10 comments on “If Culinary Arts is her 2nd Passion…

  1. Guys! Totoo bang married na si emma tiglao? With kids na daw. Mukang late na ako kung totoo. Pero nag crowned sya ng princess last mwp right? So ambilis naman kung married at may anak na. Unless kung last year pa married.

    • Kung may anak sya, puede sya sa Miss Global Philippines.
      Pero kung di na sya virgin, walang anak at Single, sali sya sa BbPilipinas kasi up to 28 na ang MU. hihihi.
      @C2F, gusto ko cyang maging beauty titlist bago magretire kahit KF pa sya. hihihi

    • D naman c2f haha. Nagulat lang kase ako comment sa isang page eh. Married na daw at may kids. Alam ko kase last year eh mwp runner up sya at nag crown sya ng princess sa mwp 2016.

  2. Mr. Tinio should continue his tradition of reporting on the post-pageant and behind-the-scenes-and-out-of-the-limelight lives of pageant peeps once pageant season wanes again come late Winter or early Spring 2017 (probably just before the Chinese New Year).

    It’s also fun to know about the charitable institutions they continued to visit, the environmental advocacies they decided to pursue, and the host countries they re-visited. But also…

    Who got married, who had kids, who finally finished their studies, who entered show business, and who became elected as government officials.

    Certainly NOT everybody will have a happy ending. But even their stories need to be told and heard.

    Happy trails, Ms. Alita! May your foray into the food service industry open a bright new chapter in your life.

    Thanks for sharing, Mr.Tinio.

      • @ Closer2Fame : Hello and good afternoon.

        I apologize if I sounded not nice in that regard. I meant “restaurant”, as the blogger stated.

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