74 comments on “Heilymar Rosario of Puerto Rico takes Miss Intercontinental 2016

  1. Filipinos should learn to be graceful in defeat. In all competition Filipinos are always the true winner, it’s either dinaya, politics, bayaran, lutuan etc. si Pacquiao dinaya, si ganito niluto etc etc. nakakahiya na minsan

    • There’s a lot, going in that costume. Di ko gets yung inspiration nya. Maybe its a good thing? #justmycents

      • Same thoughts… to be honest… iba naalala ko… parang mga antique na punda ng lola ko when she had a knack for arts and crafts during the 60’s…

        I’m just surprised because Val Taguba is known to design modern looking gowns using the latest technology in fabric tapos ganyan ibibigay nya kay Nicole?! Something fishy is going on… medyo kalevel nito ang 3in1 ice cream cake ni MJ Lastimosa… IMO

  2. Magsitigil nga ang mga nagmamarunong ng mga nagmamagandang punto de vista!

    Mga hipokrita at hipokrito kayo!

    Mas mabilis lang kayong nakarekober kaya kayo nakakapagsalita ng ganyan!

    Pwede lang hayaan nio nang mamighati ang mga pageant fanatics dahil kahit saan anggulo nio sipatin may mali sa patimpalak na iyan!

    Ipagdasal na lang natin na makarekober ang lahat para sa ikakatahimik ng mga duguang damdamin!!!

  3. I assume there are a good number of us who harbor one, some, or all, of the following thoughts after another seemingly baffling edition of Miss Intercontinental:

    1. For BPCI to drop the franchise because the integrity of Miss Intercontinental is questionable
    2. BPCI should only concentrate on two or three pageants, instead of six
    3. The one-finalist-per-continent format is unfair and archaic
    4. Miss Sri Lanka’s inclusion in the Top 5 is proof of a (semi-)hometown decision

    May I request those interested to ponder and give your thoughts on the following?

    1. Should Miss Intercontinental continue to deny deserving Filipino representatives the crown, do we give up, or try harder?
    2. If BBP decides to crown only two to three winners, will we not deny erstwhile deserving queens their chance to compete internationally? I know MU is still considered the top crown but would it be better to never have been crowned rather than accept a lesser one, knowing that only one MUP can be crowned every year and that there is an age limit?
    3. The one finalist per continent format has been junked by Miss World since the late 80s but that is how this particular pageant works. Are we going to withdraw from a pageant that does not conform to our notion of equal representation?
    4. Miss Sri Lanka has been targeted for her inclusion at Jennifer’s expense but did we defend Athena Imperial’s making the cut in the SS round of ME 2011 over other seemingly more deserving candidates? I wrote about this previously and I got a response that essentially said that they judges probably saw spark in Athena that time. How about the judges this time? We now probably understand how some other countries feel when our candidates place highly in home turf, sometimes shockingly.

    I hope we can stop branding this pageant as “cheap” or “third rate” because it doesn’t reflect well on us. As one commenter wrote, we wished Jen the best before she left, with no one saying “Bring home that third-rate crown”.


    • @ Caroline : Fully agree with you on all points. And for as long as we inconvenience, offend, or disenfranchise no one, there should be no reason why we should cease participation. Just keep joining!

    • @Caroline. Very well said. Articulate without being offensive. You brought up things that should be pondered about.

      To answer your questions:

      1) No.
      2) No.
      3) Yes. But that is the mechanics of this pageant. And we know this from Day 1.
      4) a) Try harder
      b) We will.
      c) Not withdraw
      d) Amen.

      Good point re “bring home that third-rate crown”.

      However, maybe we should just allow some us to grieve, rant, be “bitter” and express ourselves. It is part of the process especially for Filipino fans. Give it a day or five , and we are on to the next “third rate pageant”. Today’s unacceptable pageant result, is tomorrow’s forgotten pageant result.

      World Peace.

