18 comments on “Sunday Specials: The Aces & Queens Callback for the Class of 2017

  1. Vina Openiano is exotic and sexy but she needs to work very diligently to improve her interview skills, which are not crown-worthy as of BBP 16.

  2. Sana mag-accomodate na rin sila ng foreign delegate for “one time only” like Miss Malaysia and Miss Singapore. Yung talagang hindi pa pumupwesto for the longest time. Para hindi naman magmukhang bwakaw sa corona ang Pinas.

      • Third time na yata ng mga Indon na magpa-train sa Pinas. Ang proposal ko eh “one time” lang so A&Q can solidify their profile and at the same time help other countries. Ibang usapan na pag sunod-sunod tapos kung magyabang eh parang mga walang utang na loob. Yung lang.

      • I just find it ironic that we want to spread ourselves too thinly and help our neighbors, when we’ve only started winning major crowns again in 2013. For one, the honor is #forthePhilippines, and we have lots of promising pageant girls now because of our recent successes. Should we carve out even the precious little time we have with these girls, just for the sake of training our neighbors? I’m sure if the pageant camps had infinite resources, they wouldn’t have to turn local girls away. But, the fact of the matter is, they don’t, which is why this culling happens. This is not about generosity or selfishness. This is about practicality.

        Also, I find it ironic that certain camps have the “country” part in their raison d’etre, but when push comes to shove, lip service will be lip service.

      • Tama wag muna umpisa pa lang tayo umarangkada since 2013 kaya dapat manalo muna tayo ng MARAMING MAJOR CROWNS siguro after 2020 pwede ng magtraining ng ibang bansa..

  3. sa totoo lang.. mga c kwality ang mga kontestants ng ME… mga lima o pito lang yata ang certified hottie, beneswela, awystralya, peru, canada, usa. ayon pinagbabash sa ig

      • Winners

        Face of Beauty International 2016: Alena Raeva (Russia)
        1st Runner Up: Brandina Lubuli (Zambia)
        2nd Runner Up: Princess Edelyn Ramos (Philippines)
        3rd Runner Up: Urangoo Enkhtaivan (Mongolia)
        4th Runner Up: Natalia Pereira (Portugal)

        Top 10

        Portugal, Mongolia, Philippines, Russia, Monaco, Egypt, China, Zambia, Malaysia and Paraguay

        Special Awards

        “Save the Mazaalai” Award: Josephine Mafoa (Samoa)

        I am Me Award: Ayla Sutherland (New Zealand)

        Best in Interview: Alena Raeva (Russia)

        Best in National Costume: Princess Edelyn Ramos (Philippines)

        Top 15: China, Kazakhstan, Korea, Mongolia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Thailand, USA and Zambia, Egypt

        Best in Evening Gown:

        Top 15: Portugal, Altai Republic, Slovakia, Paraguay, Myanmar, Thailand, China, Hungary, Philippines, Russia, Korea, Monaco, Honduras, Mongolia & Sri Lanka

        Best in Swimsuit: Brandina Lubuli (Zambia)

        Top 15: Altai Republic, Siberia, Portugal, Zambia, Russia, Philippines, Hungary, Myanmar, Switzerland, Mongolia, Belgium, Paraguay, Kosovo, Monaco & Slovakia

        Best in Talent: Urangoo Enkhtaivan (Mongolia)
        Top 5 Finalists: China, Portugal, Spain, Mongolia, Kazakhstan
        Top 15: Honduras, China, USA, Kosovo, Portugal, Spain, Samoa, Monaco, Mongolia, Hungary, Egypt, Kazakhstan Sri Lanka, Russia, Moldova
        Teen Face of Beauty International 2016: Chuu Thaint Myat Noe (Myanmar)
        Miss Charity: Carolina Frias (Switzerland)
        Best in Sport: Sandra Pierson (Monaco)
        Missosology People’s Choice: Marta Sanchez de Nieva (Spain)
        Miss Friendship: Siberia
        Miss Photogenic: Emiri Tsukui (Japan)
        Miss Tourism: Milagros Estigarribia (Paraguay)

  4. Bb Pilipinas 2017 – Charmaine Elima, Laura Lehman, April Smith, Mariel de Leon, Winwyn Marquez, Angelica Alita, Dindi Pajares, Vina Openiano.

    Go go go!

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