127 comments on “Kylie Verzosa | Blending in, Standing out

  1. Shoes ko po! May naulinigan na naman ako!
    Mga vaks hwag nyo akong pag uusapan nandito pa ako no at buhay na buhay

  2. Ms. Versoza’s breeding and education are being manifested!

    This is not a show she is putting on; as Mr. Tinio said, she is just enjoying her time and impressing the locals is secondary. She is in her element and because of this she is natural. It was designer Tom Ford who said that people (the Japanese in this case) are attracted to confidence. THIS is Kylie Versoza period, the genuine article! To have sent her to any other pageant would have been not-as-remarkable.

    It is neither her fault nor problem that her co-candidates resent her for always stealing the limelight and that she makes it a point to always be in front (literally). Dapat lang! We send reps to win, and making friends is secondary. And in any case, the real friends are those that are able to acknowledge her strengths and accept her without grudge. Gripers are wimps!

    Ms. Versoza, even if the Mikimoto crown eludes, we want you to know that you did us proud.

  3. I have a friend in Japan, sabi nya magaling daw si Kylie sa strategy, though mejo di daw maganda ang dating nya sa ibang delegates kasi takaw attention daw si Kylie, gusto nya sya lagi nasa unahan. Hayys… kung may means lang tayo para mgsabi kay Kylie ng feedback…

  4. Century mark!

    Ngayon lang kaya umabot ng isandaan ang comments sa anuman’g Post dito sa normannorman?

    Ms. Versoza kasi, na-stress kami sa kariktan at husay mo. It’s all ur fault. How 2 b u, po? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Naalala ko yung umabot ng 500+ comments last year yata yun or 2014. About Pia yata yun. After that ay wala ng nakabreak sa number of comments.
      Buhay pa that time cila jack ammo Mrs na napakaraming Mrs Queen B atbp.๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Š

      • Super ganda ni Pia at fresh na fresh. Nakita ko ang maturity nya dito as Beauty Queen.
        Mahal na Mahal nman cya ng mga latina. Gusto ko nman ay sa Colombia ang mabisita nya para matigil na ang mga intriga. I’m sure welcome cya doon kc welcome din c Miss Colombia pagdating sa Pinas to compete in MU2016.

      • Excuse us bong007. Alam naming ikaw yan Mrs. Spainhour. Nagturo ka pa. Halatang halata naman. LOL

      • Hi bong, tingin ko si jack amo yun tsismosa now. Buhay pa din. Parang damo sa talahiban yan kahit asinan mo tutubo pa din

      • @Johnny
        ..History – inaaway ako ni Mrs spainhour noon. Paano nman mangyayari yan na ako sya. Ang alam ko c spainhour at Queen b ay iisa ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
        Iba Ang utak ni Mrs sa intellect ko. C Mrs spainhour ay KFamilia like nica while me is not bias at all Hi hi hi ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜„

      • @Jackie. ..ilongga ka gid kay damo man ginahambal mo. JawsKuh kadamo na gid sang lenguahe nabal-an ko. Ilokano cebuano ilonggo.
        Puedeng cya c jack ammo. From his name, cya ay Ilokano na KFamilia. Yan cila jack ammo Mrs spainhour baby nica Ang mga KF na itinakwil ni mama Rodgil kc wala daw silang class at iskwater magsalita ๐Ÿ˜ƒhihihi

      • @Jackie. ..sorry at hindi ka pala ilongga. Yung “damo” pala is grass sa talahiban. Iba kasi pagkaintindi ko sa “damo” which is “marami” sa ilonggo. Hihihi

      • PressCon ni Pia sa Panamaโ˜บ
        Ganda ni Miss Panama ha pang Top 10.
        Namention about her plan to go Colombia and about Philippines politics and she gave the right and safe answer.
        May work daw sya after her reign at cgurado ako sa modelling and probably as actress in Holywood and she might work also in MUO. L8s see kung anong work meron cya after few months โ˜บ

    • Expect more andrew lalo nat pageant season na. What if pa kung MU na at iheheld pa dito sa pinas, traffic=money, ganyan sa lahat ng blogsites at forums. Sasabog yan ng bongga.

  5. Naku ha. May naniniwala pa ba sa pinagsasabi ni nica dito hihihi๐Ÿ˜„
    Pinagsasampal yan ni Mama RF dahil sa kasinungalingan nyan at medyo nasobrahan yata pagkasampal at naalog ang utak kaya ayan kung anoano nlang ang pinagsasabi ๐Ÿ˜‚hi hi hi

    • She looks like a sexy mermaid! Wow!
      She’s really sustaining the momentum…. I can’t wait for the finale! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Bagay sa kanya yang nganga smile and yung smile without teeth… Quesa dun sa deep bite smile…..

