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  1. GOD. Such a shame. I love Nicole Cordoves and wish she won, but who trained her with Q&A? That answer was TERRIBLE. No, it wasn’t just a “RISK,” it was plain misinformed and bound to get a negative reaction. Choosing a candidate who called Filipinos terrorists and then saying that he could be beneficial if we change his mind?!?!?! Not a strategic answer at all, no matter what perspective you try to see it from. Awful. Why pick the person who needs their mind changed vs. someone who is an advocate for peace as they are? That was the downfall for Nicole Cordoves.

    Good learning lesson for her handlers or Aces & Queens — it comes down to values, accuracy, and ability to make your case cohesively. Look to Pia and Janine for perfect examples.

    • Why should you ashamed of her? She took the risk and despite the negative reaction she did not crack under pressure and justified her answer well. Sometimes it’s not just the answer that matters but on how you answer the question. In fact it is always refreshing to hear a PH bet who answers questions spontaneously and not some well rehearsed and memorized phrases and cliches. Why not be happy and proud for what she has achieved? Congratulations also to the trainers because despite the prestige of any international competition we are sending really good calibre of candidates who are not only beautiful and smart to speak their minds out but proud enough to embrace their individuality.

      • @ Chris007 : Applause, applause! Give this commentator a toast/drink! Good morning.

    • Hillarie Clinton, an advocate of peace?!!!!
      You are kidding us Right?! ๐Ÿ˜€



  3. Nicole Cordoves is a highly intelligent woman.
    Her final answer at MGI proves it.
    She knew it would be unpopular and controversial but proceeded to answer with her own THOUGHT OUT convictions, with clarity, rather than compromising to appease popular “correctness.”
    This is an attribute of a LEADER which Nicole IS and not a follower which she is NOT!

    Bravo to you and go on with your ‘bold’ self, Ms. Nicole Cordoves.
    You will forever be a BbP 2015 title holder witb a mind of her own!
    Bold, beautiful and brains… that’s who you are, baby!

  4. Congrata Nicole! Pinaka Kudaera (na may sense) according to Mama J! ๐Ÿ˜˜

  5. wala naman sa usapan ang pagvote kay trump and clinton. ang tanong dun “sino” ang pwedeng makatulong sa “stop the war” na advocacy by setting aside the politics kahit na shear kuno meron. nakakasuya ang concept ng MGI para lang ata mapagusapan sila kaya ginamit ang tanong na iyon. katulad ngayon pinaguusapan natin mga pageant fans ang nangyari. madami na rin nagaganap sa mundo ng pageantry mukhang pangalawa na yan sa maduming events sa mundo aside from politics. Tandaan natin meron pa tayong MI, ME, MG, MS, MW, and MU. wag na natin icompare ang Philippines against our neighboring pageant fans, hindi na natin kailangan makipagaway pa sa ganyan dahil alam natin ang class ng mga Pinoy. We have the ammunition to compete, that is our kindness and humility. Move on mga beks, next stop na MISS INTERNATIONAL. Keep on fighting, praying and supporting our candidates and fellow kababayans.

  6. Notwithstanding the fact that Indonesia was the popular choice of MGI and its owner, Nicole was the clear winner if we were to base it on the final Q & A. If I were to rank the final 5 – it would have been like this:
    Winner – Philippines
    !st RU – Puerto Rico
    2nd RU – USA
    3rd RU – Indonesia
    4th RU – Thailand
    Much has been said about the results (me inclusive), so let us just move on, fellows ! Congratulations to all the winners.
    To NICOLE IGNACIO CORDOVES – job well done ! You exceeded our expectations way beyond we can imagine (amidst all the criticisms thrown at you before, during and after the pageant).
    You may have lost the crown, but to us, you are a WINNER yourself for how you handled the entire proceeding ! Bravo and Mabuhay Pilipinas ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. ..dati pag di nasungkit ang mismong crown, sinisisi sa gown..si gown na walang malay..lol

  8. Congratulations Nicole. Bold ane Beautiful
    Philippine pageantry continues to have a successful start. Keep it going.