      • @Thomas

        Thank you for your feedback. I guess we just have to lick our wounds, congratulate Jen for performing above expectations, get more ready for MGI and MI, and continue to support all our girls. 🙂

    • Thanks Caroline. I am with you. We just can’t win all pageants. We’ll see our 1st Miss Intercontinental in the near future. And It just got me thinking what if suddenly Kylie, Catriona & Maxine will become clappers? Are we going to say that MI, MW & MU are questionnable pageants? My point is – let us be ready to accept any outcome as it is a contest and always subjective to the owners, judges and organizers. Of course, there is also no harm to grieve so hayaan na rin natin iba nating kabayan 🙂

      • @Observing You

        Our disappointment will pass. Our pride in the girls who try their utmost to make us all proud will forever remain.

        Cheers to passionate support sans hurtful words! 🍻

    • Here’s my take on the issues raised:
      1. No. Giving up and holding grudges is like taking the low road in handling this.
      2. I disagree. Denying them the lesser crowns means giving them the chance to further polish their potentials and try again next time. Case in point is 2015 MU Pia Wurtzbach. Had she been given a lesser crown in any of her 3 tries, we would not have our 3rd MU till now. Lalo na ngayon na ginawa ng 28 y/o ang age limit ng MU. Whether we admit it or not, we have wasted a handful of our girls with potentials when they were assigned a lesser crown.
      3. We cannot do anything about it because it is the organizers call BUT together, we – pageant fans – can voice out the perceived flaw and advocate for an equal-opportunity in the selection process. Who knows, the organizers might listen. Makibaka! 🙂
      4. I agree 100% with you. The Sri Lanka experience reminds me of the proverbial ‘do not do unto others blah blah’

      • @Eustaquia

        I so agree with your point on suggesting and engaging stakeholders to continue to make the system evolve for everyone’s benefit. This has borne fruit in terms of our girls now using local talent, whom we must also monitor closely that we do not stray from our vision of clothing our girls with the best.

        Let us continue to take the high road in disappointment as we exercise magnanimity in victory. ✌

    • Caroline I’m loving this mala “university” discourse. It makes me feel like a pageant pro. If I may,

      Jennifer Hammond (training and bearing and wardrobe considered) is too good for this pageant but at the same time she’s not a perfect fit for the other pageants so it’s quite tricky with her to begin with.

      Based on our past contenders, Kris and Christi (who were MU ready)- I absolutely think that we should continue to send reps to this pageant BUT not from BPCI. We have other local pageants here, heck they can even appoint a rep.

      I have nothing against this homecourt advantage thing BUT, the rep should at least have something to show for . Granted that the judges saw something, it certainly didn’t convince us. She looked disheveled, her gown wasn’t spectacular, her body wasn’t to die for, her pasarela wasn’t polished and her q & a performance (which should be her saving grace) was mediocre. had she ticked one of the boxes I would have understood her placement. In Athena’s case – she had at least one card in her favor. She knew her inadequacies and played to her strengths. In Angelia’s case – they can hurl hurtful words against her or us but as a pageant enthusiast I can stand my ground and say: Well her answer was mind blowing so sorry, we’re keeping the crown.

      P.S. I have nothing against the Sri Lankan rep. She looked surprised when she was called against the heavyweights like Thailand and the Philippines.

      On the bright side – they did get one thing right – Ms. Puerto Rico so congratulations Heilymar!

      • @Laila

        I guess I have taken after your propensity to temper passion (I remember the effort you put in to MU 2015) with the need for discourse that is passionate yet sensible at the same time.

        I honestly expected Christi to win last year because she delivered the goods and more but I thought that Russia’s beauty might have tilted the scale to her favor.

