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  1. Mr. Tinio, Migs seems to be enjoying his stay in New Delhi. Tomorrow will be. Good luck to him!

    I wonder now if Job’s handler – is he/she a family member? – is in communication with Cha Guerero, the handler of Issa Janda.

    Both handlers and their wards are Bicol-based (Job in Cam Sur and Issa in Albay). And I know you are aware that Issa resigned from his title as Mr. United Continents – Philippines 2016, reportedly (on ThePageantObserver.com) due to the organizer reneging on financial support agreements.

    Even now with Issa’s title as Man of the Year – Filipinas 2017, he has made himself scarce to PEPPS and to the best of my knowledge was NEVER part of ANY promotional activity, charity event, or publicity campaign of the Misters since being crowned. Only a few glam and editorial shots including him have been made available by PEPPS on the Misters fanpage. And yet Issa remains quite visible in the Bicol scene. Just not in Manila.

    It has gotten to the point that fans have begun to ask where Issa is, prompting Issa’s camp/Cha Guerero to send a picture of him somewhere along the Bicol coast. When grilled by fans why the Albayanon Mister is still in Bicol, PEPPS issues a standard statement that he is studying/in school.

    But their 2nd Runner-Up Rosshon Barman is ALSO studying, and yet has made himself available/present at the recent Send-off to Don McGyver Cochico for Manhunt International 2016! So, just what exactly is it with Issa that he just seems so elusive?

    I suspect that the contract that Issa’s camp arranged with PEPPS explicitly made it clear that Issa is merely a “guest candidate” of PEPPS and therefore in no way obliged to render any form of support to PEPPS other than to make himself available once the second edition of Man of the Year happens in 2017 (next year). Anyway, Karan Singhdole is the reigning King and is here in the country and therefore would naturally be the one expected to fulfill the duties and roles of the brand of Raymond Djambek.

    And further, I suspect that Cha Guerero will ONLY allow Issa to come to Manila for PEPPS-related work IF and ONLY IF compensation will be given for services rendered. In other words, MONEY. They probably learned their lesson from their previous experience at United Continents…

    Now, my fertile and filthy imagination suspects that Job’s handler has taken hints from Cha on how to extract more dough from Job’s undeniable potential as a globally-successful model.

    I just feel sorry for Job. I know he has not had it easy in life and only wants to support his loved-ones as best he can with his God-given good looks, both face and physique. I can’t help but feel if he is being manipulated by persons who promise bigger opportunities than whatever Luis Trujillo’s Tim Agency can give. Because Mr. Trujillo himself dropped a hint on the Mister Model International International FB fanpage of Job’s winnability.

    Happy trails, Uragon! May it all work out for you. Forever Gent.

  2. Re unruly / kulot / dugyot hair : I do not know what Job did to his mane, but the curly was nowhere to be seen at the White Meringue Launch at the City of Dreams last month, a week or so before Andrea left for Bali. Visit the FB page of Gentlemen of the Philippines and check it (him) out.

    Job looked neat and his suit and trousers fit nicely. If GCI will extend to him the kind of support they gave to Andrea (sartorially speaking and more), then exceeding Arcel’s 6th over-all finish last year should be reasonable.

    Go, Uragon! Andrea has paved the way. Be GCI’s first King.

  3. i feel that he will go far in the competition. honestly, i like him better than Andrea (Biondo). he’s HOT for me. goodluck Mr. Abogado! 👍

  4. Please get a hair cut!…
    Pa kalbo ka nalang mas bagay!
    Nabobother ako sobra…

  5. May laban si Job! He is easily the best from Asia this year. India and Pakistan are not even as handsome as Karan, and with their beards just look typical South Asian. And Japan, Korea, and Thailand are forgettable / boring chinito-type; they have nothing on Xian Lim. LOL.

    Indonesia managed to send a potential spoiler. And his styling is sharp and sleek. We’ll see..

    From Europe, notable are Spain (as always), Serbia (again?), and Italy (killer gaze!).

    Strong Latinos hail from Brazil (as always), Colombia (cute!), and Mexico (polished!).

    And I will take this opportunity to extend my faves for ManHunt International, which will have its Finals in China end of this month. Clappers here will probably be sent to New Delhi. After all, this is male pageantry and recycling is the norm.

    Gwapulis Don McGyver Cochico of Olongapo City has a height disadvantage; he just clears 6 feet. And he resembles China a lot ! It seems a back-to-back with June Macasaet of Batangas will be very slim. Among the (literal) standouts are Slovak Republic (perhaps the tallest at 6’4″), Spain (as always, but this one is a ‘gwapulis”, too), Puerto Rico (naman!), and perhaps the biggest surprise, Russia (dreamy blue eyes and elegant manner) and Siberia (gorgeous rosy-tanned skin and long ripped torso) – both man-boys worthy of both drool and dream. Sigh..

    P.S. Congratulations to PO1 Willy Quinto, the inaugural Gwapulis Grand Champ !

    • I don’t know why laging may nasisingit na taga Misters dito knowing that Norman no longer covers them.

      Best of luck to Job Abogado!

  6. Unruly hair in a nice nice way. I love na your “anak” tito Norman. Parang tunog incest yata hehe. Pwede pashare? Good luck, baby Job! We’ll pray for you. 🙂

  7. Sino kaya ang mas masarap?
    Arcel Yambing or Job Abogado?

    Para sa akin mas masarap (kasama) si Arcel! Hihihihi…

    Goodluck Job!

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