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  1. What now of the effervescent lady from South Sudan?

    How I wish Mr. Itsaragrisil would employ her services in some future undertaking.

    The adulation she created must not go to waste.

  2. And the girl with one of the worst answer won!?!
    There is something seriously wrong with this pageant, Hypocrisy at it’s best!

  3. I wasnt expecting to much for nicole dahil madami maganda but i was very vocal if nicole inter in the top 10, she will be for sure in the final 5, because of her ability to speaks well….bravo nicole

  4. When Puerto Rico and USA were called as runners up, i told myself …this is it! Because I know Nicole answered the question better than Indonesia and Thailand. Lalo ng tawagin na si Thailand as 2nd runner up… alam ko si Nicole na ang mananalo… but dissapointed when Indonesia was called as the winner. Ang feeling kaparehas na kaparehas nung kay Pia sa MU. Yun nga lang walang Steve Harvey mode… pero ok lang… congrats Nicole! You are the real winner!

  5. It is unfair for Puerto Rico who answered the question first. While the other girls are already preparing for their answers and may get an idea from the girls who already answered.
    Sana nilagyan naman ng headset katulad sa MU.
    If the winner was based on the answers for me it will be
    Philippines – winner
    Puerto Rico – 1st runner up
    USA – 2nd runner up
    Indonesia – 3rd runner up
    Thailand – 4th runner up

  6. I just watched the crowing segment. Tawang tawa ako sa girls na nasa likod. Specifically the ones on the right side. Nagbooboo sila sa result ahaha and super negative reactions once PR was called for third place. Honestly. I wanted Nicole to win but after her answer I wasn’t sure if kinagat nung mga judge yung sagot nya. It was so bold and different. and it made sense! Smart over safe answer ang peg ni Nicole. I was still hoping she would take the crown home BUT i told myself i would be happy if PR ends up winning.

    • Nicole and Indo looked kinda sad after the announcement…. Hmmm. watch nyo ulit guys

    • i so agree, she chose hillary and explained it.. the only thing that why she couldn’t win is there’s already a PR winner. Thailand and Indonesia didn’t really answer the question.

  7. beauty pageants should refrain questions re politics, religion and lgbt. yung mga judges kasi for sure e me mga kanya-kanya ng stand na so kahit maganda ang pagkakasagot at na-i-defend ng maige ng isang contestant ang kanyang sagot kung iba naman ang stand ng judges e di talo pa rin. anyway congrats pa rin kay nicole pero nasayangan pa rin ako sa kanya kasi with her intelligence and wit, pang miss u talaga siya at hindi para sa isang pipitsuging pageant na gaya ng miss grandmama o miss interconnect the dot lang! πŸ™‚

    • I agree pang MU ang kanyang level on how to respond to the q and a. Nakukulangan lang ako talaga sa face value. Pero yung pasarela has improved a lot and that can be made perfect pa.

      Nagulat nga din ako sa question na yon but she was able to give justice to her answer. Compared namn sa Indo and Thai, malayo ang agwat nila sa pagsagot.

      Isa pa, bakit di nilagyan ng headset yung mga finalists? Unfair kay Puerto Rico na unang sumagot.

    • Yeah youre right. The question is for opinion eh. Walang tama o maling sagot don to determine the winner. Mag kakaiba iba ang opinion ng judges eh. Unlike sa mga question na why you should be Miss grand or something na talagang labanan ng utak. Hinde opinion. Sabi ko nga ang tanga ng question. Nag papaka MU si nawatt pero waley pa rin in terms of advocacy. Yes. I like the production. Galing ng sayaw nila. Lightning of stage very good. May speech din sila and Q&A. But how about their advocacy? Does any one of the past winners contributed on how to stop the war. ? Yeah tayo walang nagawa pero nag pageant sila eh at yan advocacy nila so anyone mag eexpect. Speech in their stage at pageant may help but not enough. It needs actions. But a good speaker is needed .
      Yeah indo outshined them really. Pero dapat zero na ang score sa top 5. Mag score ulet sila base sa @Q&A.
      But anyway. Its their lost not Nicole.
      Tama din PR was robbed. May mali din talaga. Dapat pag iisa ang tanong dapat may headset talaga.

  8. Opinion ko lang ha…. Alam naman naten what Nicole meant by choosing Trump, but it probably sounded different sa judges. Kasi sabi nya she will convince him to join our side to bring peace, so hinde pala sya sa side ni Trump talaga. So, it looks like she really played it safe, it sounded like a soft answer esp. with all the booing from the audience nagmukhang nagpapalusot na lang sya. I think she played it too safe, unlike others who really made a clear choice, maski di ma-explain ng mabuti. Sana pinanindigan na lang why si Trump instead of giving an almost philosophical-like answer. Tabi-tabi po.