        I am keeping the faith in Miss Intercontinental for now, especially since our girls from Koreen to Jen have done well, and I believe that we should continue to crown multiple winners in BBP because as in real life, not everyone can work in a conglomerate like San Miguel or Coca-Cola but it doesn’t mean that we cannot find fulfillment in what we get dealt with. 🙂

    • No Caroline, the mechanics of this pageant is impossible. How and Why? If i am the 2nd best of my continent but i am a lot better than the best winner of this other continent. Does that make me unfit for a Top 5 placement? This pageant is unfair and BPCI should be thinking of this otherwise. The more they go in for this mechanics the more politics will prevail. Stop comparing this to Miss Earth. It’s a different pageant. If that’s the case then every host country should be 1st runner up then. Im not saying not to send a rep to this pageant. I’m saying it’s shouldn’t be from BPCI. BbPilipinas should stick to bigger pageants.

  4. Sinasabi ko noon pa na hindi fair ang ‘sapilitang’ pagpili ng tigiisang reyna mula sa 5 continents to make up the top 5, maipush lang yang ‘5 continents’ ek ek na yan. Yes, Miss Intercontinental ang titulo pero mali na ietsa-pwera na lang ang ibang kandidata from the same continents kahit pa mas mataas ang scores nila compared to the other continental queens. Isang halimbawa, kung sa overall rankings based on scores, prior to top 5 announcement ay no. 1 si PR at no. 2 si USA (from North America) tapos no. 3 naman si Venezuela at no. 4 si Brazil (from South America) at sumunod naman in no. 5 si Spain at no. 6 si UK (Europe). At lahat naman ng African countries ay nasa lowest ranks led by Ghana in no. 70, halimbawa lang. Hindi ba makatarungan lang na ang naunang lima na ang awtomatikong papasok dapat sa top 5 at ligwak na lahat ng African countries? Pero dahil sa antiquated concept ng Miss Intercon kaya laglag si USA at Brazil sa top 5 habang pasok naman si Ghana in the process ng walang kaabog-abog from a distant no. 70 rank. Oo na, patimpalak nila yan kaya sila ang may desisyon. Pero asan ang hustisya? Panahon na para baguhin na yang old cencept na yan. Pwede pa rin namang gawing special awards ang 5 continents na yan pero huwag naman ng gawing basehan in chosing the top 5 in the spirit of fairness and equal opportunity. #MemaLang

    • You have a point, Eustaquia. Pero napaicip rin ako. There is only 1 winner so keber na ang Top 5. Even in this format, in theory, the best will still win.. so be the best in the eyes of the pageant owners, organizers and judges. Hindi lang tlaga para kay Jen kahit man sa mata ng marami (na walang influence) cya ang best.

    • Actually, walang magiging problema, Observing You, kung ang only 1 winner ay sure winner na starting day 1 pa lang like the case of PR. Pagiging members of her entourage na lang talaga ang paglalabanan. Pero what if walang namumukod tangi sa semifinalists (top 15) and it’s anybody’s game? Di ba you deny the rest of the semifinalists the chance of their lifetime because of the one-finalist-per-continent format na yan? Pero siguro nga, hindi para kay Jen ang Miss Intercon crown. Maging masaya na lang tayo. At least hindi sya clapper and most importantly, she delivered and gave us a good performance. Proud pa rin ako sa pinakita nya. Title ka nga or runner up madami naman kumikwestyon.

      • Tama Eustaquia. Maging masaya for Jen sa Top 15 placement nya at move on na. Naalala ko lang bigla sa Miss Universe 1988, 4 Asians in the Top 5 pero waley tayo hahaha

  5. Kung nakuha ni Sri lanka ang Miss Intercontinental-Asia, pwes, kay Imelda Hitler ang Miss Earth.
    Bawi bawi lang.
    Ang ganti ng isang api.

  6. I skipped the q and a last night and decided to watch it today. I feel bad for the contestants, especially Italy, as though they were not taken seriously. It’s bad already that they can’t provide a translator (i think this happened too in Miss Earth if im not mistaken) but what made it worse last night was that instead for apologizing for their shortcoming they made a joke out of it at the expense of the girls… and until now i still cant get over with the “tie breaker”. This sure will make a mark in pageant fail history.