    2016 Season

    Intercontinental- top 15
    Grand International – 1st runner up
    Globe –

    Earth –
    International –
    World –
    Universe –

  9. Congrats Miss Cordoves! I haven’t watched the entire show and just skipped straight to the Top 5. I think Nicole gave the best answer. First, she knew the consequence of choosing Trump over Clinton for an answer. She just followed right after Ms USA who chose Trump and was heavily booed. Secondly, she sensibly explained her choice well too. I’m appalled by the rudeness of the audience though.. even unpopular choices need to be heard too. No wonder peace remains elusive because we refuse to listen. Anyway, even without the crown, you proved to the world that you are not only beautiful but equally smart. Mabuhay Philippines!

  10. Nicole wasn’t even favored to make it to top 5 so to get so close to the crown already exceeded expectations. Now will Kylie clinch the first crown of 2016?

  11. Indonesia na talaga ang hand picked from the start. Di nila pwede ipanalo si Puerto Rico dahil hello? Kakapanalo lang nung 2013 tapos sila na ulet to think 4th/5th winner pa lang ngayon. Still proud of Nicole;)

    • Hindi talaga pwede si Puerto Rico kasi mababansagan talagang Miss Grand Imitation ang MGI. Ganda kasi ni Olivia Jordan eh. Haha

  12. Kating kati na siguro si laila magpost ngayon dito. Balik na kasi. deadma na yung iba! ๐Ÿ™‚ job well done Nicole. You exceeded the expectations of everyone. Can we just trust our binibini and our blogger next time?

  13. Kay Leo Almodal pala ang Best In EG ni England…
    Hindi ba puedeng Almodal din ang suotin ng isang A&Q queen sa international competition next time. Saludo din ako sa mga gown nya at Panalo talaga hihihi.

  14. Puerto Rico do.reminds me of Thalia and Alicia Machado. Congratulations to the top 5.

  15. sa tingin ko, huwag na magsend ng rep ang BPCI sa MGI. it’s a waste of time. Congrats to Ms Cordoves. you’re brave.

  16. Did Nicole’s answer cost her crown? Kung oo, ibig sabihin sya yung leading sa top 5. Pero im thinking na the judges gave her high score on her answer kaya sya first runner up. She did really good naman kasi. Im so proud of her. Kaya wag na sisihin na dapat ganto ganyan ang sinagot nya. Move on, big 4 pageants na pagtuunan ng pansin.

    • Hi, I can’t help but answer since I’m here in the U.S. and is close to what may be going on. I’m not doing a hindsight thing and Nicole was indeed amazing with her 1st runner-up win. I’m just adding some things here which in my opinion affected the outcome of some sorts. Actually, the moment Nicole answered Trump, my heart just sank because I felt she was a shoo-in and neck to neck with Indonesia as the winner. The reason I say this, is because of the atmosphere of the city of Las Vegas (and Nevada State) with regards to that Trump-Clinton issue at this time. They had just hosted the 3rd presidential debate of which Clinton was leading in their polls as an aftermath (that is why Nicole was booed). That debate was very hot in Las Vegas, so it was a very important question to them. It was like, here was this intelligent woman, Nicole, and she wasn’t even aware of what’s going on in her surroundings (I don’t blame her though as probably the contestants didn’t have time to watch the news). Her speech however, I though she already had it. But then the Q&A portion and my heart just sank. You know what Pia did about that U.S. bases issue answer, I think she really did her research and catered her answer as sensitive to the crowd, judges and atmosphere at that time of her pageant. But then it doesn’t matter anymore, but I hope Kylie will learn from this. And congratulations to Nicole for a good fight and Indonesia for winning the crown..

      • I believe she would have won too. That Q&A topic is just still so hot especially in Las Vegas, where they just recently hosted the 3rd and last presidential debate. Better yet I think an answer that doesn’t choose any sides would have sufficed as she is from another country anyway. An answer like this would have sufficed: Good Evening everyone, I am a lady and ladies never talk about such divisive topics such as politics and religion in public. Sure, I do have my very own opinion and thoughts about who I want to be your president. But I’d rather keep that to myself. Because I am also very confident that the citizens of this great country, are very much capable of choosing the person who can lead them and give them the best future. Thank you very much!