    • @ Hana
      i totally agree. could you imagine if she approached it this way:
      “i will pick hillary….and hope that she will work with trump and his supporters right away and convince them that she also looking after their best interest and that we are stronger together.”

      • Hillary is a sign of lies and corruption… Watch the video on project Veritas where the left used against him when the liberal orchestrated it and spin the story, the question emailed to her by DNC Donna Brazile, etc… Use your common sense.

      • @Hunk

        I do agree with Trump’s statement that Democrat Hillary Clinton’s plan for Syria would “lead to World War Three,” because of the potential for conflict with military forces from nuclear-armed Russia. The US foreign policy on PH is appallingly one-sided in favor of the Americans therefore choosing Hillary would continue that unfair treatment of the US towards us while compromising the safety of Filipinos if ever the US is successfull in provoking war against the new alliance of China and Russia.

      • @Hunk
        O’Keefe’s videos are extremely edited. he is a very unreliable source. he even lost a lawsuit.

        from wikipedia:
        The Attorney General’s Office found that O’Keefe had misrepresented the actions of ACORN workers and that the workers had not committed illegal actions. A preliminary probe by the GAO found that ACORN had managed its federal funds appropriately.[4][5] One of the fired ACORN workers sued O’Keefe for invasion of privacy; OKeefe issued an apology and agreed to pay $100,000 in a settlement.

  9. Hello KOKEY… You are the LOSER dahil sabi mo hindi magPlace si Nicole pero First RU sya at sya ang tingin ng viewers na nanalo. C indonesia nga ay di makapaniwala na nanalo sya dahil she is expecting that Nicole will win. She is not even confident enough to handle the responsibility as MGI winner. Well, mas ok na rin dahil maging sunudsunuran lang naman sya sa sasabihin ni Nawat at hindi maiskandalo ang MGI uli kung may unprofessionalism na decision c Nawat dahil kakabogin talaga sya ni Nicole kung may mali syang makita sa MGI. Loser ka dahil Malaking mali ang sinabi mong hindi magplace si Nicole kasi bias ka.
    Nilagay ko si Indonesia sa Top 5 at tama ako at magpasalamat sya kay Nawat dahil kung hindi kay nawat ay talo cya. Alam mo naman na malaking sablay ang sagot ni Indonesia compared kay Nicole kaya dahan dahan ka sa pagiging bias mo next time ok Dugyot.
    Kung makahampaslupa ang PATAY GUTOM na to. hihihi

    • @ Bong – thank you for speaking in our behalf ! Di ko kayang patulan si Kokey (lol). Basta super happy ako sa accomplishment ni Nicole πŸ™‚ On that note, let me hit the sack now, get some sleep and get ready for work in 5 hours. Congratulations to us and all the Cordovites out there ! Good night guys πŸ™‚ love love love πŸ™‚

  10. Tigil tigilan na yang stop the war keme ng miss grand imitation. Sila mismo gumagawa ng ikagugulo. Gusto ng kontrobersya para sumikat. Hahaha kung idethrone man nila si Indonesia, wag na wag tanggapin ni nicole yung title. Hahaha Move on na nga, Big 4 pageants na ang tutukan.

    PS. Congrats Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand. Aseans na ang katapat ng mga latina. πŸ™Œ

  11. ok guys, nicole did not really pick trump. she picked trump in order to change him and use his support base’s enthusiasm to go for a more positive result…hmnnn….

    the only problem i see with this is a man like him will never change and the same goes with his most ardent supporters.

    sorry guys, i am just a little overloaded with the election stuff, can’t wait til it’s over

    after the initial shock from her answer, i chuckled a little bit and totally got her point. this one is epic
    and as they say, one for the books. i am sure people will talk about this for a while.

    • the audience didn’t pick that up.. it’s the judges that understood nicole.. however, it doesn’t matter because Nawat is already fixed on crowning an Indonesian because of the heavy fanbase.

    • Yeah pero smart move pa rin talaga sya ha. Wala akong na feel na kaba sa kanya. Sayang talaga. Pero ok na din. Ayaw yata ni nawatt ng mas matalino pa sa kanya. Baka maya puro suggestion yan si nicole para sa ikabubuti ng MGI at baka hinde pakinggan ni nawatt.ayaw nya pakikielaman sya. Si nawatt lang naman yayaman dyan kaya ok na runner up lang. At least she showed the world rather that Filipina is really a queens/smart and a good speaker. She showed that Filipina is a power house not only in beauty but brain.
      Congrats to Nicole. Move on na.