  7. Intercontinental – top 15
    Supranational –
    Grand International –
    Globe –

    Inteenational –
    Earth –
    World –
    Universe –

    The SILVER LINING is we’re off to a good start.

    Jennifer Hammond, a beautiful surprise at BbP, was under the radar but managed to win a Bb title. She transformed beautifully en route to proudly representing the Philippines at Miss Intercontinental. She easily made the top 15 but was worthy to be in the top 5.

    She traveled to an exotic and an enchanting Sri Lanka and enjoyed a once in a life time experience. Although her competition has concluded she will always and forever be a Bb Pilipinas title holder with unlimited class.

    Bravo Jennifer Hammond.

  8. My kids watched the pageant until the top 5 was announced. They keep complaining Jen doesnt have enough exposure. They remarked Thai gowns looks like a princess. Im actually expecting its either Phils or Thai who are both beautiful and classy all throughout. But I was mistaken. Give chance to others. Congrats Jen, You made us proud. Im actually wishing you could join bb agaim, MWP and ms earth. Coz I know you have all the attributes and quality of a true queen.

    • All Pinoys who watched the pageant online felt the same, too.

      You knew that Sri Lankans never liked Ms. PH. If Jen was about to come out, the camera man would automatically adjust his lens to somewhere or afar. Fans knew that something was wrong but that’s the way it is….the host: Sri Lanka….. 🙂

      • @Bong, my kids were sad. Isa sila sa mga nagstop sa live streaming nung nag top 5 announcement. Nag sleep sila during afternoon para lang abangan si Jen Hammond. Until now may headache sila (sa puyat) but sabi nila sa disappointment daw kaya may headache

    • True madam jackie, camera man was really unfair to jennifer, from then i knew she wasnt be on the top five finalist…. she doesnt have enough exposure….. ang camera man biglang tinatanggal sa kanya…

      • @RuffaMegan. Mga bagets na nakapansin na walang exposure pagrampa ng ating Bb. panay complain nila during swimsuit,Im always giving this contest a benefit of the doubt when it was said before (2014) Kris Tiffany time that the contest was shady. After last night wala ako masabi. Abangan ko na lang final winners next time.

      • halos lahat ng segment on the coronation night wala si jennifer, hindi naka focus sa kanya ang camera, kahit suppose sa kanya na binabaling sa iba. kung basihan ang physical beauty doon sa winners mesmo hindi nmn siya nakakalamang kay jennifer, beside ang itim ng labi ng winner lalo pag walang lipstick.. hehehehe

    • Hi Lai, for me its a battle of Thai and Jen.. But when top 5 was announced. di ako nagtaka why naging 1/3 na lang ang nagcontinue manood.

  9. Para tuloy masamang sumpa next year ang makakagets ng title nato sa BBP. Sri Lanka??? Huwaat? Buntong-hininga na lang ang kaya kong isunod. #Haaayyyy

  10. Time to move on guys. Puerto Rico won and we have to accept that fate despite the kinks along the way.

    At least PH was not a “clapper”. Cheers.

    • Bong , I like clean beauty . It doesn’t matter what race. I don’t like gypsy whores hihihi.
      But lets respect the judges’ choice. We will never look good complaining abt the real.After all, beauty is to whoever looks at it.

  11. Congratulations to Jen for a decent finish.

    I am not a fan of Jen since I find her “too excitable and too contrived” in her interviews and demeanor.

    But if the choices will just redound to the Philippines, Thailand, China and Sri Lanka as the Asia representative, there is no doubt it should have been the Philippines closely followed by Thailand (if only for her amazing attires).

    On one hand, the concept of “spreading the wealth” all over the world by having one winner from each continent/region has its advantages. But it is tad unfair to use this in a beauty pageant where each candidate (regardless of the country) should be treated as equals.

