21 comments on “Miss Earth 2016 | Mixing it up with some early favorites 

  1. I wish an Asian or European (not the Filipina candidate) to win in this year’s edition.

  2. tito norman, your favoirtes on the top was really beautiful except miss philippines, i dont find her winning best of luck…. di bagay sa kanya ang tan color…

  3. Miss phillipnes tried so hard to look witty and “politically aware” with her facebook video thingy with miss austria and it backfired. I have a niece who joined miss earth phillppines this year (she only won a special award) and i asked her about the eventual winner. She said pretty daw but feeling superior all througout the pageant activities and show. Me pagka mahangin daw at parang me sapi ng masamang ispirito. With what ive been seeing in her posts in facebook mukang totoo nga. Milya ang layo nya ke pia ( na ias we all know e half german) in terms of breding and class. Its unfair to compare but i cant help it, pareho silang beauty queen and part german. I guess we wont have a back to back to back win this year. If she wins, e di wow.

    • So no wonder why she was hated by the other co-candidates in MEP. With this “hitler” brouhaha, I couldn’t believe how tactless she was. This is not about duterte anymore. It’s actually putting Miss Austria in a bad light. Someone they never talk in their own country because they’re not proud of him and here’s someone bringing it up and shoving it to her face where’s this evil person come from. MEO should never give her a spot. What kind of represented to we get from her? She wants to educate us that hitler did not come from Germany but blatantly shaming and blaming Miss Austria. It wasn’t intentional I know but very crude remarks of her. So un-queenly with no political awareness whatsoever.

      • I don’t think she’s evil. She simply lacks maturity… hence, the lack of tact… She’s totaly clueless.

  4. Looking at Serbia and Canada, I am suddenly introduced to the unique charm of the “blonde”. See how the rouge just pops out from their faces !

    Australia has that easy-pleasant vibe that captures you and does not let go. Hope she makes the Final Cut! She is on a number of Initial Hot Picks and pageant aficionados’ Leader boards.

  5. Wow 80 candidates for Ms Earth! This pageant has come a long way. No matter what others say, Ms Earth has gained prestige over the years.

    Did I hear right that only 67 candidates are in Las Vegas? And that online voting will cost you money?

  6. kasawa na ang venezuela, brazil at philippines. para maiba, sana kyrgyzstan, pakistan, mongolia or any african,european nation naman ang manalo this year… 😀

    • @ san longhino : Or why not the other proverbial underdogs – small island nations in the Pacific or Atlantic Oceans? They stand to lose the most with climate change caused by “powerhouse” nations!

    • Wala tayong magagawa kung palaging Venezuela, Brazil, Philippines ang nasa top kung talagang deserving naman.
      Pero i agree na sana European or Asian naman ang manalo.

  7. I wouldn’t mind if Stephanie wins Miss Earth 2016! Ecuador and Brazil too are some of my fave. But, may isa akong bet din.. Si Miss Pakistan. ang ganda ganda niya. even on IG ang daming nagagandahan sakanya. 🙂

  8. Sir Norman bakit group 1 and 3 lang ang present last night? How about group 2?

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