24 comments on “Miss Earth 2016 | The Press Presentation 

  1. Wow, this batch has jewels!!!! They look amazing and competitive.

    I hope a neighbor would win or a European. An African beauty is okay, too.

  2. Nigeria is beautiful. Go mama Africa!
    Gold medal Philippines? Enough please konting delikadesa

  3. I really think that KF seems to push their girls to compete without taking into consideration the level of maturity when they compete. I really think that Janicel and Imelda could have achieved greater things had they waited and trained harder and gave them enough time to mature. Janicel needed more confidence given her probinsyana upbringing while Imelda just needs to mature (based on her posts, etc). I find both very beautiful but they rushed both. Hopefully a mature and level headed woman wins this and Philippines isn’t it.

    • Does KF give etiquette training to its queens? Pakigyan si Imelda please. Nakakahiya mga pinagsasabi niya. Ako ang nahiya kay Miss Austria.

  4. my faves so far – mongolia, kyrgyzstan, pakistan, venezuela, uganda, denmark ❤ :0

  5. Beautiful & Charming si Eduador, Venezuela, gandara din… daming nila no bahala na ang judges dyan.. basta sana hindi manalo si philippines this year.. i am not against with imelda, pero wrong timing ang pag sali niya kasi saatin ang reigning queen…no to B-B-B……..

  6. Ganda ni Uganda! Sana performance level! I want her to win or at least a runner up!

  7. Did Miss Philippines prepare for the pageant? Her body looks meh. Plus she seems to need training in tact and grace and how to be a proper beauty queen.

  8. Pasintabi lang, but Ms. Mexico’s “girls” appear to be… not natural. Go check out the photos and video at Hannah’s Resort in Sash Factor. Well, if it makes her happy, why not, indeed?

  9. with lorraine shuck in a judging panel, there is nothing impossible in back to back to back. kelangan talaga ng tie? and if that imelda is a gracious host, ipinaubaya na lang sana nya ke ecuador ang medal. tutal naman mas deserving si ecuador. anyway expected na yan since mostly ng bumoto e pinoy press.

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