  12. Thinking out of the box is okay pero beauty contest kasi ang pinuntahan nya, hindi public forum debate. She should have reserved her personal opinion and chose instead the popular and safer answer to win the crowds approval. May cue na nga sya kay USA pero itinuloy pa rin nya. Between her and Ariska, kung parehong si hilary pinila nila, I doubt kung manalo ang huli.

    • @ Eustaquia – Nicole stoojd up for what she believed in and to me that was a very courageous and honest choice. She may not have given the answer that both the judges and the audience would like to hear but she answered the question fair and square and justified it. In my opinion, she nailed the Q&A big time πŸ™‚

    • On the contrary, kung safe and popular answer din lang paguusapan, e dapat si Puerto Rico ang nanalo. Mukhang ang nadaya dito ay si Puerto Rico. Mas kwestyonable kasi kung si Indonesia at PR ang last 2 standing tapos nanalo si Indonesia kasi nga di hamak na mas may substance ang sagot ni PR, maliban sa isa rin syang dyosa, kumpara sa sagot ni indonesia. At least sa case ni Ariska at Nicole being the last 2 standing, wala ng gaanong uproar because of Nicole’s unpopular answer.

      • Even if Nicole picked Hillary Clinton, she’ll still be Nawat’s 1st Runner Up. Else, Puerto Rico would have placed higher and USA & Philippines the bottom two. Congrats to Indonesia! Deserved win. If at all Nicole was ahead in the q&a score but not enough to dislodge Indonesia in the rankings.

    • Dear Eustaquia,

      While I maintain that it was an unfair question to begin with, I think you do have a point.

      It is beauty pageant for crying out loud. It is more important to be “popular” than to be viewed as “intelligent, an independent-thinker, a risk-taker” which was Nicole was aiming for. Reserve that for public debates.

      Whatever rhetoric beauty pageants claim as to how evolved they’ve become (ex. Earth loving, Stop the War, Beauty with a Purpose, Confidently Beautiful), admit it, we want our Queens to be ……for lack of a better word…..Nice. All light. Rainbows and Unicorns. Lol.

      However, there is also something to be said about a contestant who persevered and gave an intelligent answer amidst the booing. Nicole was the epitome of grace under pressure. She heard the boos thrown at Ms. USA and she proceeded with her answer. Refreshing, if you ask me.

      We all kinda suspected that in pageant Q&As, it is not really what you say, but how you say it. Nicole did well, thank you very much.

      I think there are a many factors. Grace under Q&A is just one. Facially, let’s admit that Nicole may not even be among the top ten. She kinda looked horsey to me. Give me Macau anytime. The tinatamad long gown walk of Nicole was also a blah. But these are all water under the bridge.

      Miss Indonesia was being talked about by many pageant blogs from day 1 as a shoo in. There must be something they saw in her. I may not agree, but the girl won.

      Let us be happy for Nicole’s achievements. =)

      World Peace.

      • Thomas, hindi lang talaga maiwasan ang panghihinayang. Her courageous and intelligent answer was too costly. What if…? What if…? Okay, next! πŸ™‚

      • I CONCUR THOMAS. He said everything what’s on my mind. Couldn’t agree more. Puerto Rico should’ve proclaimed winner. Beauty=Goddess. Q&A=Perfect. Overall Bearing=WINNER
        I believe she robbed off big time. Pang MU na nga sya, truth be told. Indonesia is charming and classy, but compare to PR, there’s a huge difference.






    • Hindi ka parin dapat i congratulate dahil walang kwenta sagot ni indonesia. Si Thailand at Indonesia ang galing galing sa memorized speech pero anong nangyari sa impromptu Q&A? waley. We all know this pageant was cooked.. Indonesia wants to walk with hillary.. sure winner na… judges should never choose on who the girls picked for a president but why they chose them? Thailand? 2nd runner up? she choked, indonesia? omgee!!! a cooking show.

    • Cokey, ang 1st RU finish ni Nicole ay isang malaking panalo pa rin para sa lahat ng mga Pilipino. Mali, hindi pala lahat, may bawas na isa. Nagkataon lang na mas mataas ang placement ni Ariska. Isipin mo, pag nagkataong madethrone si Ariska sa anumang kadahilanan, di ba si Nicole ang papalit? Kaya pareho na lang tayong magsaya kasi pareho naman tayong panalo.

    • hoy cocoy.. dalawa nag likes sa yo.. ikaw at si baby nica… mag isa lang kayong dalawa.. hahahaha

    • para kang shonga. Sige lang girl, feed your ego lol. Indo won but Nichole came afterwards. She proved you wrong because minamaliit mo sya from the start. She was able to push through the pageant and kahit risky ung sagot nya, at least it made sense. Her level of impromptu thinking exceeds Indo’s lol. Congrats to Indonesia but congrats to nicole as well. She made us all proud (except you)

    • Hahaha. Napakapalengkera naman netong cocoy na to. Mabuti sana kung half as witty as manay basil. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Ang yabang mo, Cocoy!

