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  1. Mga beks, walang bang live streaming ang miss grand international sa la vegas?

    sa Oct 25 na ah at bakit walang hot pick sa misso ang miss grand at hindi updated ang date sa mismong page ng misso.

    pinabayaan na ba ni pawee ang grand mama basta nanalo si patta porn charoot…

    update nmna dyan kung may link share share..


    • Parang gusto tayo surpresahin ng MGI kung sino winner… I hope its a good one.. Ngayon ko lang napansin na pili ang released pics ni Nicole…
      Ganda ng Cherry Veric dress na ito o… kapeg ng kay Kylie during TV guesting.. pero wala masyado pics…. hmmmm?

    • @ RuffaMegan : Good evening.

      Baka nagku-kuripot si Mr. Nawat at walang notice ng live stream sa website ng MGI. Para mapilitan bumili ng tickets sa Finals sa Westgate International Theater of Las Vegas, Nevada. LOL.

      25 October 2016, 7:30 PM (PDT). I do not know what “PDT” means. My apologies.

      There are, however, three (3) Official Broadcasters – Vietface TV, DirectV, and the Thai Channel 7. The latter is the most popular Thai-language channel (Thai government channel, I think) available from most, if not all, cable TV service providers worldwide. I just do not know how the above-given Nevada local time translates to Thai time. I do know that Manila is one (1) hour ahead of Bangkok. Go figure na lang po, please. Mahina ako sa Math. My apologies once more.

      I have not encountered Vietface TV and DirectV yet.

      You guys might know Febby, the Indonesian behind Dukung Puteri Indonesia di ajang Miss Universe who professes love for Filipinas and advocates Indo-Fil love and collaboration despite the overwhelming amount of material he puts out for the Puteris come pageant season. LOL. But to his credit, he did throw in an image or two of Ms. Versoza with Ms. Hwang on the plane to Nagasaki and on the ground as they went around the city.

      Anyhow, he has some info on MGI ATM and it was from his FB that I found out that the black terno is #6 on the Best NatCos List! And to think most of us “did not really like it”. LOL.

      Ariska (Ms. Indonesia) topped the NatCos List. Thailand was second, but imho she should have been First because I find her NatCos ABSOLUTELY DIVINELY GORGEOUS AND ELEGANT. She was made to look like a goddess-figure of Thai Hindu-Buddhist tradition. The columnar gown she wore was gold and obviously of some sumptuous material (perhaps Thai silk but I am not so certain as I saw what appeared to be brocade). It was cut close to her body, which accentuated her whistle-bait figure. And,…. basta! Check it yourselves.

      May nag-comment na matumal bumoto ang mga kababayan natin kaya #5 lang si Ms. Cordovez sa Popular Vote (topped yet again by Ariska followed by Korea and Peru). If Filipinos are unable to sustain their voting, baka mag-slip further down pa si Ms. Cordovez. It’s 50 USD for 100 votes.

      On Febby’s Second Hotlist, Ariska and Thailand are at #3 and #5, respectively. He assigns the Pole Position to Venezuela. He assigned India and Filipinas to #9 and #10, respectively. Nyeh! Akala ko ba mahal niya tayo’ng mga Pinoy?! LOL.

      More generous is the Hotpicks of Reinas Del Mundo (I was unable to find out from which country this originates; perhaps you guys could enlighten me). Here, Filipinas still trails India, at #8 and #7, respectively. Ariska is at the Top (Yes!), Venezuela second, and Thailand third.

      Para ‘yata’ng natunugan ng dalawa’ng ‘to na ilan sa atin ang OK lang kay India, so that they lumped us with Sri Lanka’s neighbor towards the bottom of their Lists. Oh, well…

    • @ RuffaMegan : Hello again. I forgot to include this in my earlier Reply. Sorry. Am really sleepy now.

      I think most of Pawee Ventura’s resources are focused on Miss Earth. Hence the seeming dearth of MGI updates in Missosology. And indeed, we can see how BUSY and PUNISHING the ME schedule is! Misso has thrown out so many images already, of all the events, and in all the different venues.

  2. Congrats Jeslyn! Buti na lang hindi na bagyo! Bulacan is also signal number 1 yesterday right?

    anyway, mas blooming siya ngayon. in fairness!! pero sa totoo lang, natatakot ako sa korona ni atey!! parang konting galaw lang ng ulo mo malalaglag. hahaha!

  3. And I recall the earlier Post, prior to Ms. Santos’ departure for Ecuador, where some commented on the clothes hamper beside where she stood to have her photo taken wearing the blue gown that supposedly aped Queen P’s own at the MU 2015 and how that Send-Off degenerated into little more than a drinking spree for the handlers, sponsors, and loyal followers… LOL.

    But in that humble gathering JDV declared that they left no stone unturned in their preparations, how every detail had been accounted for, even to the extent that Ms. Santos picked up a little Spanish. It may have been memorized, but that reply Ms. Santos gave in the Final Q&A, in Spanish spoken so hastily in order to keep her nerves at bay, effectively “clinched the deal” for Filipinas, remarked an Indian pageant blogger.

    Minor pageant, major-major victory. Strategy successful. Mission accomplished. Mabuhay pa more!

  4. I hope John Dela Vega will send more hopeful ladies at the international pageant. The success of Jeslyn Santos is enough evidence that JDV is working hard to train ladies and who knows they if they continue to strive the best they will be bigger than the camp of Aces and Queens. I’m still hoping other beauty camps will shine also this year. Keep up the good work JDV!

  5. Wow.. I hope may Big monetary reward ang binigay na karangalan ni Jeslyn from Senate(500T), Provincial office(100T) to the Municipality of Hagonoy(50T). Maliit lang na halaga yan sa gobyerno pero malaking tulong na rin yan kay Jeslyn. Sana meron hihihi.

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