149 comments on “Sunday Specials: Week-long Predictions for the 4th week of October 

  1. HIMEROS wrote:
    XAMURAI, I’ve been wanting to know how Philippines is doing. Could you please tell us how’s she faring? What are your observations?

    The Philippines has always been a force to reckon with at Miss International. She is a shoo-in for the Top 5, and it all boils down to her speech. It will be an easy job for her to enter the Top 15! From there, she has to impress the judges with her speech, which will NOT be translated into Japanese just like in 2012.

    • Expect na natin yan noong binoto natin sya sa NU MUSES dahil nude pic ang ilalabas nila. Kaya kayong walang utak na ginamit ay huwag ng gamitin para walang gulo. lol
      Excited ako sa mga Final photos nya na ipublish sa mga mens magazines and yung Calendar 2017 nila.
      Sisikat talaga c Janine dahil magrereact ang mga “holier-than-thou” pero sunog na ang mga kaluluwa at pag-uusapan sya talaga sa Pinas, US at ibang parte ng mundo.
      Dahil kilala na sya ay madali na lang nyang mapenetrate ang High-Fashion modeling and acting career. PWE sa mga kulang sa isip at nagmamalinis. hihihi

  2. Hi mga mars. Share ko lang video nato of our Queen Jen. Napagdamutan tayo ng camera kay Jen during the SS round. Kaya eto ang video from the audience’s POV. Diba ang ganda ng rampa ni Jen. Siya lang ata nag tanggal nung peacock fabric.

    sa 7:35 papasok si Jen sa stage.

  3. Andaming activities at tours ng Miss Earth candidates!! Bakasyon grande ang participants. Winner na sila sa kaka tour.

    • Ano naman ang relevance nyan dito ..CHAROT lang hihihihi
      Pakipost din yan sa Inquirer.net rappler.com abs-cbn.com agot.com d5.com 3llanes.com noynoy.com roxas.com robredo.com pangilinan.com cojuangco.com america.com hihihi

  4. Comparing Indonesia to Philippines’ pageant representative is an insult to the latter . If they really are that good, the former need not to go to Manila for training. They can train their own.

    Someone said , “he/ she/ it” will bet “his/ her/ it’s” last centavo that MI 2016 goes to Felicia Hwang.

    My take : ” Be careful for what you wish for!”

    Just saying 🙂

    • I only bet on the harwork and commitment our girls are putting in their respective pageants. I don’t think you can question that at all. 😊

      • Yes . I will agree to that Lea.

        I m just silently waiting for the finals and see how the “this-year’s-bully-at-normansblog ” go down in shame 🙂

  5. SCANDAL at Miss International: A Miss from Eastern European country just complained to her ND in her private social media that Miss International contest is just a bad organization and she told that some participants are asked to provide sexual services at the request of the organizers. Also she was complain that the participants are poorly fed!!
    She already was told that she won’t will place in the Top 15.

    Xamurai’s Answer:
    There is NO scandal in Miss International. Only this delegate is scandalous because from the beginning all she does is complain, complain and complain. She was even late when she arrived at the competition. The problem is the national director who just randomly selected her to compete in a pageant – for the sole reason that she is popular and just lives an hour away from Tokyo by plane – and that, she has no idea what to do and what to expect! And now, she hears stories from other girls and then she makes it a big deal.
    When you compete in a pageant, you do not expect girls to eat Russian food! So there, I said it!

  6. Yung isa dito na si alias kokey e mukhang taga camp sawi na Kagandahang Funeraria. Kaya nagtrained sila ng taga Indonesia para tapatan nila yung pambato ng Pinas sa MI at MGI. Ka-kumpitensya kase nila yung camp na kinabibilanganila kyrie at nicole. Hay inggit talaga! Sige na nga ipanalo si Felice aswang at Ariskangkong para sa unang korona nila! Hahahahahahahahahaha!

    • Crispin, I may not like how other commenters here glorify Indonesia’s bet and belittle ours but I think it’s unfair to call a beauty camp from the Philippines as “sawi”. IMO, its also a bit childish to give a different meaning to their acronyms especially if it is denotes a bad name or meaning. All beauty camps from the Philippines has brought honor and pride to our country, so no need to bash. And hey, after the local pageants, we are now team Philippines, and the competitors are other countries. Let us not forget though that this should be a healthy competition, not meant to drag others down just to uplift our bets.