      Huwag kang masyadong mayabang! alalahanin mo kapag namatay si Ariska sino ang papalit?

      Hahahahahaha! Nasa aming tunay na pinoy pa rin ang huling halakhak!!!

      Sana sabay na kayong dalawa mamatay!!! Hahahahahaha! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Girl alam mo, ang mga mapagmataas ay pinababa ng Diyos. God bless you na lang. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  14. Such an idiotic answer coming from Ms Philippines.
    You have to be a blind follower to justify her statements.
    Indonesia deserved the win.

  15. Congratulations Nicole! BOLD and BEAUTIFUL!
    That’s what you are! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  16. Wow Nicole almost won. I’m so proud . I’m sure she will make the news not the winner for her answer

  17. Ako lang ba naghintay ng “Steve Harvey” moment? πŸ˜›

    Nicole should have won if the answer to final Q&A was the sole basis for the placement of the Top 5. But Indonesia is really stunning, and I guess that made the difference between the crown and the 1st RU.

    Congratulations, Nicole! You did the country proud. πŸ™‚

  18. Nicole’s answer was very risky but may point. she looked at it in a different angle! not being biased, but mas may substance ang sagot ni Nicole than indonesia. But, still congrats to Indonesia!

    • @ Mr. Manila – only Nicole able to justify her answer totally. For me she gave the best answer among the top 5 kahit na ayaw ng audience yung choice niya.

  19. It doesn’t matter if Nicole picked Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. It doesn’t matter if she has a weak pasarela. It doesn’t matter if her style was not on fleek. You have to understand Nawat knows that the Philippines is a good market place for MGI since Filipinos are just as wild as the Latin continents. Nawat know Nicole is very smart and has good personality. I think Miss Grand Intenationalwas not yet ready to crown a Filipina so I don’t mind at all. Anyway, congrats pa rin kay Nicole, hindi ko expect na aabot siya as first runner-up dahil sa dinami-daming mas maganda sa kanya I expected she’ll just settle for Top 20. Aside from that if we really think of a decent winner sana si Puerto Rico dahil rampadora, hot, diyosa, matalino and she chose Hillary Clinton. BTW, congrats kay cocoy at nanalo si Ariska because she’s a decent winner anyway pero sorry to say mo amin ang Universe, World at International. I think that is something we all could agree with.

    • indonesia may have won but she didn’t give the best answer. it’s more justified that she favored from the get go.

    • Why not ready? Anu yon sana d nalang nag pageant kung sya pala masusunod sa mananalo. He choose beauty over brain. Not being biased but very clear that she shoud have won. Ang dami pwede itanong bakit un pa? Lalo pag aawayin ang mga tao. Stop the war ba kamo? Ayun nagboo sila.

      • Geoff, Filipina beauty queens hav integrity, work ethics and class. Hindi uubra kay Nicole ang mga dirty old tricks ni Nawat kay Nicole na humanash sa buong mundo at the expense of her reputation, Miss Earth, etc. like Claire. It’s Nawat’s loss anyway.

    • @ Make my day my sentiments exactly. Im happy w Nicole placing pero akala ko talaga Puerto Rico.mananalo dahil maganda talaga at maayos yun pagka explain nya. Decision ni Nawat yan so till then. Im so proud of Cordoves

      • Yes teh, amazing ano? I mean if a girl like Nicole who we deemed weak as a beauty queen was morphed by Aces & Queens to an excellent fighter, what more kung malakas ang winning chances ng girl. Edi, uwian na lang ang mga kapitbahay?

  20. Congratulations, NICOLE ! Job well done ! YOU have exceeded our expectations ! You answered that one final question with honesty, wit and candor ! It was a very unethical question, yet, you were the only one who justified your answer truthfully ! You nailed it with flying colors ! To us, you were the real winner but the judges saw it differently. Congratulations Miss Indonesia. NICOLE IGNACIO CORDOVES – Maraming maraming salamat and Mabuhay ka for standing up for what you believe in πŸ™‚ We love you and we are so proud of you ! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  21. so this is hilary clinton’s campaign slogan: “Stronger Together”
    if you just take that a little bit forward you are almost at stop the war/world peace territory

    as for the other guy, i’m not even…..gonna…

  22. Special Awards
    Best National Costume : Indonesia
    MissPopular Vote : Korea
    Best In Swimsuit : Haiti
    Best Social Awards : Jamaica
    Best In Evening Gown : England

    • Miss Grand England, Cherelle Patterson, had an amazing time in the Philippines!
      Cherelle Patterson, our gorgeous Miss Grand England, had an incredible time in the Philippines!
      Cherelle and Miss Earth England, Luissa, went to the Philippines to collect their dresses made by Leo Almodal for their international finals!
      The girls stayed at the Novotel in Manila and Cherelle had a lovely surprise from Missosology!
      Cherelle also visited a local school to speak to the children and staff:
      β€˜I absolutely loved visiting the De Castro elementary school in Pasig city Philippines, wow these kids and teachers are just amazing, no matter where you are in the world you can always share love and peace.’
      What a lovely trip,we’re glad they had such a great time!

