147 comments on “Miss Intercontinental 2016 | Live Streaming

  1. Kung nakuha ni Sri lanka ang Miss Intercontinental-Asia, pwes, kay Imelda Hitler ang Miss Earth.
    Bawi bawi lang.
    Ang ganti ng isang api.

  2. Dapat talaga Big 4 crowns lang ang cocoronahan ng BPCI, i appoint na lang iyang mga minor na iyan.

  3. So sad! I think pageant organizers are just using Philippine candidates as a way to generate hype and interest. I mean Jenn seems to be favored in the pre pageant activities tapos top 15 lang? I won’t be sureprised if Kylie gets the same fate. Puro usok lang pero walang apoy… I hope not since she’s really upping her game.

  4. pinagsabay nila 3 contestants magrampa tapos not all girls got fair share of camera exposure. Sayang naman, galing pa namang maglakad ni Jen huhuhuhuhu

  5. I was amazed how comments on Ms.Versoza’s day-to-day pre-pageant exploits exceeded 100 in a matter of a few days.

    Here, 100 comments were achieved in a few hours. And not exactly in a good way, too. (Sigh)

  6. Congrats Ms Jen Hammond! Top 15 is an achievement. Hindi naman pwede na sa lahat ng panahon tayo mananalo. Remember that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Hindi tayo ang napili. Its as simple as that. Bawi nalang sa iba πŸ˜‰

  7. Mga ugly gays stop sour graping…it is what it is..wala na tayong magagawa dun. Hindi lahat ng pageant eh tayo lagi ang mananalo hellooooo… I was rooting for Jennfer too but she got unlucky so what should I do. Hwag ng umatungal dahil imbes na kayo ang best fans in the world magiging bitter-est fans in the world.

    • eh ano naman ang masama kung mag suggest sa bpci na wag ng bigyang pansin ang intercon? malay mo we think the same as bpci. hindi naman sa lahat ng pagkakataon nananalo tayo? tama pero nanalo na ba tayo sa intercon? at hindi sa lahat ng pagkakataon tama rin sila. pag may magreklamo meaning meron hindi tama. pano maitama ang mali kung lahat nag agree? hindi ibig sabihin na dapat panalunin tayo para ibig sabihin tama ginawa nila.. pero isa-isahin san ang mali.. example.. tama ba nong 2014 tie ang philippines and thailand tapos isa lang ang merong sash ng continental winner? kung tie talaga eh di dapat don palang nabreak na ang tie.. gaya ngayon nag nagsisitayuan mga judges (lol).. at tama nong 2014 na hindi makasagot sa Q&A winner na? karumal-dumal naman yan

  8. Our househelp looks way better than Sri Lanka… nebeyen… Even if it is a cooking show they could at least make it more believable than the camera avoiding Miss Philippines. This pageant is a joke!

  9. Nag-iisip ba ang mga organizers ng pageant na ito? Di ko maintindinhan ang goal nila, kaya di sila lumaki, walang integridad.

  10. The organizers should be ashamed of themselves.
    People were asked to STAND UP to break a tie for 2nd runner-up?
    They should have announced there was a tie and left it at that!

  11. It’s time for the BPCI to re-evaluate on whether or not they should any more reps to this pageant which continues to get more ridiculous each year!

  12. this is an outrageous pageant. bpci should stop sending our girls to this pageant. seriously… judges can’t decided on breaking the tie that they had to stand up (not even raise their hads).. it’s like election for classroom officers.

  13. homecourt advantage.. hometown decision.. reminds me of miss earth. ngayon, kung ano nararamdaman nyo yan din nararamdaman ng ibang lahi pag dito ginaganap sa pinas ang pageant at pinapaboran ang kandidata natin. syempre nagagalit din sila at iniisip na cooking show at rigged ang pageant.

    • Sana bago mo sinasabi yang sa MISS EARTH eh nakita mo yung trabaho ng mga pambato natin dun! Di yung maka compare ka lang. Kaloka.. pero pag Miss Universe keme lag pag USA pasok kasi *deserve* nila. SUS. TALANGKA!

      • angelia naman maayos gown pasarela at sagot. bawi bawi naman sa level ng trabaho for ME.