    • Kaya nag-2nd runner up and Indo sa MW 2015, hindi yan dahil sa pakonswelo ni Julia sa hosting ng 2013. Kundi dahil isa sa mga judges ng MW 2015 ay mismong National Director ng Miss Indonesia. Ang Miss Indonesia ang nagpapadala ng delegate ng Indo sa MW

  7. Saka sa MGI di rin mananalo ang Indonesia. Di papayag si nawat na talunin pa si ms.thailand. Kaya nga ginawa sa las vegas yan para pag nanalo si ms.thailand, hindi sasabihin na luto dahil hindi naman sa thailand ginawa. Ganun lang yan. Wag na pagpilitan ni kokey kase hindi rin maganda si ms.indonesia. Trying hard lang! Hahaha!

  8. Kung manalo ang Indonesia sa MI dahil yan sa utang na loob. Naalala ko ininvite nila si edymar sa coronation ng puteri di ba? Parang sa Ms.world nag 2nd runner up ang indonesia, pakonswelo ni julia kase sa indo ginanap ms.world ’13. Ganun lang yun. Hindi pa rin maganda panlaban nila kahit anong pilit nila. Wag na pagpilitan ni kokey yan! Hahaha!

    • Alam mo Crispin bagay sayo ang name mo
      Wala pa ngang resulta gumagawa ka na agad ng excuse mo.
      Please dahlin Basilio take Crispin away

    • Kaya nag-2nd runner up and Indo sa MW 2015, hindi yan dahil sa pakonswelo ni Julia sa hosting ng 2013. Kundi dahil isa sa mga judges ng MW 2015 ay mismong National Director ng Miss Indonesia. Ang Miss Indonesia ang nagpapadala ng delegate ng Indo sa MW

  9. More from the MI correspondent Xamurai

    Everyone here, including the staff members have no clue on who is going to win. There is no absolute standout, unlike last year when it was basically a fight between Edymar and Janicel (although the latter screwed up in her speech)… There are manypretty girls this year. However, last year’s Top 5 is really hard to beat! It was almost close to perfection. So, MIO is worried if they can duplicate that this year.

    Also, Edymar has a hard time looking for a worthy successor. But remember, Edymar is just equivalent to one vote, so whoever her favorite may be, it does not equate to victory. Since 2011, the girl representing the country of the reigning queen never made it to the semifinals. Jessica might break that curse.

    However, what is unanimously being mentioned by the staff and Edymar herself is that, they are looking for a good spokesperson. The winner of Miss International 2016 will represent the organization in many events. She will deliver the opening remarks, thank you speeches, and will lead the girls next year during Miss International 2017. Who do you think can best accomplish that job? She is going to be the winner.

    So, if you are trying to say that this or that girl MUST win because she is the prettiest, or she looks good on camera, then you are totally not in touch with the pageant. MIO didn’t need to hold a two and a half week of pageant activities if the winner will depend on looks alone. A beautiful girl who is also a great spokesperson, who can communicate in English, is what they are looking for this year.

  10. Di pa kayo nasanay sa Misso. Bago kayo mag-panic, tingnan muna natin ang track record nila:

    1st – Venezuela, Philippines, USA, New Zealand, Hungary
    2nd – Thailand, New Zealand, Denmark, Venezuela, Mexico
    3rd – New Zealand, Venezuela, Denmark, Philippines, Puerto Rico
    4th – Honduras, Mexico, Ecuador, USA, Hungary
    5th – Hungary, Honduras, USA, Venezuela, Philippines
    6th – Mexico, Brazil, Hungary, Kenya, USA
    Final – Brazil, Venezuela, Philippines, Honduras, Mexico

    Statistically-speaking, however, this is what they were saying:
    Venezuela, New Zealand/Mexico/Honduras (triple-tie), Philippines

    Actual Top 5: Venezuela, Honduras, Kenya, Vietnam, USA

    They only got 2 of the Top 5. Sa 1st hotpicks lang nila na-predict nang tama si Edymar. 2x pa nilang nilaglag si Edymar sa Top 5. Pansinin niyo rin na it’s never the same girl who tops the hotpicks.