    I will be kind to the candidate of the host company by saying she has a beautiful hair. Lol.

    World Peace.

  12. Well I watched the pageant again in its entirety. I think Puerto deserves the crown, not that pretty beautiful but she definitely has something and this I think the reason she won.

  13. This was posted by a Colombian in Misso. I hope BPCI should take notice with this.

    [ Torres23 wrote:
    Did you know that Hector Joaquin has been invited to Miss Intercontinental since 2013 and hes not a judge hes invited as a correspondent. He also gets invited to Top Model of the World pageant that is from the same org of MIC and there has never been a TMW from PR L-) ]



  14. This result is a downer . It makes me wanna stop watching pageants for good. I would not vote for PR in a million yrs. But she was the winner in the eyes of the judges .. so what can we do ?

    This is when it matters that the contestant sort of resembles the local people . Nicole C would have been the perfect candidate for this pageant

  15. I don’t mind puerto rico winning. Besides, it was between her and Jen from the start.

    NAKAKALOKA LANG TALAGA ANG PAGEANT NA ITEY! May tie pa! at tayuan portion lang ang basehan? walang masinsinang deliberation? wahahahah I was so sure that if Hindi si Jen ang papalarin sa top 5 / Miss Asia and Oceania, it was Thailand ang papasok. nakakaloka ang Sri Lanka!!!

    It’s not that I or we are blaming them kasi host country but okay lang sana e kung nakita mo deserving. She might be deserving, yes. but mas may deserving pa kasi e! haaaay

  16. No doubt that puerto rico won, super lakas ng stage presence nya kagabi. From her crowning as the Miss intercontinental P. Rico, malakas na talaga sya at na maintain nya yun up to Miss intercon sa Sri Lanka. Aside from her, ang lakas din ng dating ni Ghana at ni Italy, pati na rin si Phil at Thailand. Baka i expected too much basta candidate from venezuela kaya so-so lng ako sa kanya. Sri lanka, okaaaaay. Top15 is not bad at all, at least pumasok pa rin, so sa lahat ng supporters at bashers ni jen. Para sa inyo ang placement nya.

  17. Regardless of whether or not BPCI continues to hold the franchise for this or any other “minor” pageant, I believe Filipinas should stay dignified and continue its reputation of sending polished reps that are, in the words of other nations, “always prepared”, to Ms. Intercontinental.

    To present evidence of fraud and / or bias is difficult, awkward, provocative, and can be misconstrued as plain sour grapes, if not altogether embarrassing.

    Certainly the Miss Intercontinental organization, or any other pageant group for that matter, benefits from the exposure and prestige that participation by high-caliber / top-notch / powerhouse countries like Venezuela, USA, or Philippines gives them and can shortchange these countries by providing no guarantee of at least a a runner-up finish.

    But I also think that we Filipinos spoiled ourselves with the expectation that we would finally bag this crown simply on the fact that we placed consecutively higher on the past two editions – 2nd RU in 2014 then 1st RU last year. The host country, judges, and pageant organizers probably (?) thought along these lines, and so decided to keep Filipinas at bay for now. And obviously, Sri Lankans probably (?) saw this as their once-in-a-blue-moon chance to bag a crown, but feigned (?) modesty and/or discretion by settling for second honors.

    And what of backroom negotiations? Of aggressive handlers and National Directors who met with pageant bosses “over breakfast” on the day of the Finals? Filipinas could have done that; there was nothing to prevent Ms. Marquez-Araneta to fly over to Colombo if she really felt it was necessary to do so. There is neither rule nor law against this, and we all know this happens all the time..

    And what of money? Could there have been bribery involved somewhere?

    And we haven’t even talked about pageant politics and mutually-beneficial or advantageous accommodations and arrangements THAT CAN HAVE IMPORTANT IMPLICATIONS FOR FILIPINAS IN THE NEAR FUTURE, not just in this pageant but in others as well. Malay natin! LOVE conspiracy theories. LOL.

