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  1. Let’s watch Nicole’s overall performance during the Finals night 🙂

  2. It only goes to show that MGI really needs Nicole to be their spokesperson ! Such an important asset for the organization.- she will be THE ONE TRUE VOICE 🙂 Question now is – what will the winner do ? lol 🙂

  3. Baka kailangan ni Nawat ng speechwriter ng titleholder sa mga speaking engagements. Magaling nga naman kasi si Nicole. Hehe

  4. Dapat mas maganda production at quality ng video ng Miss Earthlings compared sa MGI, mas mura naman siguro production costs dito sa Manila. Ang sarap panuodin ng mga video ng MGI sa FB at YouTube, puro hd ang copy.

  5. Please Nicole don’t let the pageant owner use you as spokesperson wherein fact they already chosen the winner. You can be there in case she is sick but to the point they will ask you to do her speeches. Sobrang panggagamit yan! Again, congratulations!

  6. Haynakoh, Nicole! What a lovely situation you are in now. Without the burden of a title and in a position to ask for compensation – refer to comment by bong700 below. You can do no wrong. LOL.

  7. Sana pag-isipan ng BPCI kung magpapadala pa ng bets sa MGI. For me, it’s a waste of time. As for MI, kutob ko from Europe ang papanalunin.

    • I tried searching sa instagram mars, Waley akong mahanap na photo. I just stumbled upon this while I was browsing youtube. Low quality ang video and it was taken from a distance kaya hindi ko macritique ang gown. I was kinda hoping na pang rehearsal lang ang gown na nakita natin sa video. It looks too simple almost. But then again whatever happens, I know Kylie will work her magic.

  8. Ahahahahaha… I am not surprised.
    I said it b4 in my comment to Kokey that Indonesia is not confident enough to do the responsibilities of MGI2016 and Nawat knows the capabilities of Nicole as MGI representative.
    I’m sure the old woman judge with a short hair which happened to be a prelim-interview judge wants Nicole to win.
    I was hoping that Indonesia will be dethroned due to inability to perform the duties and responsibilities as MGI 2016, but Nawat is wise enough to use Nicole to prevent the dethronement because i know Nawat has no patience with stupid people.
    If i am Nicole and SMA with a lawyer, i will talk to Nawat and make sure that Nicole will not do the duties and responsibilities of MGI 2016 but only to support like giving an applause, greetings to clients/audience, only an appearance in any event with an agreed fee or annual salary.
    Nicole should not comment or say or do anything about the events attended or functions of MGI 2016 because what’s the use of Indonesia as MGI 2016.
    In short, dethrone Indonesia first before doing the duties and responsibilities of MGI 2016.

    • I like you beating around the bush, bong! Yes, in short. Dethrone Indonesia first Nawat as it seem you have doubts already. I know you saw how articulate and witty Nicole yesterday. Echos lang! haha

  9. So kasama rin pala sa travel galore ang mahaderang si Thailand na babaril kay Hillary.

    • How about you????? You’re such a hypocrite. You wish the blogger not to include Cordoves and you really hated the candidate and you wanted her to be a clapper. Now, you have the guts to post a stupid comment……. Get a life.

      • Go get a life bung! At sige nag celebrate ka na at kumain sa jollibee o kaya sa dunkin donuts coz that’s all you can afford bwahahahaha. Baklang pangit na to

    • Don’t be naive Jeremi. You know the reasons why Nawat wants to tag her along in various MGI travels. He needs Nicole more than Nicole needs him kaya si nawat dapat ang magpasalamat for having Nicole in his team.

    • napaka ignorante mo naman… di mo ba alam ang term na “vested interest”? siempre meron siyang plano.. a girl don’t join a contest just for a runner up placement. all girls aimed for the crown. si nawat nga lang ayaw niyang coronahan ang filipina, gusto mo bang for the next 20 years puro runners up lang makukuha natin? a crown is what all that matters, not a runners up position. with Nicoles case, she was the obvious winner. choosing trump and still voted her as 1st runner up? that’s something. it was nawat’s decision that chose indonesia who didn’t really answer the question aside from walking with Hillary like 3x. Now Ariska should do her job without Nicole.