    (Based on Statistics)
    India, UK, Netherlands/Mexico (tie), Thailand

    Actual Top 5: Puerto Rico, Colombia, Thailand, UK, Finland

    Again, they got 2 of the Top 5, but this time, not the winner.

    Ano ba ang takbo ng hotpicks nila ngayong 2016?

    (Based on Statistics)
    Indonesia, Poland, Mexico, Philippines/New Zealand (tie)

    Di ko nagegets ang obsession nila sa Kiwi candidates.

    Based on trends so far (may Final hotpicks pa), 2 of these 3 girls will make the cut, but not necessarily win, and 3 will not make it to Top 5.

  11. If that Miss Grand Iceland issue isn’t an indication of shadiness, I don’t know what is.

    I still maintain that BPCI should not waste its girls, brand, and resources on second-tier pageants. Not only do they rob girls of the chance to compete in better international pageants, BPCI’s representation effectively legitimizes them and reinforces any wrongs they would have been forced to confront otherwise.

    I will still say this even if Nicole wins the crown.

    As for Miss Supranational, so far, the most unscrupulous they have been is pandering to GB and Misso, so I’m willing to give it a pass for now. Had that org’s split been a bigger issue, it probably would have been catastrophic. Good thing Mutya was able to pass on her crown.

    • It breaks my heart to see the binibinis compete in a second tier pageant. Madame should drop the second tiers and maintain the premier ones.


    So, I was in Panasonic event yesterday, which would have been my last coverage gig before the actual final night! There are so many things that I can only share in the forum because I don’t want Missosology.Org to make them official. Hehehe… The forum is more fun to share some gossips and juicy tidbits about the girls:

    1. Some girls are already giving up! Miss Japan was quoted saying that she wants to go home, and I was like “Where to? To your home as in home?” Miss Bolivia was also caught saying that she wants to leave. Poor girl, I don’t think she realized that she is a favorite, and we love her!

    2. There are some contestants who are deliberately ignoring Miss Indonesia. That’s not good!!!

    3. The usual favorites are Poland, Belarus, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Finland and Peru! Yes…. Peru!!!

    4. Don’t be surprised if all of a sudden Peru is going to be crowned as Miss International 2016!!!

    5. There will be a Top 15!!! And all of the Top 15 finalists will deliver a speech.

    6. Edymar is very strict on the “English speaking rule” of Miss International. She immediately erases girls on her list if she DOES NOT speak English.

    7. Miss Nicaragua is the dark horse! Watch out for her! She is the most fluent English speaker among the Latinas.

    8. Canada is someone that the Miss International Organization really likes because she is a good communicator.

    9. Back to back for Venezuela? Ask Edymar… ;/))

    10. The judges are very diverse!!! There will be 12 overall, and five of them are foreigners who are mostly ambassadors!!! One of the ambassadors comes from a country with a contestant this year! Which one is it?

    11. Among the black beauties, Guadeloupe, Nigeria and Ghana are ones to watch out for, although I love Miss Haiti!!!

    12. Miss Russia is a darling! She is the funniest contestant this year, together with her bestie Miss Ukraine!! They are crazy!!! You would not waste a good 30 minutes chatting with them! She said to us one time about how people think with the Russian way of speaking English… “Many people think I’m angry. No, I’m not angry, I am just being Russian,” and started laughing so hard!

  13. My fearless forecast:
    None of them would place except Imelda who will make it to the first cut.
    For Kylie, 50-50 that she makes the first cut

    • Ayaw ni Paui sa Aces… kasi si Gian yung kasama nya sa Goldian something dun lumipat after the scandal…. kaya sa Aces napunta si Hillarie Parungao.

    • Oh my bat anlayo ni Kylie sa forecast nila??? Sa forecast nila sa Intercon, isa lang ang mali. Sana hinde mgkatotoo ang forecast nila sa MI. Kylie deserves to be in the top 5 and even win the crown.

      • Siempre, nilagay nila tayo sa Top 5 kunwari sa Intercon kahit alam naman nila na hindi tayo kasali. They did it para hindi sila mabash based on their past scandal.