      • @Laila

        Actually kung checheck mo yung mga first bashers niya A.K.A earthlings.. lahat sila puro “NOW I KNOW WHY SHE WON” nung nakita kung pano siya mag trabaho at mag salita AT NUNG PINANOOD NG BUO YUNG PAGEANT NIGHT.


        So, ano na? Anong ganap sa Miss Earth ngayon? Alam niyo ba nagyayari? Yung cheap pageant para sainyo tinatratong REYNA ang mga kandidata. Sana maging proud kayo sa treatment sakanila or di padin?

    • @Boree – I always appreciate your views but I do not find Burn’s point objectionable in the context of our placements in Miss Earth and Ms. Sri Lanka placing this high. In the eyes of most of us and in the eyes of the Miss Earth judges, our girls are almost always deserving, including polarizing girls like Athena (and her figure) and Karla, so it is highly likely that the Miss Intercontinental judges saw merits in the local girl’s performance that we couldn’t see or fathom. Peace ✌

      • hi Caroline! Kalmado na ko. πŸ™‚

        Ang kinakainis ko kasi bat kailangan parating ikumpara yung Ms. Earth at placement ng pinas sa Miss Earth. Sa totoo lang, mas nagdadasal pa nga Pinoy pageant fans na maging clapper nalang tayo kaysa sa magka place kasi madaming umaangal kahit na wala silang idea kung pano nangyari at nanalo/nag place tayo. Basta lang makapasok puro pang babash na.

        Wala na nga akong pake kay Sri Lanka. Dinedefend ko lang yang Miss Earth sa comment ko sa taas kasi finofollow ko talaga siya cause its my second fave pageant kasi naaappreciate ko Siya. Kaya nakakainis lang na basta maisingit lang siya sa pag bigay ng point.

        Okay na po ba?

      • Boree – I might have accidentally thumbed you down, which I am trying to undo. I respect your passion for our country to do well in pageants. Let us continue to support our girls, especially now that our standards are steadily getting higher.

      • @ Caroline

        Yes! Gusto ko mga katulad mo… fair at malawak pag uunawa. Dumarami na kasi mga trolls dito. Yung mema lang.. nag cocomment ng di naman alam whole story. πŸ˜€


      • Mayaman??? Joke yan. Hehehe

        They have to queue for 3 hours just to buy food.

        Middle class Venezuelans have to look for food from trash or rotten food ala scavenging. Based in reports yan from BBC, CNN, Fix, AL Jazeera, etc

        Inflation rate there is a mind boggling 500% to 700%.

      • bong,

        this ms. venezuelan rep according to a venezuelan admin is arab. so involved family nila sa oil. she bought her way to the crown daw which is quite common sa venezuelan pageantry. kaibahan nila ni mariam (same case syrian oil peeps), mega trabaho ang mariam ma improve sarili para maging at par sa venezuelan queens.

    • Gerl, iisa nga anggulo niyan! Yung pretty anggle daw niya and wide smile kasi naman pag humarap kitang kita ang nag fafade na ilong sa sobrang kapal ng nose contour niya.

  14. Oh no…
    I am sad!
    Crowning continental queens to determine the top 5 is dumb! It doesn’t make any sense.
    Miss World does not even use this format anymore.

    What terrible disappointment.
    Much love to Jennifer Hammond!

  15. daming bitter!! maganda naman si Sri Lanka at Kung tutuusin last year 1st runner up ang Pinas! respect the judges decisionpuro kayo luto!!! Pero pag miss earth ang nagluto ok Lang sa inyo mga #bwakangina πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • if i remember it right, Philippines winning Miss Earth last year got a lot of backlash from Filipinos too.

    • Gaga! Dont compare ME sa intercon. Parehong deserving winner si jamie at ung ka team mo sa KF. Pero may mga pinoy din naman na umalma last year pero si jamie deserving naman. Very clear na luto ang pag pasok ni sri lanka at ang isang judge baket trainer ni venenzuela. Jusko. Nag level na nga sila sa production back to credibility lost. Very clear thailand at phil ang standout kaysa sri. Kung india nga mas stand out pa sa kanya.