    • ang winner ng dating ni kylie. may TV appearance sila. Limited lang din japanese ko pero sabi ang liit ng fez nya. kinompare sa TV host na itchapuera si ms singapore yiykes, i mean pinatabi sa gilid si singapore hehehe

      • Parang si Kylie pa ata ang highest placement this year… Pero alam ko Nicole will give her all hintay lang tayo.. it’s too early to tell.

  6. I saw a photo of Ms. Versoza taken by Panasonic Japan. I was of the impression that she received some sort of award..

    Anyhow, I have this fantasy that Panasonic sign her up as their global ambassador and then it so happens that Masaya Yamagishi, the reigning Mister International – Japan, was also a Panasonic brand ambassador and they meet up and become an item… (giggle).

    Useless but fun thought on a cool, breezy, gray, and drizzly Saturday morning.

  7. She’s looking like a winner. She is sweet and her voice is extremely feminine… just the way they like it at MI.
    I hope she wins the crown .

    • And contrary to what some people say, her smile is really good especially when she opens her mouth big enough.

  8. I CANNOT get over that kimono! I have been staring at it practically all day; hindi pa rin ako nauumay. Like fine wine one savors at the end of a long hard week at work. (No, I do NOT drink lately..)

    I think even the Universe (lol!) conspired so that Ms. Versoza got to wear this particular kimono. Bagay sa kanya ang kulay, and as the design is traditional, it looks very refined-elegant. Old-school in a good way. Timeless as a result…

    I hope they get to keep their kimonos.

    Sige, puri pa more !

    • Get over it Andrew. Di lang si Kylie ang binabagayan ng Kimono. Mas maraming candidatws ang mas bagay pa di mo lang nakita ang pic

      • Oo alam ni andrew yan. D naman sinabi na kay kylie lang bagay ang kimono. Sus ginoo!!!! Read mo ng maigi ang comment nya.

      • di maka-tiis. somehow there’s always one who goes against the grain well love thy enemies Andy!

      • Hello Baby Nica? Pwd pa favor? Paki prenohan naman ng bahagya ang mga walang ka kwenta kwenta mong mga opinyon. Entitled ka dyan alam nmin.

    • Napaka-negatron nitong Baby Nica please! Andrew was just complimenting Kylie. Wala siyang sinabing pangit ang ibang kandidata. Panget ka siguro no at napaka-negatron mo?

    • AAP. Di ka required magbasa ng comments ko. Kung ayaw mo, di wag mo basahin. At sino ka para mgsabi kung ano ang walang kwenta?

      TBH, comments mo ang walang sense.

      • Aminin na lang kasi na mali ang pagkaintindi mo sa comment ni Andrew. Hindi yung justify ka ng justiy at patataasin ang pride mo. Hindi naman masama magpakumbaba at umamin ng pagkakamali. Tao lang din naman tayo.

      • Aminin mo na lang kasi Johnny na mali ang intindi mo sa comment ko at pakialamera kang bakla ka hinde yung justify ka pa ng justify at pataasin ang pride mo. Hinde naman masama mgpakumbaba at umamin ng pagkakamali. Tao lang din naman tayo.

  9. I think Kylie is doing well but I honestly don’t see her surpassing Janicel’s placement of last year.

    • And it is not a bad thing at all. Kylie has a good fighting chance so let us see. There is always that element of luck in every competition that we can’t predict.

  10. May bali-balita mga friends na 2 weeks daw before umalis is Kylie ay secret itong nakipag meet kina Bea Rose Santiago and Lara Quigaman and Rodgil. May tampuhan pala ngayon sina Jonas at Kylie kaya kahit sa IG ni Jonas ay wala man lang pa goodluck kay Kylie.
    Di ko masisi si Kylie, syempre naman di ba hihingi ka talaga tips sa subok na sa MI.

    • lol. tampuhan pero panay like naman si Mama J sa posts ni Kylie sa IG. sige girl, stir the pot. Stir it very well ahahahahah.

      • Jonas is just being polite at ayaw masira ang mood ni Kylie kaya ng lilike sya. Mejo off talaga yung ginawa ni Kylie but then di ko sya masisi

      • Nothing wrong of Kylie meeting queen Bea and R Flores for some tips after all lahat naman tayo Pilipino nagtutulungan. Pero yun mang intriga na may gap.. Palitan mo na lang si Darla ms intrigera.

