70 comments on “All aboard for Team Kylie Verzosa!

  1. anyare sa post for kylie? hinaluan nanaman ng ibang topic. lol

    anyway, ka excite tong MI! Love kylie’s wardrobes. winner ang dating! compared sa binigay ni Madam na power ranger jumpsuit kay madam Bianca! CHAROT

  2. I think she will get the 7th crown for our country. I am very positive about it. Kasi before, I never liked Pia to win the Bb. Pilipinas-Universe. But eventually, natanggap ko din and supported her all the way. Same with Kylie, hindi ko rin siya gusto na manalo. Pero eventually na appreciate ko siya after she won the crown as Bb. Pilipinas-International. And now, same with Pia, I think she will get the crown for us. Fingers-crossed, pati toes. haha

  3. Arna Ýr Jónsdóttir, Miss Iceland 2015, got a message from the owner of Miss Grand International saying that she real should lose some weight before the final night :-O >::<

    Her question is β€œwhy was I let into the pageant if they thought I was to fat?” She would never have enterate if that were the case

    β€œI have very little interest in doing my best on stage because simply put they don’t deserve me” says Arna Ýr. β€œThe only thing I can do is take my make-up of put it on again, put on my smile and go down with my head held high and show them that I am just fine just the way I am”

    β€œThis is definitely the last pageant I will ever enter. I wont ever put up with something like this ever again.” Says

  4. Pia: Confidently beautiful with a heart
    Angelia: We will because we can
    Nicole: Not later. Not Tomorrow. Today
    Imelda: Im still young. Im having fun


  5. Kaloka ang blogger at ang mga kandidata natin, kinain na ng sistema.
    Just imagine the what they call as “plan of attack”.
    Mingling with organizers, the locals and making friends with the other candidates are parts of the PLAN OF ATTACK?

  6. Guys sa IG nasa Panasonic center mga girls. Miss international posted like 5 photos of Kylie in one day. Come on! That’s hard not to notice right!?

  7. May points ba ang making of Ikebana. Anong mga basehan or points system to make it as Top 10 finalist. Yung Selection ba ng 10 Finalist ay during Coronation night or During their daily activities πŸ™‚

  8. @lonewulf:
    Tama ka. Sa Speech talaga nagkakatalo among the 10 Finalist. Kaya yung di mo inaasahan na mapasali sa Top 5 ay nananalo. NaTurn-Off talaga ako sa speech ni Lubina last year but i was hoping kahit sa runner-up lng na position pero waley hihihi.
    Sure ako (sure na naman daw o πŸ™‚ ) na mapasali si Kylie sa Top 10 at sa Speech na lng magkakaalaman kung sino ang mga makoronahan hihihi.

  9. @Laila, C2F, Fabian or any veteran commenter…

    I don’t recall the 2013 pageant season, but were Bea Santiago (MI) and Megan Young (MW) who won their respective pageants, favorites or under the radar prior to their international competetions?

    Back then, all that mattered to me was Miss Universe πŸ˜”

    I only remember Ari Arida as a heavy favorite to win MU 2013 given the fact that the Philippines were ever so close in winning in 2010-11-12.

    With Megan and Bea victorious @ MW and MI in addition to Ari’s runner up status marking the 4th straight top 5 finish at MU. I believe 2013 was the year the Philippines truly established itself as a pageant powerhouse. Bonafied and certified!


    Go KYLIE!

    • Megan was a strong favorite right from the beginning. There were rumors that the moment she arrived (in indonesia?) the organizers were ‘stunned’ and starstruck (pun not intended). Her closest competitor during pre-pageant activities was that girl from Brazil (Sinclair? or something. Yung kamukha ni Dr. Izzie Stevens). But after the beach/swimsuit segment + yung runway segment, it was clear that Megan slayed the competition.

      As for Bea, I don’t recall her being a strong favorite. Perhaps she was. All I remember is that she had a very moving speech. That girl was cunning and she played her cards well.

    • Megan was a heavy favorite in Bali. Yes lonewolf is right. The word was “stunned”. With Bea, we had our usual support arsenal but she was the last to compete that year so we’re pretty much was just there for the ride – bewildered after Yolanda. Yolanda if I’m not mistaken happened in early December? She looked super poised and neat (here I go – mabango bagong ligo). We just won MW that elusive blue crown so we weren’t that aggressive with Bea. When she won it was a pleasant surprise. Call it a pity win but her speech had – paghuhugutan

    • @Saluda and lonewolf

      Yes, Bea was a clear favorite. The Japanese chairman of Miss International was one of the Judges during BBP-Gold. She was basicaly handpicked to win the title. Rumor has it that the chairman of MI initially like Cindy Miranda but then he learned that she’s not a natural beauty so Bea was the next best thing who proven herself worthy during the coronation night.

      • Napatawa mo naman ako sa not a natural beauty c Cindy C2F.
        C MI Venezuela Martinez nga ay pinaghihiwa rin ang mukha hihihi.
        Di ba bumisita rin c Pres. Aquino sa kanya kaya nakakakilig din sa MIO yun.
        Beauty Queen talaga ang drama ni Bea sa Kilos, Salita at Gawa + ang Yolanda Drama Speech = MI Crown.

      • @c2f, ang nabasa ko namang rumor is hindi talaga bet ni Madam si Cindy. Kaya kahit type siya ng previous owner ng MI eh kay Bea na lang binigay ang International.

  10. Puro good vibes Ang nakukuha ko from Kylie. Super sweet Ang aura niya which is a good thing for MI. malakas kutob ko Na makakapasok siya sa top 5 and she has a great chance of taking home the crown. Madami naghyhype Kay Jessica Pero in allhonesty, Hindi ko bet Ang look niya. Super pale Tapos jet black hair…. and she likes to wear super red lips… mejo off sa paningin ko lol.

    • di ko rin bet si Venezuela kahit si Mexico. Di ko feel ang winning aura sa kanila. Kay Kylie ko nararamdaman ang winning aura. I hope I am correct.

  11. I do “feel” she will deliver with a big “bang” !
    Kylie for the crown πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ keep it going girl β™‘β™‘β™‘

  12. Thank you Lord sa Midnight snack. Now, back to…

    G. Arnold Mercado, ano po ba ang TUNAY na dahilan sa pagtungo niyo sa bansang Hapon?

    Para lamang suportahan si Bb. Versoza? Hindi kapani-paniwla!

    Sino po ang kinausap niyo diyan, at ANO po ang pinag-usapan. ? LOL.

  13. Keep it going Kylie!

    Again, just a unique beauty filled with poise and charm!

    Walk it, package it, wrap it and BRING IT Ms. Kylie!

    I smell 6 in the mix! πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—πŸ˜‹

  14. Matutulog na dapat me ngunit naabutan ako ng Post na i-tey. Kalerks! Gising pa pala si Tito N. LOL.

    Tuloy, du’n ko sa baba nailagak ang huli ko na sana’ng banat hinggil kay Bb. Versoza para sa araw na i-tey.

    Anuman, halatang medyo apurado na si Tito N. dahil may ilan’g mga “typo” dito. Try to spot them.

    Ayan tuloy! Napa-Ingles na ulit me. Haaysst…

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