9 comments on “Chito Vijandre and the Beauty Queens (plus more) for Red Charity Gala 2016

  1. Don’t know where to begin. Victorian meets Beijing meets King Arthur meets Flapper meets Princess meets Carabao. On the bright side, people paid to see this and it benefits the Red Cross.

  2. I mean we have heaps of talented designers and while we can forgive the occasional ‘inspired’ (AKA copied) design we can’t help but wish that we get clothes that are closer to our culture, our psyche and most importantly, our weather. Four seasons, like really???????

    But then maybe it’s conditioning- Filipinos who are fortunate enough to hop out of an air-conditioned car into an air-conditioned office and get out the same way and onto an air-conditioned condo/house may start thinking its spring when the June rain falls.

    On one hand, the girls are beautiful..

  3. Kim Ross delos Santos, Jodilly Pendre, and Yvethe Santiago evoke youth despite “grandma” garbs!

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