62 comments on “Imelda Schweighart | How is Miss Philippines Earth 2016 doing in the competition?

  1. Ayoko syang magplace sa top 16. Though sayang Leo Almodal pa naman ang gown nya. Kung papasok sya sa top 16, most likely papasok yan sa top 4 dahil madadala ang judges sa crowd. 😒

    Leo Almodal is dressing 5 queens daw sa Miss Earth 2016 coronation night. Si Angelia, Imelda at England yung tatlo. Di nya nireveal yung dalawa? Sino guess nyo? Frontrunners daw yung dalawa.

    Hula ko Venezuela yung isa dahil kay Alyz Henrich. Yung pangalawa kong hula is Sweden dahil may connection sa showbiz pero mukhang Francis Libiran ata sya kasi may dress sya sa isang activities na kay Francis sinuot nya.

    • Naku. Baka lang nmn, pag di makapasok si imee sa top 16. Scenario lng nmn e either, she will accept it gracefully or worse, magtatalak yun ng bongga. Lol

  2. My top 4 prediction:

    Miss USA
    Miss Russia
    Miss Venezuela
    Miss Ecuador

    NEXT 4:
    Miss Wales
    Miss VIetnam
    Miss Sweden
    Miss Philippines

    to complete top 12
    Miss Uruguay
    Miss Italy
    Miss Slovakia
    Miss Colombia

    Last 4:
    Miss Indonesia
    Miss Colombia
    Miss Lebanon
    Miss Mexico

  3. All the best for Imelda. I hope she gets the placement she deserves. I am rooting for Venezuela, Russia, Ecuador and Brazil.

  4. A big resounding NO. She’s not even in her top shape! Just because you’re the host country delegate doesn’t mean you can just slack your ass off and assume you’re guaranteed of a crown already, specially when you have some obvious attitude issues.

  5. A three-peat is a very stiff climb and a very long shot.

    And with all the controversies surrounding our ME rep – Hitler, Rambutan, being young, best bet is a semi-finalist finish. Not unless, she will prove herself otherwise with the judges during the preliminary interview.

    Sir Norman, I guess the “closeness” is probably because you feature more beauties from A&Q. Though yeah, they have produced more queens this year and runners up at that. But it seems like all the focus are on them. I just hope that you will also blog about the other queens. So that us your readers will also get to know them and how are they preparing for their respective international pageants.

    Peace out!

    • Puedeng may milagrong mangyari sa Coronation night at parang nakasuot si Imelda ng Blusang Itim na panloob ng Gown nya ay Mananalo talaga sya.
      I believe that there’s still a possibility that Miss Earth 2016 is Philippines.
      Galingan na lang nya sa Finals Night.
      I still wish you Good Luck Imelda 🙂

      • I have this strange feeling na pasok sa Top 4 si Imelda. Fire or Water ang makukuha niya.

      • Mag-aala Stefanowitz yang si Imee. Binash during pre pageant activities, tapos biglang bubulaga sa Finals.

  6. Imelda Einstein Hitler, 69, Felepens!
    Hello Miss Intercontinental, eto lang naman ang ganti ng Miss Earth!

  7. Possible scenarios for Imeee post-pageant

    If Carousel will give her the crown, sorry ME, delicadeza nmn ng konti

    If she wins an elemental crown, enters the top 8 or top 16, either happy n sya dun or worse magkakalat, dahil di sya nanalo.

    If she failed to enter the top 16, baka magtatalak si ate. Wag nmn sana.

  8. Pakainin yan ng isang langgotseng rambutan before the coronation night.


    Im still young. Im just having fun

  9. dont worry about her. she is miss philippines and homecourt advantage will favor her. just like sri lanka in miss intercon. i will choose chloie of sweden anytime than this rambutan girl. atleast chloie has breeding and class.

  10. I’m disappointed in her. Watching MEP 2016, I was rooting for her. She aced all the segments in the pageant. Pero now, I would rather have her go unplaced or hit semis. THATS IT.

  11. Well, a three-peat crown for the Philippines is a no-win situation for the ME organization’s credibility.

    Imelda’s extremely controversial video only adds to an already precarious position for ME.

    At this point, a non-placement for Imelda would actually “help” ME’s reputaion.

    Sorry Imelda. Beautiful? Yes. Unfortunately….

  12. U can really compare that wisdom matters more than beauty. Sorry, but i cant help it to compare. We are aware that imee is waaaaay ahead than angelia in terms of beauty but angelia’s wisdom is light-years superior than imee. Yes, it is a cliche answer to every beauty pageant that a girl has to choose between beauty or brains and with this example, it is very evident why every girl (if not all) choose to be smart than to be beautiful. #sorrybutnotsosorry

  13. Guys dito ko na i post lahat ha para isahan nalang medyo mahirap mag jump jump eh…

    latest on Joanna:

  14. With that gown and make up, looks like she time traveled from the 80s.
    And with her abrasive personality, Imelda Papin has a better chance of becoming a semifinalist than her 😉

      • @ Laila : I like her SPUNK ! No apologies. No regrets. No hesitation.