        Okay please don’t bash! LOL, now this is really hindsight, because I was really rooting for Ms. Nicole. I thought, she was amazing! And sorry, beauty wise – hers is the kind of beauty that Americans here find so beautiful. The mestiza beauties that most Filipinos prefer are a dime in a dozen here. Thanks, yun lang! Sorry, just rumbling because she was my bet…

      • @Jordan

        Excuse me Jordan! I do agree with Trump’s statement that Democrat Hillary Clinton’s plan for Syria would “lead to World War Three,” because of the potential for conflict with military forces from nuclear-armed Russia. The US foreign policy on PH is appallingly one-sided in favor of the Americans therefore choosing Hillary would continue that unfair treatment of the US towards the Philippines while they are utilizing our location as one of their primary asset in world domination. Nicole is well aware of the current situation in Nevada, the USA and the whole world! She only had 2 choices – one was to lie by picking Hillary so she could please the majority of the crowd to win OR tell the TRUTH by picking the less popular Trump who is against wars. Choosing the wellfare of our people and the greater good is worth way more than winning a pageant title built on lies.

      • I find it funny that you elaborate your Q&A analysis. Hence, you didn’t search the exact question that is being asked. I’ll make it short for you. The question is, “Who would you choose to HELP YOU (not VOTE) on the โ€œstop the war and violenceโ€ campaign: Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?”

        You can see how Nicole truthfully answered the question by looking at the transcript of her answer of this comment section. As the phrase goes, she wants to ‘stand for what she believes in’. And yes, the crown might be hers that time. MOVE ON and just be happy with the results.

      • LOL, @Closer2Frame that is not even what I meant! Not really talking about politics, but Nicole and where the atmosphere of Las Vegas is coming from. I though Nicole was just out here to win a beauty pageant? Please don’t put your panties in a wad over this because I am not, and what you are saying here is so remotely far from my point. I am more of explaining where the atmosphere right now is Las Vegas is with regards to that Q&A portion question and how it could have possibly (I say possibly because it’s not certain), it could have affected the outcome… And nobody’s even talking about lying. OMG…. LOL, and this is why I never talk about politics.

      • Is it really so hard to understand what Nicole wanted to say? Or, did I just overestimate some people’s capacity for comprehension? I mean, granted, she could have phrased it better, but in a nutshell, what she wanted to say was that, if you could win over your enemies to your side, you could actually stop wars. What she did with her answer was 1.) to acknowledge that Trump isn’t the most peaceful person but 2.) he has tremendous clout that you can use to your advantage and strengthen your position. There is a hint of naivety in the answer, but this is a beauty pageant, so any semblance of depth is already a win.

        That said, I agree with a poster here and I am RELIEVED that Nicole didn’t win because, with all the controversies surrounding this pageant, you automatically become its face. Let Indonesia take over the long, hard task of answering media queries (if there would be any) about Miss Iceland’s untimely departure – which, let’s face it, has generated far more buzz about this pageant than anything else about it.

        And yes, I still maintain that, even had Nicole won, BPCI should still DROP THIS FRANCHISE. A waste of potential, resources, and prestige is what it is.

      • @ pautwas : I disagree. I believe we should continue sending delegates to MGI to maintain our tradition of quality and to school Mr.Itsaragrisil and the universe (ahaha!) on HOW IT’S DONE!

        We have set such a precedent that the Thai pageant owner will certainly want more. But of course we are not stupid. We can play his game, too. And we shall do it in STYLE!

  17. Para sa bashers and supporters ni Nicole, para sa inyo ang kanyang 1st RU finish. Thank you Nicole for your grace under pessure, you have shown everyone na deserve mo yang pedestal mo. Good luck on your future endeavors dear.