      • I believe strategy ng Misso yan kc niluluto nila si Indo kaya sa Top 5 lagi at nilagay din c mexico kc parang sure Top 5 yan just to avoid questions kunwari. Alam din nila kasi na malakas si Kylie kaya misso want her out in the race thinking that MI will follow them… Bakit? Parang USA ba ang Misso para maging UTUSAN ang Pilipinas or ang Miss International. I smell dead cadavers in Missosology.
        I heard minsan nagcomment c Ms Cory Q. ng MWP na she doesn’t honor Missosology as pageant forum/blog, Why?
        @C2F, kung nilagay nila si Nicole sa Top 5 nila it’s because they were thinking na wala sa Top 5 ni Nawat c Nicole C. kaya ok lng ilagay sa Top 5… Bakit? nagmeeting na ba ang Misso at Nawat.
        May connection ba ang KF at Misso? hihihi

      • *** @ C2F, sorry i thought c Nicole ang nilagay sa Top 5 hihihi sa intercon pala… kaya pala wala akong makitang Nicole sa MGI top 5 ng Misso hihihi.
        Opinyon ko lang ha…may power ba ang Misso sa Intercon at MGI? Puede bang magsuggest sila ng manok nila as winner or Top 5 man lang hihihi.

      • Ang MissocPresstitute ba ay Filipino blog? Eh why arethey not patriotic? Business, because Indon is their client? Ganern ba yun?

    • @ bong700 : Good evening.

      May lutuan mang nagaganap, one thing is clear : Missosology is ON THE GROUND and ON-SITE ATM.

      At dahil dito ay maaaring may nakikita o napapansin sila na hindi na natin malalaman pa.

    • Ang basis daw nung mitso yun forum na wala si goddess Kylie. Naman pano magka grade si Kylie kung sa iba syang activities na assigned. MITSO! PUMALYA KYO.KAY VIETNAM SA MISS U

      • Normal lang yan hahahaha,,, freedom of expression dapat ..kung mang-apak, magbash or mag-insulto ka sa iba, ihanda mo rin ang sarili mo na ganyan din gawin sa yo or mas sobra pa.
        FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION just like the Freedom of Information signed by President DU30.

  14. Miss Earth 2016 ko si Equador. Just watched yung promo video ng Hannah’s Beach Resort. Hindi si Equador yung pinakasexy pero naguumapaw sya sa sex appeal. Plus factor na fluent sya magenglish. Gusto ko maging winner yung kaya maging ambassadress ng cause ng ME. Para masampal sa bashers ang relevance ng ME. Haha as for Imelda, okay lang kahit di sya magplace.

  15. Nicole Cordovez and Kylie Versoza both have a chance! Imelda Schweighart will CLAP! Then she will tell the press that people have been cruel to her! She will ask for sympathy. She will play victim. like she always does. 😉

  16. I predict a top 5 finish no less for both Nicole & Kylie (I’d be the happiest if they both win the crown). I can’t say that much for Imelda though but I hope she performs well come pageant night.
    Good luck ladies 🙂

    • Hello mga vhaks,

      Kwentong may sense lang…nag open ako ng Wikipedia about Miss Earth 2016 kung saan nakaupdate doon ang medal tally.

      I believe that Imelda is still a strong contender only that she was put in Group 3 kung saan nandoon si Ecuador at si Venezuela…kung titignan nya, kaliwat kanan ang mga medals ni Ecuador and Venezuela while si Imelda, naka one gold lang as Darling of the Press tied with Ecuador. In the tally, it is Ecuador na leading.

      Pero, yung medal tally naman kasi, hindi sya basehan para sa top 16. Most probably, yung mga nasa top ng medal tally ang siguradong pasok sa top 16 but it does not mean na kung isa lang ang medal mo, hindi ka na pasok. Nung 2014, may isang country na andami nyang medal. In fact, number one sya pero in the end, wala sya sa top 16. It still goes with the fact na may hinahanap ang organization na beyond swimsuit and evening gown.