  23. Nakakaproud kasi top 3 are all Asians: Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand. This only shows nalumevel up na ang mga neighborhoods natin. Di lang palagi latinas ang nasa top 5. Sad part is that hindi tayo yung first asian country to win MGI (like Miss Supranational). Anyways, congrats Nicole for exceeding our expectations and for bagging the 1st runner up!

  24. Nicole had it in the bag. But she made a risky move and that says a lot about her. I understood the reasoning behind her choice and it made a lot of sense. It was very different from everyone’s who simply chose a side and backed it up with a vague explanation. Nicole was thinking OUTSIDE the box. IF she had delivered her answer differently. RAther than mentioning Trump’s name in the beginning of her answer, She should stated her reasoning FIRST. She shouldve guided the audience and judges to her thinking and then mention Trump. That way hindi na overpower ung sagot niya with the boo’s of the audience at mas nagets ng taong bayan ang sagot nya.

    And if she had picked hillary right from the start. FOR SURE ako, her answer wouldve greatly topped Indo’s answer.


  25. Ala, nicole crown na naging bato pa, Naboo na nga c ms. USA dahil c trump pinili niya, trump already loosing momentum bec of his comment regarding women, ms. Indonesia answer is more acceptable for me Iam filipino american and I support hillary clinton, pede mataas ung score ni nicole sa SS & EG kaya naging first runner up siya.. For me ms.puerto Rico has the best answer ,I thought she will win.

    • Pero sa totoo lang hinde dapat yan ang tanong eh. We didnt know them persnonally so walang makakapagsabi kung sino dapat ang manalo. Iba iba din ang mga judges ng sagot nila. Unlike mga questions na why you shoul be Miss Grand International don and so on don nagkakaparepareho ng isip ang judges at alam ng judges kung ano ang dapat na isagot panget o maganda. Too politics ang tanong. Talagang ginagaya ang MU ha. Well they will always rank at number 5. Production UP but advocacy mababa sila.

  26. That final question though… ugh.. hmm… Naghahanap talaga si Nawat ng giyera eh no? How ironic for a pageant that promotes itself as an advocate of peace, but is causing war in the process.

  27. It was a risky answer for Nicole but she took a chance and gave a good explanation. Hillary is the safe answer but Nicole thought outside the box and did pretty good. I thought that it either pretty much nailed her the crown or put a nail in the coffin. Indonesia went the safe route and was rewarded for it. She is pretty but I don’t think her answer was as complex and well thought out as Nicole’s. Congrats to her anyway. Nicole took a chance and I admire her for it. Nicole did us proud. Mabuhay Nicole!!!

    • Indonesia picked Hillary. That’s all. She didn’t really expound her answer.

      The top three should be Puerto Rico, USA and Felepens since Thailand choked..

      Mukhang naman na gusto talaga siya manalo.. kaya push na yun.

      • Based on just their answers and how “complete” the answer was regardless of who they chose, I would have put them in the following order:

        Philippines – Winner
        Puerto Rico – 1st RU
        USA – 2nd RU
        Indonesia – 3rd RU
        Thailand – 4th RU

        Just my humble opinion…

      • @Philip

        Pareho tayo ng placement dear. First International crown ng Indonesia yan.. give na natin.

    • Totally agree with you! Nicole took a huge risk choosing Trump over Hillary, but I think she did a great job of justifying her answer despite the reaction from the audience. Indonesia’s choice was safe, but her answer sounded very generic.

      Regardless, congratulations to Indonesia for winning MGI 2016. Indonesian representatives, as well as Indonesian fans, having fighting so hard for a win at major pageant, so lets be happy for them πŸ™‚ And congratulations to Nicole for placing 1st Runner-Up! She did a phenomenal job throughout the competition! From Ms. Chinatown Philippines to MGI, she has grown so much–both inside and out! So proud of her πŸ™‚

      • MGI isn’t a major pageant but it is a pageant nonetheless. Siguro it’s time for them to shine para hindi naman palagi Pilipinas ang nag cacarry ng banner.

  28. Ok na rin kahit 1st runner up. Nicole stood her ground. If it was a true battel of he wits, we’d know sinu talagang nanalo.