      • Oh really Nica? Did Mama J tell you that ? Wow close pala kayo ng Queen maker ng pinas lol.

      • Hi Joy. Di naman sobrang close, tama lang. Minsan nagyayaya sya ng dinner or coffee, pag free ako sumasama naman ako. Pero most of the time na tturn down ko since busy ako sa school. Pero once ng hang out kami, catch up to the max talaga. He’s fun to hang out with.

    • Baby nica, sana di mo nlng binalita yan. Magbabackfire lang yan sa KF. Pag natalo si kylie, sasabihin ng mga fans nya na natalo sya dahil nakipagkita sya sa kampo ng KF. Sige ka.

      • I just shared a story.na nasagap ko. How many times do I have to say that I am neither for KF or Aces. I support all pinay queens regardless of the camp. Contrary to everyone has been thinking, di po ako associated to any camp. I love all our queens and support them all the way. But we have to be objective also, kung alam natin na wala laban ang manok natin, wag na ipilit

      • Baby nica wala akong sinabi na KF ka or aces. Sinabi ko lng na magbabackfire yan sa KF. Im with you, in total support to all our queens. Kahit na sabihin natin na, sa paningin ng iba na walang laban ang manok natin, sabi mo nga “support all the way”. Di natin alam kung anu pinagdadaanan nila sa pageants nila, they need all our support. Filipinos are the best fans in the earth, world, internationally, the universe rather!!! Chos!

    • For additional advice pwede. Pero ung mag over da bakod na mala MJ lastimosa yun ang mas hinde maganda. Don magkakatampuhan.

    • Not usually here but I get to check Norman’s page more frequently come pageant season. But you know what Baby Nica, ISA KANG MALAKING BULL S!!!!

      Ano bang pinaglalaban mo? Na magaling ang KF?!! E di hell yeah!

      Nyeta ka, nung time pa ni Pia kita pinagtitimpian. Keso may you support all our beauty reps, pero bottom line, nagsusumigaw na maka-KF ka.

      Alam mo, I guess everyone here will agree na wala naman against sa KF dito. We are very much proud of what they have achieved.


      If I were you tigilan mo na pagkakatol mO.

  11. I just wanted to say na ang galing ng strategy ng handlers ni Kylie. They found the make-up and styling that the Japanese wants in their women. She’s no longer fierce, but sweet and demure but very beautiful. The other candidates are beautiful yes, but their make-up and styling are loud. Ayaw ng mga Hapon ng ganon.

  12. Mga bes, hinay-hinay lang. Hindi nyo ba naiisip na baka sinasadya ni ‘cocoy’ ang painitin mga ulo natin to instigate mass hatred against Felicia? Kawawa naman yong tao. Wala syang kinalaman dito pero sya nareresbakan sa kagagawan ng isang tao. On a lighter note, ang ganda talaga ni Kylie. Swak na swak for MI ang kanyang kariktan. Galingan lang nya ang kanyang speech (sans paawa effect) at tiyak na ang korona. Good luck queen Kylie!

  13. Something is wrong sa jaw ni Indonesia ๐Ÿ˜ฒ
    Hindi pantay. Pakitusok ng karayom para lalabas ang mga nana para pumantay๐Ÿ˜ƒ
    Naku ha. Akala ko pa naman maganda c Indonesia pero anong nangyari sa face nya. Di cya maganda ha kaya Don’t me. Hi hi hi.

  14. Kylie’s look/everyday styling is on point, as always! she blends with the japanese but stands out pag kasama ang mga delegates. Have you guys watched the video? where in nag awrahan si Kylie and Edymar? Sinabi ni Edymar dun sa video “Beautiful! I love her!” oh dba!!

    tapos look at this pic posted by Kylie. pak di ba? clingy ni Edymar. Charot lang! nakakatuwa lang kasi the reigning titleholder is keeping an eye or let’s just say parang close siya with Kylie.

  15. Is it just me or Kylie really looks like a beautifull big eyed Japanese anime? Sheโ€™s so kawaiiโ€ฆ I hope she matches her cute face with a fashionably sexy gown on the pageant nightโ€ฆ And best of all, I love her smileโ€ฆ itโ€™s so naturaly beautifull.. in short, Hindi mukhang veneers! #nogumslicing #naturalybeautiful #gandangnatural
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    • I was thinking the thing even before she left for Japan. She really looks like a beautiful Japanese caricature and she’s done so with a purpose. To some, she may not be the most beautiful there. However, she is a total stand out! She has the essence of Japan wrapped in a beautiful Filipina Soul.

