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  1. im rooting for pakistan i think shes gorgeous and also slovak republic for such an infectious personality

  2. Tito Norms, you missed Australia!? Ibig sabihin ba hindi makakapasok Australia sa top 16 kasi last year wala rin sa gusto mo ang Panama? 😯

    Miss Earth 2016: Russia



    Czech Republic

    May mga gusto pa ko na wala pa sa list. Kaya okay lang kahit di na magplace si Imelda. Hahaha

    • After the shameful and brutal attack by a minority of maladjusted, the international community continues to show its support for our Missinternational 2015. This time the candidates to Miss Earth 2016 initiated a halt in their activities and gathered outside the hotel where they are staying to protest peacefully against what they see as a grave offense against the beautiful queen.

  3. Hopefully this does not have any negative ramifications for Bb Supranationa 2016l Joanna Eden when she travels to Poland (and towards the other Big 4 reps vying for MU, MW and MI).

    Hitler quickly conquered Poland, believed that Slavic people (Poles, Russians etc) were an inferior race and the most famous concentration camp used to exterminate Jews is located and preserved in Auschwitz, Poland.

    Thank you Imelda! What an idiot!

    • call her an idiot for that?? that was just a casual talk shes obviously unsophisticated in her questioning treated it like a very casual talk but not enough to warrant hate ? this is afterall just a beauty pageant

    • a big fuzz over nothing the girls talked it over dont have to embarrass anyone over some silly talk

  4. Miss Earth is in the world media (UK, Australia, US, etc. ) because of Imelda’s controversial statement. Tsk tsk tsk.

  5. For the first time in the history of pageantry 😃
    Miss Earth is……… It’s a tie 😲😲😲😠😬
    Miss Sweden and Miss Philippines. Hi hi hi
    World Record Di ba at sa Guinness pa. Hi hi hi

  6. Pag nanalo yang hitad na imelda na yan, for sure marami na ang di sasali next year lalo pa’t kung sa pinas ulit gagawin😅😅😅

    • haters always say that but the number of participants gets bigger every year try harder….

  7. asa pa tayong magiging fair ang ms. earth e fair lang naman yan sa sarili nilang kandidata. syempre they will make it sure na top 4 uli yang si imelda, diba lorraine shuck? or worst baka sya na naman ang ka-tie ng winner. kalokah only in miss earth basta maisingit lang si imelda.

    • home based advantage it happens in most beauty contests imelda is prettier than the current winner so its no surprise if she makes it to the winner’s circle

  8. I want Sweden to win too. Kc dugong Pinoy cya. Last 2 standing sina Philippines and Sweden. Anong magagawa ko kung silang 2 ang gustong ipanalo ng MEO. Hi hi hi

    • Breakfast video sa MGI. May naview akong video kay Nicole and other candidates na nagugutom na sila pero wala pang food. Pero bongga ang food ni Nawat ha. Ginutom ako hi hi hi.
      Sana mas bongga ang food ng Miss Earth dahil kiniclaim nman ng ME na mas bongga cila kesa MGI. Dapat wala ng reklamo sa food ng Miss Earth. Hi hi hi
      Kaloka yung guest sabay kuda sa last part ng video “so what’s the contest all about”. Hi hi hi 😊

      • @ bong700 : Thanks for sharing this!

        Now I understand what the fuss is all about over India. Statuesque and queenly-slender, she also looks like a younger version of Aishwarya Rai. And just as poised. Definitely winnable.( And I imagine a pearl choker around that long swan-like neck).

        Rwanda and South Sudan are just SLAYING it! They epitomize easy-candid verve and have the look that screams EBONY PRIDE. Mr. Nawat, please honor these ladies with trips to the First Cut at the very least!

        And with all the fuss about Nicole Cordovez needing to look Latina, here we see the curious case of the Latinas looking Asian, like Thailand in fact. go figure.

        Chocolate-frosted doughnuts for breakfast, anyone?