    So let’s keep it classy-wassy and continue SLAYING !

  18. Magaling ang Missosology!
    4 out of 5. Nakuha nila ang winner – Puerto Rico.
    Pinili nila ang Philippines imbes na Sri Lanka sa top 5.

    • @ miss tissa : I am beginning to suspect that Missosology is ALWAYS privy to “insider information” or exercise some sort of influence. They always have a good (at least 90%, by my reckoning) prediction success rate. Sash Factor says they are “trashy”. I wonder now if… Hhhmmmm…

      • Oh how quickly we forget the fact that it was Misso-affiliated trainers that “produced” Miss Intercontinental 2014 who won over Kris Janson. That was supposed to be their crowning glory at the time, but quickly became their downfall as well. Gouldian who?

      • Miss Thaikand Bakekang Buratrat was 2014 Miss Intercontinental and was a product of Gouldian.

  19. Congrats Jen you did so well. Being in the top 15 is already to be proud of. Sorry for the judges they did not see the great potentials in you.

  20. Honestly , Jen didn’t look her best. She was so dark I could hardly seee her face. And her hairstyle ….. If she had come out exactly like she was at the BP coronation night, it would have given the Sri Lankan’s less reason to make that hometown decision.

  21. wag nyo ng i-bash ang miss intercon na mababang uri ng pageant dahil yan din ang sinasabi ng ibang lahi sa miss earth pag natatalo ang kandidata nila na sa tingin nila ay mas deserving na manalo kesa ms. philippines. kung inaakusahang cooking show ang ms. intercon, e anong tawag sa ms. earth at ms. world? na pre-determined na mananalo.

  22. Hayaan na natin sila. Mababang uri naman talaga na pageant iyan.
    Huwag na natin ibash para wala silang masabi kapag nakaplace ng mataas sa MU ang pambato natin na may karapatan naman talagang makaplace ng mataas.
    Nasa matataas na lebel na pageant angat ang Pilipinas, huwag na tayo bumaba sa lebel nila.

    • Bakit pag tayo ang matalo, sabihin agad mababang uri ng pageant lang yan. Be sports. During send off nila, hindi naman binanggit na ang pupuntahan nila ay mababang uri ng pageant. Pinagdasal pa nga natin sila na maiuwi ang korona.

      • kung may sense ang pagkatalo ay okay lang. pero kitang-kita naman na questionable aba u have to speak up.

  23. In my opinion, I think BPCI should drop minor pageants (I know it’s easier said than done) kasi we’re wasting beautiful filipina queens. I would rather see a binibini candidate with so much potential lose the national pageant and prepare/train for another year so she can join again, this time being more refined. Kesa naman mapatungan ng minor crowns just because the major crowns have been taken already. Kaya kong maghintay hanggang mahasa ng husto ang ating mga manok.

    Pero ayaw kong maging bitter. We can’t always win. Ganon talaga. Jen represented our country well and making it to the top 15 is an achievement! Kaya congrats!!! I’m very proud of you!!

    Please guys, wag kayong magsabi ng harsh words about the pageant and the candidates that made it to the final 5, lalo na si Sri Lanka…. Take note, MU is happening in the Philippines, pag pumasok si Maxine sa top 3 (if she plays her cards right, it’s possible!!), tyak lalaitin tayo ng mga ibang lahi. Lalo na mga colombians lol. Laki galit nila sa atin eh lahah

  24. Ang pagkapanalo lang ni Heily ang saving grace ng pageant na to!

    Simula ng ma announce siya na Miss Intercontinental PR alam ko na na siya makakalaban ni Jenn.

    Congrats, Heily!


  25. Hindi na dapat lumahok sa pageant na iyan ang pilipinas. Walang kwenta ang pagpili sa pinaka fairest of them all! Kasuka!!