  16. I would have to agree. The Philippines’ toughest competitor from Asia is Thailand. And moreso, they should junk this format that the Top 5 should be represented by each continent. From Top 15, there should have been a Top 10 and then Top 5. I have no qualms about the Top 15 represented by each continent. My sentiment is that the Top 5 should include those deserving ladies regardless of what continent they belong and just appoint the intercontinental queens based on the highest rank that a representative from that particular continent got. Well, the suggestion that BbP should not franchise this competition anymore should be considered…

  17. Ang lungkot ko kasi alam ko mas deserving si Jennifer kesa kay Sri Lanka at sa lahat ng nasa top 5 pero bigla akong natawa nung narining ko yung BOOM SHAKALA! hahahaha lakas ng tawa ko naalala ko sayaw namin nung grade 3 kami

  18. Well, i guess that’s the end for Jen in the competition.. let’s go Puerto Rico!! ikaw nalang ang naiwan kong bet sa miss intercontinental huhu please win it!

  19. Magbasa na lang ako kung sino nanalo… OFF ko na ang livestreaming. Miss Earth lang ang Peg pero mas matindi ang Intercon…NakakaHB 😦

  20. Ang dami nang nag papa drop ng franchise na to sa comment section ng BPI. JUSKO! Mag stick nalang sana BPI sa Miss U, Miss International at Miss Supra.. tapos runner-up! Ganon.. mga runner up padala sa mga pageant na di naman kagandahan. TATLONG KORONA LANG!

    Tanggap ko pa sana kung si Thailand makapasok sa totoo lang! PAREHO SILANG REGAL NI JENN! ANAK NG PATING! DI KO KAYA!


    • ay namamayagpag na ata ako sa IG ng bpci ngayon hehehe. pano naman kase …. Cringey cringey yung win ni angelia sa ME oo alam ko pero pucha naman, kahit filipino owned yun at b2b may ibubuga naman si angelia sa gown nya at sagot nya at sa level ng trabaho nya sa ME. In short wala naman problema sa homecourt advantage pero dapat naman may ebidensya pano naka rating dun. sri lanka over a regal jenn hammond? kalokohan naman. nahiya nalang ako kay nat manilag na hindi alintana pag gawa ng MU worthy wardrobe pati.

  21. We should stop sending girls to this pageant. Every year na lang LUTO.

    2014 – Kris Janson was the Continental Queen of Asia, and yet Miss Thailand came out of nowhere and joined the Top 5 and then won!

    2015 – Christi McGarry was the best in the Top 5. Nagkalat si Miss Russia, and yet Russia won.

    2016 – Jen Hammond was simply the best. She’s better than those in the Top 5.

  22. home court advantage! miss sri lanka is such an optimistic, sheltered person she doesn’t want to change anything in the world, not even world hunger or climate change. still, congrats binibining jennifer hammond! you gave it a good fight!

    • @ nocarbs : Hello. Wala siya’ng “major-major’ problem or issue or advocacy?

      So, that means we can expect a lot from her in the days to come. Not sarcasm, simply interested to see who she is and how well she can represent her beautiful country and as an ambassador of the Miss Intercontinental brand. After all, this task/duty is not just limited to the titlist!

      Now she is in the spotlight. Probably even more so than Ms. Puerto Rico.

  23. Ano ba naman iyan????? Hindi ako informed na cooking show pa rin ang Miss Intercontinental even up to this day. Kaya pala walang gustong sumali diyan nang bonggang-bongga. Nakakarumi!!!!

  24. The organizers need to work on the future Q&A portion which was poorly executed. There were wrong translations, delay, etc.

  25. okay lang yan guys, sa kanila na lang yang miss interconnect the dot at miss grandmama, satin naman ang international, world at universe bwahaha πŸ™‚

  26. From 13k viewers to 5k. Hahaha. Paubos ng paubos. Halatang homecourt decision. Kaya pala forever minor pageant to. Hahaha!

  27. bbp should drop this pageant na. we’re sending really polished girls here even more polished than the venezuelans. kung thailand at philippines nag tuos ulit sa asia tanggap ko sana. both asian girls were regal.

      • kahit may issue tayo with kris janson’t time, thailand and philippines dapat sana pinag piliian nila.
        both girls were poised, clean and regal. I say clean because they looked really neat on stage.
        i think it’s a waste of time, money and filipino talent. kung alam lang nila calibre at quality ng girls at designers na pinapadala natin sa maliliit na pageant na to, mahihiya siguro sila. It’s high time to drop this na. do away na with the minor pageants like mgi even or miss globe. let the other local pageant org handle it nalang sana. BPCI is too prestigious for these shenanigans.