      • Yes Cocoy… Kasing ganda ng smile ni Felice…. LOL I can’t even imagine saying that witha straight face..

    • Well said c2f. Yan din nasa isip ko. She looks like japanese talaga. He aura. Her voice. The way she looks everyday. Ung face nya maliit dba which is ganyan talaga sa japan.

      • @Geof

        Yes, Sya yung magandang Japanese… Pati mukha nya parang drawing sa Dragon Ball…

  16. Naku po naglabasan na naman ang mga self righteous, d maka basag pinggan na mga classy daw kuno pero Kung makapag bitaw ng salitang veneers at makapag patama sa kabilang camp eh wagas na wagas! pwede ba tigil tigilan nyo nga ako #dontme!!. naiinis kayo kse nakikita nyo ang sarili nyo sa akin ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚which means mga manlalait din kayo pwede ba๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ #banalbanalan pwe!! Go Indonesia for miss international and grand!!!!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  17. Lumalaban c ading Kylie at may laban ha.
    No wonder may nagdurugo ang nguso, labi, mata, sikmura, puwet, hinaharap at lahat na sa katawan ng inggitera ay puno ng regla dahil Di nya matanggap na waley ang pinaghirapang itrain pero bagsak sa imburnal. Hi hi hi. Yun lang. Salamat poโ˜บ
    Arigato. ..Sayonara โ˜บ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. Koronahan na yan! Bagay na bagay sa kanya ang Pearl crown. Kylie is killing it! Hindi na ako makapghintay sa coronation night. Philippines is way and above other countries this year in terms of the quality of our reps! go Team Filipinas!

  19. pano ba mag post ng pics Dito Tito Norman? Icocompare ko Lang Kung sino talaga ang mas may K! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚maganda naman si Kylie Kaso pag ngumiti parang naka false teeth ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚Felicia is Miriam quiambao/ bea rose himanda kayooooo

    • @ cocoy : Good morning to you. May I humbly suggest you ask Mr. Tinio to do this for you as he is quite adept at putting photos and videos together. Go to his FB for an earlier reply. Terima Kasih!

    • @ cocoy : My apologies, cocoy and to Mr. Tinio. I just remembered that a comparison between the Binibinis and Puteris – Keziah vs. Maxine, Felicia vs. Kylie, Ariska vs. Nicole, and Intan vs. Joanna – had already been done by the blogger earlier this year (June 2016). Check the Blog Library/Archives.

      Then post your comments there, cocoy, if you do not wish to be labelled as a troll.

      I personally believe in maintaining a level playing field. And though I am Filipino, I would be the first to praise a foreigner if I found her superior to anyone at home. It is part of keeping an open mind, of having a global mind-set, and to not be insular in one’s thinking. This is how nations progress while staying true to their identity. No one has a monopoly on pageant prominence.

      It is to Indonesia’s (and to other Asian candidates who come to our shores) credit that they recognize their “shortcomings” (and I use this term with caution and with all due respect) in pageantry and have sought the expertise of beauty camps in Filipinas to polish their rough edges, so to speak. This is another “hot button” topic that has been debated to “double-dead” in earlier posts. Both Pros and Cons have been matched to each other with equal weight. The result is a great read!


      P.S. I WANT / DEMAND / INSIST Jennifer Hammond’s victory in Sri Lanka this Sunday.

      • Nicely put Andrew..I personally don’t acknowledge those who make kontra to my posts as I think it should be beneath anyone anyway to even expend pointless energy on such things..but just on the matter of being a fan within the context of nationalism, I think Pinoy fans should observe some sort of decorum. And in this case, the advice of ‘when you have nothing nice to say, then just don’t say anything’ should apply.

        Sure, feel free to make your criticisms as constructive as possible but just because there’s freedom of speech doesn’t mean that we have to take every grunt, burp and fart from Pedro, Juan and Eustaquia- be prepared and accepting if someone calls you out for less than stellar comments.

        Sorry, but not all comments are made equal and that goes as well for those who make them..

      • Aray ko naman po! I believe there is a difference between ‘when you have nothing nice to say blah blah’ and ‘hearing only what you want to hear’. Someone’s nice words may not be nice to hear to others. It is subjective and depends on a readerโ€™s perspective. But I agree, comments that are borderline trolling are annoying, and if people here think I have been trolling, Iโ€™m sorry. But Iโ€™m not and was not, though playful at times. I only try to convey a message, criticize if need be, in the hopes that it will be for the betterment of our queens. If Iโ€™m harsh, again, Iโ€™m sorry. At the end of the day, trolls may hurt but truths hurt more.

