anyway eto bago ni Joanna:

  11. Infairness kay SMA ha, mukhang nakukuha na nya ang tactics osmel. Nung nanalo si Molly sa MU13 kasagsagan din un ng MVene, at that time, Edymar really screams MU, sya yung sa tingin ko ang pinakamakinang that night. Nalilito ako kay osmel king bakit sa MI pinadala si Edymar, yun pala yun, gusto ulit ni osmel sungkitin ang MI crown. Pero pinadala nya si Mariana sa MU na magaling din that night, kabogera din at alam nyang may ilalaban. pero pagdating sa MU, mali yung styling or formula na nagamit ni osmel para sa kandidata nya. now with sma, alam na nya ang tactics so its up her sleeves now on how to play her cards, and polish them all to become the winners of their respective pageants. so napakamali na sabihin na “Philippines is the Venezuela of the Asia” dahil “Philippines is the powerhouse of Asia”

  12. Un oh! Hanggang basa na lang ang peg nang isa dito πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚yung indog fan. Okay ayaw kong maging bastos, indo fan i should sayπŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  13. @ Cocoy – give all ur money …. “u bet ur last centavo” …
    Where s Indonesia ?

    I told u – “be careful for what u wish for ” !hahahahahhah

    • Lol…
      Go easy Shk Ayesa’
      With all due respect Indonesia is making great strides in international pageantry. They also have to be congratulated!

      However, Kylie won ‘another’ Big 3 crown ( International, World, Universe) for the Philippines!

      LπŸ’šL to Kylie!

      • @Saluda – i get it that Indonesia is making waves in pagent ghis year … i just dnt get how the creature cocoy would be so sure of Indonesia winning in MI.

        Ok given that he got a sheer luck of having Indonesia predict with the pagent if MGI …but then its sheer luck!!!

        I bet he ( cocoy the creature ) even have money to bet !!! Hahahahah

    • Miss International also awarded 5 ‘continental queens’ -Sierra Leone, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Netherlands and Hawaii. Ironically, none of them advanced to the top 15. They were consolation awards and not an ‘automatic’ ticket to the top 4

      To thr Miss ‘InterCONTINENTAL’ pageant organizers, please take note of this.

      Thank you very much.

  14. This is Philippines’ 31st placement in Miss International.
    Longest streaks:1968-1973 and 2008-2013
    We only have 3 runners-up:1971 and 1972,2nd runner up and 1973,4th runner up.

    Go go go Philippines.Title or semifinalist

  15. Correct me if I’m wrong… but currently, The Philippines now has the reigning Miss International, Miss Universe, and Miss Globe. Nice! Yes… I know that the Miss Globe and Miss Universe crowns will be handed over to their successors shortly but… for the moment, we have three reigning queens! Nice… Congrats Ladies, Mabuhay Philippines!!!

    • Pag nanalo ang Catriona you can make it ALL of the big 3 pageant queens are from the Philippines (at least for a month). No pressure Catriona. πŸ˜‰

  16. Wow, Kylie’s stars did align as I expected..
    She was more than consistent since day 1….
    Great timing that President Du30 is in Japan…

  17. Wow! Just woke up to learn of the FANTASTIC victory!
    I’m speechless for Kylie! Unlimited congratulations!

    Intercontinental – top 15
    Grand International – 1st runner up
    International* – winner
    Supranational –
    Globe –
    Universe –

    The 2016 BbP reps just may duplicate last year’s 6-0 placements. All 2015 BbP reps placed!

    • It was 8-0 for Team Philippines last year with placements in ME (winner) and MW (top 10).

      And I think same in 2013 i.e. MU (Ara), MI (Bea), MS, MT (Cindy), ME (Angeli) and MW (Megan).

  18. Congratulations to Queen Kylie, to BPCI, to A&Q, to Mr. Norman, to all the pageant supporters and to the Philippines!

    One of the very few pageants where the clear winner was already apparent from segment 1 (National costume). Kylie was had the crown as early as the EG competition when the camera was zooming in to the next batch (Singapore to Philippines) coming out of that door. And don’t get me started with the speech segment. Nobody can hold a candle to Kylie after that speech.

    The other pageant blogs, in describing the result used words such as “none of the heavy favourites, a year of surprises, etc”. Pwes, mga hunghang kayo!! Kayo lang ang na sorpresa!! Kami hindi. Lol.

    World Peace.