  18. Hillary wants to perpetuate the USA as a War Economy which it has always been… It may benefit the Americans to sustain their high standard of living BUT that is for the expense of millions of innocent lives… Her ideals are not only the opposite of Miss Grand’s theme which is “Stop the war” but she is also a huge liability to us Filipinos living in a strategic location here in Asia which could possibly become the battle grounds between the USA, China and Russia.

    I commend Nicole for prioritizing the welfare of our people. I believe she gave the best answer because she told the TRUTH and kept her integrity intact. Her wisdom is way beyond her years and she did prove that she is the most worthy of winning the title.

    Thank you very much Nicole!

    • Hellooo, Republicans are the ones perpetuating war, GW Bush???. You a Fox News fanatic??? Kala ko pa naman smart ka. Ure just like others na kulang sa research.

  19. hahaha ang dami kong nauto sa pageant ko. kita ulit tayosa Vietnam next year para masayang oras niyo hehe.

  20. Personally, from the pool side swim wear event, I was picking Indonesia to win the crown… I guess, swimsuit and evening gown segment she is on the top.


    Who would you choose to help you “stop the war and violence”: Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

    Nicole’s answer:
    “Okay, you have to promise me that you would react after my first sentence.

    “I would choose Donald Trump to stop the war and violence with me because if we choose him to switch to our side there won’t be war and violence anymore.

    “So, I will also make sure that he will read my speeches to stop the war and violence because imagine someone who would bring so much madness and so much emotion from these people. what if we use his voice to actually do good for the world? What if we use that to our advantage? That’s why let’s keep the peace and let Donald Trump switch to our side to stop the war and violence.”

    (Indeed, Nicole proves how clever and brave she is by choosing trump instead of giving a safe generic answer)

  22. Siguro naman di na maiinggit at mababawasan ang pamba-bash sa’tin ng ating kapitbahay, ngayon nakaranas na silang magkaroon ng winner!

  23. Congrats Nicole! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Next MI naman. Another unpredictable pageant. Kinakabahan tuloy baka magsandwich victory ang Indo. Sana si Kylie manalo tom.

  24. Dear All,

    My 2-cents:

    > The supposedly final Q&A had minimal influence on the outcome of the pageant. Ms. Indonesia was a shoo-in since Day 1. The MINIMUM requirement for Ms. Indonesia during that final round was just simply not to fumble and commit verbal diarrhea. She could pick either Trump or Hillary, give a very simple explanation and she would still win. Believe me. Because if not, Ms. Puerto Rico should have won among the five for giving the best, complete, and yes, popular answer.

    Ms. Indonesia was a favorite by the organizers and she has a strong fan base supporting her in the venue. And there is nothing wrong with that. We have experienced that so many times the past recent years. Favoritism exists in all pageants. And to be fair, she was a decent, beautiful representative of her country.

    > Like so many echoed in this forum, we are “lucky” that Nichole made it to the Top Twenty / Ten /Five and got to display her intelligence. Why? Because we KNEW deep in our hearts that it was not her face nor her walk that would carry her in the pageant. That being said, Nicole made us proud. She had the gall to pick Trump when she heard how Ms. USA got booed left and right. And she had the grace to give a coherent, complete, sensible answer.

    > Ms. Thailand could have also been a good choice but it would reeked so much of lutong-makaw. She had me when she said : I will shoot (choose) Madame Cliinton. Lol.

    > Ms. USA, Ms. Puerto Rico and Ms. Philippines are obviously fluent in English. Does that diminish the intelligence of the “unfluent” Ms. Indonesia and Ms. Thailand? As Janine T would say…” being a beauty queen is not just about being able to speak a specific language ….but the ability to inspire and influence….”

    > Let us be happy that the ASEAN ladies are giving a good counter-balance to the fierceness of the Latina beauties. Let us be gracious in defeat and magnanimous in victory. Hindi araw araw ay Pasko.

    > I still think it was very unfair of the organizers to put the ladies in that no-win situation during the Q&A. These ladies were booed – – broadcasted live across the world. If that’s their way to be talked about or to measure grace under pressure among the contestants, then shame on them.

    World Peace.