  29. pageant Q&A lesson

    never give an answer that is too clever
    when it comes to politics you have 2 routes: neutral (diplomatic) or evade evade evade

  30. Napakasimple lang ng sagot ni indonesia pero pinili nya si Hilary. Kung pinili din lang sana ni nicole si Hilary with her gift of the gab.. haaays, nakakapanghinayang. Anyways, congratulations cokey! You proved everyone wrong hehe.

  31. Ewan ko ba mas inferior talaga si Indonesia. I’d rather see Puerto Rico win the crown than her.

    • I try not to believe in that. pero the moment they held hands and i saw Indo’s hands on top of Nicole’s. I was already preparing myself na si Indo ang maa-announce na winner.

  32. Napapa – P.I. ako.

    Philippines and Indonesia. Lol.

    I think it was a fairly decent decision to make Ms. Indonesia win. Congratulations!

    And to Nicole, you did us proud dear!

  33. Akala ko mag Steve Harvey ang peg ng host. Wala pala. I think Nicole deserved the title and I think Indonesia knows it. Oh well, bravo to Nicole for taking a huge risk in answering the question but it isn’t meant to be. πŸ™‚ Miss International na in 2 days!

  34. very obvious, MGI just want to pay back to vietnam because next year host is vietnam

  35. The result was rigged and we all know it since the inception of this year’s pageant. Kaya kukay, huwag kang magsaya. ‘Di kagandahan ang bet mo. Peace!


      • ‘Yun nga. Nicole was spontaneous and she spoke her mind. Eh, ano naman kung si Trump ang choice n’ya, as if that matters to the advocacy of the organization. After all, it’s not the content of the answer, but the delivery and gracefulness of the candidate under pressure answering the question.

  36. CONGRATS Nicole Cordoves! Maging happy tayo kasi siya yun pinakamagaling sumagot. At ok ako sa Miss Indo nato wag lang yung other side of midnight na isa

  37. Congratulation Indonesia for winning the crown MGI 2016, likewise congratulation Philippines for making 1st Runner Up….

  38. 1st runner up is not bad at all. Nicole gave her best. Congratulations!!! Ok ME and MI naman, lipat channel.

  39. If the winner is really based on the final q and a then Indonesia should not win.
    It is Philippines who delivered the best answer!

  40. Congratulations Nicole for being the MGI 2016 1st RU. We are so proud of you. MABUHAY ANG PILIPINAS!!

    • @ Bong. Ok naman si Ms. INDO may ganda naman. Yun isa sa kabila yun di ko ma appreciate

      • Best Speaker ang hinahanap Jackie hindi yung pinakamalaking pera ang nabigay sa MGI dahil sa boto. Aba, milyon dollars ba naman nacontribute ni Indonesia sa bobohan.
        C Thailand din 2nd RU…wow…. talo c PR at USA hihihi
        Sometimes the judges can’t be blamed dahil mananalo talaga kung pipiliin ng candidates ang bet nilang president. C Nawat ang sisihin sa question na yan.
        Pero ang speech ni Indonesia ang nanalo…. Oh my Gawwwwddd!
        Congratz Nicole, at least uuwi kang pinagmamalaki ka ng kababayan natin.

    • Ako din Bong. But we all know from the start si Indonesia ang choice ni Nawat. But Nicole gave a good fight huh ? Sa Q&A kahit si Trump pinili niya na justify niya choice niya. Si Indo walang sinabi kung bakit si Hillary choice niya eh. Ang tanong ng host – Who is your choice and why ? Eh si Nicole lang ang may tamang sagot although hindi gusto ng audience ang choice niya di ba ? 😦

  41. Congrats Nicole! I can’t believe you actually got to 1st runner up picking Trump! LOL

  42. Mapopolitika si Nicole kasi si Duterte and Trump are very similar. Talagang naligwak and chances ng Pinas.

  43. First of all, whoever came up with that final question is DUMB. Second, im so sad for Nicole :(. Andun na siya eh, she couldve slayed the entire round if she picked Hillary. I understand what shes trying to say though.. She was so focused on wanting to be different. But like nag back fire. For sure hindi nya makukuha ang crown, its Puerto Rico’s title to take home na. Nawat would never crown a girl who said she would for Trump cause it will affect his image. His publicity is damaged already because of Miss Iceland. 😦 Ugh i dont want people labelling her as a trump supporter. Jusko ano kaya reaction ni Jonas.

  44. I don’t like the final question pero this will give MGI ng free publicity, for sure media will pick this.

  45. Clinton is a war hawk though, so she wouldn’t be the best choice to aid in your mission to “stop wars”.

  46. At least, pinanidigan ni Nicole ang opinion niya. Thanks Nicole, manalo or matalo, thanks for representing our country. Being in the top 5 is already a big achievement.