    • Well that I still have to hear the official statement from MGI kung talagang kasama lagi sa mga travels ni Miss MGI (Indonesia)

  10. No nicole, don’t.. jajajajjaa… let Ariska memorize her speech all the time.

  11. Isn’t the newly crowned MGI 2016, from Indonesia, capable of being the spokesperson for the brand?

    Judging by the content of the final q&a, Nicole had both beauty AND brains.

    Apparently the MGI owner wants to “have his cake and eat it too!” What a crafty snake! Off with his head! Lol

    • I think he committed w Indonesia (probably a hosting deal for 2018?) but sensing how articulate and intelligent Nicole is then he wants to take advantage. She is 1st Runner Up after all. Perhaps Ariska sense this and will voluntarily step down. Hahaha

    • C2f,
      Miss USA was booed also?
      It goes to show what a polarizing topic it was to be used for the final q&a. HA!

      • @Saluda

        Yes, USA chose Trump and was booed… I’m not a fan of both Trump and Hillary but if I would have to choose for the greater good of our people, I would also choose Trump who wants an alliance with Russia instead of War.

  12. Napakalaking insulto naman nito kay Ms. Indonesia kung karay-karay silang dalawa ni Nicole sa mga official functions ng MGI pero si Nicole ang haharap para kumuda ng kumoda. Anong maging papel ni Ariska, dekorasyon na lang sa gilid? Tuso talaga tong Nawat na ‘to.

    • napakalaking insulto naman kay nicole na ginawa siyang runner up pero ipapagawa sa kanya ang duties ng winner

      • Tama ka. Pero kung ako naman si Nicole, mas lalo pang ma-boost ang aking self-esteem because it is an affirmation of my being superior in terms of qualifications than the reigning queen. It is Nawat’s indirect recognition of our Queen’s edge over Ariska.

      • Well, parang kalabasan kawawa yung dalawang girl (Arika & Nicole). Pero di bale na. Ok lang yan. Ayoko na ioveranalyze ang situation. Kaya Silang 3 ang isasama ni Nawat para di masyadong halata hehe

    • @ Eustaquia : Or, Nicole can advise Ika what to say, BTS. Or she could write Ika’s speeches.

      This does not necessarily have to be a negative thing. And now that you mentioned it, sana naman ay huwag ma-ayam goreng ang ating mga kaibigang Indones kung ganoon nga.

      Magandang tanghali at kapayapaan sa Mundo.

      • Well I hope our Indonesian brethren will see things from a different perspective. 🙂

    • diba besh, sya naman ang nagbibihis sa mga MEP reps natin during ME esp 2014-2015, sya din nagbibihis sa mga reigning ME winners since Alyz Heinrich to Jamie basta magtuturn over nang crown? sya din nagbihis kay Janicel during MI stint nya. sacrificial lamb? di ko alam kung tama ba yung term na yun, o baka turning point na yun ng BPCI kase enranged na yung mga pinoy fans with the basura creations even designers, such as cary santiago nagtalak na din about sa mga basura creations at yung mga past binibinis. pero kudos to him, for still creating exquisite gowns, worn by ladies not only from the philippines but also foreign ladies are able to witness and wear his creations. mas proud nlng cguro ako pag ganun.

    • Sacrifial Lamb? hindi ba parang mali ang term? the problem is (based on the story he posted ha)

      janicel should’ve asked BPCI directly that she wants a new design/gown for the finals. ang dating kasi Janicel went directly to Leo tas bigla na lang may gown na dumating sa office ng BPCI. which is for me, mukhang pumapapel?

      the next problem is: ‘Gines’ is hindi pinakita ang gown kay madam. walang approval. so that means before nila sinuot they asked somebody from BPCI na oh, okay na ba isusuot ko to ha. BUT i admire the risk they took.

      With MJ, i understand her frustration. It was actually MJ who is the ‘Sacrificial Lamb’ sa buong storya na to. siya lahat ang nag pave way for our queens to wear filipino designed gowns and national costume. deserve niya ma credit dito.

      with KF, mga beh naman. I know you just want the best for your girls, but at the end of the day, BPCI still has the final say! look at them now, pumayag na and all, I believe what they just need is just for you guys to communicate with them, meet them halfway, di pwedeng gusto nio lang masusunod, di rin naman pwedeng puro sila, so i think what you guys need is to meet halfway lang para walang gulo!

