23 comments on “Sunday Specials: Miss Intercontinental 2016 | Continents’ Best

  1. Nakita nyo ung gown nya during rehearsal. Red ulet pero bongga! Naka bun ang buhok nya ang taas. Tignan nyo sa misso.

  2. Well for me, I have high hopes for Jen Hammond, Joanna Eden and Catriona Gray. MI, Sweden or Venezuela again, MU- so far Latinas are stronger than ever: Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica but Australia is in my top list. Maxine is sure to the finals.

  3. A win by Ms. Hammond tonight (2030H Manila time, I think; live stream) will make a certain Mr. Ryan Sy… ecstatic, at the very least.

  4. 2nd runner up in 2014,
    1st runner up in 2015,
    Winnerr in 2016?

    Why not! Its time!
    Go Jennifer!

  5. This one and Miss Grand International 2016 are my two best hopes who can bring home the crown.

    For the others:
    Miss Universe (Maxine) 4th or 5th but definitely top 5
    Miss Globe (Nicole) 1st ru but I do not see her as back-to-back to Ann
    Miss Supranational (Joanna) definitely top 5 but will not win
    Miss International (Kylie) This one is the hardest to forecast. On one hand, she can definitely be our next Miss International but now that a lot of the other contestants are getting a lot of exposure, my sense is that Sweden might take it all the way.

    Miss Earth (Imelda) definitely will not win ; possibly out of the top4 also but definitely top 8
    Miss World (Catriona) wow, if we repeat in Miss World, it would be the most exciting ever !

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