  47. That final question’s answer can go either way ! Many hate Trump but if you analyze Nicole’s answer to the question, she actually has a point . Whoever made that final question should be fired. Sheez. That’s putting the girls on the spot to answer a question that should have not been been asked. Very unethical if you ask me

  48. The final question is beyond absurb and crazy. The hell… Nicole is the best there kahit na boo ng hillary partisan crowd. Nawat is crazy. Nakikiswsaw sa politics in a blatantly wrong fashion. Di man lang indirect question tlagang garapalan.

  49. Anak ng donald trump naman oh! Susmaryosep ka Nicole. Korona na, naging bato pa.

    • Ahahaha! Potek no. Si Puerto Rico na nga ang kokoronahan. She made the best case for Clinton.

    • I dont blame Nicole. I salute her for voicing her opinion kahit ayaw ko kat Trump. The final Question is crazy. This pageant is forever a minor pageant kasi binababa ni Nawat sarili at ang pageant nya. But I think if he is looking for controversy so this is his attempt.

  50. I salute Nicole for her bravery answering that very hard question and I am sure her answer will seal her fate tonight. World Peace.

  51. I like the way she answered. Sometimes it is not the answer that counts it’s how you answer the question. Congrats Nicole!

  52. OMAYGAD!!! A combative to help you stop the war, Nicole??? He will make America grope again, including you. Bad pick.

  53. I cant get over this. Sobrang naggamble si Nicole sa sagot nya. I do understand the logic of what she said unlike USA. But Hillary would have been such an easier.

    • Hillary would have the easiest choice to defend coz she’s a woman, experienced, competent, and unshakeable from bullies like Donald who has the knack of starting a fight.

  54. What an unfair question.

    As Ate Vi would say, “damaged if you do and damaged if you don’t.” Lol.

    World Peace.

  55. Very Tricky question. Dapat walang masasaktan sa dalawang candidate dahil “Stop the War”.
    Puerto Rico … nasaktan c Trump
    Na booohhh c USA…. nasaktan si Clinton hihihi
    Nicole….nasaktan si Clinton.
    Indonesia….nasaktan si Trump
    Best speech….Nicole, USA and Puerto Rico.
    Winner – Philipppines hihihi

  56. WAIT, DONALD TRUMP? She’s getting a lot of boos! but may sense ang sagot niya!

    • first, the question isnt a good one for pageants. NO!

      2nd, her pick, was… uh-oh.. sablay? but when i heard her explanation, it makes sense.

  57. i still pray for nicole! please don’t hate na lang. its her opinion and she had to answer.
    still fingers crossed kahit na-boo siya.

  58. why do they assumed the people around the world know about american politics?

  59. i like the song. anong title kaya nito? btw, I love nicole’s gown! gold na gold pang winner, pang-queen.

  60. We should all be proud for Nicole! Top 5 – at par with Parul’s placement. Praying she will win the war! Go go go Philippines!

  61. Mukhang Nagkalutuan…… Pritu….

    Philippines, Puerto Rico, Indonesia, Thailand, United States. PRITU nga! Lol.

    World Peace.

  62. Yay, top 5. Sobrang ganda ng gold gown ni Nicole, grabeh! Akalain mo, naipasok pa talaga ni Nawat si Thailand samantalang mas queenly si Bahamas.

  63. Hay nako Nicole, sobrang duda ko sayo eh kayang kaya naman pala makapasok! Congrats na kasi hindi ka favorite tapos eto you’re so close na. Push lang ng push ate. Kahit anong placement mo pak na pak na ko! Sana ikaw ang palarin!!! I think it would be Phils or USA to be honest given that those two speak well and would be a good ambassadress to the brand.

  64. Q&A na in a bit! Forte ni Nicole. I love her gown!!! Makes me happy seeing our candidates wear a filipino designed gown in international pageants! So glad bazzura days are over. Mukhang Puerto Rico is a favorite by Nawat lol. Pati si indo lol. Pretty ni Indo but I thought Bahamas had a better speech. Thailand, GORGEOUS.

  65. If Nicole nails the final question, she’ll be “it” β™₯β™₯β™₯ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  66. Maygad! Grabe ang kaba ko, ready nako sabunutan si Nawatt hindi nakasali sa top 5 si Nicole.