  19. Sarap ulit ulitin ang MI 2016 lalu na ung coronation ni kylie. Nakakaiyak ang mga eksena. Nakakaiyak ang songs. Last year nanalo tayo sa MU but pia never had a moment like kylie and jeslyn during announcement of winner yung bang bigla isisigaw ang Philippines!!!!!!! as winner. Nakakasad but super happy na upon announcing Philippines and seeing kylie’s reaction.
    Pia Wurtzbach and kylie Verzosa. Name pa lang bigtime na talaga. Kahit may kaba may moment na ma coconfident ka pa ring sabihin o isipin na she will win! Pareho sila ng story ni Pia.
    From the beginning makikita mo talaga ang korona kay Kylie. Alam ko magaling sya mag dala at mag speech. Kanina worried ako sa gown nya. Very simple. Pero nung rumampa na sya nadala nya pa rin. Nabigyan nya ng magandang performance. Ganda ng ikot nya at ang ayos ng details ng gown nya nung umikot sya pa side. Malinis talaga. Sa SS naman conservative pero may style naman and she performed well with innocent sexyness catwalk and her ikot is also wow!!! I like the formula that her team prepared for her. They base everything sa taste ng japan and it really worked. Success. Pero kinabahan pa rin talaga ako. But i still prayed for her and trust her. During speech when i heard people cheering to her. I think we have a great chance kahit runner up. Si mexico kase na iisip ko na baka manalo. Gandang ganda ako sa kanya. Nung ina nounce usa at nicaragua. Sobrang kabada ako hahaba. The remaining 3 is either indo, poland, mexico, philippines or russia. When indo called as 2nd. Happy ako na may kaba pa rin. And when australia called ist runner up. Kabado to the highest level sa pagkataas taas ni bea sa bar.
    Nilakasan ko talaga volume ng head set ko. Iniisip ko si mexico at poland. Ganun din si thailand at russia. But when philippines called as MI2016. Napapadyak ako hahahahah. Jusko.hinde ako makapaniwala.nakakakaba talaga pag top 15 tapos announcing of winner agad.
    Hayssss. Ang saya talaga. Thanks to our Lord. Mama mary and God our Holy Father in Heaven.
    Now we won. Sana d na magpadala ang bbp ng representative next year. No b2b yan either semis. Para sure. Or dapat wag ung sobrang high caliber ang ipadala.
    Sa sabado ME naman. Kahit sino manalo ok lang wag lang PH. After that. One month pahinga tayo dahil december pageant season again.
    Good Luck to our remaining queens.
    Congrats to our Queen Kylie Verzosa 😘

  20. Kylie reminded me of Pia. They worked hard and played the game right. I think that even the gown design and color is reflective of their knowledge. Simple, sweet, innocent and feminine. Anyone else notice that they styled Kylie’s hair the same as Janicel’s? Yung sobrang flat at straight sa gitna.

    • I dont think Kylie’s hair has any relation to Janicel’s styling. I feel it was more of a revival of her own hair styling when she won BBP International.

      But I agree. Both Pia and Kylie worked hard on winning their respective titles. Mukhang tinutukan at pinagaralan talaga nila and pagatake.

  21. Congratulations to you, Kylie and the the team of Aces & Queens! Mayron na kayong Miss International title!

  22. It seems like with our President visiting Japan each time (from Pnoy to Digong), lady luck is always on our side in winning the MI crown πŸ™‚ I’m not complaining, just saying, and loving it πŸ™‚

  23. Due to time difference, I missed all the MI 2016 proceedings (sigh) 😦
    But what a great way to start my day here at work !
    CONGRATULATIONS, KYLIE – Our 6th MISS INTERNATIONAL ! We’re indeed on a roll – yay ! Keep it going ! Love love love πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  24. I’m so proud of Kylie my loves. Ngayon alam ko na kung bakit diya napunta sa Miss International at hindi sa Miss Universe may “sure crown” na pala!!! Anyway, kahit alam ng parents ko na beki ako hindi ko talaga napigilan ang sarili ko na magpaka-bakla hahahahahaha, manalo ba naman si Kylie after 4 hours of viewing at super duper kabadong crowning moment. Hahahahaha

    • Yes yung iba kasi nagmamarunong. alam na alam na yan ni lola stella. Maamo tisay kaya intl si kylie, si max pinay na pinay at fierce ang hitsura, kayumanggi kaya sa universe nilagay. Si nicole makuda kaya sa grand. πŸ™‚

    • A well deserved win indeed! She was so beautiful and effortless in all the segments. Such an amazing performance. Congratulations, Kylie! Congratulations, Philippines, and to all involved and all who believed in her!

  25. Anniuncement: Kung nakita nyo po si cocoy pakisabihan naman po kami, kaninana pa po siya nawawala. Last time they saw him was at the balcony of their home holding an Indonesian flag.

    Beh cocoy, uwi ka na sa bahay nyo hinanahanap ka na ng pamilya mo. Wag ganito beh, iinom natin toh beh, 😩😩😩

  26. Congrats Kylie! LABYU! Lamoyan!

    Hi guys! Pwede po ba maging masaya nalang? Wag na mag hatak ng iba pababa?

