6 comments on “Stacy Biano & Sabel Gonzales | Team Philippines for Miss International Queen 2016

  1. Off Topic:

    I don’t like the strategy of Imelda Schweigart at Ms Earth. She likes controversies, and wants attention in a negative way.

    She looks in every way a beauty queen, but when she opens her mouth, oh Lord!

    • @ Jonalyn P: I admit to being among those who praised her for her physical attributes. However, her comments may suggest low self-esteem, lack of empathy, or a craving for attention. She probably thinks she is cool and smart-looking by being outspoken and headstrong.

      Had she been a transgender, MIQ 2016 (this post) would have been the perfect venue for her to “defecate on the (global) microphone”. Because of all the varied denizens of the “rainbow nation”, the “trans” feel the greatest need to be vocal to match the ferocity of their looks. Stacy and Sabel would probably understand where Imelda is coming from. But at least Misses Biano and Gonzales found a way to rein in their liveliness and transform it into some semblance of refinement. For them, life found a way…

      May Ms. Schweighart also find her way. Because I really don’t think she’s malicious, merely clueless.

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