      • Hi @Eustaquia! I apologise if you thought I was referring to any of your comments (which I have read only in passing ) which I wasn’t…i was looking for a vernacular equivalent of ‘tom, dick and harry’ and I thought of throwing in a female name and Eustaquia just came to mind….no reference to you at all and you certainly are not a troll! xx

    • Good luck Kylie! Tama yan enjoy lang…towards the end na ang fierceness hehe.. Guys, do not level yourself to this attention-seeking Troll. We have class, we are highly educated, we have breeding. Obviously this person lacks everything. Hanggang kuda lang yan, can’t imagine how ugly this person is inside and out. Di napapansin. Walang nagmamahal kaya bitter much.

  20. This is a PRIME example of choosing the right woman for the right pageant. Enjoy it. This might not happen again in the near future.

  21. 2008 – top 12
    2009 – top 15
    2010 – top 15
    2011 – top 15
    2012 – top 12
    2013 – WINNER

    2014 – did not place ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜•

    2015 – top 10
    2016 – ??

    In 2014, Bianca Guidotti’s infamous non-placement snapped a 6 year “placement” streak. Janicel Lubina’s top 10 finish created a new streak for BBP International!

    Keep the new streak going Kylie! Bring home that crown!
    Go go go!

  22. I smell Kylie’s victory this early. Nasa momentum s’ya, at halatang prepared s’ya talaga. Fab ang mga dresses n’ya. She is a candidate to beat!

    By the way, ‘asan na ang bini-bet na si Miss Indonesia? Hihihi!

  23. calm, collected and focused, somewhat aloof, on one side
    amused, enthusiastic and approachable with a sense of wonder on one side

    i say, a winning combination

  24. Bkt parati silang may eksena in Edymar hahaha. She is unwittingly pointing to the organizers that Kylie is the candidate to beat. We are proud of you. Bring home the crown Kylie.

    • Kahit ako hahawakan ko yan.. ang ganda.. Ginastusan ha… TV guesting palang yan Cherry Veric na.. paano na kaya sa pageant night. . I’m so excited! Siguro naman hindi lang best aparodor award makuha nya! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Is it just me or Kylie really looks like a beautifull big eyed Japanese anime? She’s so kawaii… I hope she matches her cute face with a fashionably sexy gown on the pageant night… And best of all, I love her smile… it’s so naturaly beautifull.. in short, Hindi mukhang veneers! #nogumslicing #naturalybeautiful #gandangnatural

  25. Look at that doll!!!!

    Btw, sa mga nag kukumpara kay Kylie kay Indonesia.. pakisabihan naman po si Felicia na dagdagan ang sleeping hours! Nakakaloka.. pinakakita sa japa tv ang haggaed niyang face! Kinakapalan tuloy niya makeup niya.. cake-y na!

    Si Aleng Jessica naman ang prob sakanya ng mga Japs eh masyado siyang maputi. Di na kailangan lagyan ng powder para mag mukhang geisha.

    Ganda ni Peru, Poland at Finlandia! Woot!

    Yun lang po. Bow!

      • Gusto ko nga malaman ano sinasabi nila dyan eh..

        Gusto ko lang din pala i-add.
        Paki check mga tagged vids and vids from miss international instagram..
        Si Kylie po ay Agaw Pansin at si Felicia ay Fafansin.

      • @Boree. Pinag-uusapan nila ang mga maliliit na mukha, at ang liit daw ng mukha ni Kylie (kogao). Tapos, lumapit ang male host para i-compare ang size ng mukha niya kay Kylie.

        Kogao = A small, oval-shaped face with V-line jaw, the embodiment of idealized Japanese femininity and delicateness.

        Afterwards, si Indo naman ang na-feature, dahil sa kanyang make-up skills. Pinakita ang pic niya na walang makeup at ni-compare sa mukha niyang may make-up.

      • I think what they were talking about is.. “Sino daw ang crush?”… something something “Filipino”.. “tapos bagay daw ba sila?”.. That’s all I got. Hahaha

      • Sabi napakaliit (chiisai) daw ng mukha ng Kylie. Utsukushii (maganda!). Ibang level ng ganda mo kapag tinawag kang “utsukushii”. Kasi yung normal na ganda ay “kirei”.

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