      I understand the frustration coming from Leo but kasi, naipit lang din naman siya sa sitwasyon kaya nagkaganon e. Let’s say for example A&Q, kahit chakness all over ang gowns ng past queens (OMG lalo na ung kay ariella!) may narinig ba kayo? sumunod sila di ba? wala silang ipinuslit? ginawan nila ng paraan kung anong meron sila. and that i think was a good start for them to gain the trust of BPCI.

      • It was Barraza who paved the way in getting Filipino designers a chance to dress our candidates. MJ’s hideous costume that was ridiculed by Filipinos opened the opportunity for them to be part of the process. Leo Almodal’s gown proved that Filipino designs can match and compete internationally. I feel bad for him I hope they sort things out. The more we work together the better it is us the Philippine pageant industry.

    • Leo is indeed very talented but he is a bit of a loose cannon… Maybe that’s why Gines or SMA prefers those less dramatic designers.

    • It’s clear that there’s a miscommunication between Leo and SMA.
      Politics plays a major role here…maybe Leo is not a friend of Gines,
      Sometimes too much politics is the hindrance of success like the Philippines.
      SMA should have a meeting to all local designers to solve this problem.
      If SMA refuse the help of Leo, it’s not Almodal’s lose.
      It’s a BIG slap to Gines and SMA why they didn’t ask help from Leo and other countries are winning because of Leo.
      Politics is evil. Politics is corruption. Politics is unfair and a Failure hihihi.

    • Si Leo ba ang nag-design ng gown ni Indonesia sa MGI?

      By the way, dapat itong maimbestigahan ng Philippines Designers Association kung meron man. Dapat may asosasyon sila para umayos nito. Magkaisa sana ang mga fashion designers natin nang sa ganun ay hindi sila naaagrabyado. Com’on, world class ang mga creations nila.

      • No but England wore Almodal and she won the “Best Dressed” for 2 consecutive years after Japan won it in Almodal too.

  13. Kakaloka si Nawat!! Pina-nalo si Indonesia para sa fanbase, sa supporta ng indonesia sa pageant, si Nicole na bet nila since good speaker, 1st Runner Up tas ikakarag karag sa mga travel, so more on trophy si Indonesia at si Nicole ang kukuda? hmm nakakaloka!

    Kaya din ba 4th and 3rd RU si USA and Puerto? kasi malayo sila? CHAROT! Congrats Nicole!

  14. Congratulations Nicole!

    I would also pick Trump as the lesser evil!
    You have proven that you are very wise…
    I hope you would consider writing speeches for President Du30!

    • That Hillary would make a better president than DT should be evident to anyone. DT’s many negative qualities are so disqualifying that i do not need to make a positive case for HRC.

      • Yes, Hillary would be a good president to the USA… No doubt about it… But she would be a great liability for the Filipinos because she admits that she would push for war against Russia (and China) which would have negative effects to the Philippine economy. Not to mention the huge risk in our country’s security since our location is right next to the most probable 1st gunfire which is the US trade route in South China Sea.

  15. We appreciate your effort, Nicole. Good luck to your new job! You will always be our MGI 2016 winner. I hope Mr. Donald Trump heard you and who knows if he is lucky to be elected as President, I am sure you will be his special guest at the White House. Keep crossing my fingers.

  16. Ang wise din nitong si Nawat. Binigay sa indonesia ang crown to get them to support his pageant tapos ginawang 1st ru ang pilipinas tapos ika-karay karay sa travel para may makaka kudang spokesperson in their behalf because obviously, ariska and supaporn won’t be able to do that for them. Ang tuso niya mga besh!!!

    • @ Greige : Win-win situation? Happy ending? Compromise? I don’t mind at all – Queen P. LOL.

      Good morning.

    • Ano pa nga ba! Hindi ko alam kung matutuwa ako or maiinis. Oh well. Lets just support Nicole on her future endeavors. Nicole will be one of the hosts of MGI 2017. Im sure of that!

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