      Nakita rin duon sa Wikipedia ang resulta ng Miss Hanna min-pageant…Miss Earth Hanna was Ecuador, 1st runner up si USA, tapos 2nd runner-up si Imelda. The way I see it, kaya walang medal si Imelda sa swimsuit at evening gown, eh, kasi napunta duon sa Venezuela at Ecuador…mukhang, she always comes as 3rd or 4th most probably….

      Magkaganun man, I predict that Imelda will get Miss Earth-Fire the very least if pasok sya sa Top 4. Pero, kung hindi sya pasok sa top 4, she might be at the Top 8 at the very least. Mukha naman ding hindi magpapabaya sa kanya ang Kagandahang Flores. Baka naman, lahat ng pambato ni Imelda, nakareserba lang sa finals at magugulat nalang tayo. Back-to-back-to-back is really very difficult this time knowng that the contenders are very good pero, in the game, it is still NOT IMPOSSIBLE as long as gamitin lang nya ng tama ang lahat ng kanyang mga elemento sa pakikipagdigma sa Miss Earth beauty pageant ’16!!!


      • Seriously? You seem to be secretly wishing for Imelda to win. You want a 3 peat talaga? Seriously? As in?

  17. I asked my mother(not Pinay) she said Kylie will be in top 3 and Cordoves will be in semi 10
    In my opinion Kylie will be the winner and Cordoves will be in top 10

    • Jackie, nakita mo ba ang 6th prediction ng Misso about Miss International? Naloka ako girl! Sinong tanga ang gumawa nuon….tignan mo nalang or kung hindi mo kaya, wag na baka ipakulam mo ang gumawa ng prediction na yun!

      • @ Marcelo Estregan : Hello again. Nakita ko na rin.

        Hindi ko alam kung ilang Hotpicks ang gagawin ng Missosology bago mag-ika-27 ng Oktubre. Ngunit lagi nating tandaan na ito ang gawain ng Missosology : kapag may nakita silang may potential or may napansin silang bagong mukha, ilalagak na muna nila sa Upper-tier para mabigyan rin ng publisidad ang mga naturang kalahok. Adhikain ng Missosology na maging PATAS, at sa pamamagitan nito ay pinaaalalahanan nila ang mga “malalakas” na maging masinop at mapagkumbaba sa lahat ng pagkakataon. HINDI nangangahulugang tuluyan nang mawawala sa HotPicks ang sinumang kandidata na bumagsak ang antas. Maaari pa itong bumawi sa mga susunod pang Hotpicks.

        Having said that, hindi ako sang-ayon sa panukala ng Missosology na si Bb. Hongkong ay maaaring maging tourism ambassador ng bansang Hapon sa mga Tsino. Bakit?

        1. Ayaw ng mga Hapones sa mga turistang Tsino (specifically those from the Mainland) dahil ang mga ito ay notorious for their insensitivity to local customs and regulations.

        2. Ang mga taga-Hongkong ay ayaw rin sa mga taga-Mainland China for the same reason.

        3. May malalalim na hadlang – cultural, political, economic – sa pagitan ng mga bansang Hapon at Tsina.

        If anybody from Missosology is reading this, please feel free to correct my erroneous notions.

        I am all ears.

      • @Marcelo Hi! Nakita ko pa lang yung sash factor na From alpha down to beta na lamang ang ating reyna kasama si Jolina M look alike. Mahirap i predict ang gusto ng mi pero naniniwala ako na mananalo si Kylie. Isa ako sa naniniwala kay Pia noon ng walang humpay. Nagtatanung ako ng opinion ng ibang lahi at top 3 daw si Kylie sa listahan nila.