    Bakit isa lang ang pipiliin sa bawat continent? Samantalang ang laki ng lamang ng Miss Thailand at Miss Philippines kesa sa Miss Italy, Miss Venezuela at Miss Sri Lanka?

    Philippines and Thailand deserved to be in the Top 5!

    Sobrang pangit ng mechanics para pumili ng pinakamagandang reyna!!!

    Isa pa yang Miss Grand International na iyan. For sure, hindi papasok si Philippines sa top 15. Hay naku, sayang lang ang kalidad ng kandidata natin. Dapat ibigay na lang ng BPCI ang franchise nyan sa ibang gustong humawak.

  26. the production was terrible. They should invest in a good interpreter. paging Miss Earth wag sana kayong magaya ulit dito sa pageant na ito. Dapat isang rule sa pageant eh yung host country dapat walang kasaling candidata na galing sa country nila para walang masabing lutong macao. Compare naman sa Pinas eh yung mga napapasama naman sa top eh magagaling naman talaga. well hopefully maging maganda yung production ng Pilipinas. Napakataas ng expectations natin sa mga candidata ng Pilipinas upto the point na nagiging bulag tayo sa katotohanan .

  27. I only could imagine what would happen if there was “tie” for the Miss Intercontinental title. Would the judges be required to stand up, run around to do cartwheels and splits to determine the winner?


    Im jot going to take this pageant seriously from this point on.
    Congratulations Puerto Rico!

  28. K lang… hindi naman kawalan…
    Back to the old drawing board.

    Paano pag si Liza Soberano kaya ipadala dyan?.. Joke… wag na baka masayang pa ganda nya hahaha… Kailangan dyan e yung palaban na may ibubuga talaga… Dindi Pajares or Apriel Smith?

  29. All we can do now is extend our congratulations to all winners and accept the fact that it is not yet time for the Philippines to bring home the crown. Jennifer Hammond is a talented lady but her best effort is not enough to impress her best recipe to the chef, sorry to the judges rather. Good job Miss Philippines! Let us start planning for next year pageant. I hope Bb. Pilipinas still sending another hopeful lady next year.

  30. Pahinga muna ako sa comments..Nakakawalang gana, Lahat na lang ng bagay ay Politika.
    Tapos palalabasin na deserving c Sri Lanka. Mali pa ang selection of process sa Top 5 na naligwak ang deserving Top 5. Dapat Top 15 to Top10 and Q&A na sa Top 10. Then, selections of Winners of Continent. Last is announcement of 4th RU to Miss Intercon.
    Ang tagal na ng pageant na to pero di pa rin namamaster ang selection of winners…
    Rest muna..palamig ng ulo.. Prepare ko na naman sarili ko kung anong magyari kay Nicole C sa Kusina ni Nawat…nakaka_ _ _ _sit talaga. hihihihi

  31. Congratulations and Thank You, Jennifer for representing the Philippines very ably. I admit to not being a fan of yours when you won but I respect your efforts that translated to a performance that made us proud and hopeful for victory. I don’t think you didn’t do anything wrong in the finals, it seemed to just be a matter of taste. Your national costume, evening gown, and wardrobe were all amazing. Thank you to BPCI for complementing your efforts to bring honor to the country.

  32. Nakakaloka ang Q&a segment ng Top 5! Yung italian interpreter di naman marunong magbasa! Tapos si Hector Joaquin, eksenadora! Hindi naman yung ang literal translation ng sagot ni Venezuela? Bakit naging sagot ni Dayana Mendoza sa Miss Universe na sa ending! #AllTeaNoShade

  33. #Nakakaloka ang Q&A Segment ng Top 5. Yung Italian interpreter di naman marunong magbasa tapos si Hector Joaquin, nagmamarunong. Hindi naman yun sagot ni Venezuela. Tapos pagkatranslate naging sagot na ni Dayana Mendoza sa Mis Universe 2008! #Fail to the maximum level. #AllTeaAllShade

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