    Para kasing nananalo tayong bitter eh. Parang parating may gustong pa-mukha. Hindi ba tayo kuntento sa korona? Kill them with kindness ika nga nila..

  27. Looking at these pictures right now…
    A little interesting trivia:
    Venezuela returns the favor to Philippines this year exactly 10 years after when Lara Quigaman (2005) crowned her successor, Miss Venezuela, in China the year after (2006)!
    I hope someone will post these pictures side by side.
    Cheers to us!!!

    P.S. Edymar is really sweet!! One of the best titleholders of MI in recent history, Just like Oxana is for Universe.

  28. Congrats Ading Kylie!
    Pahiram ng eyelashes ha, pautang na rin ng limang lapad.
    Pakibalik yun panyolita ni Madame Sakura.

    • Parang gusto kong i-proofread yung meme.

      “Three things come to mind when I think of Miss International: Culture, Education, and International Understanding. These three work together to make the brand of the Miss International beauty pageant relevant to the global community, and to our time. If I become Miss International 2016, I will devote myself to cultural understanding, and international understanding, because I believe that it is with developing in each of us sensitivity to other cultures that we expand our horizons, tolerate difference, and appreciate diversity. All this enables us to achieve international understanding, and I believe I am prepared to take on this responsibility. Domo arigato gozaimasu.”

  29. Where now is that proud creature here who kept on bashing this lady? Magparamdam ka ngayon…

  30. Updated na agad Miss International sa Wikipidia. Parang di totoo. 😍😍😍
    Kaya madalas Philippines nanalo sa Miss International kasi matatalino ang mga Pinay. Sobrang nakakaproud. 😊

  31. CONGRATULATIONS Kylie our 6th Miss International!
    Congratulations sir Norman!
    Congratulations Aces and Queens!
    Congratulations sa ating lahat!
    Mabuhay Philippines!

  32. I am a believer right from the very start. Congratulations and well deserved crown, 2016 Miss International! Happy for you, happy kami! Yehey!!!πŸ˜ƒ

  33. Congratulations Kylie!! A true Pinay beauty…all natural and for Grand Slam level.

    No need for dyed hair, Botox to minimise the wide face, and propaganda machine all over the internet blogs, forums, social media to manufacture hype/popularity.

  34. Guys, nag-iba na pala ng username si Kokey at nagcocongratulate pa sya kay Kylie.
    JawsKuh at kamag-anak pala ni kokey c Agot psychopath.
    I’m sure makikicelebrate ang pataygutom sa thanksgiving party ni Kylie.hihihi

  35. Well deserved win. I’m surprised but not really surprised because this pageant is so unpredictable. But she did it! Kylie proved har detractors wrong, silent killer peg nya. Di sya masyado gigil and pa impress. Congratulations Kylie!!!

  36. I was surprised but not really surprised, this pageant is so unpredictable that winning it is such a huge challenge. But Kylie did it!!!! She really worked hard, silent killer ang peg nya. Congratulations Kylie, you set the bar higher!

  37. Congratulations! πŸ‘
    I was so scared. Yung eyelash baka matanggal.
    Buti inayos ni Edymar. She is so sweet 😊

  38. Napakalaking panalo ni Kylie ang maging Miss International 2016. WHY?
    Kasi natalo niya banggitin ko na ha kahit ayaw kong banggitin.
    Hindi lang ang INDONESIA ang natalo nya kasama ang KAGANDAHANG FLORES na Talunan.
    Lesson learned…. Huwag kasi magmayabang at magBashed sa kapwa pinoy kung wala ka rin lang naman ibubuga and just keep your mouth shut para hindi magBoomerang ang panglalait mo sa iyo.
    I still support the KF Queens lalo na si Eden at Manalo but i still remain a critic to both KF and A&Q.
    Again, Congratz Ading Kylie…. addaak koma ta celebration mo nya. hihihihi

  39. In terms of beauty.. all of them have it. But, Kylie’s speech is really what makes her as MI. Simple yet sincere and the message is very clear… Congrats……..

  40. Hinintay ko talaga kung ano ang dinidukot ni Madam sa kanyang damit kala ko andon naka lagay ang plaque… Yon pala tissue lang hahahaha Congrats….

  41. CONGRATULATIONS MISS INTERNATIONAL 2016 KYLIE VERZOSA. When you were crowned as Bb. Pilipinas – International sobrang na disappoint ako pero I looked at the brighter side na siguro destiny mo talaga yan. AND YES I WAS RIGHT! YOU ARE DESTINED TO BE AN INTERNATIONAL QUEEN AND MAKE HISTORY! 3

  42. Sinabi ko na nung isang araw nakasulat na sa libro ng pangyayari na si kylie ang mananalo πŸ˜„

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