    • tama, miss u at international na lang, sayang lang yung mga pinapadala natin sa intercon at mgi, to think na sina jen at nicole e pang miss u ang calibre tapos dadayain lang sa mga pipitsuging pageant na ganito! 😑 πŸ˜†

      • do away na with the minor pageants like mgi even or miss globe. let the other local pageant org handle it nalang sana. BPCI is too prestigious for these shennanigans.

    • agree, also thought the thai and jen will slug it out for asia, maybe even a tie for asia like what happened during kris tiffany’s time… hayyyyss!!!! SRI LANKA for asia?? only at missintercon, in sri lanka…

  28. gap between announcing the top 15 and picking the top 5 was too short. i dunno how the judges picked the top 5.. based on the red riding hood costume? jennifer hammond looked like a winner thoug and she didn’t disappoint. she deserved to be congratulated still for doing her best. Congratulations Miss Hammond!

    • And now this weird multi-lingual answer from Venezuela. Why are we still supporting this pageant again? This is strike 2 in 3 years, I think.

      • i think 6 winners is too much na rin. BBp should reconsider this, ms. globe and MGI. medyo waste of time, enery, money and filipino talent.

  29. Paiinumin daw ng jowa ni Ms.Hammond ang blogger if she wins. And, win or lose, he would already arrange for the After-Party in her honor. Aawwwww….. how sweet….how (puso)……



  31. Kayo na lang ang manood! Hustisya! Katarungan! Unfair!

    Bwisit! Kaloka! Hayop! Bakya! Fairy tale nio mukha nio!

  32. Waley guys. Kuha ni Sri Lanka Ang Asia intercontinental award…. how sad.i missed the first half of the pageant so I don’t know kung maganda ba talaga performance ni Sri Lanka…..

    • and to think na mas kinakabahan ako para kay jen sa thailand! si sri lanka pala! πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† tbh mas nagagandahan pa nga ako kay miss thai kesa dun sa nanalong si patopon aswang! πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  34. JAWSkUH πŸ™‚
    Nakatulog ako after manalo sa NatCos c Thailand.
    Ganyan yata kaboring ang show at napaidlip talaga ako.
    Nagising na lng ako ng iannounce c Jen as Semifinalist πŸ™‚
    Ang mga audience parang mga zombies at mangkukulam. hihihi
    Pero mas ok na ngayon ang show kesa last year.
    Good luck Jenifer πŸ™‚

  35. ano bang susunod na segment? swimsuit ulet? long gown? q&a? o top 5 na? di kc ako familiar dito sa miss intercon..

  36. Puerto Rico
    Costa Rica
    Sri Lanka
    Czech Republic

  37. mukhang makakalaban ni jen ang thailand, in fairness maganda din siya kahit na hiniram ang gown ni janicel.. πŸ˜†

  38. The judges are indifferent. Parang….luto na! Oh my. Mr. Tinio mentioned something about National Directors and aggressive handlers meeting with the organizer just prior to the Final Night. See his previous Post…

    Commented : Nagmahal, nasaktan, nag-pageant.

    Another commented regarding swimwear : Rampahan ng bilbil.

  39. i dont get it, why the girls werent shown in alphabetical order. And they walked in threes or fours. You dont know when they will come out of stage. Feel bad that they couldnt get tv exposure that much.

    • Siempre ayaw nila ipakita Alphabetical dahil mahahighlight Pilipinas… kasundo panaman natin Puro maganda… Poland, Peru, Ph and Puerto Rico… Mawawalan saysay pagkapanalo ni Sri Lanka…

  40. Too bad jen wasnt focused during the ss segment. Ang ganda pa naman ng rampa niya. And the peacock swimsuit was the best among three designs. Good thing she got to wore that design.

  41. My streaming is cut na.. but I been reading the live bligs that PH was not focus during SS segment. Is that true?

    • I saw Ms. Hammond in peacock-print swimwear! Mabilis lang; perhaps all of seven or eight seconds. Body is HOT. One commented : Miss Philippines look like low-cost hooker. Pilipino siguro.. LOL.

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