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  1. My prediction:

    Miss World 2016 Philippines
    1st ru (again, Audra Mari) USA
    2nd ru Venezuela (beautiful Diana Croce)
    3rd ru England
    4th ru Dominican Republic

  2. If :
    Catriona wins MW 16
    Kylie wins MI 16
    Maxine wins MU 16
    …then my dream of the 3 alpha pagent crowns be given in one country , will break history. Nobody has done it yet !

    France’ 53 ( MW / MU )
    Brazil ’68 ( MU / MI)
    Australia ‘ 72 ( MW / MU )
    Venezuela ’81 ( MW / MU )
    India ’94 ( MW/ MU )
    India 2000 ( MW/ MU )
    Philippines 2013 (MW / MI )

    • @Shk.Ayesa’
      Philippines 2013 = MW + MI + MSupra.
      Philippines 2016 = MW + MU + MI + MGI + MSupra … Bongga di ba. hi hi hi hi

      • @ bong700 : Yes. 2013 was when Filipinas was hailed “Country of the Year” by foreign pageantistas.

    • Guys , i didnt count the other pagents ,thou they may sound very good in our ‘Pageant Resume’ .

      In as much as i wanted to count , Supranational , Earth , Intercon etc., i’m still sticking with the Big 3 premier.

      That s just me !

  3. Sir Norman, may update ba kayo kay Nicole Cordovez and Kylie Versoza?
    Nakauwi na ba si Jennifer Hammond?

  4. I just wish she would learn tagalog more, and some tagalog songs. Alam natin nangyari kay Sam last Mr. World.

      • Have you watched the Willy game show sa 7? She speaks very little tagalog! She even said nose bleed ako!

      • I heard her speak in person many times… I tell you, she may not have nailed the Filipino accent but she can speak Tagalog!

      • Pls. share the link sa mga tagalog song niya. Puro english lang kasi napapanood ko sa Youtube.

  5. Queen Cat is smart and sweet, not to mention, got loads of sex appeal. I’m sure Mrs. Julia and the Miss World Org. will like her!

  6. The recent video / photo of Ms. Gray in flowing red garb set against the conic volcano that placed her native Albay (or is she based in Manila now?) on the international tourism stage is hopefully a harbinger of triumph.

    Daragang Magayon (the beautiful vulcan maiden of Bicol folklore) reveals herself to us!

    • I hope that would be the inspiration for her national costume…. the mountain godess or the Mayon volcano… One that is perfect for the dances of the world.

  7. I see Catriona as a cross between Megan Young and Pia Wurtzbach – the undeniable beauty of the former and the fierce determination of the latter. She is well prepared, battle ready with ammunition to boot. She’s been preparing well for Miss World for years since her best friend Valerie won MWP. There is no lackadaisical attitude at all and with A&Q solidly behind her, the turquoise crown is for the Philippines to lose this year. I can’t wait to cheer you on in DC this December Catriona!

  8. No doubt about the capability of Miss Catriona Gray to win the crown. Her alluring beauty, amazing voice and towering height will surely not to be ignored by the organizer. I just hope the unsavory political climate in our country and severed relationship between the US and the Philippines will not deter to capture the crown.

    • I believe our current political status is going in favor with Catriona since Julia has strong affinity with the Chinese… It is the venue (USA) that could slightly lessen her chance in bagging the title… But hopefully the Fil-American audience would preffer to support Cat than Miss USA who’s part Filipino as well.

      As for Kylie… We always had a good relationship with the Japanese. I don’t think there is a political hurdle except we just won the title a few years ago… Miss International is known to be fair and they would crown the one who is most desserving. If Kylie plays her cards perfectly then she has a great chance to win this.

      • Closer 2 fame may chance na tayo tignan mo ang Venezuela:
        Tignan mo ito Venezuela Won After 3 Years
        1997-Consuelo Adler
        2000-Vivian Urdaneta
        2003-Gizeider Azua
        2006-Daniela Di Giacomo
        After 4 Years Venezuela Won Again
        2010-Elizabeth Mosquera
        After 5 Years Venezuela Won Again

        Ang ayaw lang ng Japanese ang back 2 back..

    • Hay sana may repeat tayo ng 2013 no? Atin MI and MW this year. Lakas kase ng MI and MW natin eh.

      • @Laila, isama na rin natin ang Miss Universe rep natin na si Mika Medina. Malakas din ang arrive n’ya. Magpaka-greedy na tayo ngayong 2016! Hihihi!

      • Let’s look back at the crowning of these world-class Filipino women, I hope Ms. Gray will share the same triumphant moment this coming December 🙂

    • With the new owner of MUO which is a model agency. She is a perfect representative for Miss Universe 2017 Nasa kanya na lahat. Ma polished pa naman ung iba into perfect mold. Sayang din. Pero ayaw ni sma ng mga sexy photos and cat choose MW which is also a good choice pa rin. MW packaged din sya. So i will support her all the way. Gosh!!! Tama ka laila sana maulit natin ung 2013. Mi and MW. Wala na ako masasabi kay catriona kundi Good Luck nalang.


    • Best in QA! Even her grammar is good! Some beauty queens are articulate but commit minor grammatical lapses. Catriona is perfect!

  9. Yes! High hopes for Catroina. She’s definitely the whole package and she has the “it” factor written all over.

    Without the great burden of a b2b feat, a 2nd MW title for the Philippines is a very strong possibility. I have the same feeling for Kylie V. for brining home the country’s 6th MI crown.

    Excitied for the bets for MW and MI as well!

  10. Our bet this year is hard to beat….
    Catriona has all the ingridients of a winner.
    Without a doubt…
    She could be our Next MISS WORLD!!!

  11. I agree, Tito Norms. Catriona is the type of candidate whose caliber is exquisite in every category. She is The One. I am super excited for the forthcoming Miss World 2016. Best of luck, Catriona!

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