        Perhaps clueless, but at least not wimpy.

        And she actually managed to perform damage control on her Einstein statement by saying that she was not alluding to herself in particular. Lusot ! LOL.

        This young woman may not be as silly as some say she is. And at the very least, she has made me interested enough in her to want to “Follow” her, post-pageant. Win or lose.

        She might be playing a perception game on us. And we all fell for it. Maybe WE are the fools. LOL.

        Ime is HER OWN BRAND !

      • Hi Andrew,

        I’m very sorry but I would have to disagree with you on this. When it comes to my beauty queens, I’m quite old school. While competing or while their reign isn’t finished yet, I expect them to suck it up and adhere to what I consider as proper decorum. Like say Molly.

        The interview started out ok but within a few seconds she was singin a different tune. If you’re smart, allow other people to tell you you’re smart. I have some reservations on Imelda’s mental stability. Im not saying she’s crazy but I remember a classmate in high school who had depression problems – who acted the same way.

        Her weight would see saw. She got herself into various petty injuries that allowed people to swarm all around her. Started talking about elves and dwarves. These types. Now I’m not in the medical field but nurses on fb and ig are all expressing concerns over her possible depression.

        See a few months ago (according to one of the backstage folks at a fashion show) ime just started screaming for no reason. Then the accusations towards her batch mates. Then her various injuries prior to ME. Then her wheelchair photo while competing. Then her rambutan post on the benefits of roasted rambutan. Then that unfortunate video with ms Austria. The last blow was an screenshot from an admin asking her how she was and her replying – I’m so young I just wanted to have fun (she was asked about her reaction on why she said it was ok to eat rambutan seeds)

        So things are just adding up and no matter how much you try to cover up her shenanigans – it’s really there.

      • I am sorry Laila but your judgement is too harsh and too quick. In Psychology, you don’t jump into conclusions like that, instead, we have to look into the basal personality of the person. On the contrary, Imelda is just a young woman who is not afraid to be unconventional and someone who does not oblige herself to conform with societal norms and at times rebellious and I like that. She is right that “nobody owns anyone”. I think she has a very different kind of wit and wisdom at her age.

  15. Eto pala muna yung kay Jenn:

    Hindi nya bf yan. Friend lang nila. Sorry nangupit ako ng photo sa IG mo …

    Hi guys, im back 🇵🇭 Heartbroken still but i believe we are tougher than our misfortunes 🤖 I am very honored to have represented our country and deeply grateful for the overflowing love and support you all have given me. For this, i still am a victor even though we didnt get the spot we wanted. At this point, its enough for me that you all know I did my best and fought hard. We have various opinions and sentiments about the pageant but there are things that are just not meant for us and we can never really explain. So let us cry no more over spilled water, look forward to a better tomorrow and keep hustling as we always do ⭐️ Lets just divert our energies to supporting my sisters @kylieverzosa and @binibiningnicolecordoves in their battles. Dont worry about me anymore, I’m more than alright now that I am home 🏡💕 Love lots ❤️😘🤗

  16. Controversial statements and behavior notwithstanding, the answer to the question “How is (she) doing in the competition?” is imho, based on what I have seen so far, OK.

  17. What a wasted beauty. She is so pretty when she won MEP and I actually think at that time na she is the most beautiful queen KF has ever produced aside from Janicel Lubina pero sayang masyado silang bata at minadali.

  18. The Hitler comments pretty much ended whatever chance she had- she’d be lucky if she scraped into the top 20. And I agree with the comments- the tan is all murky and wrong like she looks like a completely different person and that’s not a good thing (much like getting veneers a month before a pageant and not having enough time to let them settle into your face).

  19. I believe yes, she can deliver. But for me, there are other candidates who are stepping up their game as early as now. I’m eyeing on Venezuela, Mexico, Ecuador and the US.

    Beauty wise, she has it… but not as beautiful when she won MPE. Mas fresh siya noon, mas may youthful glow. I don’t know why nagpa-tan siya. Plus her figure (For me) is more into voluptuous side na.

    Can she win? hmm i honestly don’t know. maraming magaganda at magagaling sa Miss Earth ngayon. maybe a runner up? Let’s see. Good luck Imelda!

  20. Ang Bongga ng ME 2016 activities ngayon pero anong nangyari kay ME-Philippines sa pics nya. Parang nasa Barangay pageant lang. Ang ganda ganda nya sa National pageant.

    Now, parang Star Dancer sa Love City or Lambat(buhay pa ba mga to hihihi) noon.

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