    • Korek as in. Bumubula na ang bibig nila kalokah parang sa kanila Pinas lang ang deserving manalo, pasalamat na lang at mag congratulate. Haayyyyyyyyy na lang mga Vhaks.

  25. May himala pala talaga
    Congrats sa Indonesia
    I have a feeling a 2016 is Indonesia’s year

      • Alam mo mo bung kahit na sampu pa ang korona na ipapatong dyan sa ulo ni Nicole di pa rin sya maganda para sa akin at ayoko pa rin sa kanya. So ngayon sabihin mo kung meron tayong problema eh sa hindi ko sya gusto ko eh

  26. Am I the only one who is happy that she did not get the crown for a reason that there are things on this pageant that are so wrong?

  27. Kaloka si Korea, exempted sa swimsuit competition ang bruha, derecho agad sa taft10.

  28. Congrats Nicole! No guts, no glory. Such a gutsy answer. We all know that there is no right or wrong answer. You made your point but the message got lost amid the boos. You maintained your grace under such condition. I like that you love taking risks and you will go far after this little- known pageant is over. As for MGI, such s bold final question puts everyone in a bind – the finalists, the judges, and audience. But you did it and you will be in the news in the days to come. Congrats Nawat – you are the real winner because you have just made an MU- level controversy that will make your pageant relevant and your campaign a truly ironic one. You started a war and you can never stop it.

  29. Kaloka ang mga audience, they booed USA and PHl when they chose Trump in the final question.
    But when Thailand responded that “I will SHOOT Madame Clinton”, they cheered.

  30. I am so happy with Nicole Cordoves!

    Muntukin mo at 1st runner up pa siya!

    Masaya na dapat tayo sa naabot ni Nicole Cordoves!

    Akala ko nga hindi siya pasok sa first cut e.

    Tama ako, maniwala lang tayo na may nagagawa ang dasal at himala!


  31. Infairness ha beauty ang indonesia and thailand too…. i think sa top 5 si nicole ang so so ang beauty, buti na lang magaling si nicole sa englishan yon ang edge niya over the stunner girls.

  32. It wasnt the answer that made her not clinching the title.. If the “Clinton'” choice would make a candidate a winner, then puerto rico should be the outright title holder… Me thinks that Indonesia is the organizers favorite since the start. And she deserves to win.. We shohld just be happy that nicole made it that far and her answer is the best knowing fhat she would be booed upon choosing Trump, but she gave a very good rationale why she opted to vote for him if given the chance. Her answer is in line wt the MGI advocay and so is Trump who hates war and his plight to end war. KUDOS to Nicole and to the eventual winner.

  33. I watched it live and everybody on our Filipino group was so disappointed when she knew that Trump was not a popular answer!! She had it on her bag until she gave that answer!! So disappointed!!

    • Roy, same sentiments here. Nicole’s unorthodox answer was too costly. But if we believe what others are insinuating, Nicole would still not get the crown even if she picks Hilary over Trump in the final Q&A. Nawat is Nawat after all. Nakakalungkot din na tinalo pa ni Indonesia si Puerto Rico to think na they both picked Hilary but PR gave a much better explanation, at tinalo pa ng thailand si PR ha. Can’t imaging the injustice done to Puerto Rico.

    • @ Roy : Good Tuesday evening, Sir. And Good Wednesday afternoon from Filipinas.

      We here understand your frustration. You guys went out on a limb for her. You even spent money to vote for her.

      But if you would take a look at the Post prior to this, you will see how united we are here in praise of her bravery, wisdom, and composure.

      Yes, you might say “B_llsh_t”! But I believe that the Universe conspired to ensure that it was her, and not any of the other Binibinis, that would be assigned to this campaign. A beauty of lesser stuff would have done even worse, in my humble opinion.

      We apologize for sending you a delegate whom you feel failed your expectations.

      We actually felt we sent somebody worthy of your scrutiny.

      And please extend our gratitude to the United States of America for teaching us little brown mangy monkey-dogs that the majesty of democracy lies in its ability to bring together persons of disparate views and yet still manage to make them co-exist through mutual and equitable compromise.

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