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  1. Sash Factor’s Uliysses Esposo is on the ground at Las Vegas and will bring the latest on MGI soon. Stay tuned.

  2. Ok na rin ang magpost ng barber shop para may mapuntahan naman kayong ibang pagupitan. Malay nyo maging kamukha niyo c Nicole C, Jen H, or Kylie after the haircut. hihihi

  3. Naging marketplace na ang blog na ito. Sir Norman, pede feature mo na lang si Papa Andrea Biondo.

    • @ Pipo Alanon : With all due respects to Mr. Tinio, I think he wishes to exercise due discretion with regards to blogging on the Gentlemen, lest he be accused of partiality/bias as far as the local male pageant scene is concerned. I think we all know by now what this means… right, Misters?

      The only times he indulged himself with the privilege was merely to announce the respective campaigns of Andrea and Job (recently). And even with still earlier Posts involving the Gents, those were essentially advertisements for their sponsors – Pegarro, Bragais, Vatican Bespoke, etc. – and NOT strictly about the Gents themselves.

      Marami nang naganap kay Andrea mula nang makabalik siya galing Surabaya! And I will strongly suggest for all interested to visit the FB fanpage of Andrea (Andrea Tangonan Biondo) for updates. Also, do regularly drop by Mr. Tinio’s FB (Norman Tinio) page for juicy tidbits that never make their way to this blog.

      Andrea is slated to walk the runway at Myanmar Fashion Week as part of his obligations as 2nd Runner-Up at Mister Universal Ambassador. This should take place within the next few weeks or so, or at most before the end of the year as he plans to return to Italy and Germany to spend Christmas with his family.

      And yes, even the clappers at the Gentlemen of the Philippines 2016 pageant have forged on with life.

      One has pursued a Criminology course (and become a “Gwapulis” eventually. LOL.).

      One titlist finished college and will now have the time to prepare for his campaign in Portugal. Hint : not Job who is going to New Delhi next month.

      One of the titlists currently based abroad recently spent time at hospital for an ailment or injury of some sort (am not certain which one) and is recuperating. Hint : he has many credentials.

      And another whom some commentators hailed as a potential spoiler has, in fact, launched himself into modelling with the help of GCI. Hint : he is “hafu” like Andrea.

    • This pic makes me hopeful . It’s her overall aura … not the dress which looks extremely busy and noisy

      • @ Fabian Reyes : Hello again.

        The noisy-busy is MERELY PRINT, and probably emulates Native American fabric designs as may befit the deserts of Nevada. It is by Cherry Veric, the same designer who did Ms. Versoza’s sparkly-candy column at one of the MI functions.

        In terms of shape and construction, it is actually relatively simple. The print just distracts.

        My point? I disagree with you on the dress. It is certainly better than that green number she wore earlier at the Mayor’s Office. And I actually liked that one, too, despite most everyone else not liking it.

        In fact, I feel it makes her look OLD. But then if one wishes to be taken seriously by the judges in a pageant that she knows is “hostile towards her”, looking girly-youthful is NOT advisable.

        And if Ms. Cordovez likes it and makes her feel good, then that is all that matters.

    • Ay salamant may pag kakabitan ako. Pasensya na guys nalilito na ako. Kindly check the thread “Here’s Looking At You, Kylie Versoza”. Doon ko na pinost yung latest pasarela videos nya with the kids.

      Post ko lang mga ganap kay Nicole. Baka matabunan….

      Here is a video of her interview this morning. No sounds talaga pero based on her body language mukang aliw na aliw naman sila:

      • Omg, galing naman kumanta ni Nicole with actions! talent portion ba ito? Bakit naman kasi hinahanapan ng ballpen at prutas ng mga judges itong si Nicole?!

      • nakatulong siguro yung magulo nyang kamay na alam ko medyo reklamo nung iba dito. ganyan siguro talaga sya ka expressive.

      • Sorry may mas mahabang version pa nito kung saan tawa sila ng tawa. Di ko na mahanap eh 😦

      • @M

        Hala wag naman. Baka busy lang. May time lang ako talaga pag pageant season chaka adik lang ako. This blog is still a great platform to exchange ideas. Medyo scattered lang kaya mahirap mag habol ng proper thread to post relevant photos.

      • @laila

        Exactly my point. This is the pageant season and not some tacky shoes or some barber shop shenanigans. And for the runners-up, they have the whole year next year to be hyped. But please for now lets focus to Nicole, Kylie or to the MEO (they deserve a pat on the back. On the other hand, Ima needs some slapping.. oooppsss.. sorry.. i just cant help it.. lol).

        How can we exchange ideas if the postings are like these?

      • Nicole looks too cocky and un-queenly . She can make her point without losing her feminine grace. Watch how Olivia Culpo tackles questions

      • Laila wala akong makitang nakakaaliw. Based sa gesticulation nya lumalabas pa rin na trying hard to show na matalino sya. Over-confident I think. At ang posture, movement etc. para syang nagbebenta ng produkto lang ang trying so hard na makabenta. In nutshell, very unqueenly, street act, and inappropriate. I will stand in what I have said after the Bb coronation night that there were far more superior ladies dun sa top 15 kesa sa arrogant and over confident chinay na ito. At ang lakad dun sa video ng Natco omg cribge worthy

      • @jeremi

        Mali ako ng post. I meant that there is a longer version of this interview kung saan tawa sila ng tawa sa mga sinasabi ni Nicole.

    • I thought this snapshot was taken during the national costume event and not during the group interview.

  4. @ tito Norms

    We have 3 ongoing pageants but the last 6 posts of this blog were not even related to these pageants. What’s going on? Ive been reading this blog since 2011 and this is the first time it happened.

    • Norman can run his blog as he sees fit. If he features the occasional non-pageant (or pageant-tangiential) post, then it’s his prerogative. He has no obligation to post at your whim and fancy. He’s done a fantastic job of maintaining this blog over the years and we’ve come to expect a certain quality and quantity from him. That does not mean we get to complain and chastise him if and when the posts become intermittent.

      If you don’t like what he’s posted, you can simply leave and check out other sources. Or better yet, start your own blog and do with it as you please.

      Instead of rudely whining about the lack of pageant updates, perhaps you should follow Laila’s example and contribute some yourself.

      • My apologies for voicing out my baseless opinion. Pardon me, i havent read the memo regarding the gag order just yet. Whining or just plainly giving out constructive criticism? You choose, but i prefer the latter. Peace!

    • Maybe because the blogger doesnt see any “bright star” on our bets who are currently competing. Nakakawalang gana nga naman. And also Miss Earth rep is from KF so no need for a write up

  5. Nice place to visit I will one day come to this Barbarian hair saloon for my hair cutter

  6. A novel concept, indeed. Hope it catches on.

    I reckon this ain’t like dem old-school barbershops where off-duty policemen slacking off on the patrol beat chat up dem purty manicurists, while him no-good bet-taker (of the horse race) on the far side of the room eggs his regular patrons as these grapple with a crossword puzzle on Tiktik tabloid.

    What is a four-letter word (Down) meaning the opposite of “Love”?


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