One comment on “The Resurgence of Mossimo Bikini Summit | Model Supremacy

  1. On the surface, this is a Bikini Open so a drool-worthy physique should be the primary criterion. Facial beauty should only be secondary as such would be more suited to a traditional “beauty pageant”. OK lang ang “hipon” – they can be passed off as “exotic’, “editorial”, “quirky”, or “edgy”.

    The promising clappers should be referred to modelling agencies for possible inclusion in their respective Development boards.

    And speaking of tougher qualifications, minimum height should be SET IN STONE – at least 5 feet 9 inches for female and 6 feet for male aspirants so that the Final Batch will look truly international. With even varsity “ballers” (both volley- and basket-) dabbling into modelling stints occasionally nowadays and kids getting taller and taller with each new generation, this should not be difficult.

    And YOUTH, please! Seventeen to twenty-one for female, nineteen to twenty-three for male.

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