      • @Marcelo haha baka asinan ko pa ang taga misso. 🙂 Anyway ang loyalty ko sa Pinas pa din at deserving naman sila. Kung miss universe nga lang lalaban si Cordoves top 5 talaga yan

  18. INDONESIA 🇮🇩 for miss grand and miss international!! you have to accept the truth I predict BETTER THAN ANY OF YOU hahahhaha 😂😂😂mag vekla ito ang masa kit na katotohanan mad magaling along mag mag judgment Ng TRUE BEAUTY 😂😂😂 I bet my last centavo hahahhaha

  19. Mga bading, tignan nyo to:

    Arna Ýr Jónsdóttir, Miss Grand Iceland 2016, got a message from the owner of Miss Grand International saying that she really should lose some weight before the finals night
    Arna Ýr opend up about the issue on Snapchat earlier tonight.
    “I got a message from the pageant owner (NAWAT) saying that I was to fat, and that I had to lose weight before the final night,” says Arna Ýr on Snapchat. She was encouraged to skip breakfast, only have a salat for lunch and drink water in the evening until the final night. Note there are only four days to the final night of Miss Grand International.
    She says that his reasoning behind these suggestions or requests are that he really likes her and wants her to get as far in the competition as possible.
    “If the pageant owner really truly wants me to lose this so called weight then he doesn‘t deserve to have me in the top 10, 5 or whatever he means” say’s Arna Ýr
    Arna Ýr says in a interview with Vísir.is that she doesn’t let thing like this get to her nor does she take this very personally, but it’s a bit disheartening to but all your time and effort into this and then receive a message like that from the pageant holder’s.
    Her question is “why was I let into the pageant if they thought I was to fat?” She would never have enterate if that were the case
    “I have very little interest in doing my best on stage because simply put they don’t deserve me” says Arna Ýr. “The only thing I can do is take my make-up of put it on again, put on my smile and go down with my head held high and show them that I am just fine just the way I am”
    “This is definitely the last pageant I will ever enter. I wont ever put up with something like this ever again.” Says Arna Ýr

    • That was dumb! Nawat did want to include her in the magic circle because Sweden is on a semi-finalist streak right now… and there is a great chance Sweden will place at Miss Earth because of Chloe.. So it would be a great publicity for Miss Grand if there’s a European in the Top 5 or maybe even as a winner… She now missed this opportunity… Oh well, one down… hehehe 🙂

    • @ Marcelo Estregan : Hello and good afternoon.

      Naglabas ng video ang Sash Factor. Ms. Grand Iceland said Mr. Itsaragrisil merely commented on her “shape”, and did NOT explicitly say she was “fat”. She repeats that it was a “misunderstanding” by people on social media.

      Why did she recant her earlier statement? Did persons of influence convince her to do so?

      • Hayaan na natin yan si Iceland..I best she will clap…icheck mo siguro ang bagong hotpick ng misso sa Miss International 2016…basahin mo at maloloka ka

  20. ME : I predict a First Cut placement for Ms. Schweighart. MEO will capitalize on the free publicity she has generated one last time.

    As for the Elementals, Mr. Tinio already prepared his Groups of Four in an earlier Post. He will probably base his Final Picks from here. And so can we. I know I will.

    MI : This one is tougher.

    While Ms. Verzosa consistently places in the 1st- and 2nd- tier of Hotpicks everywhere (together with Indonesia and United Kingdom), she risks overexposure at the rate she is doing things. Some mystery is important, to hold back somewhat, and keep a little under wraps for revelation later on, so as to sustain interest. I hope she still has ammunition left. Same for Ms. Hwang.

    Ms. Duarte is in an unenviable situation. It is apparent she is struggling. She is unable to keep up to ensure her firm placing in the Hotpicks Upper-tiers. Her ranking is erratic. As if that were not enough, a handful of other Latinas are nipping at her heels, figuratively.

    Those under the radar are more interesting at this point. They managed to stay “mysterious” by being extra discrete. Now they are being noticed – Vietnam, Poland, and our Basil’s bet, Russia (the beauteous volleybelle!).

    It is still too recent, imho, for a 6-peat. I will be glad for a Finals Cut finish for Ms. Verzosa. It is the very least she deserves.

    MGI : This one is easier.

    Ms. Cordovez deserves a Finals Cut placing. But I shall indulge myself with a complete line-up this time : Philippines, Indonesia, Venezuela, Thailand (was there any doubt? LOL.), and India – four Asians and a Latina, similar to the MU term of Porntip Nakhirunkhanok when Thailand, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Mexico locked everybody out of contention. My sentimental spoiler is Rwanda.

      • Good for her Marcelo but its time to send a message to her. It is very possible to makes it to the first cut at least given it is still the Philippines and KF seems to have a very strong foothold on ME.

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