      • @Andrew… yes, top 10 c India at kabog din ang aura ni Indonesia kc pinagandang Mj ang dating nya at mukhang palaban cila ni India.
        Wala pa akong nakitang pasabog c Nicole pero may tiwala ako sa kakayahan nya at magugulat nlang tayo☺😉😲😲😲

  9. This is one of most beautiful Miss Earth batches.
    I hope the coronation night telecast is as beautiful as well.

  10. @C2F

    “…he (Duterte) is “Hitler-like” BUT for the GOOD!”

    A little bit of hell just froze over…

  11. I just saw the full video….
    “Our president is doing a lot of hitler stuff in the Philippines”.. Oh my god… What a dumbass?!

    Clap clap clap!!!

    • I know C2F.

      If you read her full written statement of an apology, she went on to clarify of the GOOD” things that Hitler did. Even more disturbing is that she also mentions she is a “follower” (oppose to supporter) and an “extremist” (which also means radical). Ouch! 🤔😷☹

      She has every right to voice and exercise her political convictions, knowledge is remembering information. Wisdom is knowing when or when NOT to express them.

      Other than that, Imelda is very beautiful! I hope she learned a valuable lesson.

      • @Saluda

        She’s digging her grave deeper and deeper. Du30 supporters just made the video go viral.

      • Oh boy..
        Im curious of how this will affect her placement.
        I mean it is already a monster of a challenge for any Big 4 beauty queen not only to be from the host nation but vying for a THREEpeat as well.
        Hopefully, the media will ease off and things will calm down by October 29.

      • I don’t think this would be forgotten just like that… International Media saw the video therefore they would surely blow this out of proportion weeks to come.

      • no bearing on her performance the girls are judged on their potentials to become earth ambassadors not on political opinions

  12. Para sa akin:
    Denmark or Nigeria — Ms Earth
    Denmark or Nigeria — 1st RU
    USA — 2nd RU
    Venezuela — 3rd RU
    Philippines and Ecuador — other favorites ko. 🙂

    • Why should the Philippines in the circle of winners? She does not deserve to be there!

  13. Kaya naman pala lahing kf ang nanalo sa miss earth phil eh, at palaging panalo ang philippines sa miss earth, isa pala si rodgil flores sa mga namumuno sa miss eart. Kacheapan!

  14. I’m curious if whether or not Imelda even places at all, as a result of her controversial Fbook video. I would not be surprised if she does not place at all as a lesson for her to learn.

    I truly think it was a combination of her immaturity, ignorance and just plain being naive of the historical impact of her glib comment.

    Its one of those moments where she “thought” she was attempting to come across as knowledgeable only to come out looking stupid. Im embarrassed for her sorry to say.

    Good luck anyways Imelda. At least Miss Earth has gained free publicity.

    Maybe as a

    • Her fbook video is about as embarrassing as watching Janina San Miguel humiliating and shameful debauchery in her attempt at her final Q&A at BbP almost 10 years ago. 😐

      I truly hope Miss Earth has a great pageant this year.

  15. Yes!!! Napansin din ang beauty ni russia. Sana pasaberg to sa mga susunod na araw esp sa finals night. Denmark, mexico, italy, nigeria so love love love them. Masaya ako na napapansin ni tito norms ang mga countries na to. Meaning may presence tlga sila. Mag-ala Mongolia 2015 sana to sila.

    OT: nalulungkot ako if dahil malapit na ding ipapasa ang corona ni Edymar. Paganda ng paganda ang lola mo.

    • @ Mae : It only means that she had a good relationship with the MI Organization. They really took good care of her! 🙂 Paz y buen viaje, Senyorita Martinez.

      OT ulit : Ms. Versoza’s soft pink ensemble looks POSITIVELY DIVINE. And that big pink ribbon at her back is the stuff of girly dreams. Sigh. Even Ms. Martinez said “so beautiful” while pointing to Kylie.

  16. My elementals (Sangres de Encantadia) are Russia, Italy, Denmark, and Korea.

    England and Brazil look like they might have been separated at birth, at least in this photo grid.

    My Spoiler would be Australia.

    That’s it. Done.

  17. Ganda ni Brazil, Mexico and Panama…

    Mayroon ako nakitang black girl with short hair beautifull fave but I don’t know what country….

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