  67. Omg kay nicole na yan!!! Nilamon sila sa galing ni nicole sa speech!!! Nawat this will ur loss!

  68. SO uso na ang cape with gown ala Olivia Jordan! Pero si Olivia lang ang maganda un gown and walk hahahah

  69. I like the drama sa EG. Peru, Thailand and Nicole wear diff. gown from prelim…. Pang MGI ang Gown ni Nicole. Bagay sa Gold Crown hihihi

  70. YAAASSSS! She’s the only one that used a metaphor to express her desire to stop the war. BONGABELLS!!

  71. Naiyak naman ako sa speech ni Nicole. Make the Children’s dream a reality and grow not in life of war, in bombs and bullets.
    I feel you Ukraine…nandyan pa naman c Russia but your speech is awa lang kung mapasama ka sa Top 5.
    Halata ci Nicole ang expert sa speech. Bagay talaga sa kanya ang MGI 2016 Crown.

  72. Yay – Nicole ! A very passionate speech ! You nailed it girl πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • I knew it – the way she delivered her speech was almost flawless !
      One of the best if not the best among the top 10 finalists πŸ™‚

  73. Napaisip ako bigla ng isang conspiracy theory, na baka may forces behind Nicole C’s placement and probablyy a top 5 placement para marinig ng buong mundo ang kanyang “ready-made” answer to a possible SCS/WPS related Q&A. USA could take advantage of the pageant and may use Nicole to air an anti-China/Pro-USA answer.

  74. So happy to see Peru with Philippines in the top 10 ! Di ba puro praises siya kay Nicole during the preliminary interview ? Good luck girls

  75. Ihanda ang hairstyle gaya sa pic ni Nicole sa baba. Crown na lng kulang hihihi.
    Excited ako sa Gown ni Nicole.
    Pansin nyo ba yung suso ni Peru, parang di pantay…Charot hihihi

  76. I think we should watch out for Bahamas, USA, Ukraine, and Indonesia… Bahamas and USA siguro ang dark horse.

  77. Tengene, hindi ako makahinga hahahah. Great job Nicole! Bet ko ung SS performance nya. Im excited to see that gold gown. Sabi nya daw its not something most people would expect eheheh. so unique???

    Wow naman si Korea, nakapasok pa ng top 10 kahit hindi napili for top 20. Ang weird ng process na yun. bakit hindi na lang pinasok sa top 20 for winning that popularity award para nakita ng judges ang SS performance nya. Kasi now EG lang ang basehan ng mga judges for her.

  78. Yay – 4th to be called in the top 10 si Nicole β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯

    • Winner actually c Indonesia pero sure top 10 si Indonesia kaya binigay kay Korea. Nagtapon din kasi ng pera si Korea pero sayang yung Trophy kay Indonesia hihihi.

  79. hanep balikat ni Thailand…. parang elevator lang…taas baba, taas baba. Lol.

    World Peace.

  80. Love Nicole’s SS performance ! Just the way I expected it – tamang tama lang ! With finesse. Not too flirty unlike the other semi finalists !

  81. wow! ganda ni nicole!ariba na ariba sa swimsuit. chill na chill lang pero pak na pak.=)

  82. PAK SI NICOLE! A better performance than the prelims’ swimsuit!!!! nakikita ko sakanya si ariella arida of laguna felepeeeens!!!!

  83. nakakaloka ang mga hosts! hindi alam ano uunahin.. Please… pleasse…. hahahahha

  84. Aannounce daw today kung san venue nila next year… sana naman wag na masyadong ambisosyo Mr. Nawatt.. balik sa Thailand… pero parang Indonesia daw.. wait nalang tayo!

      • Mas kabado yan kasi taas ng expectations sa Pinay candidates ngayon. Haha Ayaw nya siguro na sya first na hindi mapasama sa semifinalists. lol

  85. Nako Nicole galingan mo sa swimsuit para makita namin ang evening gown na pasabog mo!

  86. they should have entertainers during the interlude like Miss Universe. right now, this live streaming is blank.

    • this year, this Miss Grand is not Miss Grand at all.. and they kept showing the Las Vegas Strip like Encore, MGM and other big hotels. if you only knew, WestGate if far from the strip.

      • I know right ? Mejo malayo sa strip ang west gate. Sana sa Bellagio na lang ang venue πŸ™‚

  87. Jawskuh…. mahirap ba gayahin ang haiestyle na ganito 😦

    WINNER ang hairstyle na yan, ano ba… pakitxt c Nicole hihihi

  88. Wow….Top Finalists being flashed now :

    1) Blue Elephant

    2) G-Herb

    3) MGI

    4) WestGate Las Vegas

    5) Kamol Hospital

    6) Vanissa Clinic

    7) Nussasiri


    World Peace.

  89. Meron kaya baklush here na nasa Vegas at watching MGI? Live update please, pretty please.

  90. josko! Ka nervous. go Nicole!! kaya mo yan giiiiirl. konting padyak lang ! Charot. :*


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